10 Best Forensic Anthropology Schools In 2025 | Rankings, Programs, Requirements, Tuition

Forensic anthropology sciences is a good calling that requests a lot of time and exertion. While it isn’t offered as a college class at any school, it is accessible as a significant in groundbreaking programs.

This article will show you the best forensic anthropology schools you can attend in 2025.

Who is a Forensic Anthropologist?

Forensic Anthropology is the branch of physical anthropology (the study of human remains). Forensic Anthropology relies on skeletal analysis and other archaeological techniques to solve criminal cases.

A Forensic Anthropologist has the right training and qualification to recover, study and analyze human remains to find out the cause of death, time of death, how long they have been dead, and who died (where necessary).

One who studies forensic anthropology can be called a forensic anthropologist.

What does a Forensic Anthropologist Do?

The duty as a forensic anthropologist is like that of a detective. The forensic anthropologist studies human remains (especially hard tissues like bones) to unravel the cause, time, and type of death.

They are trained to handle human remains and help unravel death-related mysteries. Therefore, addressing a forensic anthropologist as a detective is not totally out of place.

Why Study Forensic Anthropology in Schools?

Forensic Anthropology, like other professional fields requires special education and training. The curriculum covers many hours of studies and hands-on experience to become a certified forensic anthropologist.

While many universities offer forensic anthropology, being meticulous about choosing schools is essential. Ensuring the forensic anthropology school you choose is well equipped for the training is essential.

Specialized forensic anthropology schools have the right teaching tools and manpower.

What is the Job Outlook for Forensic Anthropologists?

From information from the US Bureau of Statistics, there is an expected 10% rise in the career outlook for anthropology and archaeology from 2025 to 2028. Which is faster than the national growth rate of 5% expected for other professions for the same period.

It also expects careers in forensic anthropology to be highly competitive because it is a single specialty in the broad field of anthropology.

Obtaining a doctor’s degree can boost your chances of landing a well-paid job in the future. However, you might not require a master’s degree to work as a forensic anthropologist.

How much does a Forensic Anthropologist Make?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2025 report, the total number of anthropologists in the United States at the time was 6,720. The Bureau also puts the median salary range for anthropologists at $63,670.

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Professionals in the lowest level earned about $39,460 or lower. Conversely, anthropologists at the top 10% earn as much as $97,950 annually. Some factors can determine how much an anthropologist earns.

Factors like the place and kind of work the anthropologist does can affect pay level. According to BLS, below are the expected salary range for anthropologists in different industries:

  • Federal Government Agencies: 77,560 dollars
  • Field of Engineering: 68,690 dollars
  • Scientific, Management and Technical Consulting Services: 61,360 dollars
  • Research and Development (Social Science and Humanities): 55,950 dollars

Forensic anthropologists are more likely to land a government-related job. The salary of a forensic anthropologist may likely be higher than the other fields of anthropology.

Which Body Accredits Forensic Anthropology Programs?

The American National Standards Institute-American Society for Quality (ANSI-ASQ), National Accreditation Board (ANAB), and the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) both offer accreditation programs for forensic anthropology services using either the International Organization for Standardization/International Electrical Commission (ISO/IEC) 17025 or ISO/IEC 17020 standard.

How Much Does it Cost to Enrol in Forensic Anthropology Schools?

The cost of enrolling in forensic anthropology schools differs from one school to the other. The program and the university of choice can influence the cost of enrolment.

How Many Years Does it Take to Become a Forensic Anthropologist?

For those who wish to practice professionally as forensic anthropologists, at least a master’s or doctorate with a major in anthropology is required. The degree should also focus on one of the following fields:

  • Biology
  • Physical or forensic anthropology

Becoming a professional forensic anthropologist takes an average of 6 to 10 years. The requirement may vary depending on the college of your choice.

How Does One Apply to Forensic Anthropology Schools?

Becoming a forensic anthropologist requires dedication and hard work. Forensic anthropology is a specialized field. Therefore, it requires at least a master’s degree in the field to land a job in the field. Becoming a professional forensic anthropologist involves the following steps:

  • Earn A GED (4 years): those who wish to pursue a career in forensic anthropology must first graduate get a GED from a high school. Their results must show excellence in the sciences (biology and others).
  • Obtain an undergraduate degree (4 years) in relevant fields like anthropology, forensic science, or biology. It is also essential to maintain a strong GPA to gain admission in the master’s program, which is highly competitive.
  • Pursue your master’s program (2 years): no school offers forensic anthropology as an undergraduate program. Forensic anthropology can only be offered as a graduate program. You will also gain hands-on experience in forensic anthropology through an internship.

