Top 15 Best Jobs For Recent College Grads

College seniors are getting ready for their next step as it is nearly time to capture photographs of graduation caps flying in the air.

Employers expect to recruit 26.6 percent more recent graduates from the Class of 2024 than they did from the Class of 2021, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2024 Job Outlook study. But which positions will provide recent grads with the best balance of high pay, room for advancement, and benefits?

After graduation, you’ll naturally want to find a college grad job that fits your career purpose.

Are you a recent college grad? You might be a bit confused about which career to pursue. This post will review everything you need to know about the best job for college graduates.

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How Long Does it Take to Find Jobs after College?

About 53% of college grads are either unemployed or employed in positions that do not fit their degree. The average college graduate must find a job three to six months after graduation.

A student gains by having a plan for finding a job and a work history. Otherwise, your CV can be buried among hundreds of others submitted for a given position.

You should plan and prepare for your careers throughout your academic year. You can change your course and do not have to commit to one field to pursue it immediately. However, students must plan for a lifetime of work or many vocations.

Overall, the duration of finding a job after graduation usually depends on the program you majored in, the sector you’re applying to, and your skill set.

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You could be experiencing pressure from needing to get a job immediately if you’re a recent graduate. Here are some pointers for landing a job right out of college.

Set Objectives

Know exactly what kind of job you want, including the duties, location, pay, and work environment. Establish a target date for when you hope to start working as well.

Setting and maintaining specific goals can help you stay focused during your job hunt. This is the first and most crucial step in starting your job-searching trip.

Organize your plan

Establish a regular schedule for your job hunt and avoid interruptions during that period. This will ensure that you put in the time and effort necessary for your job search to succeed.

Be prepared psychologically. Stay inspired and upbeat. Being organized can help you keep trying despite any minor setbacks.

Update your information

Update your social media profiles, professional portfolio, and résumé often. Add the outcomes to your résumé when you finish each task or apprenticeship.

Depending on the job description, each potential employer should receive a CV that fits. Include a list of general qualifications pertinent to the workplace and the available position.


Inform everyone you know about your availability and employment search. Start with your family and close friends, and don’t forget about the individuals you meet at any activity, church, volunteer work, and online groups.

There are hundreds of job search possibilities when you consider specialized websites for employment in any industry. Think about developing or submitting a targeted resume to one or more websites.


References can play a critical role in getting a job after college. Never wait until a prospective employer requests references. Approach anyone who could be ready to provide a reference. Consider your past volunteer experiences. Former instructors may also serve as references.

Additionally, once you have accomplished an apprenticeship, your mentor will provide you with a reference that will serve as credible social evidence of your abilities.

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What are the Best Jobs for College Graduates in 2024?

After analyzing data from some of the online job user profiles and job openings, among other things, these are the best jobs for college grads.

#1. Project Managers

A project manager is one of the best jobs for college grads. The value of a good project manager is immeasurable. A job in project management is a crash education in risk management, stress tolerance, and diplomacy.

New graduates seeking the freedom of working from any location should take note of these dynamic roles, which you can handle remotely. It could be necessary for you to begin as an assistant before spending a few years working on your Project Management Professional certification.

These in-demand positions’ flexibility and career potential may be astounding if you get beyond the early obstacles. Opening pay for entry-level positions is $57,500, but with time and the PMP certification, you may be able to make $90,000 or more.

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#2. Salesperson

Sales Jobs are a great opportunity to develop crucial skills that will be useful in any future profession.

There is nowhere better to practice deep listening, overcome the fear of approaching others, learn how to handle rejection, and strike a balance between being persuasive and forceful.

There are a wide variety of sales positions available, and practically every business requires qualified sales personnel.

Starting salaries range from $31,100 to lower or higher amounts based on the benefits of the particular profession. Branching into sales presents one of the best jobs for college grads.

#3. Data Analyst

Data science is one of the top employment options and career pathways to explore if you have a background in math. Major corporations require data scientists to assist them in making sense of all the data they have on customers, the market as a whole, and rivals.

There is so much data that people could never possibly examine it all. Thus, they require assistance in developing software applications and systems that analyze the data and produce useful business insights.

In terms of pay, it’s also one of the best jobs for college grads; many data scientists make an average income of $100K to $150K or more.

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#4. SEO Expert

A career in search engine optimization (SEO) is now in great demand, and it is one of the best jobs for college graduates to pursue.

In this position, you assist businesses in having their website rank well in Google and other search engine rankings.

Companies are ready to spend a lot of money on an SEO specialist because this generates new business leads for the organization every day and can endure for years.

Independent of your major, you may learn everything you need to know about SEO online and land an entry-level job.

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#5. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants help organizations with administrative responsibilities. They may carry out duties including taking messages, assisting clients, processing paperwork and putting data into databases on computers.

College graduates’ improved communication and project management abilities can help them excel in an administrative assistant position.

This makes it one of the best jobs for college graduates. An administrative assistant makes $15.76 per hour on average.

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#6. Marketing Co-ordinators

Marketing coordination is one of the best jobs for college grads. They manage the organizing and execution of a client’s marketing initiatives.

Market coordinators can support both digital and print advertising approaches concerning creative strategies, statistics, or the overall marketing plan.

College students can carry out the responsibilities of the marketing coordinator position using the organizational and project management abilities learned in college. A market coordinator makes $45,144 on average yearly.

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#7. Auditor

An auditor examines and audits a business’s financial records to find any problems. You’ll also investigate the company’s payroll and taxes as an auditor. This ensures they comply with all applicable state and federal laws.

