15 Best Driving Schools in Seattle | 2024 Review

As exciting as it can be for first-timers, driving is a technical skill that needs commitment and discipline and a sense of maturity to learn. Being abreast with the driving schools in Seattle for anyone who wants to learn how to drive is vital.

We can attribute many mishaps and recklessness on the road to drivers who didn’t get proper training. For this reason, driving schools are vital as they aim to enrich and enlighten individuals to be good drivers.

In this light, we have done detailed research and gathered reliable information regarding the best and cheap driving schools in Seattle, WA, alongside truck driving schools in Seattle, WA.

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Why Attend a Driving School in Seattle?

Attending a driving school has outstanding and beneficial perks for the individual and the entire state. We can attribute most accidents on the road to recklessness by poorly trained drivers. Some of these accidents are avoidable if all drivers go through proper training. 

Attending a driving school in Seattle prepares you for the adventure of driving safely. A driving school is a right path to achieve that goal for anyone who desires to be a good driver. 

In addition, below is an outline of exceptional benefits you can get from attending driving and truck driving schools in Seattle, WA.

  • i. Attending a driving school reduces tendencies to recklessness.
  • ii. Driving school enlightens you about general driving laws and laws peculiar to your state.
  • iii. Attending a Driving school enlarges your safety instincts.
  • iv. Driving schools grounds one with the right driving skills.
  • v. The driving school identifies and corrects terrible habits.
  • vi. Driving school increases your confidence.
  • vii. Driving schools teach the proper driving habits.
  • viii. Driving school offers you an opportunity to gain valuable experience.
  • ix. Driving school sharpens already existing driving skills.

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How Do I Know a Driving School in Seattle is Good for Me?

A good driving school has certain features that make it a good choice. It would be best to look for some factors when looking for a driving school that will offer quality service. 

These factors are prerequisites to ensure smooth, efficient and effective learning. Without these features, training may be slow, discouraging, or invalid. 

In this light, we have mapped out vital qualities a good driving school should have. These qualities will determine if a driving school in Seattle is good for you. 

Fully Equipped Facility

One of the features of a good driving school in Seattle and anywhere in the world is a conducive and fully equipped learning centre. 

A good driving school should have relevant materials that aid driving education and training. These tools are vital for students to learn driving skills quickly.  

You can tour their facility or make enquiries to find out if a driving school has the tools you need to learn a driving skill effectively. 

Experienced and Professional Instructors

The next on the list are experienced and professional instructors; however, his factor is vital. A good driving school should have excellent, professional instructors with reliable driving experience. 

In addition, a good driving school should have instructors who can teach and understand and implement the virtue of patience. They should also have instructors who have in-depth knowledge of driving skills. 

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Positive Recommendation From Students

A good driving school should have good recommendations from their students who testify of good learning experiences. 

However, checking students’ reviews regarding a driving school and truck driving schools in Seattle, WA, before deciding is wise. 

Comprehensive Driving Lessons and Flexible Training Timings

A good driving school should have an understandable and reliable model of teaching. They should have driving lessons that are easy to understand and wide enough. 

A good driving school should be able to teach the theoretical and practical parts of driving. 

In addition, these lessons should be flexible as all students are not always available at the same time. A good driving school should be flexible enough to accommodate its students. 

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How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in A Driving School?

The cost of attending a driving school or a truck driving school in Seattle, WA, varies from location to location and even driving school to driving school.

However, according to indeed.com, the cost to attend a driving school in Seattle ranges from $50 to $80, depending on the plan. Also, it takes an average time of 16 hours to complete. 

On the other hand, according to techbiztrends, the average cost for most all-inclusive driving schools ranges from $200 to $800

VisiondrivingschoolLLC offers a Teen Drivers ED package at $495 for a basic package comprising 30 hours of online classes and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training and one-hour student observation with online scheduling access.

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Best Driving Schools in Seattle in 2024

Here is an outline of the best driving schools in Seattle.

  • RoadSafe Driving Academy
  • ABC Driving School
  • Safety First Driving School
  • Ace Driving School
  • International Drivers Academy and Approved DOL License Testing
  • Street Law Driving School
  • Seattle Driving Academy

RoadSafe Driving Academy

One of the best driving schools in Seattle on our list is Road Safe Driving Academy. The school has trained and professional instructors. 

In addition, they aim to give a solid foundation of knowledge and skills that will aid anyone in achieving the goal of being a safe, responsible, and confident driver.

Also, they offer a $15 cash prize when you refer a friend. The school provides several packages like their teen standard that cost $500. 

There are other packages available on their website. You can visit their website to get more information. 

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ABC Driving School

Another driving school in Seattle is the ABC Driving School, which offers top-notch service.

The ABC Driving School & Testing Center has the approval of the DOL alongside state-certified instructors. 

They teach beginners with a step-by-step approach to everything you’ll need to know to get a driver’s license. 

In addition, they offer to test in several languages and have aided people from around the world in learning to drive. 

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Safety First Driving School

Safety First Driving School is a company built upon respect, honesty, and fairness and aims to offer the best customer satisfaction. 

The driving school brags of intelligent, experienced and fun professional instructors who aim to help their students through the entire process. 

The school offers basic driving classes at $539, and the course comprises 30 hours of Classroom Sessions, a 6-hour Behind-the-Wheel training, and 1 hour of Behind-the-Wheel observation of another teen lesson.

