13 Best Online EdD Programs with No GRE in 2024

It’s not totally impossible to find an online EdD program that doesn’t require a GRE. I know you may have searched and didn’t find any. Well, you don’t need to bother anymore as we have arranged a straight path for you to treasure the island. A path wherein you find the Best Online EdD Programs with No GRE in 2024.

According to Walden, EdD degree programs basically focus on teaching you how to apply research to resolve current real-world problems in education and learning.

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to interpret the latest research, and then use that research to develop strategies to improve educational outcomes in a variety of settings.

In this article, you’ll learn about the Best Online EdD Programs with No GRE, why you should register for a GRE program, and how to choose the best program for you. The table of content precisely outlines all you’ll learn in this article.

What is an EdD Program?

A Doctorate in Education (EdD) is a degree that totally focuses on applying research and foundational knowledge to real-world organizational, leadership, and education issues.

Hence, EdD programs prepare students for academic, administrative, clinical, professional, or research positions in K-12 and higher education, civil service, private organizations, or public institutions.

Instead of simply developing new research (as with a Ph.D. program), EdD candidates use existing research to inform decisions around specific issues that lead to improved practices within these areas of study.

So, EdD has a focus that Ph.D. has missed over the years. Hence, the gap they fill in is so important. People often believe there are fewer opportunities for an EdD holder, but they are wrong.

Why should I enroll in an EdD program?

Enrolling in an EdD (Doctor of Education) program can be beneficial for several reasons:

  1. Career advancement: An EdD can open doors to higher-level positions in education, including administration, policy-making, and leadership roles.
  2. Professional development: Pursuing an EdD provides opportunities for developing advanced knowledge and skills in research, teaching, and organizational management.
  3. Specialization: EdD programs often offer specializations in specific areas of education, allowing students to gain expertise in their field of interest.
  4. Networking: EdD programs provide opportunities to network with other professionals in the education field, including faculty, fellow students, and alumni.
  5. Research opportunities: EdD programs typically require a dissertation or capstone project, allowing students to conduct original research in their field.

What can you do with an EdD?

EdD programs basically focus on learning about the management of large and complex organizations. This subject scheme adequately trains EdD graduates to take on a wide range of administrative positions within and outside an academic setting

In this role, you must possess strong leadership skills and experience working with cultural diversity in the classroom. Indeed, a doctorate in education prepares you to work in a number of different positions which are financially rewarding and fulfilling as well.

Some of these positions include;

  • School Superintendent
  • Policy Maker
  • Curriculum Director
  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Education Administrator
  • Training and Development Manager

Indeed, the opportunities you have access to as an EdD holder are countless and the sweeter part – few people hold an EdD degree. So, why not start thinking of getting an EdD degree.

What is the difference between an EdD and a Ph.D.?

I understand that it might be difficult to differentiate between these two degrees or one is probably more popular. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make any of them irrelevant.

The EdD program has a simple focus -it targets old research. Graduates of this program take up old research and update them with newer information. They precisely seek out loopholes and fill them.

On the other hand, the Ph.D. program takes up research to find solutions to societal problems. There’s usually a dissertation at the end of every Ph.D. program.

In summary, both programs play crucial roles in building society, and none holds greater importance. Hence, no matter your choice, you have a big role.

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13 Best Online EdD Programs with No GRE in 2024

As online degrees become popular each day, every program tilts towards that area. However, when it comes to EdD programs with no GRE, there is only a handful of them.

Hence, the best online EdD programs with no GRE include;

13. EdD (no specialization)

This is a degree program best suited for educational administrators interested in gaining additional skills in their private and professional practice. Additionally, the program trains educators to become pioneers of positive and productive change in their organizations.

Each candidate targets their learning towards social change, the part of globalized education, communication skills, leadership, technical intelligence, research evaluation, and education trends.

Every graduate of this program eventually gets into a greater position of knowledge which is necessary for organizational leadership. Degree holders can function as departmental heads as well.

In summary, when you choose this program, you have chosen a balanced education.

12. Curriculum and Instruction

This is one of the best online EdD programs with No GRE perfect for educational professionals. These professionals are people who desire expertise in curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation from the school district to the federal level.

This program trains instructors on the art of creating an environment conducive to success and learning. Hence, the courses revolve around communication, emotional intelligence, and some other aspects.

Despite the curriculum, candidates will perform their own research to answer questions in education.

Furthermore, they will learn how to utilize technology in order to enhance student education, increase skills in curriculum program design and assess prevailing and current trends in education. Additionally, they get to collaborate with stakeholders, including families and communities.

If you enjoy writing plans and lessons for the use of other people, then you’ll find this path very rewarding. You’ll be in sync with all the current trends while spending less time in the classroom.

11. Early Childhood Education

This degree program is another exceptional EdD program. Hence, it’s perfect for professionals seeking to occupy leadership positions in education among younger children.

Every participant in this program gets to learn a range of topics necessary to this field. These fields include; childhood growth and development, childhood behavior, literature for children, curriculum design and evaluation, and program administration.

