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In a place like Dallas, you will find an array of boarding schools whether it is for middle school, high school, or even upper school students. However, not all of them qualify to be good boarding schools. That is why we have brought you this article on the best boarding schools in Dallas, USA.

Using the 2025 rankings, these boarding schools are those that bring out the best in your children and as well, give you the feel of security over your children.

Kindly check the table of contents below to see for yourself reasons why you should choose Dallas as a study location for your children.

Why Boarding Schools In Dallas?

You may be in search of concrete reasons why you should send your child to any of the boarding schools in Dallas not even anywhere else in Texas.

Here are the reasons why you should choose Dallas prospectively.

#1. Academic Focus

boarding schools in Dallas encourage students to concentrate on their academic schedules. In doing this, compulsory study hours and assistance from external study groups can help your child in earning better grades.

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#2. All-round Formation

Boarding schools in Dallas offer students a great moral advantage. This is achievable because of the core values upon which the environment they find themselves are built.

#3. Availability of Special Programs

There are specific activities that are undertaken in these boarding schools which may not be available in other public high schools.

Such special programs are the likes of film-making, boxing, sailing, and pilot training.

#4. Participation

Boarding schools in Dallas supports every child’s dream and opens them up to a lot of activities which they are allowed to take active part in.

In most urban schools, the most talented students are the ones who represent the schools in extra-circular activities.

Therefore, I hope you find a reason amongst the aforementioned to send your children to any of the boarding schools in Dallas, TX.

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What Age Is Right For A Child To Go To A Boarding School?

There is more to just guiding the students through the processes of passing a college. Boarding schools manage and transform the intellectual well-being of the students.

Therefore, the best age suitable for your child to be enrolled into a boarding school is 12 years. This is posited by a psychologist.

It is said that at this age, children attain a level of maturity that helps them manage themselves outside the usual environment they are used to.

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Also, age 12 is right for them to understand that their parents’ intention towards them is for good.

Are There Financial Aids Available To Boarding Students In Dallas?

Apparently, there are financial aid options for both deserving students and need-based students. A report from the National Association of Boarding Schools states that nearly 37% of boarding school students get yearly aid.

With help from the school’s fiscal aid packages, along with merit-based and foundation scholarships, both need-based students and award meritorious students get annual assistance from the right authority.

List of the Best Boarding Schools In Dallas

To be able to ascertain the best boarding schools in Dallas, we have employed some ranking factors to aid us give you a more candid information. Therefore, the ranking factors are as follows:

How easy it is to get admission into these boarding schools is of paramount importance. This is so because these boarding schools try the much they can accept a stipulated number of students to maintain a reasonable student-to-teacher ratio and class size.

This factor has to do with the number of students enrolled in the boarding school at a particular time.

The rate at which these boarding schools are affordable matters a whole lot. Although more expensive schools also provide excellent services.

  • The Hockaday School Dallas, TX
  • The Episcopal School of Dallas
  • Dallas International School

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#1. Hockaday School Dallas

The Hockaday School in Dallas, TX, offers boarding services to just the girls and from grades 8 – 12 and PK-12 for day students.

The boarding experience at The Hockaday School is uncommon. Thinking highly of girls, this boarding school in Dallas, TX uses a special curriculum to aid students in developing their potential.

More so, a host of reviews attest to the fact that this all-girl boarding school in Dallas runs a homely, conducive, and academic family that makes the students feel relaxed and not want to go back to their homes.

With a teacher-student ratio of 1:7 and an average small class size of 17 students, your ward will definitely receive the attention they deserve. Hence, the tuition cost at $61,621, and an acceptance rate of 19%.

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#2. Episcopal School of Dallas

The Episcopal School of Dallas prepares both boys and girls for intellectual exploration, uprightness, and tenacity.

ESD’s ranks as the second-best boarding schools in Dallas, TX owing to its assorted and comprehensive population of 1,148 students ages 3 through grade 12.

Hence, enjoying an overall student-teacher ratio of 7:1. More so, ESD is known for its uncompromising college-preparatory academics, leadership and character development, service learning, arts, athletics, daily chapel, and outdoor education.

Additionally, the annual cost of tuition at this boarding school in Dallas is $28,620.

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#3. Dallas International School

As the only private boarding school in Dallas, this school ranks the third best school because of its high curriculum.

DIS seeks to encourage students to grow with confidence so daring. As much as the students come from diverse backgrounds, Dallas’ goal is to see that they all contribute to a dynamic world.

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