Auditors are very good at arithmetic and analysis, which helps them comprehend a business’s financial requirements and assess its present financial situation. Auditing is one of the best jobs for college grads.

#8. Tutors

Tutoring is one of the best jobs for college graduates. During their studies, college students will acquire study skills that will help them when acting as tutors.

Tutors help high school or college students do their homework and get ready for future exams. A tutor may make $25.18 per hour.

#9. Software Engineer

One of the profitable career options for college grads is software engineering. A software engineer creates computer programs using solid mathematical and analytical abilities.

As needed, software engineers can upgrade current engineering programs and debug current programs. Software engineers make an average base salary of $90,000.

In addition to profitability, software engineering is one of the best jobs for college grads to pursue.’

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#10. Accountants

Specialists in accounting may take their route across all businesses because it is a dynamic area. You don’t have to limit yourself to simply audit and tax; three of the top four auditing businesses are among the top five employers of recent graduates.

The core of any business is money. You’ll be ready for a lifetime of professional success by having a solid understanding of an organization’s financial foundation.

A bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, or finance is sufficient for most staff accounting roles. The average starting salary is $48,000.

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#11. Financial Analyst

Financial services, banking, insurance, consulting firms, and healthcare: Many and diverse businesses are trying to recruit financial analysts.

Your day-to-day duties will depend on your employer’s requirements. Still, most financial analysts begin by creating mathematical models, analyzing data, writing reports, and getting to know the needs of individuals who will use the work they produce.

The typical starting pay for entry-level jobs is $59,300. It is one of the best jobs for college graduates.

#12. Account Managers

An Account Manager is a point of contact between a business and its clients. Depending on the business, an account manager may visit clients, operate in a corporate office, or go to conferences.

Your ultimate objectives are to deliver excellent customer service and resolve any issues that emerge in the company-client partnership.

Excellent account managers are adept at identifying unmet requirements and opening up new business chances by developing closer ties with current clients.

The position might be a wonderful place to start a career in sales, marketing, or business development, with entry-level pay of about $52,900.

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#13. Teacher

While teaching professions can be quite challenging, they can also be very rewarding. Young graduates can make a meaningful impact as more public and private schools reevaluate their approach to education, incorporate new technology, and alter classrooms to prepare students for the constantly changing world.

The entry-level income is $40,000. Teaching is also one of the best jobs for college graduates, as it gives opportunities to grow in a particular field.

#14. Research Assistant

Research assistants are among the best jobs for college graduates. They support research efforts by applying their evaluative and investigative abilities.

It is possible that students already have these abilities because, during their schooling, they frequently finish multiple research projects and publications. The research assistant’s median base salary is $28,855.

#15. Customer service representative

Customer service employees paid consumers by enlightening them about the goods and assisting them with placing purchases. They could work in a variety of various sectors, including hospitality, technology, retail, and restaurants.

In the function of a customer service representative, college graduates should have acquired abilities in problem-solving and communication. $35,000 is the median base salary.

Working as a customer service representative is one of the best jobs for college graduates. 

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Ideas for Innovative College Grads

The 9-to-5 job phase is slowly fading out. They are no longer the only option, particularly for young people who are just starting their careers.

There are many other methods to make a living, including side jobs, freelance employment, and self-run businesses, all of which are growing in popularity.

Many new graduates decide to carve out their niches in several sectors by launching their firms. Below are some suggestions for business-minded college graduates.

Graphics Designing

Are you an expert with programs like Photoshop or Illustrator? Most firms require access to quality branding materials like logos, banners, and signs.

If you’re going to graduate from college with an arsenal of graphic design talents, consider starting a freelance design company that serves other business owners.

You may use your skill set to land new employment and perhaps even set yourself up with a full-time position right out of college. Aim to build up a network of connections and a reputation for producing high-quality designs.

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Social Media Consultation

Want to apply your degree or skill in marketing or communications? Think about establishing a social media consulting business. Small companies frequently need to handle their social media marketing.

But with so many other duties, business owners won’t have time to develop effective plans for each increasing number of social platforms companies can use.

As a consultant, you may assist companies in choosing the right strategies, posting frequencies, and content for their target markets. The more followers they have, the more tasking your job gets.

Content creation

Creative people like writers and graphic designers can now utilize their skills to create high-quality, shareable content for companies and media outlets, thanks to social media and the 24-hour news cycle.

Marketing oneself as a skilled freelance content writer is now simpler than ever, thanks to the burgeoning gig economy of independent contractors.

If you decide to go for a full-time career in the future, this might also be a fantastic method to develop your talents. Make sure you clearly understand your brand, how you want to advertise yourself, and how you want to use your expertise if you want to help yourself stand out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the easiest job to get after college?

Administrative assistants and sales representative jobs are among the easiest jobs after college.

What is the best job for college graduates?

Accounting and software engineering are some of the best jobs for college grads.

Is it hard for college graduates to find jobs?

In comparison to 2021, major firms expect to hire 31% more college graduates this year.

How long does it take to get a job after college?

Depending on your major, it might take 3-6 months for a college grad to land a job.

How much do most college grads make?

According to statistics, the entry-level salary for college grads is $55,260.

What is the highest paying job for college grads?

With an average base income of $139,300, petroleum engineering is one of the Highest Paid jobs for college grads.


If there is anything you are enthusiastic about that isn’t on this list, you should pursue it instead.

Finding something you genuinely care about will make you happier and more successful in your career.

Passion also makes you stand out. This is the main lesson to learn. If you recently graduated from college, use the list of the top jobs for college grads above as a reference, but don’t feel obligated to choose one of these possibilities.


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