15 Best Driving Schools In Winchester |  Review

Winchester is one of the most desired places to live since it has received many awards recently, including “happiest place to live in the UK” and “best place to live in the UK.”

The distance from Winchester to the coast is only a short hop, and there are plenty of driving schools nearby.

Whether you’re looking for standard and inexpensive driving schools or ones with competent teachers and a conducive learning environment, Winchester is the best place to start.

There are several top-notch driving schools in Winchester. In this article, we have a list of the best driving schools in Winchester.

How much Does Driving School Cost in Winchester?

The price of classes varies, but an hourly rate of about £25 to £30 is considered reasonable.

How Do I Get the Best Driving Instructor?

When hiring someone, the most important thing to look for is that they are an approved driving instructor who is registered with the Driving Standards Agency. On flyers, billboards, and brochures, look for the ADI sign.

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Where will I be Driving During my Winchester Driving Lessons?

You will be driving on a range of roadways during your driving lessons in Winchester, beginning with quiet residential streets or industrial regions. Once you’re confident and ready, you’ll be able to drive on busy roads like the A34.

Your driving instructor may take you for some driving lessons in Southampton to get you adjusted to driving in a busy city, depending on whether you have 1 or 2-hour sessions.

Your driving instructor will also teach you the exam routes for your Winchester driving test center.

List of the 15 Best Driving Schools In Winchester in 2025

Here is the list of the best driving schools in Winchester for 2025.

  1. Kev Tanners Driving School
  2. Driving Winchester
  3. Lendrum’s Driving School Winchester
  4. Tricia Isaac School of Motoring
  5. Superdrive Academy
  6. 2 Start Ltd Driving School
  7. Greenlight Driving Academy
  8. Winchester Intensive Driving School
  9. Simon Jones Driving School
  10.  Middlesex Driving Academy
  11.  Valley Driving School
  12. Tim’s driving Tuition
  13.  Winchester School Of Motoring
  14. Paul Henbest Driving Tuition
  15. Jon Reynolds Driver Training  

Best Driving Schools in Winchester

The best driving schools in Winchester include;

1. Kev Tanners Driving School

Address: 65 Eastgate St, Winchester SO23 8DZ, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 7854 554414

First on our list of the best driving schools in Winchester is Kev Tanners Driving School. A fully qualified, government-registered, Approved Driving Instructor works at Kev Tanner Driving School (ADI).

Kev Tanner Driving School customizes lesson plans to meet each student’s needs, going above and above to prepare students for the practical driving test.

All the pupils at Kev Tanners Driving School are registered with Theory Test Pro, which lets them practice for their theory test without cost.

Their vehicles are equipped with HE-MAN dual controls, air conditioning, and power steering, ready to keep you safe and at ease during your driving lessons.

Kev Tanners Driving School offers 2-hour motorway courses, which include Motorway Driving Skills, Safely Entering and Exiting, Safe Overtaking, and Lane Interchanging, and they also provide Night Driving Lessons.

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2. Chapman’s Driving School

 Address: 43 Porteous Cres, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 2DG, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 7885 241751

One of the top driving schools in Winchester is Chapman’s Driving School. It has a lot of awards for its highly tailored approach that considers each learner’s needs.

To best serve students’ requirements and further their driving goals, Chapman’s driving school offers a comprehensive selection of courses. 

Driving Winchester offers affordable intense courses, manual, and automatic driving lessons, and both. 

Lessons available in Winchester include Adult lessons, Private lessons, Teen classes, Practical driving tests, Driving Lessons,6 Hour Lessons, Intensive Driving Courses, and Intensive Driving Lessons.

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3. Lendrum’s Driving School Winchester 

Address: 68 Eastgate St, Winchester SO23 8DZ, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 7734 319271

Next on our ranking of the best driving Schools in Winchester is Lendrum Driving School.

Lendrum uses various teaching methods during driving lessons to keep students comfortable and help them develop the skills to pass their driving tests confidently and stay safe on the roads.

Lendrums’ qualified driving instructors lead students through every step of passing the driving test, including advice on approaching tricky theoretical test questions and simple instructions for performing reversing maneuvers.

Their training cars are top-of-the-line and enable pupils to learn to drive comfortably. The Mini Cooper, Ford Fiestas Eco-Drive, Citroen C3 and C4, Skoda Fabia, and Volkswagen Golf are just a few examples of training vehicles.

Many automatic vehicles are also available, including the Hyundai I10 and I20 and Mini Cooper.

