Accredited Boarding Schools in Delaware for Boys & Girls

Just like some top states in the United States, Delaware is among the states that, when it comes to high school education, it houses the best boarding schools that can help give students a solid education foundation and prepare them for college.

No matter your child’s gender, he/she can get the best because there are Accredited Boarding Schools for girls in Delaware, Boarding Schools for boys in Delaware, and even Boarding Schools in Delaware for boys and girls. The choice is all yours!

Delaware is one of the 50 states of the United States, in the Mid-Atlantic region, known for its high-quality education system, which is far better than some other states in the country.

This post provides a comprehensive compilation of the Best Boarding Schools in Delaware for Boys & Girls, including the Delaware Boarding Schools for all Boys and the schools for just Girls only, in case you have a pretty girl and you don’t want to send her to a mixed school.

A quick glance at the table of contents below will give an overview of all the information found in this article and its sequential flow.

Why Boarding Schools

Most people dislike sending their kids to a boarding school because they have nurtured the belief that it is a way of distancing themselves from their children, which will bridge parent relationships.

Some think that it’s a way of subjecting their children to suffering because when they think about boarding school, they think about a strict environment.

All these are misconceptions.

The truth is sending your child to a boarding school is the best way you can help them build a solid academic foundation, especially if you are a busy type.

Aside from that, you will help in reducing the level of distractions they might face. They won’t have to visit friends, watch movies, play video games or even spend time on the internet with their phones.

Also, boarding schools provide unique education and opportunity to students that can help give them experiences. Many boarding schools, perhaps especially those with longer histories in Canada, honor and maintain the traditions that they represent.

Interestingly, your children will be opportune to be in an environment that can help their personal growth and social development and every other area.

In addition, boarding schools, unlike most day schools, have competent teachers that can mentor students, guide them, and even counsel them. They are also able to build strong relationships with peers and how to work well with others.

Would you want your ward to attend a girls’ school? Here are the best boarding schools for girls in the World.

Why attend a Boarding School in Delaware?

Well, enrolling your children in any of the boarding schools in Colorado is not a do-or-die affair, but it will be weird not to go for the best even when all you need to get in is delivered to you on a platter of gold. A close community of learners. Students join an academic community that respects learning and can be transformative. 

Boarding Schools in Delaware, whether it’s just for girls, boys only, or coeducational, have one core aim, which is to train students to be independent of parents by fostering self-reliance among them.

Choosing to send your children to Delaware will provide them with the opportunity to learn Intensive international programs, which is the major priority for boarding schools.

Moreso, these state boarding schools especially boarding schools in Wilmington, Delaware try to foster a supportive “all in this together” community where children have opportunities to learn from each other. 

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In addition, students in most of the boarding schools in Delaware have an environment of learning beyond the classroom. That means there is an exceptional and unique way of learning which goes beyond just sitting in the classroom.

Furthermore, Delaware is among the states in the USA with top boarding schools that bring academic innovation.

What are the Best Boarding Schools in Delaware?

There are so many boarding schools in Delaware that are quite affordable and open to both national and international students.

Some of these schools are privately owned, while some are publicly owned. There are military schools, preparatory schools, Christian schools, boarding schools for high school students, and even boarding schools for troubled students. That sounds funny, right?

Moreso, there are boarding schools that only girls can attend, and there are also some that only boys can attend and ones that both boys and girls can attend.

Since there are so many boarding schools in Delaware which we know, you might find it a bit stressful and confusing trying to make choices. We have decided to give you reliable and accurate information about the best schools to able you to choose wisely.

To make it easier, we will be categorizing them based on their types

  • Boarding schools in Delaware for Girls
  • The Boarding schools in Delaware for Boys
  • Boarding schools in Delaware for boys and Girls.

Boarding schools in Delaware for Girls

As a parent, perhaps you are wondering how you can give your girls the best education foundation in Delaware with less interaction with the opposite sex; you should consider sending them to any of the Boarding schools in Delaware for Girls.

Boarding schools in Delaware for All Girls won’t only give them a solid foundation in academics, but they will be taught morals and sex education.

Below is a list of the All Girl’s Boarding schools you can find in Delaware;

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  • Serviam Girls Academy
  • Padua Academy

Serviam Girls Academy

Address: 14 Halcyon Dr, New Castle, DE 19720

Serviam Girls Academy is one of the Boarding schools for girls in Delaware, established in 2008. The school has a total student enrollment of 60 students who are in grades 5-8.

