15 Best Esthetician Schools in RI (Rhode Island) | 2025

Are you fascinated by scarring on the skin and do you want to become an esthetician in the state of RI?

 You’ve arrived at the correct location. To become an Aesthetician or medical Esthetician, you’ll need to study at one of the many beauty schools, and you’ll likely earn a good salary.

One of the greatest places to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the United States is in RI, which is home to some of the nation’s top universities.

Programs for becoming an aesthetician or esthetician are also available.

In 2016, 860 estheticians were working in RI, according to the state’s Department of Workforce Services.

It is forecasted that by 2026; they expect the number of estheticians in this field to increase by a large margin.

The ever-increasing demand for skin care services in our day and age is one factor contributing to the growth in the number of estheticians.

To look younger than one’s true age is the goal of estheticians, and that is why they are in demand.

Due to the abundance of high-end salons in RI, there are many opportunities for hairstylists.

Monk’s House of Jazz and the resort spas of Sundance Mountain both employ qualified estheticians.

But before you take on any of these responsibilities, you need to be well-trained and well-equipped.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top RI colleges offering undergraduate and graduate-level programs in esthetics.

It also contains information on how to become an aesthetician or a medical esthetician.

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Who is an Esthetician And What Do They Do in RI?

Estheticians work in the field of beauty and skin care treatments.

Professionals in the field of skincare and aesthetics are known as estheticians.

These professionals can execute a variety of cosmetic skin care procedures and offer advice on which cosmetics would work best for a particular client’s skin tone because they have completed formal training. 

We can summarize most their duties in the following list;

  • Threading or exfoliating of the makeup
  • Removes hair from the body by waxing it.
  • They carry out cosmetic skin treatments.
  • Cosmetically, it’s the best.
  • Face and chemical peel treatments are available.
  • Make recommendations for the best cosmetic product for your skin tone as well.
  • Provides high-quality skin care and treatments in conjunction with dermatologists.

What Is The Job Outlook For Estheticians in the Best Esthetician Schools in RI? 

Practicing esthetics in RI is a great opportunity.

In 2016, the RI Department of Workforce Services conducted a statistical analysis and found that 860 esthetician positions were available in the state.

Nonetheless, by 2026, the number of esthetician employment in the state is expected to rise by a whopping 35 percent, reaching 1,160.

We expect esthetician salaries in RI to rise, especially for individuals who have completed a master’s degree in beauty school.

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What is the Salary Structure of Estheticians in RI? 

In general, they pay estheticians in RI quite a lot of money.

Because RI’s beauty schools train you to become experts, estheticians can command a premium salary for their services because of this.

However, a variety of factors influence your earnings potential as an esthetician, including:

  • what office you’re in
  • Services you provide in the field of beauty care.
  • How long does a typical day at work last for you?
  • Your level of knowledge or experience.

At an hourly rate of $8.22 per hour, the lowest-paid estheticians make $17,090 per year.

Those with more experience can expect to make roughly $11.51 per hour or $23,940 per year.

Estheticians that work at the highest level earn $18.80 per year, which equates to approximately $39,100 per year.

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Are There Esthetician Schools in RI?

Beauty schools for esthetician students are many in RI, a state with a high concentration of estheticians.

Students can earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or certificate in esthetics by attending one of RI’s several estheticians or beauty schools.

You’ll find a list of colleges that offer such programs below.

What are the Best Esthetician Schools In RI? 

Do you want to know more about the top esthetician schools in RI? Now, here are the top esthetician schools in RI that you can get into:

#1. Empire Beauty School 

Our first of the top esthetician schools in RI is the Empire Beauty School. Classes at Empire Beauty School are both entertaining and engaging, and beauty educators who have received training and certification led them.

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 You will learn how to establish your book of business while working on actual clients in the school’s student salon/clinic where you will get hands-on experience in the beauty industry. 

The field of beauty is an excellent choice for you if you are interested in having a career that provides you with limitless opportunities for creativity and flexibility, while also allowing you to help other people feel more attractive.

