15 Best Driving Schools in Kent |  Review

Learning to drive can be a minefield, but with the best driving schools available, it could be one of your best experiences.

If you are in Kent and are looking to learn or advance your driving skills, we have listed the best driving schools in Kent for you in this article.

This article explores the 15 top driving schools in Kent and the best driving schools near the region and their accurate information and the direct links to these schools to save you time.

Continue to read to learn all you need to know.

What to Expect When Choosing Driving Schools in Kent

No one is more familiar with Kent than the local driving teachers. Your driving lesson will begin on Kent’s back roads so that you may gain confidence in a calm setting.

To aid in developing your driving skills, concentrate on steering and fundamental clutch and automobile controls. You will face new hurdles as your driving ability improves.

Your driving teacher will carefully arrange your lesson route so that you may practice driving through a range of intersections, roundabouts, and pedestrian crossings in a comfortable and familiar environment.

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How Do I Choose the Best Driving Instructor in Kent?

All driving tutors on Get Licensed are entirely trained to ensure you receive the best possible driving lesson instruction.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, the driving instructor profile provides details about the tutor and gives you a choice to read evaluations from former students.

Have they already passed? Was the vehicle tidy? Do they share your enthusiasm for the same football team? You see what I mean.

How Much Do Driving Lessons Cost in Kent?

Although this may vary across the different driving schools in Kent and the services they offer, the length of their driving training and the quality of their driving instructors are factors that can affect the cost of driving lessons in Kent.

However, in Kent, driving lessons typically cost $24 per hour. You will spend £960 if it takes 40 hours to master driving.

Best Driving Schools in Kent in 2025

Here are our top picks:

  1. Turn to Learn Driving School
  2. Kent Intensive Driving School
  3. Morgan’s Driving School
  4. Learn2Pass
  5. Mick Kent Driving School
  6. Alexander School of Motoring
  7. 1st Class Driving
  8. Intensive Driving School
  9. DC Star Driving School
  10. Ethio Star Driving School
  11. GMEL Driving Academy
  12. First Pass Driving School
  13. International Driving School
  14. Safety First Driving School
  15. Street Law Driving School

1. Turn to Learn Driving School

Sean, a fully certified DVSA-approved driving teacher who created Turn to Learn Driving School, has been instructing since 2008. They strive to make every student a safe, self-assured, and conscientious road user.

Drivers who are worried or anxious are the focus of the driving school. Turn to Learn instructors are kind and empathetic, and instruction will be tailored to meet your specific requirements and be enjoyable.

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They support you in becoming more self-assured, passing your test, and being a safe driver. To assist the learner driver in developing exceptional control and knowledge to accomplish their aim and provide additional possibilities, their education is customized to the learner driver.

Turn to Learn will have you practice on various types of roads to enhance your driving experience. Driving at night [training] is possible here. Here, you can learn to drive a manual-transmission Ford Fiesta 1.5 TDCI.

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2. Kent Intensive Driving School

Kent Intensive Driving School is a driving school in Kent that specializes in intense driving classes. Their 10- to 40-hour intensive courses run from two days to two weeks.

Their teachers have 32 years of expertise and are all situated in Kent. They never utilize trainee teachers; all instructors are properly certified and have current CRB checks.

They also employ qualified instructors to conduct Pass Plus courses and are Registered Driving Instructors (ADI) with Pass Plus. Also, they always strive to improve you as a driver and want to see you get your license as soon as possible.

They provide manual and automated courses and have both male and female instructors. Their entire curriculum is intended to prepare you for tests. They advise scheduling the training around the exam if you’ve already planned your driving test.

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3. Morgan’s Driving School

The owner of Morgan’s Driving School and Grade “A” DVSA-certified driving instructor is Peter. For all ages and driving skills, he offers high-quality instruction. Additionally, he specializes in teaching fearful and worried drivers.

He exclusively instructs manual transmission in a Ford Fiesta Ecoboost 1L, and his sessions are customized for each student to promote advancement in a laid-back and entertaining manner.