If you love digging up human bones to uncover the truth about their death, then Forensic Anthropology is for you. Forensic Anthropology is relatively an emerging field compared to other fields of Anthropology that have existed longer than I can imagine.

Forensic Anthropology deals with applying biological anthropological techniques legally to figure out issues concerning the death of a person.

Forensic Anthropology is a noble profession; however, finding the right school can be a bit tasking. Choosing the right University for Forensic Anthropology is not business as usual. The university you settle with will affect your performance and chances after your academic career.

Therefore, we embarked on different approaches in compiling this list. Below is our list of the top 10 best Forensic Anthropology Schools in 2025, with their rankings and program requirements.

10 Best Forensic Anthropology Schools in 2025

#1. Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

At the top of our list of best forensic anthropology schools is a privately owned university, Brandeis University. The university is in Waltham and occupies a moderately sized space. The university is a non-profit university and ranks high when compared to other universities.

Brandeis also offers masters and doctorate programs for students who wish to attain a higher level of education. Forensic anthropology graduates from Brandeis earn an additional 4,488 dollars above other college graduates with the same degree qualification.

The tuition fee for Brandeis University is $57,615. You can visit the following link for information about the application. Brandeis is also the most popular university in MA. The degree programs range from Bachelor’s Degree to Doctor’s Degree.

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The Median starting salary for graduates of Brandeis University is 33,600 dollars.

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#2. Columbia University, New York

Columbia University in New York City is a great place to look at if you are interested in Forensic Anthropology. The University has the best college rank of 32 out of 1,715 and is worthy of our list of best forensic anthropology schools for 2025.

It is also the 5th most popular school in New York City. Columbia University is a great place to pursue your career in Forensic Anthropology. Graduates who major in Forensic Anthropology will earn 5,988 dollars more than their counterparts from other schools.

The highest degree type offered at Columbia University is Doctor’s Degree. The median starting salary for Columbia University New York forensic anthropology graduates is 35,100 dollars.

The tuition fees for Columbia University for the 2025-2025 Academic year is 61,671 dollars with a student to faculty ratio of 6:1. For more information about the University and its programs, click here.

#3. New York University, New York City

The New York University is hard to ignore for rating the best Forensic Anthropology Schools. The University has set a high record over the years, making it a strong competitor in the field. New York University ranks 130th among 1,715 with quality and standard in New York.

The university programs range from bachelor’s to Doctor’s Degree. Therefore, fresh students and those wishing to upgrade their studies can sign up.

In recent years, New York University has become the choice university for many students. With a record of 67 graduates of Anthropology lately. The students of Anthropology who graduate from New York University earn about 10,388 dollars above the average earnings of other students from the same field of study.

The student-to-faculty ratio for New York University is 9:1. The tuition fees for the 2025 academic session are 56,500 dollars for on/offsite students. For more information about application and life at New York University, kindly follow the link.

#4. University of California, Los Angeles

Next on the list is the University of California, located in Los Angeles. It is the most popular university in California, ranking 65 out of 1,715 universities nationwide. According to recent data, the University of California has a record of about 254 anthropology graduates.

Students from the University of California will earn an average of 29,000 dollars working within the first few years of their graduation. The degrees offered at the University of California range from bachelor’s to doctorate.

The tuition fees for the 2025-2025 academic session is 14,100, subject to the board’s decision. The student-to-faculty ratio is 18:1 for the University of California. Whether you are a fresh student or wish to pursue advanced studies, the University of California is an excellent choice.

The University offers Degree to Doctor’s program in Anthropology. Freshman applicants at the University of California must complete a 15-year academic course with a 3.4 GPA.

For more information, visit the official admission requirements page of California University.

#5. University of Virginia – Main Campus

The University of Virginia in the suburb of Charlottesville is number 5 on our list of best forensic anthropology schools. The publicly owned University has a large student population and ranks 42 out of 1,715 universities.