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS) has granted Empire Beauty Schools accreditation.

 This commission ensures that its members adhere to a higher standard of quality than schools that have no accreditation.

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#2. Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics And Massage Therapy 

This bus is another one of the top esthetician schools in RI. In 1975, on Boston’s exclusive Newbury Street, the Elizabeth Grady School opened its doors. 

The Elizabeth Grady salon opened in 1974, and the company recognized the need for high-quality training in Esthetics. As a result, the Elizabeth Grady School was founded.

Massachusetts esthetics and cosmetology education and license were separated by the Elizabeth Grady Company.

 It was the ‘Grady Bill’ that established the standard for other states to follow in the United States of America. 

As a result of this specialization within the beauty industry, the need for higher educational requirements arose, which we now enjoy as a result.

After purchasing Elizabeth Grady and a chain of hair salons in 1984, the Gillette Corporation set out to expand its reach across the country.

 Gillette’s administration was better suited to mass marketing than these projects, and as a result, they failed miserably. 

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#3. Warren Alpert Medical School 

Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School has established itself as a frontrunner in both the field of medical education and the field of biomedical research in the decades since it handed out its first Doctor of Medicine degrees.

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University has, over the past four decades, contributed significantly to the vastly improved health care environment in Rhode Island.

 This contribution extends from Rhode Island’s health care policy to the quality of care provided to individual patients.

They can take several different routes to enroll a student in the School. About 140 Doctor of Medicine degrees is conferred annually by the medical school.

The Warren Alpert Medical School is a part of Brown University’s Division of Biology and Medicine, which also encompasses the Biology Program.

 Both of these schools are located on the Brown University campus. The collective research enterprise in the life and health sciences at Brown University brings in $195 million in sponsored research funding each year. 

This is in addition to the seven affiliated teaching hospitals that Brown maintains.

The University is home to a thriving and expanding research community, and close to ninety percent of the students enrolled there take part in either clinical or basic scientific research. It is among the top esthetician schools in RI. 

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#4. Rhode Island School of Design

This is another school that ranks among the top esthetician schools in RI. The Rhode Island School of Design is a non-profit, private college that was established in 1877 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Everyone, at any stage of life and with any degree of expertise, can participate in immersive and forward-thinking art and design education through the Continuing Education program at Rhode Island School of Design. 

This program is available both online and in person. Learning experiences that are accessible, adaptable, and immersive are provided via RISD CE Online, which may be accessed from any location. 

Join them online to complete a certificate program, investigate a new field of study, or start your educational journey in the world of art and design for the very first time. 

Any RISD Continuing Education class can be taken for either personal or professional development, and a good number of them can also count toward the completion of a certificate.

 Certificate programs are designed for students who want to accelerate their creative lives and work and join a community of certificate program graduates.

 Students can complete these programs entirely online, making them convenient for students who have busy schedules.

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#5. Balencia MedSpa+Wellness 

At the Balencia Spa, it is their goal to instill confidence in you via your natural beauty. There is more to health and fitness than just how you look.

 At Balencia, they have crafted each one of their treatments with your health and appearance in mind. 

The advent of cutting-edge medical technologies has presented a wealth of new opportunities for improved health and well-being.

 Treatments that renew the youthful features of the skin and aid in the regeneration of tissues have the potential to turn back the clock on the aging process by a decade or more.

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 The Balencia Spa was established with the mission of providing the most cutting-edge and effective treatments possible while maintaining the highest levels of physician supervision. 

Their day-to-day operations are managed by a staff of clinical practitioners that have received extensive training. 

Their goal to instill confidence in students makes them rank among the top esthetician schools in RI. 

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#6. Ocean State School of Gymnastics 

The Ocean State Sports Group (OSSG) is Rhode Island’s oldest, most professional, and most successful gymnastics facility. 

They are one of the most established clubs in the country. 

Your child’s gymnastics experience will be their top priority, and their goal is to make it the most enjoyable, physically beneficial, and educational that this sport has to offer. 

