15 Best Driving Schools in Monroe |  Review

If you were thinking twice about enrolling in a driving school, you should rethink. The excellent driving schools in Monroe are the most incredible way to become a professional driver.

With almost 284 million vehicles on the road as of the third quarter of 2025, the United States is one of the busiest countries in terms of road traffic. It was also estimated that as of 2025, over 228.7 million drivers had a valid driver’s license.

In 2025, 12.15 million vehicles were involved in crashes in the United States, with passenger automobiles accounting for more than half of that total.

The number of traffic accidents per one million people in the United States is expected to fall in the next years, reaching just over 7,100 in 2025.

In todays post, we would talk about the best driving schools in Monroe. We included the website links and the general costs of these driving schools. Keep reading!

Are the Best Driving Schools in Monroe Worth it?

Absolutely. And there are many reasons we think so. A few of them are-

You would learn defensive driving.

The possibility of a car accident is one of the most problematic aspects of obtaining your driver’s license. Enrolling in a driving school allows you to learn defensive driving techniques that reduce the chances of an accident.

Driving defensively prioritizes safety, which is a critical perspective when driving. These driving skills could save you money and even your life.

Taking a driving course in Monroe will increase your safety.

According to studies, driving education helps you drive safely on the road with fewer chances of an accident.

Rather than exposing yourself to several dangers, you can participate in professional training to benefit everyone, young or old.

Driving school can help reduce recklessness.

Young people are overconfident in their driving ability, which leads to recklessness. They believe no one will ever be able to outdrive them in a car. As a result, it becomes the root cause of irresponsibility.

Aggressive driving on the road is harmful, but most people don’t care. If you get your training comes from experienced drivers, you will recognize the dangers of reckless driving.

Being coached by professionals from the best driving schools in Monroe will assist you in becoming less careless.

They teach driving instruction.

A driving school’s objective is to teach you how to drive. With the rapid progress of technology, a driver may gain various new skills.

Whether you’re visiting from another country or upgrading from a little to a large car, if you have outstanding driving skills, you’ll have a great time wherever you go.

If you want to improve your driving skills, you should enrol in the best driving schools in Monroe.

The best driving schools in Monroe can identify bad habits.

Driving schools identify bad habits and correct them. Drivers with a lot of expertise driving on various roads are at ease. Nonetheless, they are engaging in unhealthy habits that may lead to errors and dangers.

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If you go to a licensed driving instructor, they will keep an eye on you as you drive or talk on the phone. They are also skilled at spotting and addressing harmful behaviours.

Enrolling in a driving school can save you $1,000.

One of the most common reasons people do not enrol in a driving school is because of the costs attached. Many people are unable to pay the high fees demanded by schools. Driving School, on the other hand, saves thousands of dollars.

Many vehicle insurance companies may discount a young driver who has completed a driver education course. Most importantly, driving lessons help you become more experienced and safe when driving. It helps to avoid accidents and dangerous circumstances.

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How Much Does the Average Driving School in Monroe Cost?

Driving class requirements vary per state, and the tuition also. A driving school class in Monroe will range between $30 and $180.

There is always a second section of the instruction that is actual road driving training which is between $50 and $150 per session. There are, however, driving schools that offer packages to students.

These packages could be an all-inclusive class bundle that will vary between $200 and $800. All a student driver will needs is to comply with the various standards to qualify for the class.

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What is the Requirement to Drive in Monroe?

To drive lawfully in Monroe, you must pass a written and practical driver’s examination offered by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety publishes a list of graded licensing legislation by state, allowing you to double-check the terms and conditions.

You must also complete 6 hours of driving behind the wheel with a licensed driving school and be up to 17.

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Where are Classes Held in the Best Driving Schools in Monroe?

Students in Monroe can now complete their driver’s education and achieve their classes online and in the classroom.

In these classes, they are taught the driver’s education curriculum on CDs, DVDs, and downloads. Even if you do your training online, ensure that you cover driving safety.

