The Axel Adler International Scholarship at the University of Gothenburg

If you’ve ever thought of studying in Sweeden as an international student but financing your tuition has been a problem, you no longer have a problem.

The Axel Adler scholarship for international students helps you study at the University of Gothenburg for free in 2025.

Most times we feel we must have everything we need in terms of finance before we apply to the school of our choice abroad. This is not the case most of the time.

There are schools that make scholarships available for you so long as you apply and gain admission. The University of Gothenburg is one such school in Sweden.

So, in this post, we will show you how you can study in Sweden tuition-free at the University of Gothenburg. You will see what you need to do to win the Axel Adler international scholarship as well as how to apply.

About the Axel Adler International Scholarship

The Axel Adler scholarship is available for International students coming to study at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The scholarship gives students who are to pay tuition to study at the University of Gothenburg the opportunity to get a bachelor’s or master’s degree without paying tuition in 2025.

Meanwhile, the scholarship is in two categories. The first category is for international students taking a Master of Arts or Master of Science program at the University of Gothenburg. But there is a special emphasis on the Bachelor’s Program in Software Engineering.

So, you will be most suitable for the Axel Adler Scholarship at the University of Gothenburg if you’re pursuing an undergraduate degree in Software Engineering.

The second category is for international students taking a master’s degree program in Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts.

What is the Worth of the Axel Adler Scholarship 2025?

The Axel Adler Scholarship pays tuition for international students to study at the University of Gothenburg. Thus, it is a free-tuition scholarship. This means that you will have to cater for other educational expenses as an international awardee of this scholarship.

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How Many Students Will Receive This Scholarship?

For the first category of the scholarship, up to 60 students will receive a scholarship award. This is the category for Master of Arts, Master of Science, and a Bachelor’s degree in Software engineering.

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For the second category, however, around 4-12, students will receive a scholarship award. This category is for the Master’s program in Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts.

So, a total of 72 international students will receive scholarship awards to study at the University of Gothenburg in 2025 tuition-free.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Axel Adler scholarship in 2025, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be a tuition fee-paying student at a Swedish University. Tuition-fee-paying students are citizens from other countries that are not EU/EEA countries and Switzerland.
  • You must have applied for a full-time master’s program or a full-time bachelor’s program in software engineering at the University of Gothenburg. Since the scholarship is for the 2025 academic year, you must have made your application here by 15 January 2025.
  • By 3 February 2025, you must have paid the university’s application fee and documented your eligibility for studies.
  • You must have a University of Gothenburg program as your priority 1 program.

The Axel Adler Scholarship is available to both Master’s and Bachelor’s degree students. For Masters, you must take programs in Arts; science; or Fine, Applied and Performing Arts.

For Bachelor’s degree, however, it must be a software engineering program.

The Axel Adler Scholarship is a scholarship you can take in Sweden at the University of Gothenburg.

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The Axel Adler Scholarship in 2025 is available to international students. So, if you are a student from a developing country hoping to study in Europe, this is an opportunity for you.

How to Apply

First, you must apply for an eligible program at the University of Gothenburg. This is because only applicants with a University of Gothenburg program as their priority 1 are eligible for the scholarship.

So, your application for the scholarship depends on your application for a program at the University of Gothenburg.

Once the university receives your program application and you are eligible for the Axel Adler scholarship, you’ll receive an e-mail with the application instruction by 7 February 2025.

Ensure to apply for a program at Gothenburg university using a valid e-mail because the email with the scholarship instruction will be sent to the email address you registered with.

Apply for an eligible program by clicking the link below.


Documents for Application

Although there is no specified document to attach to your scholarship application, submitting a CV and Letter of Motivation for a master’s level scholarship will increase your chances of selection. You do not need to submit a CV or letter of motivation for the Bachelor’s program in software engineering, however.

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To upload your CV and motivation letter for the Axel Adler Scholarship in 2025, visit the university website here and select the ‘Other Documents‘ category.

Meanwhile, if you have already uploaded these documents when applying for your program, there is no need for additional submission of these documents for the scholarship. The ones you’ve already uploaded will do.

If you’re looking for insights into writing your scholarship motivation letter, see these 7 Killer Examples of Scholarship Motivation Letter

Selection Process for the Axel Adler Scholarship 2023

The Academic Staff of the University of Gothenburg is responsible for the scholarship assessment and ranking.

They will have access to your academic merits, portfolio, CV, and letter of motivation, then use it to access how suitable you are for the program you have applied for.

They will also check your commitment and desire to study.

If they select you for the Axel Adler scholarship, they will send you an offer shortly after publishing the result of the admission on 3 April 2025 for the Master’s program and 20 April 2025 for the Bachelor’s program.

You are to respond to the offer, not more than a week after receiving the offer so as to get back an e-mail on the final decision.


You cannot combine the Axel Adler Scholarship (TAAS) with another scholarship offer from the University of Gothenburg or the Swedish Institute.

If you get a scholarship from the Swedish InstituteThe Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation Scholarship or The Volvo Group Scholarship, your application for The Axel Adler Scholarship (TAAS) will automatically be removed from the selection process.

Meanwhile, if you decide to decline other scholarship offers in favor of the Axel Adler Scholarship, you are free to do so, but contact the university about it.

Application Deadline

You must submit your application for studies by 16 January 2025 and pay the application fee and document your eligibility for studies by 1 February 2025 through

For more information or questions, you can send an email to the university at [email protected].

You can also visit the scholarship website below.

Scholarship Website

Axel Adler Scholarship FAQs

Does the University of Gothenburg pay my tuition fee?

The University of Gothenburg offers fee-paying students the opportunity to receive a scholarship to pursue a Master’s program mainly through The Axel Adler Scholarship (TAAS).

Will I get an email?

The e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you have registered at

Can I send multiple CVs?

One CV is enough for all your programs, however, it can be valuable to upload a Letter of Motivation for each program. There are no specific templates that you have to use for your CV or Letter of Motivation. Submit the CV and Letter of Motivation via your account at under the ‘Other documents’ category.

Please note that if you are applying for the Bachelor’s program in software engineering you do not need to upload a CV and Letter of Motivation.

The scholarships will cover the tuition fee of the program you’re admitted to. It will be a tuition fee waiver only. There is no additional financial support for living expenses or travel grants.

Only eligible students will receive the invitation to the scholarship application. The application round will open on 7 February 2025 and close on 14 February 2025. If you’re unable to apply by then, please contact [email protected].

At the moment, the University of Gothenburg does not offer second-year students a scholarship, but it is in a working process. Keep yourself updated on their web pages.

The university’s ambition is that you will have an offer of scholarship by the same day that you receive your admission letter, which means by 3 April 2025 for Master’s programs and 20 April 2025 for Bachelor’s programs.

You must succeed with a passing result of 75 %, which means 22,5 credits, to be able to keep your scholarship. The University does follow-ups every semester to see that each student with a scholarship follows the program and gets passing results.


One of the best ways to study in Sweden in 2025 at a very reduced cost is by using the Axel Adler Scholarship. This scholarship allows international students to study at the University of Gothenburg without paying tuition fees.

However, it is for a Master’s program in Arts; Science; Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts. It is also for international students interested in a BAchelor’s degree program in Software Engineering.

Check out the eligibility requirements and ensure to apply before the January 15 deadline. We wish you success in your application.

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