Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing KDP in 2024

The world has evolved to a stage that there are numerous platforms online for authors to achieve what would have been hard to achieve 20 years back. One of such feats that are now easily achievable for authors is self-publishing. 

Self-publishing pertains to being able to publish your book without needing the services of a publisher. There are presently various self-publishing platforms some of which are Smashwords, Lily publishing, blurb, and several others. 

One of the various self-publishing platforms is Amazon, where kindle direct publishing abbreviated as KDP identifies with.

Kindle publishing makes it so that anyone can self-publish a digital book and sell it on Amazon.

If you are looking for a platform that allows you to publish your book at zero cost, with less stress without needing a publisher that might take months to get Amazon KDP( kindle direct publishing) might be what you are looking for.


Kindle direct publishing is amazon’s easily accessible book publishing platform that was created for authors to achieve their publishing aims.

Kindle Direct Publishing is’s online self-publishing outlet that was introduced in November 2007, alongside the first Amazon Kindle device.

With KDP, you can publish your ebook or (print on demand) paperback on Amazon for free, where it’ll be accessible to the millions of Amazon customers who utilize Kindle readers.

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The question that might remain in your mind is WHY KDP? It is well known that there are now several platforms through which authors can publish their books ( some of which are blurb, Smashwords, lulu publishing, etc.).

Each platform has unique features, pros, and cons that you would need to evaluate before deciding to use.

Here are some things you might want to know about KDP.

KDP ( kindle direct publishing) is a subgroup under amazon, the world’s number 1 online marketplace. The biggest option might be the best option, Amazon kindle direct publishing. 

There are several reasons why you might prefer KFP to other platforms, some of which are:

It is totally free.

Self-publishing on KDP is absolutely FREE!!!. One major advantage Amazon KDP has over some other self-publishing platforms is the fact that you could publish for free.

Some other channels charge to publish your eBook, other channels are not even as recognized or as reputable as Amazon.

Secondly, physical books/ paperbacks. It’s one thing to be able to publish your book (even if it is restricted to ebooks), it is another thing to be able to publish as an ebook as well as a paperback.

It’s no news that many authors dream of being able to release their books online and as hardcovers.

Amazon Kindle allows authors to release their books in whatever form they prefer. KDP allows you to accomplish the fantasy of a physical book.

It’s a print-on-demand service, and so there are no costs for authors, no inventory to buy unless of course, you want a private inventory to sell at signing and readings.

Thirdly, you can upload your book on the platform in just a few minutes. And your book will be on sale in a couple of days at most.

Lastly, easy accessibility. From any part of the world, you can publish your book. You only have to sign in and follow a few steps, and boom! Your book is published.


CREATESPACE no longer existent.

For those that do not know what Createspace was about, CreateSpace used to be a print-on-demand service for self-publishing authors.

The company was founded in 2000 in South Carolina as BookSurge and was acquired by Amazon in 2005, and for 18 commendable years, it served as the go-to point for independent authors.

When amazon acquired CreateSpace, they were in the process of creating their self-publishing division and so in 2018 when they were able to achieve that, they merged the new self-publishing division with Createspace and the duo is now known as KDP ( kindle direct publishing).

It is mostly believed that Amazon bought Createspace to avoid it competing with kdp later on.

Although CreateSpace is no longer operational, not much difference has shown over time between the then CreateSpace and the present KDP as they are majorly identical in quality and pricing.

Some of the differences noted are the following;
  • CreateSpace used to offer better-expanded distribution than what kdp is currently offerin
  • CreateSpace is used to revise your list price, description, categories, and keywords without republishing your book, whereas any changes at KDP require republishing.
  • KDP tops the chart in terms of convenience.
  • There is no boundary for royalties on KDP. You don’t have to gain $100 before payment.
  • The transfer was very easy as people that had accounts on Createspace were only asked to verify their CreateSpace account. Verify their KDP account and click the ” start your move” transfer to complete the transfer. 


Of course, Amazon KDP is still and will always be profitable to authors with amazing ideas and intensive marketing efforts. Self-publishing on not just any platform but Amazon kdp has beaten traditional publishing in terms of profitability. 