Peter wants to assist people in understanding how the roads operate and what risks are around them, as well as help them get their licenses. The provided flexible lesson schedule is excellent for fitting with work or school.

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4. Learn2Pass

No need to go any further if you want to schedule driving lessons in Kent. Professional driving instructors from Learn 2 Pass Driving School serve the Kent region.

Additionally, they feature a variety of special deals on Pass Plus courses, intense driving programs, driving lesson gift cards, and lesson bundles. They offer beginner, manual and automatic driving lessons to people in Kent.

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5. Mick Kent Driving School

It might be challenging to pick a driving school in Stoke-on-Trent. Value for money can be at the top of your priorities when making your final choice, among other considerations.

My driving school was founded by them more than 25 years ago, and since then, they have taught hundreds of pupils to an extremely high quality, with a solid success rate. They deliver top-notch instruction and top-notch customer support.

They want to ensure that learners learn how to drive in a welcoming, laid-back environment and enjoy their instruction so that they may develop their self-confidence and get thorough knowledge, attain a very high standard, and complete their driving test.

This school’s classes are fully personalized for each student, utilizing the most recent DSA resources and according to the suggested curriculum.

Additionally, this institution offers top-notch, contemporary, dual-controlled cars (currently SEAT LEON 2.0L FR). They also provide:

  • Door-to-door service.
  • Picking up from your house.
  • Place of employment.
  • College.
  • Any other pre-arranged location.

Additionally, they can help with preparation in all areas for the theory and practical tests and are quite dependable and prompt.

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6. Alexander School of Motoring

Alexander School of Motoring is another of the best driving schools in Kent. It was established in 1979 and has been doing business since then, serving the region with some of the best driving instructors.

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Our owner Mr Mick Alexander, who is happy to brag a good 30 years of expert driving instruction to the 17 to the 70-year-old public of Gravesend and nearby regions, founded their driving school.

They have been around for a very long time as an independent driving school, offering manual and automatic driving lessons.

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7. 1st Class Driving

Since the early 1970s, 1st Class School of Motoring, business as The 1st Class Driving, has offered high-quality driving instruction across a region that stretches from the Midlands in the north across London and the Home Counties to Bournemouth in the south.

Their goal is to balance the financial reductions they can offer by being practical and competitive with all the benefits of service and comfort that come with a National Driving School.

Their success is predicated on managing all customer interactions through a single centre, taking full advantage of technology, and keeping property and administration costs to a minimum.

Because these additional costs must be passed on to you as either higher session pricing or paying their Driving Instructors less, they do not believe in having local main street offices or changing cars every six months.

They genuinely think that suitably qualified and compensated instructors teach well, which translates into lower costs for you because you will need to attend fewer sessions.

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8. Intensive Driving School

Kent Learners’ high-quality and reasonably priced driving instruction serves most of Kent. We offer both male and female instructors as well as manual and automatic autos. Hourly sessions are provided in the Maidstone region, primarily focusing on intense courses around Kent.

They believe learning how to drive should be a pleasant and pleasurable experience. Although learning to drive is a significant activity, they try to keep classes lighthearted and enjoyable while ensuring you fully grasp the abilities and qualities needed to become a great driver.

Their instructors are highly kind and will try to support you in any way possible during your learning process.

You will receive thorough and well-organized instruction. Each day, an update on your progress will allow you to assess what you’ve accomplished, what has to be done next, and where your weaknesses and strengths are.

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Best Driving Schools Near Kent in 2025

9. DC Star Driving School

The most excellent driving experience and safety for its pupils are priorities for DC Star Driving School. The driving school provides the most fantastic training opportunities for juvenile and adult drivers.

Their DMV-certified teachers carefully consider each student’s needs while teaching safe driving practices in a motivating, encouraging environment. The driving school created a training course to teach inexperienced motorists the most cutting-edge cognitive abilities necessary for defensive driving.

