Top 15 Best Backpacks for College Guys | Ranking

Did you just gain admission into college as a guy? Or do you need a new backpack to upgrade the one you already have? The best backpacks for college guys come in different designs and shapes. Many people go for branded designs.

However, finding the best backpacks goes beyond brand names. Quality, purpose, durability, and comfort are all essential factors when before settling for a brand.

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Using a quality backpack can save you from unnecessary back pain. Besides, a good backpack is stylish and trendy and has a way of boosting your ego. Undoubtedly, backpacks are more popular among guys than ladies in college.

As a college student, you need a backpack that provides comfort and makes you stand out. With the plethora of backpacks available today, the question is, “what are the best backpacks for college guys?”

Today, going to college requires you to carry more than just books. Sanitizers, laptops, or at least a tablet are now an essential part of many college requirements. There are also other necessary items that you might want to go carry in a backpack.

It all depends on your course requirement. A quality backpack should be able to hold your books as well as provide enough space to sandwich other items. More importantly, carrying should be comfortable without putting so much pressure on your back.

If you are unsure of the right backpack, World Scholarship Forum has put together a list of the 15 best backpacks for college guys to help you decide.

Why Do You Need a Quality Backpack as a College Student?

At the top of the reasons for quality, backpacks are the safety of your books and other items. As a college student, you need a backpack that guarantees the security of your items.

You don’t want a backpack that will easily give in to the weight of books, laptops, and other essential items. Opting for a weatherproof backpack can be a great choice. You wouldn’t want the weather to take you by surprise.

It is common to carry many large books and other devices in college. Hence, a durable backpack that can withstand pressure is necessary. Besides, you also require something fashionable and comfortable to carry.

What are the Things to Consider Before Settling for a Backpack?

Are you planning to buy a new backpack for college? Here are three things to consider before spending your cash. They include:

The capacity of the backpack: the size of a backpack that you need depends on your purpose and the items you will be using it to carry. There is no point in going for a backpack that does not serve this purpose.

Features of the backpack: features are what differentiate one backpack from another. Some backpacks come with compartments for laptops, water can holders, and even USB ports to make it easy to charge your phones on the go. Others come with features that make them very convenient to use.

How well the backpack fits: there is no doubt that you might have the backpack hanging on your back more of the time in college. Therefore, the best backpack for college guys should fit properly. When determining what size is best, the torso length is very essential.

Note that: your torso length is not the same as your height. Determine your torso length by measuring from your C7 to the top of your hip bone.

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What are Some Essential basic Features to Look for in Every College Backpack?

Knowing what you want from a backpack is the first step to choosing the right. There are so many affordable college backpacks on the market today. Deciding which one to go for may not be all that easy. However, understanding the features you need can be a great way to decide. Some of the essential features that you should consider in a college backpack include:

#1. Size and Pockets are Essential

Consider the size of the items you will be carrying to school. Also, decide whether you will carry your laptop in your backpack or a separate carrier. Determine the kind of pockets you need. Your needs are most certainly not the same as a first grader’s. Think about the following before you make a choice:

  • Do you need a separate compartment for your lunch and water bottle?
  • Will you be carrying your laptop in the same bag?
  • Do you need a small pocket for your keys and other small items?
  • Do you need a separate pocket for your mobile phone and charger?
  • How many texts, binders, and notes will you carry to school?

#2. Consider the Fabric

The production material is a. The fabric can also affect the breathability and durability of your backpack. Some of the essential factors to keep in mind about fabrics are:

  • While leather ages slower, there are new synthetic fabrics that tend to last longer.
  • In terms of weight, synthetic fabrics are usually lighter than leather.
  • Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester will protect against inclement weather. They fare better than natural materials like cotton.
  • Natural fibers like cotton are more environmentally friendly than their synthetic counterparts.
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#3. Consider the Zipper

Ensure that the zippers and all the pocket closures are sturdy and well secured. Also, consider the following when selecting a zipper.

  • Go for high-quality zippers that can withstand the taste of time.
  • Double zipper heads usually provide faster and easier access.

