17 Belgium Scholarships For Developing Countries

Belgium is one of the many developed countries in Europe. It is known for its high standard of living, quality health care, high-income economy, and top-notch educational system.

Are you an international student(from a developing country) looking for Belgium scholarships? This article compiles a list of Belgium Scholarships For Developing Countries.

It has a population of about 11.4 million people and covers a total area of 30, 528 square kilometers. The official and most common languages spoken in Belgium are Dutch, French, and German.

Currently, Belgium has over 40 institutions of higher learning where quality education is dispensed. These universities and colleges are definitely among the best in Europe and the world at large.

There are so many scholarships in Belgium for developing countries’ students to take advantage of. Students from developing countries have been gifted ample opportunities to receive quality education via these scholarship mediums.

In this article, I will be showing you the list of scholarships in Belgium, the eligibility, and scholarship worth which will help you when applying.

List Of Scholarships In Belgiums

Below is a list of scholarships in Belgium for developing country students.

#1. ARES Scholarship in Belgium for Developing Countries

Every year ARES offers the chance to pursue a one-year master’s degree program or a 4 to 6 advanced training course within a higher education institute of Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Belgium.

Level/ Field of Study: This scholarship is available for master’s students and those who would love to take up training courses in aquaculture, health, economics, food technology, international development, GIS, information technology, etc. You can view the complete list on the official website.

Eligible Nationalities: 150 master’s scholarships and 70 training scholarships are available for some developing countries. The target nations are Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia (only for training courses in English), Haiti, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger, Peru, the Philippines, DR Congo, Rwanda, Senegal, and Vietnam.

Application Deadline: To apply for the scholarship, complete the scholarship application form and send it to ARES by post or express delivery service only before February every year.

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#2. Flemish Ministry of Education Scholarships at the University of Antwerp

The University of Antwerp develops, provides access to, and propagates scientific knowledge through research, teaching, and service to society. The University of Antwerp provides the Flemish Ministry of Education Scholarships. The applicant must have a good knowledge of the English language and a high standard of academic performance.

Value: The value of the scholarship is €8.000 per academic year.

Level/ Field of Study: This scholarship opportunity is available for master’s degree students who wish to study in these areas; Applied Economic Sciences: Business Economics, Applied Economic Sciences: Economic Policy, Biology: Biodiversity, Conservation and Restoration, Biology: Global Change Biology, Biomedical Sciences: Infectious and Tropical Diseases | Research, Biomedical Sciences: Neurosciences | Research, Chemistry, Computer Science: Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, Computer Science: Data Science, Computer Science: Software Engineering, Laws (LL.M), Linguistics and Literature: English, Physics, Political Science, Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy: Internal Conditions, Rehabilitation Sciences, and Physiotherapy: Neurological Conditions.

Application deadline: The scholarship application is valid until February every year.

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#3. VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarship

Students from 31 eligible countries are eligible for this scholarship. These students are chosen from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to undergo training taught in English or master’s program at a Flemish University or University College in Belgium.

The countries eligible for this scholarship are Benin Republic, Burkina Faso, Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Guinea, Cameroon, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, and Rwanda.

Also, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Haiti, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Palestine territories.

Level: Masters program or Training (taught in English).

Eligibility: Applicants should be nationals and residents of the 31 countries of the VLIR-OUS country list for the scholarship.

The maximum age for a master’s program candidate is 35 years for an initial master’s program, while for an advanced program, it is 40 years.

Special consideration is given to candidates who are already employed in academic institutions, governments, the social economy, research institutes, or NGOs, or candidates who want a shot in one of these sectors.

Read the complete eligibility and selection criteria on the official website or click here.

Application deadline: The deadline varies, but it is usually between February 1 and March 1. It is important to visit the official website and the website of the specific training or master’s program you have chosen for detailed information on how to apply for the scholarship.

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#4. Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarship for International Students

Masterminds scholarships aim to promote the internationalization of Flemish (Belgium) higher education. It awards 30 to 40 scholarships to outstanding Master’s students from all countries, including developing countries. \

Institutions partaking in this scholarship are K.U Leuven/ University of Leuven, University of Antwerp, Ghent University, Karel de Grote University College, Hasselt University, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, University College Ghent, Antwerp Maritime Academy, Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp, Erasmus University College Brussels, LUCA School of Arts, PXL University College.

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The fields of study are all eligible master’s degree programs available at the various participating institutions.

Scholarship benefits: The incoming student receives a scholarship of a maximum €8,000 per academic year. The Flemish host institution can ask the applicant for a tuition fee of a maximum of €110.8 per year.

Scholarship deadline: Students cannot apply directly. The applicant must submit his application online to the Flemish host institution. The application deadline varies but the valid date for this year is April every year.

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#5. Ghent University Doctoral Scholarship for Candidates from Developing Countries

With aid from its “Special Research Fund”, Ghent University offers Ph.D. scholarships to promising Ph.D. students from developing countries who want to carry out half of their Ph.D. research at Ghent University and the rest in a university in a developing country.

Application deadline: March every year.

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#6. Science@Leuven Scholarship for International Students

Applications are currently accepted at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven by students of their master’s program. Science @ Leuven scholarships is for internationally gifted students who wish to participate in an international master’s program at the K.U.Leuven School of Science.

