Almeda University 2025: Acceptance Rate, Admission, Courses, Tuition fees, Aid.

Almeda University is a Pakistani-owned online American university-based out in Boise Idaho.

The school offers degrees in Religion, life experiences, Business administration, and the Arts, all done online.

Introduction: Almeda University Overview

Almeda University was founded in 1997 as a distance learning program.

And from 2001 to 2016, the school awarded undergraduate degrees as well as master’s and doctorate degrees based upon “life experience”.

Degrees were issued upon payment, with life experience assessments based on the word of the applicant.

Additionally, to its degree programs, Almeda University also offered a wide selection of zero-credit courses. Courses intended for professional development.

According to Bear Guide, Almeda has no physical address and is a “web only” institution. As of 2012, Almeda University only had a mailing address in Boise, Idaho.

However, the college has a commendable acceptance rate, which allows students from all works of life to gain an education.

We’ve done extensive research on this “web only” university, and in this article, we will be sharing what we found out about the institution.

Also, we will be looking at its admission processes, acceptance rate, tuition fee, and aids available to its students.

Meanwhile. below is the table of content for a quick overview of this article.

Why Almeda University?

Almeda is an online-based university that offers degrees in Arts, social sciences, Religion, and Life Experiences.

The university was founded in 1997 as a distance learning program and has its headquarters in Boise Idaho.

As a “web only” university, Almeda has no physical campus.

The school is among the few schools that offer online graduate Studies in Computer science and some other respected courses.

However, they have no courses in Law and Medicine, and Surgery, which is very understandable seeing that they are a “web only” institution.

Almeda University Offered associate, bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate degrees using “Prior Learning Assessments” which evaluated a candidate’s life experience.

The most commonly reported benefits of attending Almeda University are “Flexible class hours” and “Good teachers”.

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Respondents also mentioned “Affordable” and “Positive environment” as notable benefits.

Almeda University has been reviewed 8 times, with an average rating of 3.38 out of 5

Also, the institution also offered several hundred non-degree technical and business courses and certification preparation programs by E-learning.

University Ranking

As at the time of writing this article, the school was not ranked among any published Rankings for online universities and colleges.

Therefore, the ranking position for the school is currently unavailable.

Almeda University Accreditation

The University is a legally registered corporation in the Caribbean Island of Nevis.

Also, the school is an accredited member  by;

  • The Association for Online Academic Excellence (AOAEx):
  • Interfaith Education Ministries and the;
  • The council for Distance Education Association

Association for Online Academic Excellence (AOAEx):

 The Association for Online Academic Excellence is a private, professional accrediting association that provides employers with a resource of acceptable college degrees attained through non-traditional means.

The colleges and universities that gain accreditation by AOAEx strive to produce qualified degree students that meet or exceed those of more traditionally accredited universities. 

Interfaith Education Ministries:

Interfaith Ministry Accreditation (IMA), provides certificates of measurement and evaluation of educational and professional credentials and practices of traditional, nontraditional, religious, and other online and distance education programs. 

IMA, founded in 1978, is listed in the UNESCO Higher Education Institutions Registry (HEIR) under the United States of America. 

Council For Distance Education Association

ICDE is a truly global association with a proud history of promoting inclusive, affordable, access to quality education.

As the global community of Leaders and Professionals in Open, Flexible, and Distance Learning (OFDL) at all levels, ICDE supports and enables its members to achieve their goals by:

#1. (a) empowering them to continuously improve, innovate, and remain locally relevant by building relationships, collaborating, learning, and promoting OFDL at national, regional, and global levels,

#2. (b) leveraging their collective knowledge, expertise, and thought leadership to inform, influence, advocate, and guide policies and the decisions being made by global and regional stakeholders to support OFDL, and

(c) enabling them to contribute to, and take part in national, regional, and global initiatives to support OFDL.

However, none of the organizations were recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Also, it is stated on Almeda University’s website that it’s the U.S Department of Education did not recognize accreditation sources.

