International Masters Scholarships at Silesian University in Czech Republic

Applications are now available at Silesian University for scholarships to enroll in the “International Masters Scholarships at Silesian University in the Czech Republic” for a Master in Business Economics and Management program.

International Students are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This scholarship aims to award outstanding achievements and attract students of the highest caliber from around the world.


What You Need To Know About The Czech Republic International Masters Scholarship

The School of Business Administration (SU SBA), located in Karvina, is historically the oldest part of Silesian University. The modern building of the school offers a pleasant atmosphere for its students.

The Faculty has about 3 200 registered students (300 from abroad) and 80 teachers.

They orient the school toward the education of experts in the economic, financial, social, and administrative fields of study as well as computer studies.

Level/ Field of Study

Scholarships are available to pursue a Master’s degree program. Applicants can apply to the study degree program in Economics and Management, the field of Business Economics and Management, the specialization of Marketing and Trade.

Host Nationality

They will take this scholarship in the Czech Republic. If you are a Czech Republic student and wish to study in the UK, this is your Complete Guide to Getting A UK Tier 4 Student Visa For International Students.

Eligible Nationality

Students from around the world are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

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Scholarship Benefits

The scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for undergraduate students.

Scholarship Award: Scholarship for talented international students

The Dean of the SU SBA may award a one-time scholarship of 50.000 CZK to a maximum of 5 talented international students of the SU SBA (5 best international students; without legal claim).

Merit-based scholarship

Up to ten merit-based scholarships each semester amounting to 10.000 CZK (approx. 370 EUR) will be awarded to students with the best grade point average not exceeding the value of 1.7.

If fewer than ten students achieve a grade point average lower than 1.7, the total amount of scholarship 100.000 CZK will be equally divided among awarded students.

Example: Five students achieve a grade point average lower than 1.7. Therefore each of them will receive a merit-based scholarship of 20.000 CZK.

Scholarship Program for Foreigners/Asylum Seekers

The extraordinary scholarship in support of studies of foreigners/asylum seekers in degree programs taught in English at the Silesian University in Opava in the academic year will be granted to students who are persons who were provided international protection in the form of asylum or complementary protection under the Act no. 325/1999 Coll., on asylum, as amended, or who, based on the international obligations of the Czech Republic, should be viewed as asylum seekers or exiles, or people in a similar situation such as asylum seekers.

The student applies to write to the appropriate office, which administers their study agenda, by the deadline of 31 October at the latest.

The scholarship is earmarked for the payment of fees associated with studies for the degree program taught in a foreign language.

Head of the respective part of the University specifies the amount with particular regard to the economic demands of studies, the cost of quality assurance of studies, and their administration concerning the current situation in a similar field of education.

They will pay the scholarship will as a single payment.

The Czech Republic International Masters Scholarship Eligibility

Concerning awarding the scholarship, the Dean shall decide based on the following criteria:

  • The awarded student must be a citizen of the country classified as an upper-middle-income, lower-middle-income, low-income economy by the actual classification of the World Bank (
  • The student achieved outstanding results in bachelor’s degree studies.
  • The awarded student must prove (with proper documents) extracurricular activities and community service record (studies abroad; activities in student and/or academic organizations; participation in projects and scientific events; activities in non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, charity organizations; business-related activities)
  • The awarded student must earn at least 31 ECTS credits during the first semester of studies at the SBA.
  • The scholarship can be awarded only once during the studies.

College Admission Requirements

Entrance Requirements: The awarded student achieved outstanding results in bachelor’s degree studies.

English Language Requirements: Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

How to Apply for The Czech Republic International Masters Scholarship

The mode of application is online. All applicants shall complete the electronic application form on the website and successfully register.

Application Form

Application Deadline: The application deadline is April

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