15 Best Driving Schools in Lakewood CA |  Review

Whether it is for a teen who’s just starting or an experienced driver wishing to brush up on additional defensive-driving expertise, there’s a driving academy to match every demand. But how can you find the ideal match? This article explains this.

Driving is a necessary skill in today’s world. The younger generation has a busy schedule, and frequent use of public transit may be expensive. It’s a great idea to visit a driving instructor and enroll in classes.

The best method to become a professional driver is to enroll in excellent driving lessons at driving schools in Lakewood CA. New standards and guidelines for learning to drive will appear as technology develops.

We have enhanced this article with details on the top driving schools in Lakewood CA

Why Attend Driving Schools In Lakewood CA?

Driving schools in Lakewood CA have many attributes but we have tailored them to:

#1. You learn defensive driving from the very beginning

The possibility of being in a car accident is among the scariest aspects of getting your driver’s license.

However, attending one of the driving schools in Lakewood CA gives you the ability to learn defensive driving techniques that could reduce your risk of being in an accident.

#2. It increases your safety to take a driving course

Your safety is increased when you complete a driving course in any of the best driving schools. Studies show that receiving a driving education helps you drive safely and reduces your chance of accidents.

#3. By going to a driving school, you could save some funds

The inability to spend money on a driving school is one of the most common excuses given by people for not enrolling.

Many auto insurance providers will give inexperienced drivers a discount if they have finished a driver’s education course.

The major benefit of receiving driving lessons is that it makes you a better knowledgeable and safe driver. It helps to keep harmful circumstances and mishaps from happening.

#4. A driving school teaches students about driving ethics

Driving etiquette is taught in driving schools in Lakewood, CA.

Etiquette is important in all situations, whether you’re driving, traveling somewhere, or engaging in any other activity.

#5. A driving school can help you improve certain driving abilities

You could enhance several parts of your driving with the aid of the driving schools in Lakewood CA.

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If you’ve been a safe driver for a while, you can handle these situations with ease. You could feel anxious in a lot of situations, but when you have specific driving skills, you can fix any issues right away.

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What Are The Best Driving Schools In Lakewood CA 2025?

List of the best driving schools in Lakewood CA 2025

  • A1 Driving School
  • Kanor Driving School
  • Easy Freeway Driving School
  • Driving School with Stick Shift
  • Norcal Driving School
  • Above All Driving School
  • AllGood Driving School
  • American Champions Driving School
  • Bond Driving School
  • Empire Driving School
  • Foothill Driving School
  • Global Driving School
  • The Driving Professors
  • Referral Driving School
  • EZ Way Driving Academy

#1. A1 Driving School

This driving institution has served as the pioneer driver’s training school in Lakewood as of 1962. A1 Driving School has upheld this reputable standing in the neighborhood and nearby areas. 

The driver training program is the best in its field because of its welcoming driving instruction personnel and commitment to quality. Because of this, A1 Driving School boasts excellent ratings and has received an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau. It is one of the best driving schools in Lakewood CA.

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#2. Kanor Driving School

This is one of the excellent driving schools in Lakewood CA. During your driving lessons, they take pride in providing courteous service and adaptable teaching methods. While teaching you the techniques you need to complete your driver’s test with confidence, all the teachers will put you at rest during the entire learning process.

We provide a range of lessons at various pricing points to accommodate any customer’s budget. You can select from a variety of flexible lesson hours each day, including morning, afternoon, evening, and even weekends.

For a realistic driving experience, each two-hour class includes double controls on the automobile and professional instruction from beginning to end. Everything is meant to help new drivers get ready for their actual driving experience!

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#3. Easy Freeway Driving School

Students must be at least 15 1/2 years old to enroll in our online driver’s education courses or receive behind-the-wheel training.

Adults and Senior Drivers with licenses who want to understand the most recent traffic laws or adults who want to get their driver’s license can make use of their services.

This is one of the best driving schools in Lakewood CA for adults and teenagers. The Home Study Guide contains all the most recent traffic laws and guidelines, enabling you to drive more safely and avert tickets.

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#4. Driving School with Stick Shift

The student must satisfy the following conditions for them to be qualified to take part in a lesson:

The student has to be at least 18 years old. They cannot instruct anyone younger than 18.

The student needs a driver’s license. Anyone with permission is not allowed to take classes. The trainee must possess a complete license.

Auto insurance must cover students. Anyone who does not have insurance cannot learn.

For anyone who has to operate a manual transmission at slow speeds, the basic kit is ideal. You’ll learn how to use every driving technique imaginable.

Most students finish this lesson plan in one to two hours, although some students do it sooner.

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Best Driving Schools Close To Lakewood CA

#5. Norcal Driving School

The Antelope, California-based driving school provides a variety of reasonably priced instruction packages to meet different demands. 

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Options include taking driving tests, refresher courses, mandatory driver training for six hours, and safe driver training for ten hours.

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#6. Above All Driving School

Elk Grove, California is home to this comprehensive driving school. Over 20 years, this driving institution has trained UPS’s professional drivers.

 The adult driver improvement course, traffic violations school, and behind-the-wheel training are all available through Above All Driving School. 

The Department of Vehicles for the State of California has authorized each course. Affordable driver education programs are available from Above All Driving School.

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#7. AllGood Driving School

Sacramento, California is home to this thorough driving school. Tessa Zertuche and Mike Thomas created the school in 1996. All citizens of California can take a Teen Driver Education course online. 

Sacramento Region, San Joaquin Region, Sonoma Region, Marine Region, Calaveras Region, Tuolumne County, and a small portion of Yolo and Placer Counties are among the counties where AllGood Driving School provides behind-the-wheel driver training.