Basically, the school’s core aim is to provide high-quality middle school education to adolescents with great potential but with limited resources. 

And also to provide its students with all it takes to easily get into college after graduation.

Interestingly, Serviam is the only girls’ school in Delaware with a school fee of $400 and no tuition fee. That means, even if you don’t care about a low-income earner, this is your opportunity to give your girls the best.

However, it is expedient to note that this school is a private Catholic school that has a student-teacher ratio of 7 to 1.


Padua Academy

Address: 905 N Broom St Wilmington, DE 19806

Padua Academy is another boarding school in Delaware for girls only. It is a college preparatory boarding high school located in Wilmington, Delaware.

Padua Academy, established in 1954, has curriculum offerings evolved based on the ever-changing academic and technological landscape.

Basically, this school that is rooted in the Catholic faith offers young women a transformational college preparatory education, challenging them to live Christ-centered lives of leadership and service.

Also, this boarding school in Delaware has a student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1 with a tuition of $15,700, which is paid for the highest grade offered

Notable alumni from Padua Academy include Lisa Blunt Rochester, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Delaware’s at-large congressional district, and Pat Ciarrocchi, a newscaster for KYW-TV’s CBS3 Eyewitness News.


Boarding schools in Delaware for Boys

Below is a list of the All Boy’s Boarding schools you can find in Delaware;

  • Agapé Boarding School 
  • Nativity Preparatory School Of Wilmington
  • St Edmond’s Academy
  • Salesianum School
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Agapé Boarding School 

Address: 12998 E. 1400 Rd. Stockon

Agapé Boarding School is one of the boarding schools in Delaware for boys who are stubborn. If your boy or boys are getting out of hand and you want a way to keep them in check, sending them to Agapé Boarding School will really be of help.

This school is a repellent of its name, ‘Agape’The school is all about training teen boys to grow in the knowledge and love of God. Boys who are struggling with behavior issues that can threaten their future are changed and transformed.

Moreso, this school gives boys the opportunity to turn their life around by offering a fresh start, a quality education with fully accredited academics and college preparatory studies, as well as team and individual sports and vocational training.

Interestingly, this Delaware boarding school runs vocational skills and trades like automotive repair, painting, electrical work, masonry, construction, landscaping, welding, horsemanship, animal husbandry, and more.

With these students, students can take up jobs or get into colleges. Talking about the tuition, the school is one of the schools with the We are one of the lowest-cost troubled teen boarding schools.

Note this boarding school of all boys is accredited through Accreditation International with National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), the Council on Occupational Education (COE), and the International Council for Education.


Nativity Preparatory School Of Wilmington

Address: 1515 Linden St, Wilmington, DE 19805, United States

Nativity Preparatory School Of Wilmington is one of the top boarding schools in Wilmington, Delaware for boys only. This school that has a student-teacher ratio of 6:1 is for students from 5th grade to 8 grade.

The school also offers Scholarship Programs to its students that help them to pursue a program without paying much.

Basically, the aim of this boarding boys’ school is to promote the intellectual, spiritual, athletic, and social development of teen boys who are its students.

Note graduates from this high school can attend the following colleges and universities;  NY Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD Neumann University, Ashton, PA Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA Saint Francis University, Loretto, and so on.


St Edmond’s Academy

Address: 2120 Veale Rd Wilmington, DE 19810

Another all-boys boarding school in Delaware you can send your child to is St Edmond’s Academy. This school is an independent catholic school that provides preparatory college programs.

Established in 1959 by the Congregation of Holy Cross in Wilmington, Delaware, the school seeks to educate the hearts and minds of boys in the tradition of the Holy cross.

However, the school has a total student enrollment of 246 with a student-teacher ratio of 6:1. Also, St Edmond’s Academy has an average class size of 14 students.

Note, Lieutenant Colonel Marty Devine, US Army, Iraq War Veteran, Darryl Parson Deputy Attorney General, Delaware Dept. of Justice, and Michel Troy Assoc. General Counsel Center for Individual Rights is some of the notable alumni.


Salesianum School

Address: 1801 N Broom Street Wilmington, DE

Salesianum School is a Roman Catholic independent school for boys that runs independently within the Roman Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, established in 1903.

