15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Michigan | 2025 Requirements

A nail technician is someone who considers themselves a people person. Manicurists and nail technicians enjoy working with their hands and delivering high-quality work.

And to produce quality work, you need quality training. This is what the best nail tech schools in Michigan tend to achieve.

If you want to build this rewarding career that allows you to meet and interact with people? Become a nail technician or manicurist today.

This article will discuss the best nail tech schools in Michigan.

How Long Does it take to Become a Nail Technician in Michigan?

It takes 400 hours to become a nail technician in Michigan. This can amount to three to nine months, depending on how many hours the student dedicates to his education per week.

A nail technician in Michigan must have completed about 400 hours of training in a licensed school of cosmetology. Or being an apprentice for 6 months in a licensed cosmetology establishment where manicuring is practised. 

In addition to this, he will take and pass the practical and theory exam.

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15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Michigan | 2025 Requirements

  • Marketti Academy of Cosmetology
  • Michigan College of Beauty
  • Bayshire Beauty Academy
  • Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology
  • Brighton Institute of Cosmetology
  • Charm Beauty School
  • Cosmetology University
  • Creative Hair School of Cosmetology
  • Dymond Designs Beauty School
  • Elevate Salon Institute
  • French Academy of Cosmetology
  • Hillsdale Beauty College
  • Huron Valley Beauty Academy
  • L’Esprit Academy
  • M. J. Murphy Beauty College
  • Southwest Michigan Beauty School

1. Marketti Cosmetology School

Marketti Academy of Cosmetology has a license from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

The Marketti Academy of Cosmetology is housed in a 10,000-square-foot facility in Waterford, Michigan. 

There are large classrooms for cosmetology, manicure, and esthetics programs. While the classrooms are large, the class size is small. This allows the tutors to provide more individualized attention to students. The clinic level has enough room to accommodate only 50 students.

The cosmetology program can be completed in 400-hour. It is a full-time course that requires hands-on training.

Application fees are $100, kit and book prices are $625, state fees are $15, tuition is $2,200, and total expenditures are $3140.

What you will learn at these best nail tech schools in Michigan include; Nail wraps, buff, and glue of tips, tips with acrylic overlay, sculpted nails, nail art, and employability skills. Manicures, hot oil manicures, spa manicures, pedicures, and spa pedicures

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2. Michigan College of Beauty

At Michigan College of Beauty, there are two programs; Manicuring requiring 400 hours, and Nail Technician (600 hours).

These two courses prepare students for jobs as professional nail technicians.

Students at this best nail tech schools in Michigan will learn theoretical concepts in nail care, nail grooming, and basic nail art.

  • Clinically useful techniques
  • Toe and fingernails should be cut, cleansed, and shined.
  • Applying nail polish, nail tips, and nail wraps.
  • In nail art, use airbrushes and three-dimensional decorations to create one-of-a-kind effects.
  • Imparting employable skills
  • They’re also prepared for the state licensing exam

According to Michigan College of Beauty, nail technicians work with all kinds of people and should be comfortable;

  • Siting and resting their arms on a manicure table, they should not be allergic to the ingredients used to produce artificial nails.
  • Working with even mean people and must be kind and tactful.
  • Marketing companies’ products and services. 
  • Nail techs who work for themselves and those who work in salons might thrive with a large clientele. Their skill determines the number of clients they can serve in a particular amount of time.
  • Nail technicians work in various settings, such as beauty salons, retail stores, barbershops, hotels, and nail specialty salons.
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In Michigan, nail techs require a license. Candidates for Michigan state licensing must complete 400 clock hours of training and pass both a written and practical exam.

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3. Bayshire Beauty Academy

The goal at Bayshire Beauty Academy is to prepare students for the different options in cosmetology, massage, and nail technology.

Nail technicians at the best nail schools in Michigan specialize solely in the painting and grooming of fingernails and toenails. As part of nail grooming, cuticles and fingernails are cleansed and trimmed. Artificial nail application, nail repair, airbrushing, shellac, gel, and rhinestones are a few of the nail art techniques in which nail technicians specialize. 

These nail technicians are usually employed in spas or salons and are expected to stay current on the latest nail products, procedures, and fads. 

