10 Best Masters In English Programs In The World 2024

In today’s world, a Bachelor’s degree in the English profession is not sufficient enough to meet the competition in the job market. That is why it’s advisable you get a master’s and even a doctoral degree to prepare you for more lucrative jobs.

A master’s degree in English can improve your writing skills, sharpen your analytical abilities, and broaden your literary knowledge. It can also expose you to the world of English Literature.

For this reason, we will link you with the top 10 schools that offer the best Master’s programs in English. You will find the option that best fits your demand.

But before we dive into that, let’s share with you some vital information you need to know about advanced programs in English. The table below will give you an overview of what we’ve got for you.

Why Masters In English?

Gaining an advanced degree and experience associated with graduate work is necessary for every discipline.

Acquiring a master’s degree in English helps students improve their skills and get ahead at work. It makes a candidate more competitive on the job market, in particular for those lucrative school administrator jobs.

Graduates with MA in English have effective writing, and critical thinking and analytical skills to stand out and possibly command an above-average salary.

Furthermore, when it comes to English, each school has a different flair to their curriculum. Therefore, before you take up any program, check for the following factors;

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  • Accreditations
  • A solid foundation in communication (both written and digital) and content building
  • Core classes in English and research
  • Elective options that are available.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Masters Degree In English?

The length or duration of English graduate programs varies according to schools. A typical master’s in English consists of 36 credits; however, some curricula include as many as 54 credits while others may take up to 18 months for full-time students and three to five years for part-time students.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Masters Degree In English?

The fees and tuition associated with earning a graduate degree in English vary quite a bit. The factors that determine cost include the specific institution and number of programs you are studying in, as well as your country and length of study.

Though costs vary from program to program and school to school, most master’s in English programs cost between $10,000 and $60,000.

There are certain criteria you have to meet before you can take up an advanced degree in English. Most schools require an application form, transcripts, a minimum GPA, and letters of recommendation.

However, it may be impossible to enroll in a master’s or doctorial degree in English if you do not meet the required pre-requisite. To enroll in a master’s degree in English, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree. You have to complete a bachelor’s in this field or degree in a related field before they can apply for a master’s program.

In addition, most master’s programs require you to have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. Nevertheless, students with lower GPAs can sometimes offset this requirement with exceptional GRE scores or work experience. Some schools also require standardized test scores and professional work experience.

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What Are The Best Masters In English Programs?

There are many Institutions that award a Masters’s degree in English but not all are worth it.

We have put together the following degree programs that may help you on your journey to becoming an expert in English.

Some programs on the list focus on literary theory and analysis. Others encompass a wide range of career-building skills or allow students to pursue their own specific interests.

The basics of our selection are the quality and range of courses provided, as well as school awards, accreditations, rankings, and reputation. We got our data from reliable sources, testimonials, interviews, and also by contacting individual schools.

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#1 Columbia University in New York, NY

The first school that flashes in people’s minds when they think of English programs is Columbia University(CU). In fact, the graduate English program at CU ranked fourth-best in the country by U.S. News and World Report in 2013.

This school awards a Master of Arts through the English and Comparative Literature Department. The program is scheduled on a part-time or full-time basis.

Coursework features key concepts in literary analysis and medieval writing. During the course of the program, students must develop a 25-page scholarly essay.

Additionally, students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language before graduating.

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#2 Stanford University 

Stanford University(SU) is another school in our list that offers the best English masters programs. SU is a private university located in Stanford, California.

This school offers a Master of Arts degree in English. Students are required to complete at least nine courses which is a minimum of 45 units of the graduate load and a capstone project. Coursework features majors topics including the following;

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  • Advanced Fiction Writing
  • Melville’s Moby Dick
  • Intro to Psychoanalysis as a Critical Method
  • Publication Workshop

Additionally, students choosing to pursue the STEP program and the CTP complete a special curriculum in English language, composition, and literature that prepares students for teaching at the public school level. Graduate tuition is $50,703.

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#3 Northwestern University

Northwestern University(NU) is located in Evanston, Illinois. SU ranks 20th best graduate English program in the U.S. by U.S. News and World Report.

This Institution awards a Master of Arts in English through the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. SU features a highly flexible curriculum that allows students to choose courses and research projects.

The degree coursework typically covers topics in poetry, the works of Shakespeare, and the history of English.

The graduate English program at Northwestern University prepares its students for a variety of careers and also for advanced doctoral work.

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#4 Webster University

Webster University offers a degree program leading to a Master of Arts in English. The program features a 33 credit-hour course load. Students can choose between a K-12 ELL Education emphasis or and ESL/EFL Education emphasis.