This boarding school in Delaware seeks to provide students with a college preparatory education and a rigorous academic experience that can help them maximize their four-year college options upon graduation.

Moreso, Salesianum helps students who are passionate about achieving academic excellence and success in life excel.

Currently, this boarding school in Delaware for boys has a total student enrollment of 1,047 students with an average class size of 20 students, which is the highest in Delaware.

However, as a resident student, you will be expected to pay a Tuition of $17,100 annually. On the other hand, if you are applying as an international student, the tuition is $21,500.

Interestingly, you can win any of the merit-based academic scholarships worth up to $600,000 offered by the school. Also, you can get any of the need-based grants for financial aid.

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Hugh T. Broomall- United States Air Force Major General, Neil Casey, an actor and writer, Ghostbusters; Christopher Castellani, a novelist, and Cesidio Colasante, an NPSL midfielder, are among the notable alumni of this Delaware boarding school.


Boarding Schools in Delaware for Boys and Girls

There only two Coed boarding schools in Delaware. They include;

  • St. Andrew’s School
  • Oakdale Christian Academy 

St. Andrew’s School

Address: 350 Noxontown Rd, Middletown, DE 19709, United States

St. Andrew’s School is one of the Boarding Schools in Delaware for Boys and Girls founded in 1929.

Currently, St Andrew has over 300 students enrolled with an average class size of 11 and a tuition of $51,500 a year.

Basically, this boarding school in Delaware aims at awakening students to take responsibility. It also seeks engagement, inquiry, and creativity to promote future generations of thoughtful, compassionate, and intelligent leaders. 

However, it offers a full-course curriculum in liberal arts and 21 different varsity interscholastic teams. St. Andrew’s School accepts students from various backgrounds, including international.


Oakdale Christian Academy 

Address: 5801 Beattyville Rd, Jackson, KY 41339, United States

Oakdale Christian Academy is a Coed Christian boarding school in Delaware that offers students affordable excellence in education and an outstanding possibility of going to college after graduation.

Oakdale helps students to set a standard and solid foundation in the area of education and other aspects of their lives.

This school is renowned for its unique feature, which includes encouraging students to develop and build personal traits in character, faith in God, and purpose-driven.

Another interesting fact of this school in Delaware is that its student’s tuition is based on their parent income.

Moreso, this boarding school encourages students to use their potential and take up responsibilities.

The school has a total student enrollment of 51 boarding students, an average class size of 11, and an acceptance rate of 75%.

Note this school was accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). 


Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Delaware

Are you a parent who is worried about your child’s behavior which is problematic, Is your child exhibiting a rebellious, bitter attitude? Is he a drug addict or a melancholy? You can take him/her to any of the Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Delaware.

Basically, therapeutic Boarding Schools in Delaware’s major aim of existing is to help children, adolescents, or teenagers who have problematic behavior or challenges, learn morals and be useful in life.

However, these schools use therapy as a tool to achieve their aim, and once the teen’s interest is back to his or her education, they are given assistance.

Therapeutic boarding schools in Delaware work with teachers that are knowledgeable and well-trained in helping troubled teens.

In addition, they all employ experienced, compassionate professionals who have committed their lives to helping teenagers turn their lives around.

In Delaware, there are up to 10 Therapeutic boarding schools that can help trouble kids get back on track.

Below is a list of these schools;

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  • Agape Boarding School.
  • Caribbean Mountain Academy.
  • Elk Mountain Academy.
  • House of Hope – Kansas City.
  • Master’s Ranch.
  • Master’s Ranch – West.
  • Red Hawk Girls Academy.
  • Thrive Girls Ranch.

Boarding Schools in Delaware FAQs

Below is a list of the All Boys Boarding schools you can find in Delaware;

Agapé Boarding School 
Nativity Preparatory School Of Wilmington
St Edmond’s Academy
Salesianum School
There are only two schools in Delaware that is coed boarding school. They include
St Andrew School
Oakdale Christian Academy 

Are students allowed to use gadgets in these schools?

Though most boarding schools make provisions for students to access technology, most of them do not allow students unsupervised access to computers and cell phones.

Are there scholarship opportunities for these schools?

There are numerous fully funded scholarships for high school students. If you become a beneficiary of one, you can go to a boarding school for free.



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