15 Best Driving Schools in NH |  Review

The automobile rose to prominence in the twentieth century and has since become a standard mode of personal transportation.

Driving a car is a practical, generally quick, and often enjoyable way to go from one location to another. But you must learn how to drive to enjoy the benefits.

Finding a reputable driving school in New Hampshire can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s why we have put together this list of the best driving schools in NH. Keep reading.

Why go to the Best Driving Schools in NH?

At the best driving schools in NH, you can:

Learn the fundamentals in a short time

Learning to drive a car is not easy for a beginner. You will not be able to understand it on your own. You must also follow a specified path. Otherwise, it will be a lengthy process.

As a result, the top driving schools in NH can best assist you in learning to drive. Guaranteed, you can learn the ins and outs in less time!

You would get certified instructors to teach you.

Experts understand every facet of driving and will never fail you down. They are proficient in the art of driving instruction. As a result, you will learn a lot!

Furthermore, they make the learning process enjoyable and straightforward, so you will not become bored or frustrated! As a result, taking driving lessons from the top driving schools in NH is crucial.

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Feel more at ease behind the wheel

Do you know that professionalism comes with confidence? Yes! That is correct! The more training you receive, the more assured you will feel.

Furthermore, you can improve your driving skills and handle difficult situations that may arise on the road. By doing so, you will have reduced the number of severe injuries in car accidents by 12% by 2025.

Improve your understanding of your vehicle

We know you don’t want to be a technician, but learning the fundamentals of your vehicle is essential for any auto owner. For example, you should be able to check or change the oil, change a tire, and perform other simple tasks.

The best driving schools in NH will also assist you in determining the frequency of servicing your car.

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What is the Cost of the Best Driving Schools in NH?

The minimum cost of the best driving schools in NH is $50. You should also budget for application fees, testing fees, processing fees, or a combination of these costs.

Keep in mind that fees are subject to change, and the best method to stay updated on current license fees is to contact your local DMV.

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How Difficult Is the Driver’s Test in NH?

Some may find it more difficult than others. However, with adequate preparation and practice, anyone should scale through the New Hampshire road test!

A driver will operate a car safely in traffic, follow signs and signals, communicate with other drivers, and follow the regulations of the road during this test.

In addition to practising safe driving in general, it might be beneficial for a driver to devote extra time to the abilities they find the most difficult. Combining targeted practice with general driving practice will guarantee a passing driving test.

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How Old Do You Have To Receive A Driver’s License In NH?

In New Hampshire, a motorist must be at least 21 years old to progress from a Youth Operator License to a full Driver’s License. Drivers must be at least 1512 years old to begin driving practice when accompanied by a responsible and licensed adult, while instruction permits are not issued in New Hampshire.

To receive a Youth Operator License, drivers must be at least 16 years old. A motorist should be aware of any limits imposed on their license type. The limits may include the number of passengers allowed in their car and whether or not they should drive at night.

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What are the Requirements for getting a Driver’s License in NH?

  • You must be 16 years old.
  • Take an approved driver education course.
  • Obtain 40 hours of behind-the-wheel driving experience.
  • Receiving no moving traffic offences that resulted in a conviction six months before the application for a license, including seat belt violations and juvenile alcohol.
  • Pass a driving proficiency test.
  • Pass a knowledge test on a computer.
  • Pay the applicable fees.

How Long Do the Best Driving Schools in NH Last?

You would require classroom instruction for thirty (30) hours with a certified driving education instructor.

You are required to have driving practice with a licensed driver education instructor for ten (10) hours and driving observation with a licensed instructor for six (6) hours.

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15 Best Driving Schools in NH in 2025

#1. Chico’s Driving Center LLC

Chico’s Driving Center LLC offers a range of courses based on your availability. Weekend classes are available for people who work. You can also enrol your child in the 5-week course period. 

The institution has a license from the Department of Safety, making it one of the top driving schools in NH. Private sessions are also available, so you may get the personalized attention you deserve.


#2. Complete Auto Driving School

Mr. Cardello founded Complete Auto Driving School in 2004. He used to be a tractor-trailer instructor at Allied Career School, but he chose to start his driving school.

This driving school is open to children at least 15 years and nine months old. Class size has a limit of 14, ensuring that everyone receives the attention they require to complete the program successfully.

After 30 hours of classroom work, 10 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction, and six hours of in-car observation, you’ll get the certification and be eligible for that coveted driver’s license.


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#3. Jack’s Driving Academy

At Jacks Driving Academy, you would receive complete driving training. It is one of the best driving schools in NH that allow you to be comfortable behind the wheel at the end of classes. 

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 You would also be able to demonstrate that they have sound judgment and the capacity to drive safely and responsibly. Each student must attend 15 classroom sessions totaling 30 hours. They must next complete ten hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

When the individual is halfway through their instruction, they will demonstrate their ability to drive in traffic. They’ll have their license after they complete that and pass the driving test on the tenth day.


#4. City-Wide Driving School

City Wide Driving School aims to provide your 16-17-year-old children with the necessary skills to promote safe and responsible driving.

Since 1974, they have taught over 8500 pupils. With the information and guidance we provide, kids will experience the rewards of responsible and safe driving over time.

City Wide also delivers professional course instruction while emphasizing safety, defensive driving, and becoming a responsible drivers in the long run. They run one of the top driving schools in NH.


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#5. Harry’s Driving School

Harry’s Driving School is Derry’s oldest registered commercial motor vehicle driving school. They run one of the best driving schools in NH. The institution provides comprehensive training for both teenagers and adults.

