20 Best Printers for College Students | Best Reviews

Going through college usually involves doing a lot of academic work, often presented as printed paper works.

Most times, certain paper prints require you to be quite meticulous while packaging them so they can be quality enough. This depends mainly on the kind of printer you use to print the work.

There are some vital things to remember when looking for the best printers as a student. In this article, you’ll learn what printers are rated the best for college students.

Maybe you’re wondering what you need a printer for as a student. Now see, getting yourself an excellent printer as a college student is indeed one of the most important things you’ll do for yourself.

This is because it will save you a whole lot of stress. It means you can print at any time, at your convenience. Furthermore, it will help you package clear prints of your schoolwork.

So you need a printer in school. While considering the kind of printer to buy, you need a good printer that can conserve your ink and save you unnecessary costs and expenses.

Not all printers are good for you. This is true whether you are a college student, a working-class fellow, or even an organization. Some need to be ink-efficient. Additionally, some are just too fragile that you may need help to handle them.

So to help save you all the stress of fixing broken printers or making unnecessary expenses refilling your ink, I’m writing this article to help you know the best printers to buy, especially for college students.

Please carefully read this article through to the end for all it has to offer.

Do College Students Need Printers?

I’ll show you if you still haven’t found a reason to own a personal printer as a college student. Yes, I understand some colleges have large printing halls offering printing services; here are a few more reasons why you need your printer in school.

As I’ve said before, having your printer will save you a lot of stress. It will help you print your work anytime and at your convenience. It will further help you package clear prints of your schoolwork.

Furthermore, If you fall within any of the student categories listed below, you’ll seriously need your printer in college.

You’ll need your printer if you need to print out your assignments rather than submit them electronically. Suppose your school offers limited printing resources to its students. In that case, you need your printer, and if you anticipate the possibility of printing documents at hours when school facilities might be closed, know you need to get your printer as well.

How Much Does a Printer Cost?

The cost of a printer will largely depend on its value. Printer values differ. So several things influence a printer’s weight and price; remembering them is essential.

Below are some of the things that may influence the cost of a printer:

  • Cost of the cartridges/refills
  • Page per minute (ppm)
  • Approximate volume printed per month or year
  • Print coverage
  • Cost of printer maintenance

These will determine the quality, value, and, ultimately, the cost of your printer.

The number of pages a printer can print per minute determines the cost of the printer. Also, volume, ink or toner-based, connectivity, and color or black & white are some of the many considerations that affect a printer’s price.

The cost of refilling ink cartridges can also affect the cost of a printer. The maintenance cost is another factor that influences the price of a printer.

Furthermore, name brands can also affect the cost of a printer. Well-trusted brands will likely raise their price above less popular ones. This is because the brand has built trust with its customer base.

But generally, printers are sold from $12 – $200. This depends on the factors-features mentioned above and capabilities.

How long should a Printer last?

How long a printer lasts depends on how it has been managed. A printer that has been carefully and properly managed will last for a time before it breaks down. But usually, and on average, a good printer should not break down within the first four years of purchase.

What is the Best Printer for College Students to buy?

There are so many printer brands in the stores that you can find. However, not all printers suit you if you are a college student wanting a personal printer. (https://waterskiguru.com/) Some portable, easy-to-use printers will serve you. So take your time learning about the best printers you can purchase as a student.

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List of best printers for college students

We have carefully handpicked and arranged below a list of the 20 best printers for college students. Please take a look at them.

  • HP Envy 5055
  • Brother DCP-J1100W All-in-box
  • Epson Expression ET-2650 EcoTank
  • Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer
  • HP Envy Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer
  • Brother DCP-J774DW printer 
  • Canon PIXMA IP110
  • Epson Expression Premium XP-6105 printer
  • Brother WorkSmart MFC-J880DW
  • HP Envy 5030 All-in-One printer
  • Canon Pixma TS9120
  • HP Envy 5010 printer
  • Canon Selphy CP1300
  • Canon Color All-in-One Duplex Laser Printer
  • Canon MG6820
  • Epson WorkForce All-in-One Supertank Printer
  • Lexmark35SC060
  • Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA
  • HP Envy 4520

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#1. HP Envy 5055

HP Envy 5055 is the best printer for college students. It offers fast and easy wireless printing with many exciting features like Smart Bluetooth and Dual-Band Wi-Fi, allowing you to print wirelessly from several devices easily. The HP Smart app lets you print directly from any social media account or a cloud service like Dropbox, iCloud, or Google Drive.

The HP Envy 5055 gives students in college the ideal balance of price and quality and the ability to print high-quality borderless photos with HP’s optional Instant Ink replacement service, which automatically reorders ink cartridges when your printer is running low.

This device supports a variety of paper sizes, from 4 x 6-inch photo paper to 8 x 10-inch letterhead. It also has a 1-year warranty with free 24/7 web support.