Participants will eventually build their knowledge of theory through its application in research. As a degree holder, you can function as a child counselor, professor, specialist in childhood development, school administrator, and policymaker as well.

Conclusively, as a passionate child advocate, this is essentially the best program you can enroll in.

10. Educational Counseling

A school counselor helps children and teenagers treat their emotional and psychological problems. Because most parents have the wrong objective regarding the challenges their kids face.

In the course of this program, you’ll take classes on psychology, human development, counseling practices, legal and ethical considerations for school counseling, and educational theory.

As a graduate, you can actually counsel students one-on-one in periodic meetings, in groups as the need arises, and via classroom instruction, as you give special presentations.

In conclusion, this is a very specialized concentration designed for people who want to teach life skills.

9. Educational Leadership

If you want to be an influential educational innovator, this program is specifically for you.

As a participant, you get access to their training wherein you can learn management skills in the context of organizations, public policy, as well as the design and implementation of educational programs.

As a degree holder, you can become a top-level administrator in any school system or university. Furthermore, you can become a highly effective transformational teacher who is able to lead the next generation of educators.

If you enjoy leadership and the spotlight, this is one of the best online EdD programs with No GRE you can enrol.

8. Educational Psychology

This course will expose you to patterns behind student learning and teaching styles.

To be precise, you’ll study curriculum design, learning theories, and human development. Understanding these concepts will help you better meet the needs of these students.

As a graduate of this program, you can either work in a school system or a state education board. Private consulting is not left out as it remains one of the best online EdD programs with No GRE.

7. Educational Technology

An educational technology degree gives you an insight into the modern tools necessary for learning. These tools are usually technology-driven and must understand them.

You build knowledge on psychology, human development, education learning patterns and the use of technology. More so, you learn how to evaluate potential returns while implementing technological changes.

This is one of the best online EdD programs with No GRE that will give you an edge in your field.

6. Elementary Education

This degree is for individuals who enjoy working with young children on a daily basis. Well, the reason behind it is your increased likelihood of practice after graduation.

In every course, you’ll utilize your knowledge to create lesson plans, incorporate different learning styles, manage the classroom, and liaise between different educators and parents.

You’ll also better understand child development, conflict resolution, and teaching theories. Moreso, you can utilize this degree at the college level to teach upcoming elementary teachers or to pursue a doctorate degree.

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5. English Language Learning

This program is perfect for you as an educational professional who wants to teach English. Your desire to teach will be expressed in your communication with the students.

Here, you’ll learn the creation, management, evaluation of ESL programs for different students. Furthermore, you hinge on certain theories to develop an effective ESL curriculum which is important in a class setting.

As a degree holder, you can hold teaching positions and teach abroad. Hence, this is one of the best online EdD programs with No GRE.

4. Higher Education

As a professional who wants to specialize in creating, planning, implementing and evaluating educational programs geared toward adult learners, this program is for you

Participants learn best practices for adult living while examining prevailing theories as well. Indeed, most of them begin to see cracks that have caused major problems in the field.

As a degree holder, you can work as a professor or administrator in a higher learning institution. You can also work as a consultant in a corporation or organization.

3. K-12 Education

This is your program as an education professional looking to further your career in current education theories and best practices.

Every theory and instruction has a unique design easily applicable to your educational practice. Each candidate gets trained to make decisions based on currently accepted theories.

Every degree holder can function at a higher administrative level as well as in a policy-maker capacity. Hence, you can teach what you’ve learned to undergrad student teachers, work for a school system, or take on a governmental role.

2. Online Teaching/E-Learning

If you want to grow in the E-learning field, this is just the right EdD program for you.

You must get proper knowledge of E-Learning since the internet has made this method of learning general. Surely, every participant explores all possibilities with online education through hands-on application.

In the end, participants can plan and design their own programs that will fit a highly diverse student population.

Hence, educators who understand E-Learning can attend to the challenges of the changing face of education. This is one of the best online EdD programs with No GRE.

1. Reading and Literacy

For every educational professional who wants to specialize in assisting students to achieve their full potential in reading and writing, this program is for you.

As a participant, you basically gain an understanding of prevailing theories and best practices created to equip you with the right skill set and tools to work in schools, universities, and specialist clinics as reading specialists, coaches, or program coordinators.

As a degree holder, you eventually learn to initiate, manage, and evaluate literacy programs and even propose systemic and global educational changes.

So, if you’re passionate about laying the groundwork for education by promoting literacy, pursue this degree to learn how to make it your full-time career.


A lot of people have a very vague idea about EdD programs. Most times, they are unverified and spilled during passing conversations. I believe you’re not part of that lot anymore, and you can see all the possibilities.

Before choosing a program, the best step is to check if you fit the requirements. A good number of schools in the U.S and all over the world offer these EdD programs to interested candidates.

Since the program is online, you can schedule your activities to fall into a time integral for the program. I wish you the best in your endeavors.


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