#4. Consider the Current Trend

When choosing school backpacks, style is an essential factor to consider. Every college student wants a bag that looks good and trendy at the same time. You don’t want to look so different from everyone else in college. Some of the things to watch out for when it comes to backpack fashion include:

  • Currently, print patterns are very trendy. However, consider solid colors too. Something that can blend well with any outfit is essential.
  • Many of the top-selling backpacks from one of the top-selling brands are black. Hence, if you are looking for a timeless backpack that will fit seamlessly into the crowd, you can always be spot-on with black.
  • Backpack designs that consist of sustainable materials are usually very trendy. Eco-friendly backpacks are also great.

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Top 15 Best Backpacks for College Guys

Without much ado, here are the best backpacks for college guys:

  1. Carhartt Medium Pack + Three Can Insulated-Cooler—Best Overall
  2. Jansport Right—Editor’s Choice
  3. Dagne Dover The Dakota (Large)—Best for Space
  4. Vera Bradley Campus Backpack—Best for those Who Love to Appear Matured
  5. Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Pack—Best Compact Design and Water Resistant
  6. Herschel Little America Backpack—Best Laptop for Those that Love the Old School Looks
  7. The North Face Borealis Backpack—Best for its Stylish Look and Durability
  8. Patagonia Refugio Backpack 28L—Best for those with the Environment at Heart
  9. Lululemon Everyday Backpack 2.0—Best for its Lightweight
  10. Fjällräven Kånken Laptop 15″—Best for its Expandable Design
  11. Eddie Bauer Adventurer 30L Pack—Best for Its Large Compartments
  12. LL Bean Comfort Carry Pack—Best for Versatile Use
  13. Kaya Laptop Backpack—Best Stylish Design
  14. Travel Laptop Backpack—Best for its Value
  15. Large Teamster Backpack 35-Liter—Best for Athletic Students

#1. Carhartt Medium Pack + Three Can Insulated-Cooler—Best Overall

Carhartt medium pack is the best backpack for college guys. It is very durable—thanks to the Cordura ripstop material, it is also water repellant. The backpack has an outside mesh pocket for holding water cans and a Hook-n-Haul system for other items like the insulated cooler. It also comes with an air mesh padding for the shoulders.

The Carhartt medium pack offers plenty of storage space inside with different compartments. One of them is a 15-inch laptop compartment and a fleece-lined eyewear section. It also has a cooler that can conveniently hold up to three 12-ounce cans. The cooler is also detachable if you wish to carry your backpack without it.

Carhartt medium backpack is ideal for college guys who want to stay organized. This backpack can also double as a hiking bag when you are not on campus.


  • Carhartt is rugged and very durable
  • Very spacious
  • Water repellant


  • The product comes in only neutral colors.

For more information and to purchase this item, visits the Amazon Link for $72.73.

#2. Jansport Right Backpack—Editor’s Choice

If you are a backpack enthusiast, you will certainly know why the Jansport brand is the overall editor’s choice. Anybody who owns one of these brands has a common confession—they are durable, timeless, and very dependable like a pair of Nike Jordans on a basketball court.

The Jansport Right brand is an upgrade of the classic SuperBreak model from the same brand. The Right backpack features super durable Cordura fabric and a 15 inches laptop compartment.

Like its predecessor, the Jansport Right backpack features fine suede accents. It also features front easy-organizer pockets and a water can pocket. Like the Carhartt, the Jansport Right backpack can also serve other great uses outside school.


  • Very durable from Cordura fabrics.
  • It makes organizing your items very easy.
  • The product comes with a water bottle pocket.


  • Simple design–60s old school looks.

You can purchase this item by following the following link for $85.99 (Black), $62.41 (Red Tape), and $79.95 (Rusted Red.

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#3. Dagne Dover The Dakota (Large)—Best for Space

If you are a lover of minimalistic designs, then Dagne Dover is for you. The backpack clearly shows that “There is more to us than meets the eyes.” Dagne Dover’s design features ingenious compartments and many storage spaces for your school items. Its laptop compartment is large enough to carry a 16 inches laptop. The main section has a mesh tablet pocket and can hold up to 20 liters. It also contains five medium-sized pockets and a removable pouch. It also features two outer pockets that can conveniently carry your water can and your pack of snacks.

