15 Best Driving Schools in Davis |  Review

CDC analysis provides that the presence of teen or young adult passengers enhances the collision risk of unsupervised teen drivers. It is especially frightening in Davis if your child has to drive younger siblings to school without officially going to a driving school.

Driving schools can assist reduce unsafe behaviours and serve as a resource for adequately explaining how to utilize car seat belts, booster seats, and airbags.

If you are interested in the best driving schools in Davis, this article is for you. Let’s dive right in!

Are the Best Driving Schools in Davis Worth it?

Yes! Everyone should consider going to a driving school. The top reasons going to the best driving schools in Davis is worth it are-

They value safety over competence.

Attending a driving school is more than just a way to prepare for your test and obtain your driver’s license. A driving course will also emphasize the importance of driving safely for yourself and others.

You’ll learn about your numerous obligations as a driver and which bad habits to avoid while studying parking essentials or navigating a roundabout.

The best driving schools in Davis address your exact needs.

Driving schools understand that not everyone learns in the same way. A qualified driving instructor ensures you meet your particular learning needs and know more than basic driving abilities.

They may utilize their driving lessons to help you develop the best driving style to overcome your shortcomings. In addition, you would also learn how to react appropriately in various situations.

You would have assistance through the course.

Most driving schools do more than teach you how to drive. They may also assist you in obtaining your license. Most even go beyond this to help you study and draft your application.

When learning to drive, most people focus solely on the driving test. However, there are also more critical things to consider. A driving school ensures you learn to drive and improve your driving skills.

The best driving schools in Davis ensure an improved driving record.

Assume you learned to drive under the supervision of a qualified instructor. In that case, you’ll have better-operating practices, which will help you keep a clean driving record. It could lead to decreased auto insurance prices.

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What is the Cost of Davis Driving Schools?

The average cost of the best driving schools in Davis is about $69 for a one-hour class. Most of them also charge $99 for 1.5 hours of instruction. The breakdown of other costs includes-

  • $160 for a Highway Lesson
  • $330 for a 5-hour class
  • $660 for 10 hours of class
  • $990 for 15 hours of class
  • $1,330 for 20 hours of class

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What Should you Look Out for in a Driving School in Davis?

There are numerous driving schools with varying degrees of instruction and cost. It is better to check with several driving schools in your area and compare the prices and methods of teaching at various driving schools.

Examine the services the driving schools offer, their success rates, and feedback from previous pupils.

Comparing the services and expenses of the many driving schools in your area will help you determine which driving school provides the best value. Set a budget for how much you’re prepared to spend and what you can expect to pay for a driving school.

Check with the driving school to see if they have a money-back guarantee. Also, find out if the school has a retake policy for the courses for free if you fail the driving exam. This form of security can make the cost of the driving school worthwhile.

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15 Best Driving Schools in Davis in 2025

#1. A1 Driving School, Inc.

A1 Driving School, Inc. is a complete driving school founded in 1993 in Davis, California. Driver education, training, defensive driving workshops, and a car to use for the driving test are all included in the courses.

This driving school offers driving training to youths, adults, and elderly drivers 55 and over. A1 Driving School, Inc. is a recognized business with the Better Business Bureau.

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#2. AboveAll Driving School

AboveAll Driving School is a holistic driving school and one of the best driving schools in Davis. For nearly 20 years, this driving school has been training professional drivers at Davis.

AboveAll Driving School provides driving instruction, a traffic violators school, and a mature driver improvement course. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has authorized all courses.

AboveAll Driving School provides affordable driver training classes.

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#3. Acme Driving School

The Acme Driving School, located in Davis, California, contains all the information students need to get started on the road to obtaining their driver’s license.

Acme Driving School provides low-cost online driver’s education. Acme Driving School is DMV-approved, licensed, bonded, and insured. It is one of the best driving schools in Davis.

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#4. AllGood Driving School Inc.

AllGood Driving School Inc. is a full-service driving school in Davis, California. Mike Thomas and Tessa Zertuche created the school in 1996, and it is still one of the best Davis driving schools.

All California citizens have access to online teen driver education. Behind the Wheel Driver Training is provided by AllGood Driving School Inc. in Sacramento County, San Joaquin County, Sonoma County, Marin County, Calaveras County, Tuolumne County, and sections of Yolo and Placer Counties.

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#5. American Champions Driving School

American Champions Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Davis that offers driving instruction. They also give training to juveniles, adults, and mature drivers.

This whole driving school also provides online driving education classes. American Champions Driving School strives to provide high-quality instruction.