An individual, one-on-one session is given to each student in their practice vehicles with the necessary equipment. The most significant driving instruction and safety are priorities for DC Star Driving School’s students.

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10. Ethio Star Driving School

One of the top driving schools in Washington, D.C., is Ethio Star Driving School. The driving school strives to provide exceptional customer service. On behalf of the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles, it has received approval and certification as a third-party road test examiner.

The driving school focuses on helping apprehensive new drivers. In-car training is provided by Ethio Star Driving School in automated, contemporary, spotless, air-conditioned vehicles with commercial insurance.

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Also, they provide various driving package options to accommodate the needs of students with multiple degrees of expertise. The Ethio Star Driving School also provides a vehicle that satisfies all road test standards. For students, they provide free pick-up and drop-off services.

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11. GMEL Driving Academy

In Washington, DC, Gmel Driving Academy provides intense driving skills teaching as well as professional behind-the-wheel driving training. All their driving instructors are highly qualified professionals with over 15 years of experience in the field.

The driving school provides stick shift and automatic driving classes that will teach you essential driving skills. You will acquire all the necessary abilities with their thorough instruction, including how to parallel park and change lanes safely.

They can pick you up, drive you to the exam, and then drive you home when the road test is finished. You can utilize any of the late-model cars that Gmel Driving Academy has for your test. They have very reasonable prices for all their driving classes and rental vehicles.

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12. First Pass Driving School

A driving school in Seattle with Washington State certification, First Pass Driving School, provides 30 hours of expert classroom education and 6 hours of practical driving instruction.

The school is permitted to administer written and driving examinations in Washington state. Individual one-on-one instruction, parent ride-along, and flexible driving schedules are provided at First Pass Driving School.

Defensive driving, signs, signals, markings, hazardous driving situations, city and residential driving, highway and freeway driving, and drinking and driving are the main topics covered in the school.

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13. International Driving School

Teenagers and adults are taught how to drive safely by International Driving School, a traffic education service in Seattle.

The business pledges to “place safer drivers on the road,” and it is a state-authorized testing institution that administers the Department of Licensing Behind the Wheel Skills Exam and the Washington State Knowledge Written Exam.

The team has a well-organized curriculum that focuses on the government curriculum, and its instructors are polite and on time. They have years of professional experience and can speak with students in English, Amharic, and other languages.

The adult lectures last 270 to 360 minutes, while the teen classes last four to six hours overall. International Driving School provides classes at affordable rates with flexible scheduling.

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14. Safety First Driving School

A Seattle driving school with certification is Safety First Driving School. The school has a second site in Shoreline, providing individualized driving instruction from qualified instructors with expertise.

Safety First Driving School offers teen and adult courses, including classroom and on-the-road training. The institution also administers knowledge and competence tests for driver’s licenses.

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15. Street Law Driving School

In 2009, driving teacher Jason Law established the Street Law Driving School in Seattle. Jason has more than 12 years of expertise instructing teenagers and adults on road safety.

Students get classroom learning and practical driving instruction from the school’s authorized instructors. The Washington State Knowledge and Drivers Test, which includes both the knowledge test and the driving test, is also offered by Street Law Driving School.

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That’s it for the best driving schools in Kent. Our review covers the top driving schools in Kent and everything else you may need to know about learning to drive in Kent.

This ranges from how to choose the best driving school in the region, what to expect, the cost of enrolling in a driving school in the region and a lot more.

We hope you found this helpful.


How much are driving lessons in Kent?

In Kent, driving lessons typically cost $24 per hour. You will spend £960 if it takes 40 hours to master driving.

What is the best driving school in Kent?

Turn to Learn Driving School
Kent Intensive Driving School
Morgan’s Driving School
Mick Kent Driving School
Alexander School of Motoring
1st Class Driving
Intensive Driving School
DC Star Driving School
Ethio Star Driving School
GMEL Driving Academy
First Pass Driving School
International Driving School
Safety First Driving School
Street Law Driving School


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