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How to Pick the Best Driving Schools in Monroe for You?

When considering which of the best driving schools in Monroe to go to, you should-

Consider the type of training.

According to Cars Direct, the quality of instruction provided by the driving school is more significant than the price. Before registering, visit the school to enquire and choose whether you would like to get training there.

Some driving schools charge less but have poorly trained instructors and vehicles that are not well-kept.

Consider the vehicles

Another consideration is that the school should be able to supply vehicles for pupils to use. It would be best to inspect the cars to ensure they are in good shape.

Many vehicle accidents occur on the road due to improper vehicle maintenance. Inquiring about the instructors and school administration does not imply that you are nosy about their business of running a school. It means you care about your safety and the safety of others in your driving class.

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15 Best Driving Schools in Monroe in 2025

#1. West Monroe Driving Academy

Johnny Holyfield founded the company in 2014. West Monroe Driving Academy is one of Louisiana’s most recognized and trustworthy driving schools. Most people who live in Monroe trained with this driving school

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They have a Teen Drivers Safety Education Course that covers crucial issues like:

  • The Fundamentals of Safe Driving
  • Defensive Driving Techniques
  • Sharing the road with other people
  • Driving Techniques for Safety
  • Reference Points for the Space Management System

Road Rules Adverse Driving Conditions and Emergencies (particularly in class addition for the last 15 minutes of each class session)

Roadway Conditions Distracted Driving Fatigue and Emotions While Driving Preparation for the State Drivers Test


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#2. Knepler Driving Schools

The Knepler Driving Schools’ mission is to give the MAXIMUM in driver and highway safety through exceptional driving and highway safety education.

This Driving School commits to giving the most fantastic learning experience possible for obtaining and sustaining the quality of life and independence that comes with safe, defensive, and creatively educated driving.

All of their instructors have a license from the state of Connecticut and have undergone extremely comprehensive training and background checks. Knepler is one of the best driving schools in Monroe.


#3. 911 Driving School of Monroe

911 Driving School of Monroe is owned and maintained by a Police Officer and a 911 Dispatcher with over 30 years of combined expertise. The program is solely by Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and EMS personnel.

These teachers can share hundreds of real-life tales and provide firsthand information and expertise, making this curriculum highly successful and the best Drivers ED program in the country.

911 driving school is one of the best driving schools in Monroe that provides DOL Driving Road Tests and DOL Written Knowledge Tests.

All courses are available online (Zoom) and in-person at the driving school – Hybrid Style.


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#4. Oscar’s Driving School

Oscar’s driving school commits to making the students the safest drivers on the road. They are one of the best driving schools in Monroe, but this is no surprise as they have 50 years of experience.

Oscar’s driving school offers a driver education program to promote safe driving practices and provide new drivers with the skills needed to operate a motor vehicle efficiently.

They have a one-on-one approach that assists students in learning the foundations of being safe drivers.


#5. Plaza Auto Driving School

There are numerous driving schools to pick from these days. Plaza Auto Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Monroe. The instructors at this school are kind, educated, patient, and, most importantly, personable.

They understand concerns and work hard to establish a pleasant atmosphere that makes studying enjoyable. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles licensed all of their instructors.


#6. The Next Street

Next Street is one of the best driving schools in Monroe that provides medical driver training services to clients of all capacities.

They have Occupational Therapists trained in driving evaluations and can assist anyone, regardless of physical, visual, or cognitive function, in understanding their driving patterns.


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#7. Defensive Driving School and Driver License Testing Location

The goal of this driving school is to develop better drivers. They train students to be better and safer drivers. It gives them the best chance of staying safe on the road for themselves and others.


#8. Safe2Go Driving School

Students come first at Safe2go! They believe every student has the right to learn in a good, safe atmosphere where they are appreciated and linked to their teachers.