A professional nail technician pays special attention to detail, provides outstanding customer service, and adheres to sanitary and safety regulations.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual compensation for nail technicians is $23,230.

According to the data, the demand for manicurists and pedicurists is predicted to rise by 13% by 2026. This estimate is mostly due to the steady expansion of full-service spas and nail salons, mobile services, and high turnover.

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4. Beautiful Luxe Cosmetology School

Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology strives to provide all students with up-to-date, high-quality instruction and the best learning possibilities in various settings, helping them successfully get a license and entry-level skills required for the job.

Aisha Gatlin founded us in 2025 as a diversified, family-oriented company. Our program emphasizes entrepreneurship, leadership development, and all hair types, including textured hair.

A 400-hour hybrid nail technology course combines online and in-person training.

It is completed in three to six months.

Beautiful Luxe Cosmetology School provides a variety of financing alternatives to make paying for your education as easy as possible.

In addition to the ones they provide, all public grants and scholarships are welcomed. There is also provide pay-as-you-go financing with weekly and biweekly payment options.

This is one of the best nail tech schools in Michigan.

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5. Brighton Institute of Cosmetology

Brighton has been educating cosmetology students since 1965. Classes resume every two months. 

The nail care students at the best nail tech schools in Michigan acquire fundamental skills, cutting-edge techniques for manicure, pedicure, and nail extension operations, and other aspects of nail care and aesthetics. 

Through classroom education and practical experience, the program provides students with the credentials they need to begin a professional career in the beauty business.

A down payment of $1,300.00 already covers the state fee, the kit, and the books.

Full-time and part-time classes are available.

Future sessions will begin on November 14, 2025, 9th of December, 2025, and March 13, 2025

You will complete this course in 400 hours. 

Tuition is $1800.00. Textbooks and equipment cost $1185.00.

The registration fee is $100.00. $15.00 for state fee

Total: $3,100.00 

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6. Charm Beauty School

The primary goal is to provide students with a high-quality education. Charm Beauty School has over 30 years of experience in the beauty education industry. Hence, they understand the importance of addressing students’ emotional needs. 

To successfully transition from student to beauty professional from this best nail tech schools in Michigan, you need an education that will guide and prepare you.

The course is Art of Nail Technology and it teaches the underlying ideas, procedures, and practices involved in nail enhancements.

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7. Creative Hair School of Cosmetology

The manicuring program, which is a certificate program, lasts 400 hours. 

By finishing the intensive program Creative Hair School of Cosmetology offers, you can become a licensed manicurist or nail technician!

The course architecture, instructional modules, and activities within this program align with the State of Michigan Board of Cosmetology.

Following the successful completion of the manicuring program and the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology Manicurist Licensure Exam, the school will give a license as a manicurist/nail technician.

These are the requirements for entry to the best nail tech schools in Michigan;

  • You must have the following qualifications and be at least 17 years old.
  • A photo ID that is valid and issued by the government
  • A GED or a high school diploma is required.
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • The nail tech curse has these as requirements; 
  • Physical endurance; lengthy periods of sitting and bending
  • Interaction with various personalities; listening abilities; tact
  • Devotion to study; ability to accept and develop from criticism
  • Hand dexterity and artistic vision improvement
  • The enhancement of reading, comprehension, and study abilities

Program Application Fee: $25 (non-refundable)

Registration is $75.

$500 for Books and Kit

The uniform costs $30.

Tuition is $4000.

Total: $4,630

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8. Dymond Designs Beauty School

The Dymond Designs Beauty School is a cosmetology training that also promotes the growth of the cosmetology profession by creating jobs.

It has operated 25 years of school and cosmetology experience. Enroll in beauty classes to gain practical knowledge—they start every 10 weeks!

Dymond provides both basic and advanced manicure lessons.

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Basic Manicuring

In basic manicuring, you will learn the fundamentals of nail care as well as the practical talents, theoretical understanding, and competencies of manicuring.

  • Manicuring: 400 hours full-time (estimated completion in 3+ months)
  • 400 hours of manicures (must be completed in 3+ months)
  • 400 hours of manicure for part-time job (must be completed in 5+ months)
  • 600 hours of advanced manicure (must be completed in 8+ months)

Dymond Designs Beauty School has created a lesson plan for work-based activities to expose students to real-world jobs. Students will apply theoretical and practical skills to gain the practical expertise needed for employment. 