  • Ebooks are the new trending thing currently. Ebooks can be read at any time in any place and are easily accessible compared to hardcover books, so there’s a growing need and hunger for ebooks on the rise. The number of ebooks being sold in 2024 is surprisingly higher than in past years, and they keep increasing. 
  • You spend less publishing and get more in return. With Kindle direct publishing, you can earn up to 70% ebook royalties, which is much more than the amount your earn with a traditional publisher.
  • It is fast, quick, and efficient. Within a few hours or days, your book can get published and that means you can publish more books and make more money in less time.

NOTE: Remember, every business has its ups and downs,  same with kdp books, but note that kindle direct publishing is an awesome business idea with easy access for anyone interested. 

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 Be rest assured that you can make a lot of money by self-publishing on amazon kdp. So yes, you can make money with KDP.

Not just that, you get either a 35% or 70% royalty payment. If you wonder how much money can be made, you can make a lot. The only thing you should be worried about is how to make your work very visible and sellable as there are over 3 million other writers also publishing their books on Amazon. 

Within or outside the scope of writing, every business needs certain things to thrive, whether it belongs to a major chain like Amazon or not. 

Many businesses that could have boomed died prematurely because the owners refused to put in a lot of work or because of proper knowledge of the business scope.

Amazon being a large online marketplace, has its upsides and downside. It has a lot of upsides and advantages, but one of its downsides includes needing to put in more work than you would have put in other self-publishing platforms, as there are strong competitions.

If you want to make enough money on Amazon kdp, you would need to put in intensive marketing. With a nice cover, accurate metaphrase/introduction, inviting title, concise keywords, and intensive marketing, you are steps closer to achieving your book’s financial goal. 


The first step to becoming a self-published author is creating a kindle direct publishing account. Within minutes you can create your account easily and be one step closer to becoming the author you want. There are 2 quick steps to creating a KDP account.


 Input the kindle direct URL. The first step to creating your account is to open whichever browser you have on your gadget and input the kindle URL. Immediately you would be directed to the kdp page where you can sign in or sign up. Click on “Sign Up.”

Ensure you use your real names as Written on id cards, your correct home address, email address, and phone number where necessary.

( Note: Your name in your author-publisher information is different from your pen name).

After inputting your details on the signup page, you would need to go back to your mail and confirm the account, after which you can now sign in.

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After you must have confirmed your account, you can now go back to your browser and sign in to your account. After signing in, on the top right corner of your device,  you will see some words written there, one of which is “your account”.

In ” your account”, is where you would click to complete your data. There is 3 area you would need to fill up. 

  • Author/publisher information: here, you must input important information correctly.
  • Getting paid: This is where all payment data is to be inputted. Amazon uses two types of accounts for its electronic transfer ( Checking and saving accounts). You are required to select the preferred payment service. 
  • Tax information: You would fill in your tax information. In your tax info space, indicate your tax classification, specify your country, and also identify if you have US TIN or not. Once you are through with this information, remember to save them and that’s all. 


You cannot delete an eBook on amazon kdp. You can only unpublish a book on kdp once the eBook already has an ISBN.

To unpublish a book, you must go to your bookshelf, click the ellipsis button (“…”) under KINDLE EBOOK ACTIONS next to the book you want to unpublish and click unpublish.

You would need to identify that when you unpublish an eBook from the Kindle Store, it becomes inaccessible to buy and unsearchable on Amazon. It won’t be available for purchase until you republish it. For you to unpublish paperwork, go to your Bookshelf.

Click the ellipsis button (“…”) under PAPERBACK ACTIONS next to the book you want to unpublish. Choose Unpublish.

Note: When you unpublish your paperback, customers won’t be able to buy new copies through KDP. Third parties may still sell used copies of your paperback on Amazon. That means your paperback’s detail page will stay live on the website.

However, customers won’t be able to buy new copies through KDP unless you republish your paperback.

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Just like most traditional sites or applications, you would have to sign in to access their services. If you are not already registered, you must sign up. 

If you already own an Amazon account, sign in to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) with your existing Amazon username and password.

However, if you don’t have an Amazon account, Go to KDP and click Sign up. Then click create your KDP account and enter your name, email address, and a safe password.