In recent years, about 64 students have graduated from anthropology. The tuition fees for the University of Virginia are 423 dollars per credit hour for Virginians and 1,552 dollars for non-Virginians.  

The median salary for graduates of forensic anthropology from the University of Virginia-Main Campus is 32,500 dollars. The amount is approximately 3,388 dollars above the average earning of other graduates from the same field.

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#6. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The University of Carolina in Chapel Hill is very large. The university’s ranking stands at number 60 out of 1,715 colleges. It is a wonderful location for those wishing to pursue a forensic anthropology career.

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UNC offers both master’s and doctor’s programs in anthropology. Most people who attend the University of North Carolina seeking a higher degree go there for a master’s degree. Early starters in forensic anthropology from UNC earn $28,200 on average.

The tuition fees for the 2025 session for UNC was 14,882 dollars. UNC has a student-to-faculty ratio of 14:1. For detailed information about admission, benefits, and aids, kindly visit this link.  

#7. University of California-Santa Barbara, California

Moving on to number 8 on our list of best forensic anthropology schools if the university of California. Notable for its large size, this university is located in Santa Barbara. The university has over 23,349 undergraduates and spans 989 acres of land.

The university ranks 30th in the nation and 133rd out of 1,715 universities. When you talk of anthropology in the United States, the University of California, Santa Barbara, is one of the top choices for students.

According to the latest data year, the University has graduated over 136students in the field of anthropology. As a fresh graduate in anthropology from the University of California, you can earn an average of 27,000 dollars.

The University of California has a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1, and the tuition fee is 11,442 dollars. Remember that you will also pay for supplies, rooms, and other dues as required. For more information about fees and other payments, click here.

#8. Monmouth University

The large West Long Branch, New Jersey suburb is home to Monmouth University. A  privately owned university with a medium-sized student population. The university was founded in 1933 and is constantly fed with students from 33 different countries.

On average, anthropology graduates from Monmouth University earn an average of 41,600 dollars for a start. The amount continues to grow as you gain more experience. The university recently graduated about 27 students from the anthropology department.

The tuition fee of Monmouth University is 38,880 dollars. The University has a student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1. Monmouth University ranks 487 out of 1,715  universities and is 3rd most popular in New Jersey.

To learn more about Monmouth University, kindly follow the link.

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#9. University of California–Berkeley, California

Berkeley is a medium-sized city in California and is home to the public University of California, number 9 on our list of best forensic anthropology schools. This institution prides itself with a large population of students and ranks 69th among 1,715 schools across the United States.

This institution of higher education is the 4th most popular University in California, and it graduates about 126 students in the field of anthropology annually (according to recent records). Fresh graduates earn a median salary of 25,500 dollars for a start.

The local tuition for the University of California—Berkeley is 14,253 dollars, and domestic tuition of 44,007 dollars. There is a student-to-faculty ratio of 19:1, and a graduation rate of 92 and an acceptance rate of 16 percent. The University of California offers a master’s and doctorate in anthropology.

With a graduation growth rate of 20.8%, the University of California is a good place for anyone interested in forensic anthropology.

For more information about the university, kindly follow this link.

#10. The University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

Gainesville is a medium-sized town and is home to the University of Florida. The university ranks number one in Florida and 85th against other 1,715 universities. The University of Florida has all the qualities that make it eligible to enter our top ten list of best forensic anthropology schools in 2025.

A university is a good option for those who take forensic anthropology seriously. The university offers both masters and doctorate degrees in anthropology. Fresh graduates from the University of Florida earn up to 23,200 dollars in revenue.

The local tuition fees for the University of Florida are 6,381, while the domestic tuition is 28,659 dollars. The university is also fairly large, with a student-to-faculty ratio of 17:1.

You can learn more about the University of Florida via this link.


The job of a forensic anthropologist is like that of a detective. Besides the work hours and dedication you put in to become forensic anthropology, the school choice is also an essential factor to consider.

So far, no university offers forensic anthropology as a direct undergraduate course. Therefore, you need to consider a school’s programs before signing up. The best forensic anthropology schools to consider are those that offer both master’s and doctor’s programs in anthropology.  

It will save you the stress of looking for another school for your master’s and bachelor’s in forensic anthropology. If you have become forensic anthropology, our top 10 best forensic anthropology is your best choice to consider.



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