Dagne Dover is one backpack that can confidently hold everything you need on campus. From laptops, tablets, workbooks, textbooks, cards, water cans, and even an extra pair of tops. Just bring it on–this bag will hold it comfortably. The fun thing about this bag is that it looks simple on the outside. But the interior has the power to do more. You have all that you need to keep yourself organized.

It also features sleek strap handles with an almost invisible pocket for small stuff like your air pods. The handle sleeves make it easy to attack your backpack unto your suitcase while moving from place to place.


  • Water-resistant.
  • Shock absorbent.
  • Large compartment for your laptop


Visit Dover’s official website to purchase this item for $155.

#4. Vera Bradley Campus Backpack—Best for those Who Love to Appear Matured

Vera Bradley Campus backpack is great for bold and mature looks. While this backpack may be more suitable for women, it is one of the best backpacks for college guys who want to look different.

Besides its nostalgic appearance, the bag also provides a lot of room for carrying all your college needs. It comes with a 15-inch padded laptop compartment to ensure the safety of your device. At the sides are two pockets for holding your water bottles. The main section is 25 liters large and contains mesh pockets (2) and an outer compartment for storing small items.

Vera Bradley also features a unique back strap that is suitable for women. An excellent choice for those that love to carry their backpack in style. The zipper system is very convenient and durable.

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The small brand tag on the side of the bag blends perfectly with the general looks of the backpack. Ideal design for those that want to stay classy without attracting so much attention. Once you open the Vera Bradley, you feel unique.


  • Very Durable.
  • It ensures the safety of your laptop.
  • Quality zipper system.


  • Style may not go well with everybody.

You can purchase this item by following the Amazon link for $93.75

#5. Carhartt Legacy Classic Work Pack—Best Compact Design and Water Resistant

The Carhartt brand is one backpack progressively striving to improve the quality and style of its backpacks. With the Carhartt brand, we can’t simply get enough. The Carhartt legacy classic work pack is one backpack that can handle almost anything. The solid design features a water-resistant material and a 15-inch compartment for your tablet and laptop.

Carhartt legacy backpack also features a compact design, suitable for small to medium-sized loads. Besides the main pocket for holding your essentials, the backpack has two smaller front compartments. Therefore, you can easily separate your quick need items like keys tec from your main items.

When it comes to design and strength, the Carhartt legacy classic is very durable. However, one of the downsides is that it does not come with a water bottle compartment. The default color of this backpack is usually the classic brown that is synonymous with the Michigan-brand work wear.


  • Very durable.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Reinforced bottom for extra safety.


  • Small and may not be ideal for those that carry plenty of items.

You can purchase this item for $69.99 when you click the link.

#6. Herschel Little America Backpack—Best Laptop for Those that Love the Old School Looks

The Heschel Little America provides that old-school looks and contains much more than the name implies. With a massive 25 liters space, you can carry much more than just laptops and books. The main compartment is for books, snacks, tech items, and other stuff. It also has two small pockets inside for smaller items like house keys. Heschel Little America’s design is timeless. It can easily blend into any setup.

Besides its looks, this backpack also features a collapsible design and a single outer pocket. If you want to keep small items you need more frequently, this pocket can be a lifesaver. The padded design of Heschel Little America makes it very convenient to carry throughout the day. The backpack is 19.25 in length, which is suitable for taller guys.


  • Very large and can contain more than your average backpack.
  • Well-padded for carrying convenience.
  • Very convenient to use and can fit longer items.


  • A bit tall and can be overwhelming for short people.

For more info and purchase, visit the link at $100.79.

#7. The North Face Borealis Backpack—Best for its Stylish Look and Durability

When it comes to making high-quality and durable gears, the North face is not a new brand. The North Face Borealis is one of its standard designs that ensure that your items are intact. Thanks to its adjustable bungee cords and well-ordered interior design, this backpack can be very comfortable to carry.

Besides its attractive looks, this backpack also provides a massive 28-liter carrying space. You now have a lot of room for almost all you need for class and extra. They say looks can be deceptive, but for North Face Borealis, you get what you see.

Some essential features of this model include a well-padded laptop compartment, a water bottle side pocket, a large outer pocket, and a small fleece-lined pocket. It also has a pocket for your pen. It also has chest and hip belts—an essential addition for hikers and cyclists.