Once you have successfully signed in to kindle direct publishing, You will be taken to the kdp dashboard where you are to Create your eBook. Remember, there’s no publication without a title, so the first thing to do is input your title.

The title field should contain the exact title of your book as it appears on your book cover. What you input there will show as your book’s title on your product page.

Also, ensure there are no errors to avoid your book’s authenticity is questioned. 

Make sure your title is captivating, as that is what potential readers will notice about your book first. Your title can determine if customers will purchase your book.


Your book title is not the only detail you would be required to provide. Details like author/author’s name, description, keywords, age range, category, etc., will also be required.

If the book has more than one author, ensure you show by adding the other author’s name in the contributor’s name.

Your title, description, and keywords are your selling point, and so ensure they are captivating enough. 

Select up to two categories for your book and upload up to seven related keywords to boost your book views.


Now, this is also one part that is very crucial and can determine your book sales. It is highly recommended that you allow a professional to design your cover.

Amazon provides guidelines for uploading cover images and also includes a rather insufficient tool to create your cover but it is still advisable to employ a proficient designer for it to avoid issues later on. 


Ensure you enable DRM.

Digital Rights Management deters people from duplicating your book and delivering it to other people without payment.

Even with DRM activated, people are still afforded the opportunity to lend the book to friends for a short period through Kindle’s lending system. DRM only prevents them from stealing your book.

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This is a step you must have been anticipating. Amazon accepts Word (DOC and DOCX), HTML, ePub, Text, PDF formats. You can still change your listing once your book has been uploaded. It won’t be finally published without your approval.

Adding your book to matchbook and book lending is left to you, but you’ll have to enroll in book lending if you want the 70% royalty.


Choose between 35% and 70% for your royalty. For most Authors, the 70% royalty will pay more. One thing to notice is that each royalty rate has its terms and conditions. 


Save to draft until you are ready to publish


You can publish when you are sure you have filled every information properly and previewed it on multiple devices. 

FAQs on Amazon KDP

That’s a big NO. Amazon KDP does not own any right to books published on their platform. Your books remain yours and you can at any time decide to unpublish your book. Amazon kdp is a marketplace, not a publisher.

Amazon publishing allows you to retain total control of your rights including all control of your foreign rights and distribution rights plus total control of all your content at all times.

You can. You may terminate your Amazon self-publishing contract by giving KDP five days’ notice with no questions asked.

When they remove your content from their platform, they’ll also be removing your book titles from bestselling lists in all applicable categories plus all book reviews from people, among other things.

Amazon KDP could also decide to terminate your contract with them, Once they believe you are shadily promoting your book or you are not following their publication standard, they can close your account or remove your book.

Your book could take up to 72 hours or less. Officially you would be informed it can take up to 72 hours, however, note that approval of paperbacks takes longer than eBooks.

Amazon offers a vast range of opportunities through which your book gets marketed.

There are different ways Amazon helps your book to be recognized, Some of the ways are:

Recommendations: Amazon itself could recommend you to customers. Amazon uses its clients’ data to give related and tailored recommendations.

Amazon is a wide community of over 310 million people in various parts of the world and so using the right keyword projects you to lots of audience/people.

REVIEWS: Reviews are one of the extraordinary ways to market your products. People want to know what those that have gotten your products think about it before purchasing it.

If you don’t have reviews, your book will be disregarded by the large majority of potential customers. Amazon allows the opportunity for your customers to review your book. 

However, you must still market personally to ensure the influx of customers to your book.

Kindle Direct Publishing pays royalties every month, approximately 60 days after the end of the month in which the sale was reported through direct deposit, wire transfer, or check, as long as you meet the minimum threshold for payment.

KDP issues payments for each Amazon marketplace in which you distribute your title.


Self-publishing platforms are gold mines that allow authors to harness their creative abilities without hindrances. Statistics worldwide have shown that Amazon self-publishing is still and will remain profitable. 

Some reasons why you might want to try out Amazon KDP.

  • It’s totally free
  • Easily accessible 
  • Fast and
  • Publishing on the world’s number 1 online marketplace is a plus.

Note: Remember kdp also has its slow sales seasons.



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