Their senior coaches have all received their safety certifications from the regulating body of gymnastics in the United States, which is USA Gymnastics, Inc.

At 2352 Mendon Road in Cumberland, the Ocean State School of Gymnastics opened its doors for the first time on January 1, 1980.

 In 1983, they opened their second facility, which was located at the North Smithfield Ice Arena on Route 146. 

Both gyms operated successfully for a total of three years before the owners of the property on Mendon Road decided to partition their area into multiple units. 

They transferred the entire project to the ice arena, and at the same time, they launched their subsequent satellite program on Route 5 in Greenville. 

They expanded and moved to its current location in Smithfield at 9 Rocky Hill Road in 1992, and then two years later, in 1994, they launched their next satellite branch in Cranston at 33 Freeway Drive. It is equally among the top esthetician schools in RI. 

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#7. Catherine Hinds Institute 

The Catherine Hinds Institute, which has a favorable location just 7 miles northwest of Boston, Massachusetts, strives to achieve its mission of creating economic opportunity. 

Since its founding in 1979, the Catherine Hinds Institute has successfully graduated and put thousands of highly skilled and creative individuals into the field of esthetics.

Their educational program emphasizes the importance of the esthetician, who is also known as a skin care professional, as a driving force in the field of skin health, integrating both conventional and holistic approaches to health care in a range of different environments. 

The professional esthetician of today needs to be ready to satisfy a significantly higher demand for knowledge in the expansive field of wellness.

 The skin care training programs offered by the Catherine Hinds Institute are poised to handle that need shortly.

They take great delight in teaching using the most cutting-edge skin care and technology that is currently accessible. 

Because of this, many of their grads have found successful work in the beauty industry as estheticians, makeup artists, and lash artists. 

They find employment in a wide variety of places, including hair salons, medical spas, typical day spas, doctor’s offices, and resorts. 

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#8. Curl Up and Dye 

Curl Up & Dye is well-known for bringing a big city atmosphere to the middle of Newport, Rhode Island, because of its location in the fashionable Broadway section of Newport. 

We are considered one of the most prestigious salons in the area, since we employ master colorists and stylists. 

Their multifaceted and experienced team will ensure that you look and feel your very best, regardless of whether you are attending an elegant occasion or are going for a more daring look.

 Curl Up & Dye takes great pleasure in the welcoming and relaxed atmosphere that it maintains throughout the shop. 

It ranks among the best esthetician schools in RI. 

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#9. Derderian Academy Of Martial Arts 

Raffi A. Derderian is the Senior Instructor at the martial arts school in Johnston, where he teaches everyone from beginners to advanced students.

 Since 1993, he has made it the mission of his life to introduce Rhode Island and the rest of the northeastern region of the United States to the many benefits that martial arts have to offer, both physically and spiritually.

Their martial arts classes are open to anyone of any age, gender, or body type, and they welcome both men and women. 

Within the Johnston community, Derderian Martial Arts have developed into a hub for education and personal development.

The practice of martial arts is an incredible resource for personal growth and development. 

Discipline, attention, and determination can be developed because of the hard work and patience required to perfect each move.

The aspiration to climb the corporate ladder fosters the development of goal-setting and ambition. 

The adrenaline rush that comes with passing tests and recognizing how far you’ve come is a great confidence and pride booster.

And the increased energy that comes with getting into good physical shape gives you the boost you need to bring even more fulfilling activities into your life.

 However, this is not the end of the story. You will also train in self-defense so that you can protect yourself and the people you care about from harm.

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 And although you may never need to put these skills to use in a real-life scenario, the mere knowledge that you can protect yourself will bring you a sense of calm.

The air of self-assurance that you’ll give off will be enough to defuse most potential conflicts before they even happen. 

After all, it is much easier for attackers to target vulnerable individuals. It suffices to keep most of them at bay if you exude power, confidence, and pride in yourself.

The martial arts school has one and only one mission, and that is to ensure your success in the sport. 

