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I’m sure you searched for Gilman Scholarship Scholarship Applications to be here. You’re just in time as applications for the Scholarships are ongoing for the United States Students.

Studying abroad is a special experience for each participating student. Being a recipient of the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship will give you a better experience.

Living and learning in a very different environment from another nation exposes not only our students to different points of view, but also adds a rewarding social and cultural experience.

It also gives our students the opportunity to return home with a deeper understanding of their place in the world. Thus, encouraging them to be collaborators rather than spectators in the international community.

About Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

The Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship Program offers awards for undergraduate study abroad. It was established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for US undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study and intern abroad programs worldwide.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Fellowship of the US Department of State. It is a scholarship program that allows students with limited financial means to study or undertake an internship abroad. This allows them to acquire Skills essential for our national security and economic prosperity.

The Institute of International Education has administered the program since its inception in 2001.

A Gilman scholarship allows American students to acquire skills in a variety of languages and cultures, skills that are fundamental to their academic and professional development.

Why do I need the Benjamin Gilman’s scholarship program?

The Gilman Scholarship Program expands the population of students who study and internships abroad. Hence, it helps college students who might not otherwise participate due to financial constraints.

The objective of the program is to encourage students to study and complete internships in USA.

The program also encourages students to study languages, especially languages with critical needs (those considered important for national security).

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The Gilman program is directed by the US Department of State. It aims to work with students so that the experience of the scholarship is a success. If a Travel Advisor becomes a Level 3 or 4 after the student has received the scholarship, the program will coordinate with the participants the choice of the study site from a different destination, in accordance with the guidelines of the counseling system. travels. of the Department of State of the United States.

To determine the status of a recipient, the Gilman program, under the direction of the US Department of State. It is the final decision-making authority to maintain a student’s participation in the Gilman program.

Level/Field of Study

Undergraduate students who are planning to Study and Intern abroad. All courses are eligible to be studied in

Host Nationality

The Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship Program is a program of the Office of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the US Department of State in the USA (except Cuba or a country on the US Department of State’s current Travel Warning list).

Eligible Nationality

Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship is targeted for students from the USA. Only Undergraduates and Interns Abroad can win the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship.

Scholarship Worth

The amounts assigned vary from $100 to $5,000 (with the possibility of receiving a Critical Language Award of up to $8,000). The financial requirements are based on the study abroad fees provided by the candidate’s advisor.

The final amount of a Benjamin A Gilman scholarship will be determined based on the following:

  • the financial need,
  • also, the duration of the program,
  • the overall cost of the program
  • finally, the strength of the application during the classification process by a selection committee.


To qualify for a benjamin a gilman scholarship, a candidate must be:

  • A citizen of the United States;
  • A university student with a good reputation in an accredited institution of higher education in the USA (Including both two-year and four-year institutions).
  • Receive a federal Pell grant during the application period or provide proof that they will receive a Pell grant for the duration of their study or internship program abroad;
  • As part of a request for admission or acceptance of a study or internship abroad program of at least two weeks for community college students and three weeks for students of four-year institutions in a single country or region and eligible for a credit of the students of the host institution. Proof of program acceptance is required prior to grant payment;
  • Request study programs based on credits abroad in a country or region with Travel Advice Level 1 or Level 2, in accordance with the Travel Advisory System of the US Department of State.  However, some places in these countries or areas may be designated in the Travel Notice as “Do not travel to” (Level 4) or “Reconsider travel to” (Level 3), as such; Students will not be able to go to these specific places. In addition, students are not eligible for programs in a country or region with a global travel advisory of Level 3 or 4.
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Please note

Travel notices may change at any time as new information becomes available and countries or areas can be added or removed from the list of eligible countries or areas during the application period and/or after the end of the application period. The period of application.

The US Department of State UU It reserves the right to request changes in the program for specific countries or areas as deemed necessary at any stage of the application or selection process, or while the student is abroad.

Selection Criteria for Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship

The US Department of State’s goal for the Gilman Program is to broaden the student population that studies and interns abroad by supporting undergraduates who might otherwise not participate due to financial constraints.

The Gilman Scholarship Program aims to support a diverse range of students who have been traditionally under-represented in education abroad, including but not limited to:

  • Students with high financial need;
  • from diverse ethnic backgrounds;
  • Students going to non-traditional countries, especially those outside Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand;
  • from a diverse range of institutions, including community colleges, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, and other Minority-Serving Institutions;
  • Students with disabilities;
  • First-generation college students; and
  • Students in underrepresented fields of study, especially the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
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Eligibility Note:
Gilman Scholars can only receive the prize once. If a student has previously rejected the Gilman Scholarship, they are invited to reapply, as long as all of the eligibility requirements listed above are met.

How to Apply

Step 1: Submit your application online within the deadline set by the student.
The following elements are critical components of the application.

  • Essays: Statement of Purpose and Follow-on Service Project Proposal
  • Transcripts (unofficial and official both accepted)

Step 2: Certified foreign study and financial aid advisors must certify their application on time.

  • The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that both consultants have certified their application within the prescribed time.
  • All applicants must contact the corresponding offices of their home institutions to determine the appropriate Study Abroad and obtain the necessary financial support to certify their advisor.
  • If a consultant does not appear on the online application, contact the advisors of your institution to register an account on the Gilman Advisor website and have it reviewed within 1 to 2 days. Working days After verification, the name of the assessor will appear on the online application.
  • Applications without certification will not be considered.

To apply for the Gilman International Scholarship, please submit an application through the Gilman Online Application System.

We highly recommend that you submit your application at least one week before the deadline date to ensure that you do not miss the deadline as a result of technical difficulties with your equipment/network or as a result of heavy traffic on the Gilman website. In addition, if you encounter any issues or have questions, you will have time to contact the Gilman Program during business hours to address in advance of the deadline.

Application Deadline

Students can study and do an internship abroad in the spring, summer, fall or during the school year. Check each term for specific deadlines and deadlines for the application cycle. It is important that students request the termination of the scholarship corresponding to the dates of the program to be considered for the Gilman Scholarship.

Keep in mind that the deadline for submitting applications is the central time and you must take into account the time difference applicable when preparing your application. Late requests are not accepted.

Application for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship 2025 is on March 3rd 2025.

For more Information about Benjamin A Gilman International Scholarship

Gilman Scholarship Online Application


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