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#8. American Champion Driving School

Davis, California is the location of this driving school, which also offers driving instruction there. There is accessible training for young drivers, senior drivers, and adults. 

This extensive driving school also provides online driving education classes. The mission of this driving school is to provide top-notch instruction.

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#9. Bond Driving School

Since 1962, this Sacrament, California, driving school has been training people how to drive safely. It is a clean driving school. Teen classes, adult courses, driver safety initiatives, and rehabilitation programs were all available at the school. 

Also accessible are many lesson formats, such as classroom and driving lessons, online class and driving lessons, and driving lessons only. A proud participant in both DSAA and DSAC, Bond Driving School.

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#10. Empire Driving School

In Roseville, California, there is a thorough driving school. From teenagers to retirees, Empire Driving School welcomes all ages. Driver training in the classroom and online are both available as options for courses. 

The Behind the Wheel Training scheme lasts six hours and is broken up into three classes of two hours each. When purchasing the For behind Wheel Training from the Empire Driving School, several online courses are free. The California State DMV approves courses.

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#11. Foothill Driving School

This driving school offers a wide range of services and is in California. Its offerings include free practice permit exams, behind-the-wheel training, business driver training, online driver education, and DMV driving test preparation. 

To gain the trust of its customers, Foothill Driving School works hard. It was chosen as the top driver’s ed in the Dorado Hills area in 2013 by its devoted clientele.

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#12. Foothill Driving School Global Driving School

For over 12 years, this driving school in Sacramento, California, has been instructing people in safe driving practices.

Options include written tests, studying and road test packs, defensive driving training, behind-the-wheel driving training courses, and six-hour student packages.

The Department of Vehicles for the State of California has granted Global Driving School a license.

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#13. The Driving Professors

Located in Folsom, California, this driving school offers a wide range of services. Many DMV staff, DMV assessors, law enforcement personnel, experienced drivers, and parents commonly choose this driving school for their teenage children. The Best of the Best award has been given to The Driving Professors by The El Dorado Hills Telegraph.

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#14. Referral Driving School

In Carmichael, California, there is a complete driving school. Sacramento, Auburn, and Davis, all in California, are other offices. 

The school offers virtual driver’s education, six hours of in-car training, and one-hour classes. Referral Driver’s Ed LLC holds a DMV license.

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#15. EZ Way Driving Academy

It was founded in 1984 and is a driving school in North Auburn, California. There are classes available for adults that are in-person, online, behind the wheel, and in class. The Sierra Foothills’ EZ Way Driving School has been operating for the longest.

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How Do I Know A Driving School In Lakewood Is Good For Me?

You must attach importance to the institution you select if you want to receive the best help and learn to drive as effectively as possible. Not most schools are great, and there are those whose benefits you should take advantage of. Take consider the following advice if you’re unsure what to look for or what to think about while selecting any of the driving schools in Lakewood CA and beyond:

  • Examine the student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Analyze the expense
  • Find out if the instructors are qualified
  • Check the condition of the vehicles.
  • Visit the theory classroom now.
  • For peace of mind that your expectations will be satisfied, learn about the curriculum.
  • Check to see if you can get to the site with ease.

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How Much Do Driving Schools In Lakewood CA Cost?

The base cost of the six-hour behind-the-wheel training session is $400.00. Due to rising gasoline costs and their commute, instructors could impose an additional fee. Adults (those over 18) pay $80.00 per hour.

At What Age Can I Enroll In A Lakewood CA Driving School?

You must first obtain instruction permission if you are a minimum of 15 1/2 years old but below the age of 18. This is how it goes; Apply for a Driver’s License or ID Card (DL/ID). Get your guardian(s) or parent(s) to sign your application.

What Are The Requirements For Getting A Driver’s License In Lakewood?

  • An authentic Form DL 44 (Drivers’ License Application), filled out
  • Authentication of your SSN, age, and full name.
  • Evidence of legal residency in the US or California.
  • Driver’s education completion certificate
  • A parent or guardian must sign forms.
  • $35 is the registration fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you learn how to drive a car in ten days?

There is no conclusive response to this. Everything depends on the individual. While some people just need a day or two to feel at ease behind the wheel, others may need months or even weeks before they feel comfortable enough to drive about.

Is it worthwhile to take a defensive driving course?

Drivers who live in places with a reputation for dangerous driving and heavy traffic can benefit from defensive driving classes since they teach vehicles how to react in a lot of circumstances, such as being turned off by other drivers and other irresponsible behavior. Courses in defensive driving also cover how to deal with unexpected obstructions, hazardous terrain, and possibly disastrous weather.

How long does it require to become a motorbike rider?

A typical motorcycle training course includes 10 hours of being on riding and 15 hours of classroom instruction. According to the individual’s process of learning, confidence level, and general ability, the time it takes to learn to ride a motorbike might vary substantially.

Can a driving school be used to obtain my license?

Through the government’s Department of Motor Vehicles, a written test and a driving test must be taken and passed to lawfully receive a driver’s license. 
Licenses are not given out by driving schools. However, driving schools provide behind-the-wheel training classes that are helpful to new drivers and assist drivers in getting ready for both tests.


Driving schools in Lakewood support licensed drivers and defensive driving courses, as well as coaching for occupational drivers’ licenses and motorcycle licenses, in addition to assisting novice drivers in learning the road rules and feeling comfortable behind the wheel.

All driving instructors at the driving schools in Lakewood CA must possess an occupational license issued by the motor vehicle departments of respective states.

Make the most of this article to realize your goal of being a skilled driver.



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