Coursework covers the following key concepts;

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  • Curriculum Development in Second Language Classrooms
  • Language History, Planning, and Policy
  • Language and Culture
  • Second Language Acquisition

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#5 Cornell University 

Another school in our list that features a great English program is Cornell University(CU). Data from the U.S. News and World Report show that CU had the #8 best graduate English program in the U.S. Cornell is located in Ithaca, New York.

The institution features a highly selective Master of Arts in English program. They accept only eight students per year; four who plan to pursue a concentration in fiction and four who want to concentrate on poetry.

Coursework covers concentration in literature, languages, and/or cultural studies.

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#6 Hamline University

Hamline University is a private university located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. it is the oldest university in the state of Minnesota. 

Hamline awards a Master of Arts degree program in English to non-English speakers. It is a 36 credit-hour program with 28 credits. Students can choose 8 core courses in their chosen area of concentration.

Course work covers the following key topics;

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  • Advanced Linguistic Analysis
  • Phonetics and Phonology
  • Advanced Linguistic Analysis
  • Pedagogical Grammar and Discourse

The Masters in English graduate program is very flexible; allows students to choose to attend either online or on-campus

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#7 University of Maryland-Baltimore

The University of Maryland-Baltimore County(UMBC) is a public university located in Catonsville, Maryland. It is one of the top-ranked universities in the country.

UMBC offers a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English. The program is designed to train prospective and experienced teachers of ESL and EFL.

Courses offered include;

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  • Human Learning and Cognition
  • The Grammar of American English for ESOL Teachers
  • Bilingualism
  • Teaching and Assessing Second Language Speaking and Listening

Additionally, Students are required to complete their programs by preparing a thesis based on original research they conduct, or by completing an ISD Project Seminar.

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#8 University of San Francisco 

Another recognized institution that awards one of the best graduate English degree is the University of San Francisco(USF). USF is a private university located in San Francisco, California.

This school offers a Master of Arts in English. It is a 30 credit program and features key concepts in foundations, methods, social and cultural studies, elective, and field projects.

Coursework covers the following topics;

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  • Gender and Globalization
  • Critical Analysis of Urban Schooling
  • Language and Culture
  • Applied Linguistics

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#9  Arizona State University

If you are seeking a distance learning program, consider Arizona State University(ASU). ASU is a top-ranked school and awards one of the best online master’s programs in English.

The curriculum features 10 courses, totaling 30 credit hours of study. Coursework covers comparative literature, literary theory, writing, and rhetoric.

In addition to the core course curriculum, students are expected to complete their programs with an applied project, capstone seminar, or thesis. Tuition are $10,822(in-state) and $28,336(out-of-state).

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#10 Ohio University

 Ohio University(OU) is located in Athens. it started in 1804. OU ranks 91 in both Top Public Schools and graduate-level English programs by U.S. News & World Report.

Ohio University offers an online degree program leading to a Master of Arts in English. It is a 16 month-4 semester program and consists of eight courses totaling 32 credit hours.

Courseworks feature topics in Cross-Cultural Literature, Medieval Literature, and Renaissance Drama. Graduate tuition is $12,192(in-state) and $21,656 (out-of-state).

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The above programs will prepare you for a highly rewarding career in English.

Where Can I Work With A Masters Degree in English?

English professionals can work in a variety of job settings including Universities & colleges, Embassies, finance, and many others.

Most of these professionals pursue a number of different careers, primarily in middle school and secondary educational settings. Others may choose to become administrators.

How Much Can I Earn With A Masters Degree in English?

In the English language professions, individuals with a higher degree level usually earn more starting out than those with a lower-level degree.

An entry-level in this profession may be commanding a median salary of just under $60,000 while those with advanced degrees like the administrators may earn a median salary above $94,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Is The Job Prospect For People With Masters In English?

A recent study shows that about 1.5 billion people around the world speak the English Language. Due to this fact, there is always a demand for people with degrees in English. There is expected to be 8 percent job growth on the horizon, meaning another 20,000 job openings in the next ten years.


A Master’s degree in English could be an opportunity to build foundational skills and gain the experience necessary to participate in any job setting you find yourself in. Take advantage of the programs we’ve highlighted in this article, they will help you pursue a wide range of occupations.

Frequently Asked Questions On Best Masters In English

School, Embassies, and other cooperate job settings

Before you consider a Master’s in English, you have to first earn a bachelor’s degree.

The length of the program vary according to school. However, a typical MA in English can be completed in 18 months.


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