13 Best Online Meditation Classes Free or Paid in 2024

Meditation is a powerful way of taking control of your mental health. It’s a powerful practice adopted by many people that have mastered it after attending online meditation classes.

According to Brain Facts, various studies show the practice can help relieve stress — as well as manage anxiety, reduce inflammation, and improve memory and attention, to boot.

This article will help you learn about the best online meditation classes that can help you become a professional in meditation. Furthermore, you would learn why you need to meditate frequently.

Why Take Online Meditation Classes?

Meditation is the habitual practice of building your mind to focus and your thoughts to be filled with positive energy. Meditation is becoming increasingly popular as several people discover its numerous health benefits.

The mental health merits of meditation are improved focus and concentration, increased self-awareness and self-esteem, minimized stress and anxiety levels, and the fostering of kind acts. Meditation can also increase your tolerance for pain and help fight substance addiction.

Meditating is not something everyone can do – you need to learn and master the act properly. Steadily practicing meditation can help you stay aware of your environment, and by learning through these online meditation classes, you can get set to become a professional meditator.

13 Best Online Meditation Classes Free or Paid in 2024

1. Isha Kriya: A Powerful Meditation for Self Transformation

The Isha Kriya Meditation is a simple tool with a mission to release one drop of spirituality to everyone on the planet. The word “kriya” connotes “internal action,” while “Isha” directs to that which is the source of creation. The aim of Isha Kriya is to aid you get in touch with the main hub of your living and to create life according to your own vision and ambition.

Through the Isha Kriya guided meditation, the possibilities of a spiritual process are now accessible to every human. This is one of the best online meditation classes for people seeking to master meditation.

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2. Learn Mindfulness Meditation for a Calmer and Clearer mind

This course is replete with forty individual audio tracks (split into 8 weekly sections) where the teachings are embedded in the meditation experience. Each section has a short video to give you an overview of what the session aims to achieve, and each one begins with a video before you get practical.

Each part of this program has a short handout structured on the well-known 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme.

This course exposes you to the notes, thoughts and experiences collected over the years from books, lectures, international conferences, retreats, and training courses the instructor has gathered.

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3. Run a meditation class in your community

Skilful Mind strongly believes that all meditation is vital for the planet, and when more people practise meditation, they get better.

That is why Skillful MIND is interested in granting a Meditation Leaders program for you to become a meditation leader in your own community. They fully sponsor this amazing program that can make anyone a master of meditation.

This is one of the best online meditation classes you can find today because of the wonderful lessons you will learn.

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4. Learn Meditation – Theory & Practice

This course is created for anyone to easily learn meditation and practice them actively to achieve good health, energy, efficiency, and success.

As a student of this course, you will experience the difference in your health, energy, and efficiency from the first day you begin the practice of meditation.

Designed by an expert meditator with many years of experience you’re in one of the best online meditation classes.

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5. Introduction to Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation

Getting in sync with the heart means wading into a silent source of openness and calmness. In this simple course, you will learn a simple relaxation and meditation technique that aids you create a connection with your heart. Furthermore, you master the place of observation and journaling in analyzing your experiences.

The course adds a guided relaxation and meditation video perfect for you to practice on your own. It has a 40-minute introductory session for Heartfulness meditation and prepares you for other things you will learn in the section.

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6. Sounds True’s Freedom to Choose Something Different, Part 1

This course is designed to help you get rid of negative habitual patterns responsible for making you take terrible decisions. You’ll learn what makes certain habits addictive and the formula you need to break free of them.

Hence, if you’ve been experiencing difficulty reacting to different situations in your life, you need this online meditation course to help you stabilize. Furthermore, you will use healthy habits to replace the old ones you have learned.

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7. Learn Meditation with Certification to Guide Others

This course has welcomed newcomers to meditation – regardless of how much (or little!) time they have! This can also be a great further learning tool for those with some (or even a lot!) of experience in meditation.

Once you’ve gone through all the lectures and completed the recap sections, you’ll have all that you need to meditate right away – and to even help others do it! Indeed, its merits make it one of the top online meditation classes.

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8. Power of the Mind in Health and Healing

The human mind creates your realities consciously, and when you master how to effectively work with all of its parts, you can perform some exquisite things, like heal your body or treat something you might have never spotted.

This course is created to take you on a path of mind-body mastery beginning with the basics of mindfulness and meditation, and then paving your way up to working with your subconscious mind to facilitate healing.

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9. Meditation Practitioner/Teacher Certification (ACCREDITED)

This Meditation Practitioner/Teacher Certification course is a well-detailed guide into the aspect of the Meditation Practitioner/Meditation Teacher in which you will transit from beginner to professional level, Meditation for Beginners: How to Meditate Deeply & Quickly wherein you will run your own meditation classes.

Whether you desire to guide individuals or groups through mediation, you have found the course that will help you achieve everything.

You’ll discover the simple process for guiding people through meditation and helping them benefit and improve their lives in so many ways.

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10. Meditation for Beginners: How to Meditate Deeply & Quickly

Meditation is a practice that benefits everyone who takes part in it. Unfortunately, there’s so much confusion and complication around this simple practice, and this course will make it clear and easy for you to meditate.

This course will teach you simple, effective meditation practices that transcend a specific discipline, offering a straightforward way to understand and use any meditation practice you encounter.

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11. Within Meditation

You can create a space in the middle of your busy life with online meditation classes designed to help you tune into the present moment.

From wherever you are, you can experience a tremendous sense of steadiness and the energy of connection that streams from meditating with a group, led by an experienced teacher.

Within Meditation is one of the best online meditation classes for people looking to master meditation in their lives.

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12. Transforming Emotions Meditation:

Feelings change from time to time. Most times, the negative feelings last longer than they should which seems like forever. Although you might have adjusted to this, you can learn to distance yourself from that thought process by using a beautiful guided meditation.

You can be a part of the Sahaj Samadhi Meditation Course, wherein you get a mantra dedicated for you.

The chanting of mantra through Sahaj Samadhi Meditation makes your mind settle down effortlessly. And when your mind settles, you fight off all the stress.

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13. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is a platform that enables yogis worldwide to practice Yoga efficiently. It has effective yoga and meditation techniques that allow you to keep your body, mind, and soul together. With any device, you can practice your yoga anywhere.

In less than two weeks of constantly practicing the over 100 yoga classes, you will see the difference clearly.

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Can you learn meditation online?

Yes, you can learn meditation online on platforms like Udemy.

Can you self teach meditation?

The good news is that you don’t need a meditation retreat or a meditation teacher to learn. While that may be the optimal way to learn meditation, there are other ways. All you need is some time and your mind to learn. In this article, we’ll go through the best ways to learn meditation on your own at home


Researchers at the Columbia University Medical Center believe meditating can alter the structure and function of the brain through relaxation, and this can minimize stress, anxiety, and depression. Alternatively, it helps increase focus and learning concentration, increasing memory and attention span.

Meditation can be learned when you truly desire to master it. Although you can learn through traditional classes, those limitations can make you lose steam. Instead of using them, use online meditation classes that will offer you flexibility and more.

So, move through this well-detailed list of online meditation courses, so you can start learning on the go.


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