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Ace Driving School

Another best driving school in Seattle is the Ace Driving school. The driving school runs a trustworthy place, where they teach hundreds of students every year how to drive. 

They have a goal of helping their students pass their tests under stressless and relaxed circumstances. Their end goal is to ensure they groom good students who become safe drivers in future. 

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International Drivers Academy and Approved DOL License Testing

Another good driving school in Seattle on our list is the International Drivers Academy and Approved DOL License Testing. IDA is a small yet effective driving school that trains students to become top-notch and great drivers. 

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Street Law Driving School

Street law is an efficient driving school and one of the best driving schools in Seattle.

The school Utilizes dynamic classroom presentations and common-sense concepts to teach its students how to drive. 

In addition, drivers will learn the nitty-gritty of State Law, vital safety skills, and critical life-saving techniques. 

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Seattle Driving Academy

Seattle Driving academy is one of the best and top-rated driving schools in Seattle. The school is a place to count on for grasping all the necessary knowledge about defensive driving. 

The school promises 24/7 scheduling, customer satisfaction, access to a certified team of professionals, etc.

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Truck Driving Schools in Seattle WA

Here is an outline of the best Truck Driving Schools in Seattle WA.

  • Taylor Driving School
  • Skagit City Trucking School
  • Pacific Driving School
  • Fifth Wheel Commercial Driving School

Taylor Driving School

One of the Trucks Driving Schools in Seattle, WA, is the Taylor Driving School, a top-rated CDL school. The school promises quality training at a low cost with access to equipment.

Their course comprises general familiarization, awareness, and the fundamentals of the hazardous materials transportation process. Their course fulfils the requirements established by Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR).

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Skagit City Trucking School

The Skagit City Trucking School is one of the Truck Driving Schools in Seattle, WA. The school has a license from the state.

Skagit City Trucking school offers Class A, B and C CDL training programs. 

The school prides itself on the quality of its training program and the professionalism and expertise of its staff. 

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Pacific Driving School

Another Truck Driving School in Seattle, WA, is the Pacific driving school, a top-notch truck driving school. 

Pacific Driving School has over 30 years of experience and offers flexible scheduling. They offer driving classes for teenagers and adults.

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Fifth Wheel Commercial Driving School

One of the Trucks Driving Schools in Seattle, WA, is the Fifth Wheel Commercial Driving School. The school provides top-notch, affordable, and flexible CDL training. 

Fifth Wheel Commercial Driving School has instructors with experience in the trucking industry and training people to get their Class A CDL. 

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Cheap Driving Schools in Seattle WA

Here is an outline of the best cheap driving schools in Seattle WA.

  • Apex Driving School
  • 911 Driving School
  • First Pass Driving School
  • A+ Driving School

Apex Driving School

Apex Driving school is a cheap driving school in Seattle, WA. The school offers 32 hours of classroom, 14 hours behind the wheel comprising 7 hours driving and 7 hours observation. 

In addition, the school comprises highly trained and experienced professional instructors with the state’s latest safety techniques and general road rules. 

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911 Driving School

911 driving school is a driving institution born out of an idea a policeman got while on patrol. The school has professional instructors comprising police, firefighters and EMTs. 

The 911 Driving School classroom environment is professional, friendly, informative and fun. They leverage state-of-the-art technology combined with interactive classroom participation to create a fun multi-media learning scenario.

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First Pass Driving School

The First Pass Driving school is one of the cheap driving schools in Seattle, WA. First Pass Driving School is a certified driver’s education provider that aims at helping drivers of all ages. 

First Pass Driving School provides 30 hours of professional classroom instruction and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training, as well as individual one-on-one driving instruction.

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A+ Driving School

A+ Driving School is a driving institution that helps students to become responsible drivers. 

The school teaches its students the road rules and how to be safe drivers through professional classroom teaching and industry-leading behind-the-wheel instruction.

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How Do I Maximize My Chances of Passing the Behind-the-Wheel Test?

Preparing for a behind-the-wheel test can be stressful, but there are several things you can do to maximize your chances of passing. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the test:

  1. Practice: The more you practice driving, the more comfortable you will be behind the wheel. Make sure to practice in a variety of different driving conditions, such as on highways, in residential areas, and in busy city streets.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the test requirements: Make sure to review the driving manual for your state, as it will provide you with important information on what you can expect during the test. Additionally, be sure to review any specific requirements or restrictions that may apply to your license.
  3. Take a driving course: A driving course can provide you with valuable instruction and feedback on your driving skills. Consider taking a course with a licensed instructor to help you

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does driver’s ed cost in Washington?

Although your high school will be responsible for giving you with the driver’s education completion certificate in order to sign up for driving lessons and take your permit test. However, the Course price is only $49, $34

Where can I practice driving in Seattle?

Here are conducive places where you can learn to drive in Seattle.

Magnuson Park
Discovery Park
North Seattle College
Industrial District

When can you start driver’s ed in Seattle?

Once you enroll in a Seattle Washington approved driver education course you can apply for a Seattle Washington Instruction permit once you turn 15. Although, you must apply for the permit no more than 10 days before the class begins.


Now you are conversant with the driving schools in Seattle and the cheap driving schools in seattle, wa, it is time to take action towards learning how to drive.

Take it further by choosing one of our exceptional driving schools to enrol for a program that best fits your needs.

However, you can check out our other articles to get more information regarding driving schools in all states and beyond.



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