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4. Tricia Isaac School of Motoring

Address: 110 Teg Down Meads, Winchester SO22 5NN, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 7758 973707

Tricia Isaac School of Motoring is the next deserving addition to the list of the top driving schools in Winchester.

The automobile business Tricia Isaac School of Motoring has its UK headquarters at 110 Teg Down Meads in Winchester. 

Contact the Tricia Isaac School of Motoring if you need help finding a professional driving instructor who can explain how to teach manual driving skills. 

They provide excellent services, including Adult lessons, Private lessons, Advanced Driver Training, Night Driving, Motorway Driving Lessons, Pass Plus Driving Courses, Pass Plus Driving Lessons, Practical Driving Tests, Theory Training, and Under 17’s Driving Lessons.

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5. Superdrive Academy 

Address: 9-11 Wavell Way, Winchester SO22 4EQ, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 800 978 8223

Next on our list of the best driving schools in Winchester is Superdrive Academy.

One of the nearby driving schools in Winchester is Superdrive Academy. It has hundreds of happy customers with a pass rate more significant than average.

You can pick from a top-notch group of male and female driving teachers in Winchester.

If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with Superdrive Academy’s services, they will return your money. All of their driving lessons come with a money-back guarantee. 

If you believe you would be an anxious student, Superdrive Academy also has a no-shouting policy, so you don’t need to be concerned.

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6. 2 Start Ltd Driving School

Address: Unit 2, Four Dells Farm, Poles Ln, Otterbourne, Winchester SO21 2DY, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 23 8202 2975

In Winchester, 2 Start Ltd is a reputable driving school. The two-start Ltd Driving School aims to provide new drivers with the knowledge and abilities required to thoroughly understand all traffic laws and regulations.

You can pass your driving test by taking the two-start Ltd Intensive Driving Course.

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Whether you are a novice, an intermediate, or an expert driver, the teachers will impart lifelong knowledge and increase your self-assurance when driving. Your instructor will be able to help you quickly get your driver’s license.

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7. Greenlight Driving Academy

Address: 5 Cole Cl, Andover, Winchester SP10 4NL, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 7498 973784

Next on our list of the top driving school in Winchester is GreenLight Driving Academy. 

Green Light Driving Academy aims to support instructing and testing drivers of all ages in a safe and relevant manner. This duty is one that the Green Light Academy staff members take very seriously. 

For pupils to complete the DPS Road Test and handle their busy driving environment, instructors work hard to teach them the skills and defensive driving techniques.

Let Green Light Academy assist with your family’s driver education needs, whether you’re looking for traditional, online, or DPS Road testing services.

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8. Turismo Driving School

Address: Swan Ln, Winchester SO23 7AA, United Kingdom

Phone no: 01234098765

Turismo Driving School is one of Winchester’s reputable and top driving schools.

Turismo Driving School offers a comprehensive training program featuring exploration, analysis, and self-reflection. Hands-on learning and knowledge-based instruction are combined in their classes.

Turismo Driving Schools also offers Intensive intermediate, short, and beginner intensive courses.

Thanks to their laid-back teaching style, you can study at your own pace from accommodating, supportive and kind teachers at every point.

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9. Simon Jones Driving School

Address:  Springvale Rd, Kings Worthy, Winchester SO23 7NB, United Kingdom

Phone no:+44 7960 698680

Another best driving school in Winchester is Simon Jones Driving School. 

They have a laid-back teaching approach that lets you learn at your own pace from accommodating professors who are supportive and kind at every turn.

During the actual driving lessons, the student drivers’ knowledgeable driving instructors will give them clear instructions, and they will follow those instructions to the letter with no trouble.

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10. Middlesex Driving Academy

Address: 66 Swanton St, Winchester, MA 01890, United States

Phone no: 1 781-729-1474 

Middlesex Driving Academy is among the best driving schools in Winchester. Their instructors are kind, sympathetic, and devoted to each pupil.

They guarantee that each student has the abilities needed to operate a vehicle safely on the road. Their objective is to train drivers to use automobiles to get individuals ready for the road. 

Middlesex Driving Academy offers Teen driver education courses, traditional driver education, and adult driver education.

The traditional driver education program for adults includes all the materials students require to complete the 30 hours of classroom instruction. 

There will also be 12 hours of driving practice and 6 hours of backseat observation while another student is operating the vehicle, which are the state’s minimum requirements for driver education.

