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The 28th-largest and 9th-most populous state in the nation is North Carolina. It is a well-liked state for immigrants, especially millennials, and it provides various lifestyle options for people.

North Carolina also features some of the most outstanding Christian schools in the nation while being known for its beaches and mountains.

Christians make up a sizable portion of the population of North Carolina. Many of them opt to enroll their kids in Christian schools because they want to ensure that they get an excellent education.

Additionally, these schools impart principles like accountability, respect, honesty, and integrity.

There are several options available in North Carolina if your child wants to attend a Christian school and receive a top-notch education. 

You should be able to locate a school that suits your needs and budget, given the wide variety of available options. 

What Are The Admission Requirements For Christian Schools in North Carolina?

A particular level of academic performance is necessary for admission to Christian universities in North Carolina. So, the following documents must be provided by each applicant:

Undergraduates Level Requirements

  • It is necessary to have a high school diploma, a transcript from high school, or an equivalent. A GPA of at least 2.0 is essential. (Students who fall short of the minimum standard may ask the admissions committee to grant them interim entrance.)
  • Students must submit application forms and two letters of recommendation. (One from your pastor or other religious authority. one from the neighborhood).
  • Make the $50 application fee payment, which is non-refundable.

Requirements for graduate-level work

  • Applicant must have upper-level baccalaureate work graded with a B or better.
  • Send in your declaration of faith.
  • Show evidence of your current involvement in the ministry (reference letter, ministerial license, or ordination).
  • Make the $50 application fee payment. It is not refundable.
  • Pre-assessment must be finished.

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 What Is The Cost Of a Christian School in North Carolina?

A Christian school’s tuition varies based on where it is located and how big it is. Because private schools frequently have lower class sizes and give their students more individualized attention, it is generally less expensive to attend one than the other.

In North Carolina, there are many excellent options for parents wishing to provide their children with a Christian education, regardless of price.

The annual average cost of private high schools in North Carolina is $10,038.

What Are The Best Christian Schools In North Carolina?

As parents look for high-quality, religiously-based education for their children, Christian schools in North Carolina are growing in popularity. 

These ten schools stand out as the finest of the best, even though there are many excellent Christian schools to select from.

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Look no further than these ten institutions if you’re looking for a Christian school in North Carolina. They are all accessible to prospective students and provide affordable, high-quality education.

The following are lists of the Christian Schools in North Carolina.

  • Mount Zion Christian Academy
  • Asheville Christian Academy
  • The Epiphany School of Global Studies
  • Cary Christian School – Cary 
  • New Life Christian Academy – Hendersonville
  • North Carolina State University
  • Duke University
  • St. David’s School
  • Davidson College
  • St. Andrews University – North Carolina

1. Mount Zion Christian Academy

Address:3519 Fayetteville St, Durham, NC 27707, United States

In Durham, North Carolina, Mount Zion Christian Academy (MZCA) is a private, non-denominational, co-educational Christian day school (grades K–12) and boarding school (grades 9–12) that prepares students for college. The successful prep basketball program at the Academy is its main claim to fame.

Since its founding, MZCA has offered students from Mount Zion Christian Academy and the surrounding area a high-quality education.

The goal of Mount Zion Christian Academy is to work alongside families to raise Christ-centered people who will make a difference in the world for the Lord. 

This objective is carried out through rigorous academic programs, chances, for spiritual growth, and service-learning opportunities. 

The instructors and staff at Mount Zion Christian Academy are committed to addressing each student’s educational and spiritual needs.

The North Carolina Christian School Association has accredited the institution.

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2. Asheville Christian Academy

Address:74 State Rd 2436, Swannanoa, NC 28778, United States

For students in Pre-K–12th grade, Asheville Christian Academy provides a Christ-centered education. 

ACA is one of the best Christian Schools in North Carolina. Asheville Christian Academy offers an excellent education with small class numbers, demanding academics, and a focus on Christ-centered principles.

 Since its inception, this school has been teaching pupils and has expanded in terms of students and infrastructure. 

The school’s goal is to work alongside families to give pupils a Gospel-centered education that will prepare them to become devoted disciples of Christ.

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3. The Epiphany School of Global Studies

Address:2301 Trent Rd, New Bern, NC 28562, United States

The highly regarded Epiphany School of Global Studies is a private Christian school in North Carolina. It has 468 students in grades 9 through 12 with a 14 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio.

This school provides the chance to learn about many cultures and religions. “Train up men for Christian service” is the school’s mission statement.

Depending on whether you want to reside on or off campus while attending EPISGS, the tuition price per year might range from $26,900 to $38,200.

On their website, you can also request financial assistance if necessary.

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4. Cary Christian School – Cary 

Address: 1330 Old Apex Rd, Cary, NC 27513, United States

Cary Christain School is a non-profit corporation, and it’s among the top Christain schools in North Carolina.

Using a biblical worldview as its foundation, Cary Christian School offers an excellent classical education.

 Children must be enrolled in Cary Christian School by at least one corporate member, parent, or guardian, and enrollment must be maintained with annual dues (re-enrollment).

To educate these children on crucial skills, the school works to establish high academic standards and conducts a challenging college-preparation curriculum.

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They also teach kids to challenge assumptions, weigh opposing opinions and reject easy fixes.

