10 Most Popular Courses In The UK For Study Abroad Students

The UK is one of the most popular destinations to have top programs for study abroad students. On that note, we have compiled a list of 10 most popular courses in the UK For study abroad students and other international students in spite of the relatively high tuition in most universities and the high cost of living.

Apparently, studying abroad and in the UK precisely comes with a lot of benefits. At the end of your read, you’ll get to know them. However, read through the table of contents for an overview.

Reasons Why You Should Study In The UK

The reasons the UK is such an attractive destination are very apparent:

  • The standard and quality of Education rank among the very best in the world.
  • The quality of life or standard of living is high
  • There are many cosmopolitan cities with exciting cultural diversity
  • It is a safe and well-organized country. So, study abroad students find it easy to settle down quickly.
  • There are hundreds of world-class universities to chose from

It is for these reasons and much more, thousands of international students around the world apply to study in UK universities.

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However, one of the problems of having so many universities to choose from is the huge number of courses available. It can be daunting to actually settle for one.

Because you need to consider so many factors including cost, location, and whether you are even qualified as an international student

The following list of the most popular programs would, therefore, help you easily make a decision on which course to study. After all, there must be good reasons why so many international students opt for some courses ahead of others.

Top programs for study abroad students to the UK

Below is the list of the 10 most popular courses in the UK For study abroad students:

  • Administrative and Business programs
  • Engineering and Technology programs
  • Courses in Social Science/Studies 
  • Creative Arts and Design Programs
  • Law
  • Biological Science courses
  • Health Sciences
  • Computer Science Programs
  • Languages
  • Physical Sciences

1. Administrative and Business programs

The UK’s preeminent position as one of the centers of world commerce, business, and economic activities makes it a top choice for students interested in business and administrative courses.

The numbers speak for themselves. There are currently almost 60,000 foreign students studying business-related courses in the UK.

2. Engineering and Technology programs

Engineering and technology are very important in the modern world. Graduates of these programs are needed in virtually every sector of human activity.

Which makes it hardly surprising they are the second most popular program of choice for international students coming to the UK.

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Currently, there are about 30,000 foreign students studying engineering or technology in UK universities.

3. Courses in Social Science/Studies 

As the world becomes more complex, studying the interaction between people on one hand and between people and their environment, on the other hand, is important.

Social studies help the world’s population understand their role in this complex world. Many foreign students grasp this concept, that is why there are currently about 21,000 international students in programs related to social studies in the UK.

4. Creative Arts and Design Programs

There are currently about 17,000 foreign students pursuing various types of degrees in the creative arts.

This implies that there are many talented students worldwide who view UK universities as a place to polish their talents.

5. Law

Studying law at the undergraduate level can lead to a great career as a lawyer. The UK can be perfect to study law as most English-speaking countries around the world adopted the UK’s template to enact their civil and criminal codes.

Currently, about 15, 000 international students studying law in various UK universities.

6. Biological Science Courses

This program plays an important role in today’s society.  Biological scientists are researchers who study all forms of life.

Their studies are relevant as they play a big part in preserving all forms of life and making sure ecological balance is maintained between all forms of life.

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Currently, there are about 14, 000 international students in various UK universities studying biological sciences.

7. Health Sciences

Programs in this area include nursing, biomedical sciences, and physiotherapy. These are the workers necessary for a hospital to function optimally.

They are heavily involved in research to find new and better ways to provide health services. Over 9,000 international students are currently studying various programs in the health sciences niche in the UK.

8. Computer Science Programs

The current number of international students in computer science programs is about the same as those in health sciences.

Computer science is a very large field. Each course is as important as the next especially if specialization is the goal. Computer science programs are the central element in today’s technology-driven world.

9. Languages

As the world grows smaller, it becomes imperative to learn at least one more international language apart from the one you use.

After all, pursuing your dream in this global village could take you to a part of the world with a different language. There are about 7,000 foreign students enrolled in different language courses in the UK presently.

10. Physical Sciences

These are among the top programs for study abroad students. The physical sciences include courses like physics, chemistry, astronomy, etc. Basically, these are students who study non-living systems.

These programs are sometimes the prerequisite step to enrolling in more complex programs. There are about 6,000 international students pursuing various programs in the physical sciences in UK universities.

There you have it, 10 of the most popular courses in the UK for study abroad students. Choosing from any of them means you are more likely to meet interesting people around the world in your class.

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