Senior DDBS students who have completed the clock hours required for each program will be qualified to give supervised clinical services to the general public. The capacity to begin and advance in the beauty industry will be aided by job-related skills, knowledge, and preparation and by performing job obligations. 

Through practical training and work shadowing, this program will expose students to a wide range of educational opportunities while also introducing them to numerous vocations.

Advance Manicuring Course

Students will receive advanced hands-on training in e-filing, gels, nail art, acrylics, and business skills, in addition to mastering the fundamentals of manicuring.

Current and prospective students can seek assistance from the DDBS Office of Financial Aid in obtaining grants, loans, cosmetology, manicure, or esthetics scholarships and veteran benefits. The finance office of DDBS demystifies the complex nature of the financial aid system through a practical approach.

DDBS offers a variety of financial payment options and tuition assistance strategies. For more information, please get in touch with Admissions at 313-974-6164.

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9. Elevate Salon Institute

A competent artist can communicate beauty, glamor, fun, or a distinct sense of style on the canvas of manicured nails.

The ESI manicure lessons cover cutting-edge techniques for manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and nail sculpting.

Learn about basic nail care, advanced design, chemistry, and how to apply and maintain false nail products.

A student toolkit includes industry-standard tools and technologies to enhance your learning experience.

ESI is the perfect place to start your nail pro adventure, whether it’s an extension of your creative nature as you investigate employment options or a new skill set to add to your other beauty dreams.

Those enrolled in a beauty program complete their degree, have much less student loan debt and begin their professions earlier than those enrolled in a traditional college or university program.

Elevate Salon Institute is part of a national network of beauty schools that collaborates with various expert beauty brands, salons, and spas to support our graduates’ career goals and job placement needs.

This best nail tech schools in Michigan last for 600 hours.

Part-time program spans 38 weeks.

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10. Dorsey College

Enrolling in Dorsey College’s Manicuring training program allows students to master the fundamentals of manicuring processes. This includes simple manicures, nail art, oil manicures, nail repairs, and artificial nail application methods. 

As part of the manicuring training program, students receive both classroom instruction and practical training in our on-campus beauty clinic.

Each Dorsey College manicuring training program graduate will have had the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge needed to work in this exciting business. 

Dorsey College Manicuring’s 400 clock hours are divided across two courses. MANI102 Manicuring II (200 hours) and MANI101 Manicuring I (200 hours) (200 hours).

This is one of the best tech schools in Michigan.

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11. French Academy of Cosmetology

At the French Academy of Cosmetology, there is a nail technician course. Here, you can learn about a fascinating and rewarding job that will provide you with the latest innovations in nail technology. 

We observed that having beautiful nails has become a grooming need in areas where talent is in high demand.

  • Nail theory and practice
  • Manicures/Pedicures
  • Acrylic for aesthetic purposes
  • Overlay nail art suggestions
  • Wraps in fiberglass/silk
  • Applying or removing nail conditions artificially
  • Product or sales expertise in sanitation and safety measures

Overall, nail technicians must complete 400 hours of training.

Manicures and pedicures, sanitation, safety, nail art and nutrition, hands-on instruction, acrylic, and natural nail sculpting techniques, nail disorders and diseases, nail structure, product use, product sales, and information are what students need to learn about nails.

A full-time nail technician is required to work 35 to 40 hours a week. The course is 400 hours long and can be taken full-time or part-time (the first 100 are spent in the classroom as a junior student, and the rest are spent out on the floor as a senior student working on clients).

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Part-time Nail Technician: Time commitment of 20-40 hours each week

Every other Saturday is required after finishing the 100 hours and becoming a senior student.

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12. Hillsdale Beauty College

Hillsdale Beauty College endeavors to provide the best cosmetology education available by providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the beauty industry. 

The Hillsdale, Michigan, cosmetology school has a reputation for excellence. They offer comprehensive programs designed to help students acquire the cutting-edge skills required to thrive in the challenging field of cosmetology.

In addition to a top-notch curriculum, this best nail tech schools in Michigan provide a full range of hair, skin, and nail services.

Hillsdale Beauty College can provide students with the necessary equipment and materials to meet all State Board of Cosmetology guidelines.