Scholarship Benefits: The amount of subsidy can reach 10,000 euros per year. The scholarship will still cover tuition fees for one year, insurance, and basic health insurance coverage.

Level/Field of Study: Master in Chemistry, Master in Geography, Master in Physics, Master in Statistics.

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#7. Full VUB B-PHOT Excellence Masters Scholarship in Belgium

Vrije Universiteit Brussel is an international university located in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.

Through tailor-made high-quality research and education, VUB wants to contribute actively and be committed to a better society for the future.

The new VUB B-PHOT Excellence Scholarships are offered to all new international students. Scholarships are available to study for the Master of Science.

Scholarships Benefits: 10,000.00 Euro per year.

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#8. Ghent University Top-up Grants

The University of Ghent offers complimentary scholarships to candidates from all OESO-DAC countries who wish to obtain a master’s degree at the University of Ghent.

In 2025, the call will only be open to new students who request a master’s degree or a master’s program after a master’s degree is taught in English. The application for academic admission must be submitted before March 1.

Scholarship benefits: The value of this scholarship is € 654 per month.• All-in-one insurance (health, civil liability, repatriation). Keep in mind that this is not a full grant.

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#9. Micro Finance Scholarships for Developing Countries 

The scholarship is funded by microfinance scholarships and is available to students from developing countries. Candidates applying for the EMP via the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Master in Microfinance) must read the general information document.

ULB registration fees for the academic year 2025 were +/- 835 € for European citizens and some developing countries (the rate for 2025 could be different, more information soon).

Rates for other nationalities are subject to ULB policies and can be consulted directly at the ULB registration service.

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#10. Ph.D. student in Computational Linguistics at Ghent University in Belgium (Natural Language Processing)

This scholarship is offered to a doctoral student from the LT3 Language and Technology Team at the Translation and Interpretation Department of the University of Ghent and is also open to international students.

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#11. Human Right Center Fully-Funded Ph.D. Fellowships at Ghent University, Belgium

Human Rights Center is looking for mature Ph.D. students, ideally speaking with a research degree and experience working in the field in one of these countries or in other post-conflict contexts, and who speak one or more of the local languages of the case studies.

Our working language is English. The University of Ghent seeks to complete four full-time Ph.D. scholarships as part of the ERC-funded research project, “Reduce the participation of victims in transitional justice”. And this is available to all international students.

Eligibility/Level: To be eligible, candidates must have a master’s degree in law, social and political science, anthropology, or a related discipline.

Must have graduated at the time of application or demonstrated convincingly that they would have it by July 1.

The candidate must speak English fluently as a working language and the main language of publication.

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#12. Postdoctoral position on ER Stress Signaling Pathways in Macrophages at Ghent University 

The University of Ghent is proud to announce the post-doctorate on the emergency stress signaling pathways of macrophages for international students.

The postdoc will participate in a brand new project dedicated to understanding the role of stress signaling pathways in emergencies in the process of macrophage apoptotic thickening.

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#13. Ph.D. scholarships for researchers from the South at K.U Leuven in Belgium

The promoters of KU Leuven can apply for a 4-year Ph.D. project to a candidate from a developing country who wishes to obtain a Ph.D. from KU Leuven (“developing country” means a country from the OECD DAC list in the category “Least developed countries”, “Low-income countries and “middle-income countries”).

To strengthen the integration of research in the country in question, a co-promoter affiliated with a university or research institute in that country must participate.

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#14. Ph.D. scholarship in Computer Science: Human-Computer Interaction at Ghent University, Belgium

The University of Ghent is pleased to announce the Computer Science Ph.D. Scholarship: Human-Computer Interaction for Applicants with Master’s degrees in Computer Science or Civil/Computer Engineering (or equivalent). This scholarship is available for international students.

The scheduled start date is February every year.

Application Deadline: Registration deadline: January yearly.

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#15. Post-doctorate “Silicon Optomechanics” at the University of Ghent, Belgium 

The HOT project brings together 17 leading academic and industrial partners from all over Europe, comprising 13 universities and four industrial partners.

The collaboration is funded by the EU’s proactive FET research and innovation program.

Its goal is to lay the foundations for a new generation of hybrid devices exploiting a nano or micro-mechanical oscillator for torque and controlling the electrical, optical, and microwave domains. This application is open to international students.

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#16. Belgian American Education Foundation Fellowships For Students From Developing Countries in Belgium

The Belgian American Education Foundation (B.A.E.F.) encourages applications for scholarships or research grants during the academic year, at a Belgian university or at a higher education institution.

Scholarship benefits: The BAEF will grant up to ten scholarships as direct non-renewable grants with a stipend of – $ 28,000 for a master’s or doctorate. – $ 32,000 for post-doctoral fellows.

Application deadline: The BAEF scholarships can start between July 1 and December 31, and scholarship holders are expected to stay for a period of 12 months in Belgium.

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#17. Master Mind Scholarship for International Students Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium

The Flemish government sponsors this scholarship with the aim of promoting the internalization of Flemish higher education.

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In conclusion, Belgium is one of the many developed countries in Europe. It is known for its high standard of living, quality health care, high-income economy, and top-notch educational system.

Also, The universities and colleges in Belgium are definitely among the best in Europe and the world at large.

Therefore, I urge you to utilize the opportunities to receive a quality education through the scholarship medium by pursuing your educational career.


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