Another noteworthy feature of this backpack is the U-pull zipper design, which makes unzipping easier and faster. Unlike others, the North Face Borealis does not offer many hidden compartments. However, when it comes to quality, this is one brand that will outlast many other brands.


  • The product is very durable.
  • Twenty-eight liters of space, which is more than your average student’s backpack.
  • Padded for comfort and carrying convenience.


  • It does not have hidden compartments for your precious items.

Follow the link to buy the Borealis from North Face for $97.

#8. Patagonia Refugio Backpack 28L—Best for Those with the Environment at Heart

Patagonia consists of recycled plastics, which defines its stance on the environment. The product is also of high quality and comes with a padded-compartment for your laptop and a tablet sleeve. The design also features a small outer pocket for your snacks or other items.

Besides the quality and durability, this bag is suitable for those that love to appear mature. Patagonia Refugio backpack offers 28 liters of space—enough space to carry your devices and textbooks.


  • The product is very durable.
  • It comes with a padded safety laptop compartment.
  • Environmentally conscious design.


  • The backpack does not come with extra hidden pockets.

To buy this product for $99, kindly follow the link.

#9. Lululemon Everyday Backpack 2.0—Best for its Lightweight

If you are looking for a lightweight bag that can cater to your daily college needs, the Lululemon Everyday backpack 2.0 is a great choice. It offers 23 liters of space and comes with a 16-inch padded laptop compartment. The Lululemon backpack consists of a water-repellant material—a perfect design for the weather.

Among its features are two-sided pockets for water bottles, an inside mesh pocket, and a small pocket on the outside. It also comes with a luggage sleeve with a tiny logo that is not so pronouncing. Even though the material for this backpack is not thick, it can serve the basic needs of every college student. The design and neutral colors make it suitable for different settings and appearances.


  • The product consists of water repellant material.
  • It is also very portable and designed for comfort.
  • Neutral color-suitable for every situation.


Follow the Amazon link to purchase the items at $167.

#10. Fjällräven Kånken Laptop 15″ Backpack—Best for its Expandable Design

Now, a few things about this bag that make it stand out; the rectangular shape and expandable design. Fjällräven Kånken is especially nifty with the lustrous look that makes it a great addition to any outfit. The model includes a main compartment for all your texts and notebooks, a 15 inches laptop compartment, and a small outer pocket.

The Fjällräven Kånken is not among the best backpacks for college guys for its masculine looks alone. It also comes with well-secured zippers tucked away in the back for safety. The padded laptop pouch also provides additional security for your laptop. Also, the straps are soft and very comfortable to carry. Even though this backpack does not look like your typical backpack, it comes with two side pockets that can conveniently hold your water cans and store other items like your umbrella.

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  • The backpack is very convenient to carry.
  • It has a unique and very durable design.
  • Safety zipper design.


  • Design-wise, the product is not very appealing.

Follow the link to purchase this item. Fjällräven Kånken cost $120.

#11. Eddie Bauer Adventurer 30L Pack—Best for Its Large Compartments

If you’re looking for a large backpack with a large compartment, this college backpack is what you need. The 30-liter chamber provides a lot of carrying space for your items. What is even more? It is the large 17 inches laptop partition that you can access via a side pocket. The product also comes with a tablet pouch inside the main compartment.

It also comes with a second compartment that can fit two extra notebooks. It has a fleece-lined pouch that is useful for holding pens, pencils, earpieces, chargers, earpieces, etc. The small zipper pocket in the front exterior is suitable for storing quick-use items. The water-repellent material makes it ideal for all weather. Eddie Bauer Adventurer is one backpack that will follow you through your college years.


  • Very large—can contain 17 inches laptop.
  • Fancy side zipper for easy accessibility.
  • Water-repellant design.


Follow the Amazon link to purchase this item at $74.

#12. LL Bean Comfort Carry Pack—Best for Versatile Use

If you are looking for a backpack that you can put to different uses, LL Bean Carry Pack is versatile. It comes with a large 30-liter main compartment. While it does not boost the luxury of pockets, it stands out for quality. There are two compartments on this backpack. The main segment and the secondary compartment. The main section has a laptop pouch. The second is valuable for smaller items.