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Furthermore, most states in the Southern region of the country has publicly stated that Almeda school’s certificates are not acceptable in their states. Some of these states include Texas and Connecticut.

Therefore, while you might look for an online-based school to start or complete your studies, you must be mindful of those your resident state does not recognize whose accreditation.

Almeda University Address

The school has no physical address, but, they have a mailing address at 19010 W University Boise Idaho 837251 USA.

Almeda University Acceptance Rate

Like most online institutions, the school has a high acceptance rate, almost 100%.

This could be attributed to the institution being a “web only” institution.

Also, it could be because the institution offers a limited course outline.

With the high acceptance rates, candidates and students are expected to apply to the school with reasonably good grades.

What Is The Cost Of Tuition At Almeda University?

The cost to attend Almeda University ranges from $500 to $75,000, depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $35,000. When asked how they paid for their training, most reviewers responded, “I paid for it myself”.

Below is the tuition fee according to one’s intended program:

Almeda University Degree Programs And Certificates

Master’s Degree in Business Management

Tuition fee: $35,000-$45,000

Associates of Arts & Sciences


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration


Bachelor’s Degree In Criminal Justice


Master’s Degree in Electronic Technologies


Master’s Degree In Mass Communication

Not Available

What Are The Degrees They Offer?

Almeda College and University offer various Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degrees in various fields. These include business and most technical fields, the arts and sciences.

However, please note that they do not offer medical degrees or licensing, and we do not offer law degrees.

Degrees offered may vary according to the availability of instructors and other factors. You will be given the opportunity on your application form to specify which degree(s) you want. To proceed to the application form, please click here.

  • Associate of Arts
  • Associate of Science
  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Master of Theology
  • Master of Science
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Traditional/Online Learning Programs

What makes a complete online learning tool? Strong instructional design principles, quality content, interactive elements, and technical sophistication are what we think.

Our custom course developers design courses focused on specific learning needs.

With proven experience in designing a rich, interactive e-learning user experience, we help you create measurable activities—including performance assessments and course evaluations that show your levels of success—by easily accessible browser-based tools.

The Web Based Training Offers

Almeda University offers a wide range of Associate and Bachelor degrees in a wide array of specialties and majors.  For those who prefer online learning and wish to earn their degree online, Almeda University provides professionals the opportunity to earn their degree of one of our many accredited programs.

From business and technical fields to arts and sciences, earning a degree through Almeda University will help you find a promising future.

Almeda University is proud to offer numerous accredited undergraduate programs that help professionals further their career goals.  Use the menu on the left to browse through our undergraduate degree programs. 

We offer degrees according to the availability of our faculty and instructors.  Please specify the degree or degrees you are interested in earning on your application. 

Click the “Apply Now!” button below to earn your accredited degree through Almeda University.

  • Course Overview identifying the prerequisites and audience profile for the course
  • Quizzes after each section with Reports on questions attempted, correct and incorrect
  • Mastery Test (for each course) containing randomly generated questions from a question pool
  • Online Certificate on successfully clearing the mastery test
  • Glossary link for additional reference
  • Progress Tracking and the ability to resume from where you last left the course
  • Ability to jump to any topic in the entire course using the drop-down menus
  • Administrative reports to view user activity and mastery test performance

Scholarship Opportunities For Almeda University Students

Because Almeda is not accredited by recognized accreditation bodies in the United States Of America, there are no scholarships nor grants available to the school nor its students.


Almeda University was once a reliable online university offering diplomas and certificates to graduate and post-graduate students.

Today, the institution is moribund. It was a complete shadow of itself if it ever had a reputable name.

Within the last few years of its existence, there has been a lot of reports that the school has been engaging in unscrupulous activities.

Some would even call it a “degree mill”. To not mince words, Almeda Is Scam!!

Therefore, while I think the school is no longer functioning, you must beware and steer clear off anything that concerns it.

There are so many reputable online schools out there that offers legitimate educational services, check the editor’s recommendations for more about such schools.

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