10 Best Christian Boarding Schools | 2025 Ranking

As much as parents want to enroll their wards in boarding schools to create a level of discipline in them, they are also concerned about what happens in the school when they are not there.

That is to say, those from Christian homes put that as a core factor when searching for which boarding schools to enroll their children.

That is why we have painstakingly brought you this article on the best Christian boarding schools using the 2025 ranking.

You will get the information on how best to go about the registration process and all.

Kindly go through the table of contents below for an overview of the topics discussed in this article.

About Christian Boarding Schools

At a time when boarding schools were just a regional culture thing, students found it really difficult to attend a particular school daily. Recently, these boarding schools are more like the constant places parents find solace in ‘work away from home’.

However, in the list of Christian schools are most Catholic and Episcopal schools, followed by Lutheran, Baptist, and Seventh-day Adventist schools.

But, the number of Christian boarding schools is way too small as against the number of schools in the world.

Are There Co-ed Christian Boarding schools?

Basically, the Christian values which the schools uphold is a mandating force to be a little more strict to monitor both sexes during and after school hours.

However, there are co-ed Christian boarding schools in America and all over the globe.

Why Send Your Child To A Christian Boarding School?

Apart from the basic reason for wanting to inculcate discipline in the students, there are a thousand and one reasons parents should consider this.

Firstly, Christian boarding schools provide the students with the education that is fashioned according to their needs.

As much as these programs have individual accreditation, it also suits the students with attitudinal issues.

Secondly, Christian boarding schools borders on Christ-centered education. What this means is that this type of education provides a firm root for the wards as they make way through the modern adult life.

Additionally, there are ministerial programs in these boarding schools where students reach out to others in service projects which in turn, nurtures them to grow as young Christians.

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Also, they encourage a Christian personality in all phases of one’s life. Because there is more to education than just the classroom, these boarding schools make possible the availability of like-minded persons who share the same view.

In all of these processes, the students tend to discover more about themselves in both personal faith and self-confidence.

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What Does It Look Like Paying For A Christian Boarding School?

Although some of the Christian boarding schools have a flexible payment plan, tuition for these schools may or may not count as a donation towards the charity.

More so, the majority of the private schools provide scholarships and financial aid.

Which Schools Are Christian Boarding Schools?

Below is the list of the top Christian boarding schools in America.

  • ‘Iolani School
  • Academy of Holy Family
  • Brooks School
  • The King’s Academy
  • Gem State Adventist Academy in Caldwell, Idaho
  • Evangel Christian Academy Boarding School
  • St. George’s School in Newport, Rhode Island
  • Western Christian School in Salem, Oregon
  • Oakdale Christian Academy
  • Pine Tree Academy

We have been able to rank the schools according to the factors listed below.

  • Programs for spiritual growth
  • Standards of academic excellence
  • School diversity (geographical, demographic, and theological)

‘Iolani School

Founded in 1863, ‘Iolani Christian boarding school is a co-educational preparatory school housing about 2,000 students in grades K-12.

Rooted upon Christian values, this school is famous for its ability to welcome international students.

Moreso, its academic growth amidst a caring and serene atmosphere is second to none. It has achieved a systematic way of inculcating a line of disciplines in the students.

That is to say, ‘Iolani grooms well-rounded individuals who are prepared for college with all sense of responsibility and morality.

Finally, the cost of tuition for this christian boarding school is $59,225.

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Academy of the Holy Family

This all-girls accredited private Christian boarding school located in Connecticut offers its students the opportunity to express their faith in the most comfortable atmosphere ever.

Although the classes are small, it goes to allow them to receive individual attention, the course offered include college prep, honors, and some advanced classes.

In this school, the need to chase knowledge and accept the truths of Christ are done without recourse to anything.

Interestingly, these girls in their quest to respond to the physical and spiritual needs of others, are nurtured in such a way that they are ready to attend different universities.

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Additionally, the cost of tuition for this Christian boarding school is  $31,500.

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Brooks School

Established in 1926, this Christian boarding school is an Episcopal school open to both American and international students.

At Brooks, an array of courses are provided and the students must undergo a 3-year course on foreign language.

