8 Deadly Mistakes That Can Cost Your College Admission Application

Gaining admission into a college is the dream of every high school graduate. Are you a high school graduate seeking for college admission? Here are the deadly mistakes that can cost your college admission application.

At the time of applying to a college, students are required to write an admission essay, also called admission application. This application includes all the significant details of the student such as his name, previous grades in various subjects, alumni, email address, telephone number, residential address, etc.

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Applying internationally for admission to a college can be really an intimidating procedure. In order to get admission in the desired college, it is essential for a student to make a long-lasting impression on the college admission board and admission officers. For creating an outstanding impression, a student has to put himself in the shoes of the board members.

To serve this purpose, students need to review their application prior to delivering it to the admission committee.

8 Deadly Mistakes That Can Cost Your College Admission Application

However, while writing an admission application, international students make some deadly mistakes that can cost their college admission application. However, these are mistakes that should be avoided in order to get along smoothly with the admission procedure.

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Here are some of the most deadly college admission mistakes that international students should avoid at any cost:

Leaving Out Any Section Of The Application

Skipping or leaving out any section or parts of the section of the admission application is one of the most common mistakes international students make while applying at a college. The admission application is a lengthy document with numerous sections, so students must make sure that they fill in each and every section or part of the section and don’t leave anything blank.

However, if you fail to provide all the required details in the admission application, you will have fewer chances of getting admission in your desired college.

Not Searching Enough Information

Many international students avoid asking questions regarding their college admission application before applying. International universities usually have one or more admissions counselor who assists students from other countries with their admission process.

Therefore, students are advised to ask questions from the counselor about the overall college experience. You should also visit contact links and help links on the university’s website to get in touch with the counselors.

Being Careless About The Deadlines

Another dreadful mistake that international students make is that they are not serious about the admission deadline. They don’t check the admission date properly before submitting the application. For submitting your application on time, you need to make sure that you have checked the deadline date twice and have marked it on your calendar along with a reminder.

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Therefore, it is better to deliver the application at least two weeks prior to the deadline so that the admission committee gets everything in time. Submitting your application in time shows that you have got good time management skills and will definitely impress the admission board members.

Providing Wrong E-Mail Address

Many international students also make the mistake of providing an incorrect e-mail address while submitting their college admission applications. This means that they either enter a wrongly spelled e-mail address or an e-mail that sounds quite funny.

Always create and enter an e-mail address that sounds professional through which admission officers can communicate with you. This will increase the chances of getting enrolled in the college of your choice.

Missing Out Necessary Details

Do make sure that you provide all the important details about your activities and academics in your admission application. Failure to share important information or relevant details will show you as irresponsible and careless.

Thus, it’s important to share authentic and necessary details about yourself while filling in the admission application.

Mentioning Wrong College Name

This is also one of the many deadly mistakes that international students commit while writing an admission application. So it is equally important that you know the correct spelling of the name of the college you’re going to apply for, otherwise, your application ends up landing in the garbage bin.

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Not Doing Ample Research

Often international students run away from doing thorough research about universities. Whenever students apply to an international educational institution, they must research the details, such as course outlines or the details of student loans or scholarships.

In addition, they should take into account the cost of living, environment, and accessibility along with the facilities where they will be residing.

Not asking for a letter of recommendation

The greatest mistake of all is to not asking teachers to write recommendation letters at all. To increase the chances of success of your admission application, you should always ask your teachers who know you very well to write a letter of recommendation for you. This is because the more your teacher knows you, the better the letter you will have.

Moreover, you should give enough time to your teacher to complete the recommendation letter because only then your letter will be constructed in a better manner.


Once you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes you will be delighted that you took enough time to read this article and remember the do’s and don’ts when writing a college admission essay. If you take the right steps today, you will not face any difficulty tomorrow

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