Students are taught the most recent methods and fashions utilized in the beauty industry, as well as the ability to engage with and understand the needs of their clients. 

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13. Huron Valley Beauty Academy

Huron Valley Beauty Academy is a full-service beauty school. In addition to learning, the senior students work in a salon to get hands-on training. 

They only use high-quality materials, and our expert tutors review every piece of work.

14. The L’Esprit Academy

L’esprit Academy was founded in 2004 by the Wells family, who had decades of expertise in the high-end salon and day spa businesses. 

This is one of the best nail tech schools in Michigan.

The curriculum and infrastructure features are designed to foster a distinct environment for higher education.

Manicures, Pedicures, Nail Tips, Nail Enhancements, Nail Shaping, Nail Grooming, Acrylics, Spa Treatments, and Website are all covered in the nail care course.

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15. M. J. Murphy Beauty College

M. J. Murphy Beauty College courses are designed with your success in mind. They offer a unique, systematic technique for teaching health and beauty professionals how to manage a profitable, growing service business. 

To ensure the students’ professional success, M. J. Murphy is committed to educating them not just in the technical parts of their fields but also in the business aspects.

The primary purpose of the Manicure/ Nail Tech Course is to prepare students for lucrative and successful careers as licensed manicurists. 

The student should be competent in the following areas: 

  • a. Passing the state licensing exam; 
  • b. Protecting the consumer’s health and safety, and 
  • c. Repairing the consumer’s nail problems. 
  • d. Appreciate the need for, and be driven to stay up with, emerging methodologies as a result of 400 clock hours of theory and practice.

Cosmetology and medicine need a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) certificate.


16. Southwest Michigan Beauty School

This is one of the best nail tech schools in Michigan with a manicuring course. You can complete the manicure course of 600 clock hours in four and a half months of full-time attendance. Most of the class time is spent on technical training (theory) and actual operations (clinic). 

Theory time in a classroom is spent participating in various learning activities. Students spend the remainder of the course time on practical activities in real-world workplace settings guided by certified professors.

There is a scholarship offering of $7,900. 

This institution has an accreditation by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences (NACCAS).

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What Are the Michigan Nail Tech School Requirements?

Learn to be a nail technician or gain your credentials through experience.

Individuals who are at least 17 years old and have completed the ninth grade may apply for a manicurist license in one of two ways, according to the Michigan Board of Cosmetology:

Option 1: Complete 400 hours of instruction at a recognized cosmetology school.

Option 2: Complete a six-month apprenticeship in a licensed cosmetology firm.

Apply for a Michigan Manicurist License through Examination

After completing your apprenticeship or training in manicuring, you are eligible to apply for a license via examination. You will submit your licensure application and licensing money online. 

Take and pass the nail technician tests.

Schedule your Michigan manicurist examinations through PSI Exam Online after obtaining your pre-approval notification from the Board. 

There will be a practical and theoretical exam. The total cost of the two exams is $161, and PSI Exam Online can be utilized to pay. 

Consider Your Career Options and Maintain Your Michigan Nail Technician License Summary.

How much does a Nail Technician make in Michigan? 

The nail technicians in Michigan make an average of $21,729 as of September 2025. The salary range falls between $19,204 and $25,057.

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In Conclusion

We hope this article answers your questions as regards the best nail tech schools in Michigan. Leave us a comment in the box below.

FAQs Best Nail Tech Schools in Michigan

How Long Does it take to Become a Nail Technician in Michigan?

It takes 400 hours to become a nail technician in Michigan. This can equal three to nine months, depending on how many hours are dedicated per day. 

How much does a Nail Technician make in Michigan? 

The nail technicians in Michigan make an average of $21,729 as of September 2025. The salary range falls between $19,204 and $25,057.

15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Michigan | 2025 Requirements

Marketti Academy of Cosmetology
Michigan College of Beauty
Bayshire Beauty Academy
Beautiful Luxe School of Cosmetology
Brighton Institute of Cosmetology
Charm Beauty School
Cosmetology University
Creative Hair School of Cosmetology
Dymond Designs Beauty School
Elevate Salon Institute
French Academy of Cosmetology
Hillsdale Beauty College
Huron Valley Beauty Academy
L’Esprit Academy
M. J. Murphy Beauty College
Southwest Michigan Beauty School



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