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#6. Bond Driving School

Bond Driving School, a full-service driving school in Davis, California, has been invested in teaching students how to drive safely since 1962. Teen classes, adult, driver safety, and rehabilitation programs were available at the school.

Other lesson methods are available, such as driving lessons, online classes plus driving lessons, and classroom plus driving lessons. Bond Driving School is a proud member of both the DSAA and the DSAC.

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#7. Empire Driving School

The Empire Driving School is a full-service driving school. Empire Driving School offers students of all ages, from teenagers to elders. Driving education online and driver education in the classroom are both available as course alternatives.

The Behind the Wheel Training course lasts six hours and has three two-hour classes. When you buy Empire Driving School’s Behind the Wheel Training, you get access to many free online courses. The California State DMV has approved the courses.

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#8. EZ Way Driving School

EZ Way Driving School, founded in 1984, is a full-service driving school in Davis, California. Courses are available in-person, online, behind the wheel, and for adults.

The Sierra Foothills’ longest-running driving school is EZ Way Driving School. EZ Way Driving School is one of the best Davis driving schools.

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#9. Foothill Driving School

Foothill Driving School is a full-service driving school in Davis, California. Among its services are online driver education, behind-the-wheel driver training, corporate driver training, DMV driving test preparation, and free practice permit tests.

Foothill Driving School works hard to earn the trust of its customers. Customers in El Dorado Hills and Folsom rated it the top driving school in the Folsom/El Dorado Hills area in 2013.

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#10. Global Driving School

Global Driving School, based in Davis, California, has taught people how to drive safely for over 12 years. It is one of the best driving schools in Davis.

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Behind-the-wheel driving instruction courses, six-hour student packages, review and road test packages, defensive driving classes, and written tests are all available.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles granted Global Driving School a license.

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#11. Norcal Driving School

Norcal Driving School, based in Antelope, California, provides numerous economical instruction packages to meet the needs of each individual.

Refresher lessons, driving tests, 6-hour mandatory driver training, and 10-hour safe driver training are all options. NorCal Driving School has received a five-star rating on Yelp.

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#12. Rai’s Driving School

Rai’s Driving School is a full-service driving school with over 15 years of experience in Davis, California. This driving school provides instruction to both teens and adults.

Rai’s Driving School also instructs seniors who want to re-establish their driving privileges. Employees at Rai’s Driving School speak English, Hindi, and Punjabi. There are both male and female instructors available.

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#13. Referral Driving School LLC

Referral Driving School LLC, situated in Davis, California, is among the best driving schools. There are also offices in Sacramento, Auburn, and Davis, California.

The school offers online driver education, six-hour in-car instruction, and one-hour lessons. The DMV has granted Referral Driving School LLC a license.

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#14. The Driving Professors

The Driving Professors run one of the best driving schools in Davis. Many DMV personnel, examiners, law enforcement officers, professional drivers, and parents choose this driving school for their teen children.

The Driving Professors received the Best of the Best award from The Folsom Telegraph and The El Dorado Hills Telegraph.

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#15. Oscar Driving School

Oscar’s driving school is dedicated to training pupils to practice safety on the road. They are one of the best driving schools in Davis. They provide a driver education program to promote safe driving behaviours.

Oscar Driving School uses a one-on-one approach to help pupils understand the fundamentals of safe driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reviews on Davis, California, driving schools?

This is a review of Davis, California, driving schools:
“We had a fantastic time at Davis driving schools. Randy Vaughan, my son’s tutor, was fantastic! My son’s confidence, knowledge, and competence improved significantly following his lessons with Randy. My son was well-prepared for his driving test and passed. Thank you very much!”

How much do driver’s school save you on insurance in Davis?

Driving lessons from a Ministry-approved driving school might cut your insurance costs in Davis. After you complete your driver’s education from a reputable institute, most vehicle insurance companies offer you a 5% to 15% discount.

Is driving a necessary skill?

Yes. It is a skill we carry throughout our lives and never truly stop learning. Driving experience helps us gain confidence and, most importantly, safety on the road. Learning to drive can dramatically impact many different areas of our lives.

How much does driver training in Davis cost?

Ambitious Drivers provides two complete course packages, including 20 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of in-car instruction.

What are the three skills required to drive?

Driving skills can include a thorough understanding of traffic laws, maintenance knowledge, and problem-solving abilities. Many drivers acquire these skills through education, on-the-job training, or natural development.


A driving course in the best driving schools in Davis is the most distinctive approach to becoming a professional driver. Driving education teaches you how to drive safely on the road, lowering your chances of an accident.

Taking speciality classes may help you become an expert and acquire new approaches.

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