10 Best GRE Prep Books to Study Better in 2025

To have an outstanding performance in the Graduate Record Exam, you must invest your time in understanding how the exam works through the best GRE prep books and also, seek professional advice.

Be certain that inadequate preparation leads to failure. So, you must endeavor to get your desired GRE score even on the first attempt.

So, if you have so desired to ace your GRE without having to think of resitting, read this article to see the 10 best prep books that can aid your study.

What is GRE?

The GRE General Test is a standardized test meant to assess overall intellectual preparedness for graduate school and administered by the Educational Testing Service, sometimes known as ETS.

Some graduate programs require applicants to take the GRE General Test and a GRE Subject Test, which tests technical knowledge in a specific area such as physics, psychology, or mathematics.

How long do I need to Prepare for GRE?

Basically, no two persons spend the same number of time preparing for the GRE test. But, if you have prior knowledge of how the test works, you’ll have an edge over one who’s inexperienced.

And, since the GRE test isn’t one that can be taken with a pinch of salt, you must invest quality time studying for it.

If you do, chances are that you’d do better and achieve a high score. So, devoting a short time to such a test of high importance could lead to a total flop.

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How many Prep Books do I need?

As funny as this sounds, the deal isn’t in getting many books that you cannot read but in getting fewer books that encapsulate everything you require in learning style and content.

It could be one, two, or even three but be sure to limit yourself to what you can carry.

10 Best GRE Prep Books

Being well-prepared for the GRE can help you secure a spot in graduate school and pave the route for your future goals.

These top GRE prep books will be invaluable in assisting you in preparing for the exam and achieving your target score.

Look through our list of best GRE prep books to help you choose the finest prep book for your needs.

#1. Kaplan GRE Prep Plus

The Kaplan GRE prep book is a comprehensive study guide that includes full-length GRE practice tests and practice problems for each subject.

This GRE prep book includes effective practice questions with different levels of difficulty and interestingly, the explanations that come with the answers are very concise.

Going through this book, you will see explanations on how to approach difficult questions in order to make them more approachable.

At the end of the book, there is a GRE vocabulary guide with synonyms, which is excellent.

#2. Magoosh GRE Prep

The Magoosh GRE prep book is one to keep in mind when studying for the GRE exam. This complete study guide includes online access to over 1,000 practice exam questions, full-length tests, hundreds of lectures, and video explanations of each question and answer.

Magoosh’s GRE prep book provides test-taking tips from specialists who assisted in the development of the GRE exam.

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It also contains a study schedule to help you prepare for exam day, as well as a list of simple tips and methods to help you ace any sort of question on the exam.

#3. The Princeton Review GRE Prep

The Princeton Review GRE Prep is one of the top GRE prep books available which will help you fully prepare for the exam.

This GRE prep book is chock-full of advice to help you prepare for the exam and enhance your score. With powerful methods and thorough examples of how to approach all question types, you’ll learn how to pace yourself while maximizing your time and enhancing your knowledge of the GRE content areas.

This exam prep book contains a thorough study of each component of the exam, and I found the practice sections on reading comprehension and math to be helpful.

#4. Manhattan Prep 5 lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems

There’s no better way to understand how to pace yourself throughout a test as the GRE if not with this handy study book.

It contains micro drills and helps you understand the key arithmetic concepts that would brush up your knowledge and quantitative skills.

Each of the practice problems in this book has thorough explanations and solutions, and step-by-step implementations.

#5. Official GRE Super Power Pack

Looking for an all-in-one package to make your GRE test preparation an easy one? The official GRE superpower pack is your go-to guide.

In this GRE prep book, you’ll find:

  • The official GRE general test
  • Quantitative Reasoning Practice Questions for GRE
  • Practice Questions for the GRE Verbal Reasoning Section

The package includes 600 genuine practice exam questions, with many of them including extensive answer explanations.

#6. Test Prep Book

Another in-depth study guide you can find on our list of best GRE prep books is the Test Prep Book.

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It includes verbal reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and analytical writing and teaches you how to use hacks to enhance your GRE scores.

Asides from the general content being clear and succinct, you’ll receive a free ‘Test Taking DVD’ when you buy the prep book.

There are also extensive answer explanations for the practice questions.

#7. GRE Barron’s Test Prep

Barron’s GRE is a GRE study book that covers all aspects of the GRE General Test. It includes diagnostic tests for each GRE part and two full-length GRE practice tests.

These practice tests have thorough answer explanations and are included in Barron’s GRE prep book.

People who buy the GRE book also have access to two more full-length examinations online, which may be taken on any device. However, there are many areas of this GRE prep book that are lacking.

#8. 1,027 GRE Practice Questions

Another book that can help you tackle the inability to get a high score on the GRE test is the 1,027 GRE practice questions.

Apart from the problems and drills, this prep book includes a diagnostic test to determine how well you are prepared for the exam, as well as an online full-length practice test.

Even when presented with difficult GRE problems, this GRE prep book breaks down math and GRE verbal reasoning practice questions to better help you get into the problem-solving mentality.

#9. Mometrix GRE Prep

This complete guide comes with section reviews, detailed answer explanations, a full-length practice test, and even strategies and step-by-step tutorials for very difficult concepts.

This GRE prep book puts a lot of attention on the psychology of the students planning to take the exam.

#10. GRE Vocabulary Flashcards Fourth Edition

With Kaplan’s GRE vocabulary flashcards, you can study for GRE on the go and develop strong vocabulary skills to help you ace the verbal reasoning section of the exam.

On the flashcard, you’ll find synonyms and a pronunciation clue. Interesting part? You can improve mastery and retention with each of the words in a phrase.


The GRE test preparation phase isn’t complete without choosing the best GRE prep book. Because there are several preparation books in the market, you may lose focus on what exactly you want to prepare yourself with.

I hope this list encourages you to go for the best and one that you can understand easily.



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