Students may expect non-smoking late-model cars, insurance discounts, air conditioning with dual controls, foreign language lessons, and more at Harry’s.


#6. 603 Driving School

603 Driving School has a ten-hour behind-the-wheel curriculum with New Hampshire-certified driver education. The teachers provide a variety of driving opportunities in a safe setting.

It is one of the top driving schools in NH that provides master city driving, interstate driving, and parallel parking with lessons from patient and experienced instructors.

Their schedules are structured to accommodate athletes, members of bands and clubs, and all other students active in extracurricular activities.


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#7. 1st Gear Driving School

The instructors at 1st Gear Driving School are DMV-certified. They are educated to follow the in-car curriculum, have clean driving records, and have passed a comprehensive background check.

1st Gear is one of the best driving schools in NH that offers drive times seven days a week. You’ll also like the ease of online scheduling. They email and text remind for your scheduled driving sessions.

At 1st Gear, if you are 15 years and nine months old, you can take the NH state-required 30-hour driver’s ed program and the 10-hour behind-the-wheel driving lessons. These classes are intended for students aged 21 and under that age.


#8. Capital Driving Academy LLC

Capital Driving Academy LLC is one of the top driving schools in NH. You can take this school’s full teen or adult driver education course.

With their New Hampshire state-approved driving education curriculum, you may gain confidence and learn the road rules.

You can also practice driving in various environments and take lessons from qualified instructors.


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#9. Hulls Driving School LLC

With Hulls Driving School’s state-approved driving education curriculum, you may gain confidence behind the wheel and understand the regulations of the road.

At Hull’s Driving School, they understand that learning to drive is about much more than passing a license test. The students develop habits that will keep them safer on our roadways for the rest of their lives.

It is one of the best driving schools in NH that offers comprehensive classroom instruction and driver education lessons. Students can register online. They also provide flexible driving schedules to accommodate your hectic schedule

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#10. Hampshire Driving School LLC

Hampshire Driving Schools provides classes for both car and truck drivers. Their courses have a low student-to-instructor ratio to ensure you receive the required attention and help. It is one of the top driving schools in NH.


#11. Commercial Driving School LLC

Commercial Driving School LLC takes pride in being the only private auto and CDL driver education school in New Hampshire.

Since January 9th, 2009, they now assist New Hampshire residents in obtaining Automobile and Commercial Driver’s Licenses.

They have helped many people develop driving abilities that will aid them in their personal lives and careers through their courses.


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#12. Xroads Driving School

The NH Department of Safety-licensed Xroads Driving School offers its students the necessary education and abilities to get a driver’s license. Xroad’s mission is to guide students toward a lifetime of safe and confident driving by using cutting-edge materials and teaching methods.

Regardless of skill level, Xroad’s commitment to adequately preparing students for state tests allows the program to have a high success rate.

This driving school has excellent expertise with disabled and English as a second language students (English Language Learners). This driving school has been proud to play a role in generating safe drivers who contribute to a safer community.


#13. AAA Driving School

In 6 hours of in-person classroom or online teaching, the AAA Driver Improvement course will teach you the most current defensive driving practices.

The AAA Driving School program develops lifelong safe drivers by providing students with real-world, hands-on training. It is one of the top driving schools in NH.


#14. Benson’s Driving School

Benson’s Driving School is committed to teaching new drivers to be responsible and safe members of the driving community. Students must be 15 years and nine months old on the first day of class.

DMV removes students from the course if they are not 15 years and nine months old by the first day of class. If the student is one day late, they will be unable to take the course. They have one of the best driving schools in NH.


#15. Red Hill Driving School

At Red Hill Driving School, you get what you pay for when it comes to driving courses. It is a respected school that employs new, safe automobiles that teaches a state-approved curriculum.

They also give you enough classroom and behind-the-wheel experience. You might be able to find a cheaper school, but you don’t want to make your decision just on price.

You’ll find that they provide the most bang for your buck regarding training quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for the permit test in NH?

The first thing you should do is consult the New Hampshire Driver Manual. The guidebook contains all the material you’ll need to pass the test, including vital regulations and driving tips. After you’ve finished reading the handbook, try some online practice quizzes!

What are some driving schools in Manchester, NH, with excellent ratings?

In Manchester, NH, the following driving schools have received a high number of reviews:
Chico’s Driving School (15 reviews)
First Gear Driving Company, Inc. (7 reviews)
Most Rider Education (4 reviews)
Derryfield Primary School (3 reviews)

How much does a driver’s education cost in New Hampshire?

Summer, Weekday, or Night programs cost $900.00 per student. Weekend programs cost $950.00 per student. Sunday Only programs cost $1000.00 per student, and Specialty programs cost $1150.00. A minimum deposit of $350.00 is required to reserve an available seat.

In New Hampshire, can I take driver’s ed online?

Teens in Concord, Manchester, and around New Hampshire may take a premium driver’s ed online course with DMVEdu enjoyably. There are no classrooms and no set class schedules!

How many hours of driving education do you need for a license?

Classroom instruction for thirty (30) hours with a certified driving education instructor. Driving practice with a licensed driver education instructor for ten (10) hours. Driving observation with a licensed driver education instructor for six (6) hours.


Obtaining a driver’s license is one of the first stages of achieving life’s independence. Enrolling in a driving school is one of the most excellent ways to learn how to drive.

That way, you’ll receive extensive training from licensed professionals who will assist you in becoming a superb driver.

If you’re unsure where to enrol, look through our list of the best driving schools in NH.

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