American School For the Deaf: Enrollment, Fees, Programs

The deaf can hear the sound of learning. Most people would think gaining an education is something only the privileged have access to. But, even hearing-impaired individuals need to gain proper education too. It might not be in a conventional setting, but there is a school for the Deaf.

Originally known as the American Asylum, Hartford, the American School for the Deaf is the oldest permanent school for hearing-impaired children in the US.

This article will tell you more about its enrollment processes, fees, and programs. Kindly read through.

The table of contents below will give you an overview of the various topics that will be discussed on here.

Table of contents

About the American School for the Deaf (ASD)

Established in 1818-1819, the American School for the Deaf became the first school at the primary and secondary education level to secure a grant from the government. It is a co-educational special needs school open for students in grades pre-K through 12.

Known for topping the list of providing comprehensive educational programs, ASD still devotes itself to providing the deaf students with educational services.

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The ASD, at the time of its establishment, devised a standard language, American sign language, to promote equality between the deaf and hearing communities.

Since then, there has been a turning point in American history.

Deaf Education in America

At a point where it became clear to other schools that they could establish schools with the same focus, ASD had already hit the limelight amidst the toughness. The manual communication used as a teaching language gave deaf people the opportunity to become teachers.

Subsequently, the alumnus of the school ventured into owning schools for the deaf throughout the entire State.

Lots of factors affect the success and failures of the sign language. While carrying out an oral test for the students before transferring them to a manual class worked for the American School for the Deaf, other schools accepted the oral method heartily.

The ASD believes the school of thought stating there is no easy method that works for all situations if not that the child’s education should depend on the needs of the child.

Hence, the place for mainstreaming and center schools.

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Enrollment at the American School for the Deaf

The most recent technological equipment that enhances all-around access to language is available in ASD.

While sign language is very important, it also provides digital systems to assist the students.

One way the American School for the dead succeeds in this language development business is to expose the students to an accessible environment early enough.

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There are several students from about 110 Connecticut school districts who gain from ASD’s well of knowledge. International students are inclusive.

Admission into the American School for the Deaf requires traits that will sustain you during the teaching period. These traits are your ability to question, decide, dream, and achieve goals beyond the classroom setting.

With an average of 31 teachers and a student-to-teacher ratio of 4:1, below is a breakdown of the enrollment by grade at the ASD.

Enrollment by Grade

  • 9th Grade: 13
  • 10th Grade: 28
  • 11th Grade: 6
  • 12th Grade: 47

What Programs do they offer at the ASD?

There is an array of programs this American school provides only for students between the ages of 3-21 who are deaf and are hearing impaired.

It also provides a residential treatment and education program for students with behavioral and emotional issues.

Currently, it recently spread its program tentacles by adding the deaf, hard-of-hearing students to the Autism bracket to see that they benefit from a visual communication approach and American Sign Language.


The Positive Attitude Concerning Education and Socialization program kick-started in 1982 and drives towards providing services to students around the clock.

Students who are beneficiaries of this program are those who encounter challenges at home, school, or in the community. They put all efforts in place to see how best they can manage this crisis.

The approval of this program as a special education provider is basically the duty of the Connecticut State Department of Education, and the New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Tennessee, Delaware, and Rhode Island Departments of Education.

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Its licensure is done by the CT Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Serving Ages 3-21

This is a deaf and heard of hearing comprehensive program for students in pre-school through twelfth grade.

In coalition with parents and local school districts, this program intends to meet the unique needs of the students by providing them with various learning approaches. This is under the Connecticut Common Core State Standards.

What is the cost of tuition at the American School for the Deaf?

At the time of writing this article, the tuition cost was not available. Although it was stated that it is the local districts, fees, and fundraisers cater for the tuition.

Notable Alumni

Edmund Booth

Born on August 24, 1810. Edmund was a journalist, writer, and leader in the American deaf community. His influence brought about education for the deaf in the State of Iowa.

John Jacobus Flournoy

This notable alumni of the American School for the Deaf is an advocate for a deaf state. Besides being deaf, there were several attacks of mental instability that led to his institutionalization.

Flournoy is remembered for being an aggregate force to the establishment of the Georgia School for the Deaf and a patron of a national college for the deaf.


As much as the American School for the Deaf provides services as needed, it gives the hearing-impaired students the freedom of communication they desire without the fear of discrimination on a platter of gold.

If you know anyone who is resident in the US and is hearing impaired, this article will do them a lot of good.

School Website

For more information on the American School of the Deaf, you can visit the link below.




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