This drives schools to understand that students react better to different teaching techniques. They created a robust curriculum that meets the needs of all sorts of learners, including hands-on, visual, auditory, and others.

The tutors also engage with them to help them consider the implications of the decisions they will make as drivers. It is one of the best driving schools in Monroe.

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#9. Daytona Driving School

Daytona has been in operation since 2000 and has been in Monroe for the previous 20 years. This driving school is a member of the Americas Driving School Association. It is one of the best driving schools in Monroe.

Their affiliation with DSSA provides the instructors with the most up-to-date teaching approaches in the business. All of their teachers have received extensive training and are professional, competent, and qualified by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

All of their vehicles have dual brakes and mirrors and are insured by New York State Department of Motor Vehicles rules. The mission is to train and hire safe, responsible, and courteous drivers while providing 100% client satisfaction.


#10. Ms June’s Driving Lessons

Ms June’s Driving Lessons work towards giving the most fantastic service in a reasonable time with the best instructors at an affordable price. They provide hands-on classroom training as well as behind-the-wheel driving courses.

Except for parking done in a parking lot, driving courses are taught (hands-on) on the road. The goal is to teach you the skills essential to obtain your driver’s license and provide you with all the necessary abilities to make you a safe driver.

Their instructors are all kind, polite, and trustworthy, and we make learning enjoyable. It is one of the best driving schools in Monroe.


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#11. Cenla Driving Academy

In addition to classroom theory and instruction, students at Cenla Driving Academy get hands-on driving experience with driving school instructors, who are highly qualified and trained experts.

Students will practice defensive driving skills on local roads and highways, road and safety practices necessary for practical driving and the skills required to pass the State DOL driver’s exam.


#12. First Class Driving School, Inc.

This driving school has given driving instructions to Monroe for over 35 years. It is one of the best driving schools in Monroe, with experienced and competent teachers. They are also a Ministry Approved BDE Course Provider and provide excellent service.

They offer two beautiful classroom settings and fantastic instructors who teach the most up-to-date subjects relating to everyday driving. Driving lessons are both convenient and educational.


#13. Howe Driving School

Howe Driving School has a friendly, competent staff who will help you become the best driver on the road. They commit to your success and will work with you to achieve your objectives.

Since its inception in 1934, Howe Driving School has assisted thousands of drivers in feeling safe and secure on the road. Howe Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Monroe, with over 75 years of experience!


#14. Bloomington Adult Driver Training

Bloomington Adult Driver Training is one of the best driving schools in Monroe, with certified, licensed instructors.

For 15 years, this school has taught students at Monroe all they should know about driving. Their vehicles are also fully insured.


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#15. MJM Hill Driving School

MJM Hill Driving School’s teachers constantly update their teen driving safety instructional program. All of their instructors are DMV-licensed and have a combined teaching experience of more than 33 years.

Their course fees and extensive and practical instruction provide you with the best value available. The school offers exciting e-learning driving instruction that students can complete on time and speedily.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a parent teach their child to drive in Monroe?

Yes. An individual must meet the following conditions to be your supervising driver: They must be your parent, legal guardian, grandparent, or an adult approved by your parent or legal guardian.

Are 20 driving lessons sufficient?

No. In addition to 45 hours of driving lessons, the average learner requires 20 hours of practice to pass the driving test. Once you’ve begun learning, consult your instructor to determine whether you’re ready to start practising between lessons.

How long does a driving lesson last?

Each driving session lasts around an hour, so a person would require 40 to 45 hours of driving lessons to learn to drive. However, this knowledge is insufficient! Aside from going to classes, people need to practice for 20 to 22 hours to polish their skills.

How many lessons do you need to learn to drive?

According to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), most people need 45 hours of instruction plus 22 hours of practice to learn to drive.


The best driving schools in Monroe may also assist you in obtaining your license, from studying for the written exam to drafting your application. Most driving schools do more than teach you how to drive. Your driving record has a significant influence on your vehicle insurance prices.

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