Everyone here, including all of their martial arts instructors, is enthusiastic about assisting you in achieving your goals, having a good time, and making the most of the time you spend in this dojo.

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#10. VP Fitness 

On our next list of the top esthetician schools in RI is VP Fitness. Business workers can make use of high-end workout services and amenities at VP Fitness, a specialized boutique fitness club that caters to their needs.

 They have made it their aim to offer members who have demanding lifestyles and fast-paced workplaces a one-of-a-kind solution for their health and wellbeing needs.

 The remarkable quality of their services ensures success for their customers.

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#11. Brown University 

Brown University is a preeminent research institution that is characterized by its emphasis on student-centered learning and a profound sense of purpose. 

The expectation that the work they do will change the world motivated everyone at this institution, from students.

Brown University, was established in 1764.

 It is not only a leading research university that is home to faculty members who are known all over the world, but it is also an innovative educational institution in which the creativity of students drives academic excellence.

They imbue every component of the university with the same ethos as the Open Curriculum for undergraduates.

  Brown is also a place where traditional boundaries are transcended.

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#12. Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defence 

Realistic self-defense, fitness, and personal protection are the primary focuses of Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense, which caters to children and adults over the age of six. 

Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense also offers classes for adults. 

They give the training at the Academy in an amicable and non-threatening environment, and they emphasize instructing students on the principles and techniques that are the most useful for self-defense.

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#13. Tara Siani 

This is one of the best esthetician schools in RI founded by Tara Siani.

 Since she began her career 25 years ago, Tara Siani has honed her skills as a precision hairstylist. 

Tara is well-known for the face-specific hairstyles she creates. Her styles are created with careful consideration for each client’s unique facial structure, to bring out their most attractive qualities and help them feel and look their absolute best.

 Every haircut is unique. Every service comes with a relaxing scalp massage and a stunning blowout as standard.

 Their point of view is that a trip to the salon should be focused entirely on you. A trip to our neighborhood Seven Stars Bakery is not complete without at least one ginger cookie.

 You should visit her website to make an appointment with Tara Siani, your new hairdresser.

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#14. Soles Dance Academy 

The Soles Dancing Academy is a dance studio that welcomes children as young as two years old and up until early adulthood to get training from expert instructors in a variety of dance styles.

 They place a strong emphasis on technique, and they feel that the usage of positive reinforcement may help build an environment that is upbeat and friendly.

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#15. Meadowbrook Waldorf School 

On our last list of the top esthetician schools in RI is Meadowbrook Waldorf School.

 Waldorf education offers a well-rounded curriculum that respects childhood by adapting to the stage of development at which the kid is now operating. 

Early childhood is the optimal time to build a solid foundation for later academic success by engaging in activities that promote the development of fundamental abilities as well as play. 

The natural environment can be experienced by the kid through play and tasks that take place outside, which also promotes teamwork and gives the child an opportunity to reenergize.

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You can apply to various esthetician schools in RI.

 We took our time to compile for you the top esthetician schools in RI and have also given you the requirements needed to apply for these top esthetician schools in RI.

 Make sure you read this article thoroughly in order not to make the mistake of choosing the school which you don’t meet their requirements. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can Estheticians in the top esthetician schools in RI Do Botox?

Estheticians, even though they specialize in cosmetic skin care, do not administer Botox or perform thorough chemical peels.
In addition, estheticians don’t:
Find out what is wrong with a customer’s skin
Take care of the medical needs of patients
Treat the skin’s outermost layers with these methods.
Suggest or give skin-conditioning treatment to customers

How Do I Find the Best Esthetician Schools in RI Near me?

All you have to do to locate a beauty school in your area is type in “Google.” Use the search term “Beauty Schools Near Me” when looking for information on schools.

How Long Does It Take To Become An Esthetician in RI?

To become a licensed esthetician in RI, you must complete a 600-hour esthetician training program.

Who is in charge of the top Esthetician Schools Examinations in RI?

The National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology has designed the tests used in RI. PSI, a licensing/certification company, will administer these examinations.



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