Other features include padded straps, chest, and hip belts. The bag is very durable and can carry you beyond your college years. The front also features a bungee cord design that can hold one more item. LL Bean Comfort Carry Pack is worthy of appearing on this list of the top 15 best backpacks for college guys.


  • Very sizeable.
  • The product secures firmly with chest and hip belts.
  • Padded straps for easy carry.


  • Does not have any secret pockets to secure your items

The product cost $79. For more information and to purchase this item, kindly follow the link.

#13. Kaya Laptop Backpack—Best Stylish Design

Kaya laptop backpack from Calpak has an attractive look. It is suitable for guys who love to be different. Kaya laptop backpack features an ingenious design that enables it to maintain a slim look even when fully loaded. Kaya laptop backpacks are very durable and easy to carry.

Some of its noteworthy features include a laptop compartment and a front zipper. Kaya laptop backpack can go as a carry-on bag on a trolley—thanks to its trolley sleeves. When it comes to appearance, this product has a good impression among many college students.


  • Very durable chic faux leather material.
  • Sleek attractive design.
  • Back laptop compartment.


  • The product does not come with padded straps.

The product cost is $128. Follow the link to purchase the product.

#14. Travel Laptop Backpack—Best for its Value

The Travel laptop backpack from Matein is one backpack that is very popular today. Beyond the college, you can easily spot this backpack, and there is a reason why. As the name implies, it is one backpack you can grab and take a trip without fretting. Among some of its unique features is the USB port. Many college guys love this backpack because it is tech-inclined. It is also stylish and has a lot of padding. It can conveniently fit a 15-inch laptop.

You can conveniently carry this product without feeling the itch on your skin. Among the rest, this backpack is among the most reviewed brand, with over 62,000 reviews. College guys love this brand because it ensures you never run out of battery power. With all its features, there is no doubt that it deserves a place on this list of 15 best backpacks for college guys.


  • Built-in USB port.
  • The backpack is well padded.
  • The product can carry a 15-inch laptop.


  • The brand does not come with a battery.

To buy this product for $29.99, kindly follow the link.

#15. Large Teamster Backpack 35-Liter—Best for Athletic Students

Many students who participate in athletics don’t have the luxury of time to rush back to change before going to classes. Hence, a backpack that can contain all they need for the day won’t be a bad idea. The solution is the large teamster backpack.

Besides the massive 35 liters size, the large teamster backpack from speedo comes with all the necessary features you need as an athletic student. Some of its features that you will love to include:

  • A separate section to carry your dirty clothes.
  • A compartment for your laptop.
  • Water bottle section.
  • Lots of zippers for easy organization of items.

The teamster backpack has over 5000 rave reviews on Amazon. Many of its favorite lovers are student-athletes.


  • Large size (35 liters), can contain all your school needs and even more
  • It comes with an easily removable bleacher seat
  • The organization is easy with lots of zippered compartments


  • All the colors may have slightly different designs.

Follow the Amazon link to purchase this item for $50.

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When Searching for the best backpacks for school, considering factors like size and durability can be essential. Today, many brands have many designs making it harder to choose. Always consider the types of items you will be carrying in your backpack. It will help you to determine the kind of product you need and the size. Understand that purchasing a good product can save you a lot of inconveniences throughout your college years.

FAQs About the Best Backpacks for College Guys

What are the necessary things to look for when purchasing a college backpack?

Size and durability are essential factors to consider when buying a college backpack. Other factors include the kinds of compartments that it contains. Your choice should make it easy to organize your stuff.

Where can I buy a quality laptop backpack?

You can purchase quality backpacks for college students wherever you buy your college items. You can also purchase from online stores like Amazon.

What do I carry in a college backpack?

It is up to you to decide what to carry in a backpack. Nonetheless, consider all the necessary items like notebooks, laptops, texts, etc., you need first.

What is the best way to care for your backpack?

Washing your backpack once or twice a month can help to maintain its neat and fresh look.

How do I wash my college backpack?

The washing method depends on the kind of material. Backpacks made from fabric materials like cotton may support machine wash. However, endeavor to check the care manual before washing.

Are they separate college backpacks for a guy?

While many college backpacks may be unisex, some are mainly for college guys. Others come with feminine appeal.


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