The Association of Classical Christian Schools granted this school accreditation.

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5. New Life Christian Academy

Address:812 Instrument Dr, Rocky Mount, NC 27804, United States 

One of the Christian schools in North Carolina that encourages academic excellence and spiritual growth is New Life Christian Academy.

An affordable Christian education is available from preschool through the 12th grade at the nearby New Life Christian Academy.

There are indoor and outdoor playgrounds at the school, as well as a baseball diamond, a basketball court, a soccer field, and tennis courts where you may play against other surrounding campuses.

The mission of New Life Christian Academy is to cooperate with parents and the Church in educating students in a manner that is entirely consistent with God’s Word and Christian values. 

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6. St. Stephens High School

Address: 3205 34th St Dr. NE, Hickory, NC 28601, United States

St. Stephens High School is one of the top Private Christian Schools in North Carolina that provides the education you need to succeed.

The school ensures that each student graduates prepared for higher education, the military, or a job by having high standards for their intellectual, personal, social, and emotional development. 

St. Stephens High School equips students with the skills necessary to take on the next stage of life, whether sitting at a desk, in a lab, on the field, or on a set. They also give them the self-assurance to pursue their goals.

They also adopt a student-centered teaching strategy and use current academic data to inform teaching and improve student accomplishment.

The average tuition fee for St. Stephen High School is $6,000 per year.

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7. Duke University

Address: Durham, NC 27708, United States

Duke University is among the most distinguished Christain schools in North Carolina and also one of the most well-known universities in the world is Duke University. 

This private institution provides part-time, graduate, and undergraduate courses. Duke University is renowned for the high bar it sets for its students’ education.

The academics, campus culture, and history of this university are all rich. You might be shocked that Duke enrolls many more graduate students than undergraduates.

Additionally, for students to graduate from Duke University fully aware of their potential and prepared to make the most of their own and others’ skills, the university encourages and supports their intellectual pursuits while also challenging them to study and grow.

Duke University has an estimated total number of students 16,780, with an average tuition fee of $62,941 for undergraduates.

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8. St. David’s School

Address: 3400 White Oak Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609, United States

St. David’s School is among the top private Christian schools in North Carolina that offers the education you need to succeed.

At St. David’s School, students develop close, lifelong friendships and are inspired and engaged by various opportunities in athletics, the arts, service, leadership development, and an unmatched academic program. 

The school has a distinctive mission to prepare students for college and life in the crucial areas of faith, virtue, and knowledge.

The tuition fee for the highest level of education at St David school in North Carolina is $25,800 per year.

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9. Davidson College

Address:405 N Main St, Davidson, NC 28035, United States

Davidson is a well-regarded private Christian school in North Carolina. It’s a private Liberal art college established in 1837.

This school strives to comprehend, engage, and successfully teach students. It is one of the Christian schools in North Carolina that does so.

The college offers grants and jobs that the Davidson Trust, in addition to need-based financial help, covers.

The university also encourages its students to participate in research and offers 37 undergraduate majors, or you can design your own.

In addition, the institution fosters an environment that enables every student to succeed, even during their academic careers, which can be both challenging and exciting.

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10. St. Andrews University

Address:1700 Dogwood Mile St, Laurinburg, NC 28352, United States

The mission of St. Andrew University, a biblical school of higher learning, is to “Prepare Emerging Leaders to Change the World by Promoting the Kingdom of God via Sound Biblical Training, Practical Ministry, and Personal Development.”

The brothers and sisters in Christ who wish to pursue careers in ministry are given access to a cost-effective education at St. Andrew University.

In addition to giving students a chance to discuss contentious subjects with religious leaders, St. Andrews offers its students an excellent education. Participating in a local church plant also provides students with a means to serve the church body.

The legendary professors at St. Andrews care deeply about their students and help them achieve success inside and outside the classroom.

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What is the difference between a Christian college and a Christian university?

Colleges are smaller academic institutions concentrating on pre-professional, associate, and undergraduate programs. 

Universities often have a significantly larger student body than colleges and provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs. 

Universities often do more in-depth research, and many professors there also conduct their research in addition to their teaching duties.

Are Christian Schools in North Carolina Accredited?

Christian Schools in North Carolina are accredited by the North Carolina Christian School Association and hold numerous other special accreditations for different subject areas.

The North Carolina Christian School Association is dedicated to supporting Christian schools in their efforts to generate high-quality work.

How Many Christian Schools Are In North Carolina?

 In North Carolina, there are approximately 161 private Christian schools with 31,646 pupils enrolled.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Attending A Christian School?


  • Teachers at Christian schools serve as godly role models for their kids and defend the values that those students’ parents hope to instill in them.
  • Additionally, one significant benefit of attending a Christian school is that students will get to interact with other Christians.


  • Attending a Christian school has the disadvantage of limiting students’ exposure to different worldviews and their ability to discuss foreign beliefs.
  • Another negative is the introduction of stricter laws and rules.

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An overview of Christian schools in North Carolina is given in this article. Before choosing a school, parents should know that these institutions operate in various ways and have varied specifications. 

If you want to give your ward a Christian education, North Carolina is the state to select. An overview of Christian schools in North Carolina is given in this article. 



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