The academic focus centers on English, math, history, and science, with AP classes offered in each discipline. For electives in the fine arts, students may take a wide variety of music classes, including AP music theory, as well as numerous classes in theology, theater, and visual arts.

Students are made to be in attendance for the chapel meetings which hold a week thrice and seasoned with different experiences in an environment where worship and faith are prevalent.

Also, extracurricular activities are in abundance. So, the students get to make choices of which of the activities to choose from.

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The King’s Academy

Located in Seymour, Tennessee, this coeducational Christian boarding school seeks to ensure that the students grow spiritually. It offers the students interdisciplinary projects they carry out as a thesis.

Asides from the fact that it is Christian based, there are the availability of several other clubs to widen the students’ horizon.

An outstanding characteristic of this school is the Experiential Curriculum for the Outdoor (ECO), which improves student appreciation for God’s creation through hiking, camping, canoeing, and other activities.

Furthermore, this school offers an award for excellence in academics, Christian service, leadership, and fine arts.

The Tennessee Baptist Convention provides financial aids to parents and then, leaves them to pay about a small portion of the fees.

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Gem State Adventist Academy in Caldwell, Idaho

The Gem State Adventist Academy prioritizes the daily dedication of the students’ beliefs during chapel services.

In addition, there is the motivation for students to strive in their service to God and man to enable their spiritual growth.

Interestingly, this Christian boarding school do not believe in sending students away because they cannot pay up their fees.

However, they help them in some employments so the students can earn wages both on and off-campus.

Rather than abiding by the state’s core curriculum, GSA goes for core disciplines plus elective classes that give a better stance on the school’s motto.

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Evangel Christian Academy Boarding School

In affiliation with the Assemblies of God Church, this Christian boarding school provides a solid educational background for grades 7-12.

The State of the Louisiana and the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges accredits it.

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While there is provision for different sports activities, and competitions, there is also provision for youth and church activities for the boarding students to partake in.

More so, the tuition cost at this Christian boarding school is way below the national average and is quite affordable.

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St. George’s School in Newport, Rhode Island

At St. George’s school, older students are encouraged to hold religious gatherings with the younger folks all through the week. This school was established in the late 1800s.

For students who are not yet identified with the Episcopalian church, there is an annual program specifically designed for those.

Also, provision of means of transportation is available to students who wish to worship with a church elsewhere from the school premises.

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Western Christian School in Salem, Oregon

With an academic curriculum heavily centered on Christ and the Bible, this Christian boarding school has a way of also training the students as all-rounded beings in not just their spiritual lives but in every area of their lives.

The reason it stands out for most families is that of the low tuition it offers them. This is because of the extra profit from school boosters and alumni.

Using a Christ-centered approach to education, this school’s teaching technique makes an enviable difference among the students.

However, unlike most Christian boarding schools, Western Christian School has a college preparatory program with advanced courses in a long stream of disciplines.

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 Oakdale Christian Academy

This Christian boarding school has spirituality as part of its coursework and activities. This is achieved by introducing students to a lot of activities made available by the school.

As much as there is an academic program, there are activities that also encourage the students’ spiritual growth, especially on weekdays and weekends. This enables the students to be mature spiritually and emotionally.

This Christian boarding school has a full accreditation by the Association of Christian Schools and the Kentucky Non-Public Schools Commission.

Interestingly, there are days when students at Oakdale are gathered to take part in Chapel services, fellowships, and Bible classes.

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Pine Tree Academy

In an attempt to produce productive and responsible students in the Christian faith, this Seventh-day Adventist school centers on Christ. Hence, both boarding and day students are provided an education founded on God’s Word.

This Christian boarding school intends to provide students with an amazing dorm life. However, amidst other academic programs, students go on hiking and camping trips not excluding community outreaches.

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FAQs on Christian Boarding Schools

Why Christian boarding schools?

Many factors contribute to why people choose Christian boarding schools over their counterparts. Some factors are: discipline, education based on God’s word, A unique teaching technique to suit even students with attitudinal problems.

Are there co-educational Christian boarding schools?

Yes, majority of the christian boarding schools are co-educational except for very few that are for a particular sex.

Do Christian boarding schools give financial aids?

Apparently, some of these Christian boarding schools provide their students with financial aids and scholarships.




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