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11. Valley Driving School

Address: 117 S Kent St, Winchester, VA 22601, United States

Phone no: +1 540-398-6059

Valley Driving School is next on our list of the top Driving Schools In Winchester.

Valley Driving School is a driving school located in Winchester, VA. With over 25 years of experience, Valley Driving School can help you learn how to drive safely and efficiently. 

They offer various driving courses and programs so that you can find the right fit for your needs.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to improve your skills or an experienced driver looking to upgrade your knowledge, they have the perfect course.

At Valley Driving School, they believe that learning to drive shouldn’t be complicated or expensive.

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That’s why their courses are affordable, and our instructors are knowledgeable and experienced drivers who will guide you through each step of the process. 

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12. Tim’s Driving Tuition

Address: 57 Cundell Way, Kings Worthy, Winchester SO23 7NP, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 7725 479488

Tim’s Driving Tuition is among the best driving schools in Winchester. Tim’s Driving Tuition is one place in Winchester where you learn more about the art of driving. 

Enrolling in this driving school will help you learn about behind-the-wheel courses and improve your driving abilities.

 Their instructors are appropriately qualified, have a wealth of classroom knowledge, and training behind the wheel. 

They take pride in providing thorough, kind, and courteous instruction to adults and teenagers.

They offer excellent services, including 30 Hours of Intensive Driving Courses, Beginners Driving Lessons, and Car Driving Lessons.

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13. Supreme School of Motoring 

Address:16 Coate Dr, Worthy Down, South Wonston, Winchester SO21 2QZ, United Kingdom

Phone no: +44 7787 838820

Another well-recognized place on our list among the top driving schools in Winchester is Supreme School Of Motoring.

The goal of the Supreme School of Motoring is to assist ambitious drivers in passing the CDL knowledge and skills tests and beginning their new careers as drivers.

Supreme School of Motoring offers driving assessments, Fleet Training, hazard perception training, a Driving Course, and Refresher Lessons.

To drive your vehicle during the Supreme School of Motoring lessons? You must ensure that it is appropriately insured for you as a learner driver with a temporary license. 

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14. Paul Henbest Driving Tuition

Address: 10 Broadview Close Kings Worthy, Kings Worthy, Winchester, SO23 7FL

Phone no: 07986 808267

For our list of the top driving schools to be accurate, Paul Henbest’s Driving Tuition must be mentioned.

Paul Henbest Driving Tuition aims to instill in learners a lifelong love for driving safety, not just the ability to pass a driving test.

Their service includes Client Centered Learning, Driving Lessons, and Driving Tuition.

Paul Henbest teaches drivers in Winchester and other communities, such as Hursley, Twyford, Kings Worthy, South Wonston, Sutton Scotney, Barton Stacey, Badger Farm, and Oliver’s Battery.

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15. Jon Reynolds Driver Training  

Address:83 Westman Rd, Winchester SO22 6DX, United Kingdom

Phone no:+44 7769 900390

Jon Reynolds Driver Training is one of Winchester’s most renowned and esteemed driving schools.

Independent driving instructors from Jon Reynolds Driver Training offer driving instruction in Winchester and the surrounding areas.

This organization has been providing driving lessons in Winchester since 2004. It has a Grade A Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), which ensures that students will receive professional driving instruction from an instructor of the highest caliber. 

For youngsters between the ages of 10 and 17 who can’t wait to drive, Jon Reynolds Driver Instruction also offers the “Drive B4 U Turn 17” training courses.

Young drivers learn fundamental driving skills without the extra pressure of oncoming traffic on expansive private roads with professional line markings for driver education for those under 17.

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How many lessons does a first-time driver need?

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) conducted research that found that passing the driving test requires around 44 hours of expert instruction. It’s crucial to remember that everyone is unique and that this is only an average number.

Where will I be driving during my driving lessons in Winchester?

You will learn to drive on various roadways while taking driving lessons in Winchester, starting with quiet residential streets or business districts. You’ll proceed onto busier routes like the A34 once you’re ready and confident.

What Age Do I enroll in A Driving School in Winchester? 

Teens can start driver education in a classroom as young as 15 and 9 months old, but they can’t start driving until they’re 16 and have a learner’s permit. The driving education course must be finished within two years, per the Registry of Motor Vehicles. 


You can be a total newbie or someone who has tried manual driving but decided it wasn’t for them. 

Regardless of your experience level, the best driving schools in Winchester can accommodate you and guarantee an excellent learning environment.

Let our qualified driving instructors assist you in achieving your objective and teach you life skills.



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