Unarguably, the HP Envy 5055 is designed with several conveniences to make your life easier.

#2. Brother DCP-J1100W All-in-box

The product Brother DCP-J1100W All-in-box is the second-best printer for college students. It is an ideal three-in-one inkjet device that can copy, scan, and print at a reasonably high resolution and turn out crisp and colorful duplex pages satisfactorily.

It has features like a color touchscreen interface for easy operation and Wi-Fi Direct connectivity, enabling college students to print their work easily.

The printer weighs 8.8kg and includes enough ink and service with a printing speed of 12 ppm. It’s not as fast as other Brother’s business-oriented printers, but with such high-capacity ink cartridges installed, it is way more economical to run by a college student.

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#3. Epson Expression ET-2650 EcoTank

Epson Expression ET-2650 is the third-best printer for students. It is an ideal printer for college students who print unlimited term papers, assignments, or syllabi throughout their school year. 

The Epson Expression has exciting features, including two years of ink or 20 printer cartridges.

The Epson Expression ET-2650 is the perfect printer for college students because of its compatibility, massive value in a long-lasting and convenient ink system, and ease of printing wirelessly from any device.

The device has a 1.44-inch color LCD, which helps to navigate the menu for quick printer setup and connecting to a wireless network. This 3-in-1 printer-scanner-copier is relatively compact, so it won’t take up all that much space in a room.

It has built-in wireless plus Wi-Fi Direct, allowing you to easily print your studies from your computer, iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets or smartphones.

The Epson incorporates an SD memory card slot for printing documents and photos directly from the printer without needing a phone or computer.

#4. Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother Compact Monochrome Laser Printer is a small, light, and mighty compact monochrome laser printer with dual-sided printing compartments. It combines with Brother’s high-yield ink cartridges to reduce the number of ink refills.

This printer from Brother can handle all the most important print jobs you could need as a college student. Brother adds additional printing options, such as card stock or envelopes, to round out a full suite of printing capabilities.

It runs a wireless printing system, making printing directly from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet easier without messy cables or plugs. It has a 250-sheet capacity paper tray which helps to eliminate the need to refill trays for legal and letter-sized papers often.

#5. HP Envy Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

This is an all-in-one-wonder printer from HP and one of the best printers for students. It prints everything you need, especially if your artwork, assignment, or project work requires a short run of color.

Students love it for its speed and high-quality graphic printing capabilities. HP Envy Wireless All-in-One printer works well for plain old text as well. It also has a scanner that can print extra copies of notes.

#6. Brother DCP-J774DW printer 

Brother DCP-J774DW printer is one excellent, Inexpensive, and effective 3-in-1 color inkjet printer that is good for every student who needs a portable and affordable printer. It has Wi-Fi, an SD Card slot, and USB ports front and rear. Its weight is 6.6kg, with high print and scan resolutions and a low price point. 

#7. HP Tango X

HP Tango X is one of the best intelligent printers designed for college students who want to optimize their workflow through technology. The entire unit has an ultra-compact design meant to fold up for discreet storage. It features a designer cloth cover to prevent dust build-up and add a touch of chic style to your dorm or office.

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The device has a two-way cloud-based network connection, and interestingly, you can operate this ‘smart printer’ from your mobile device with or without a Wi-Fi network. 

HP Tango X printer is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana for easy voice controls for both printing and scanning. Using the HP Smart app, you can print and scan directly to and from your favorite cloud services and monitor your ink and paper levels.

Generally, the device is cheaper. It is exceptionally user-friendly, with an excellent app that can be voice-controlled with the assistance of Alexa.

#8. Canon PIXMA IP110

The Canon printer PIXMA IP110 is one of the best printers for college students. It is a tiny and lightweight printer, but even so, it still prints exceptionally well.

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The printer is the most Portable printer any student can have. It’s small such that a college student can take it from home to school to work or anywhere. It’s very portable to carry along and, interestingly, for Apple users.

The Canon PIXMA IP110 printer also allows for AirPrint. This will enable you to print from iOS devices wirelessly. Using the Canon PRINT app, you can print wirelessly from some cloud services.

As a college student, this printer will help you churn out papers, but it’s also great for printing beautiful photos. The device performs borderless printing and a simple photo printing system, making this particularly easy. The device also has an optional battery, making taking the printer on the road more convenient.

#9. Epson Expression Premium XP-6105 printer

Epson Expression Premium XP-6105 is a 3-in-1 color inkjet, compact, and stylish AIO printer for students. The printer is fully featured with built-in Wi-Fi, auto duplex printing, USB, and SD card slots.

It can print on any media, from blank CDs to A4 photo paper. The XP-6105 is well suited to student accommodation because of its compatibility and sleek design. It’s pretty easy to use, and the performance is awe-inspiring.

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#10. Brother WorkSmart MFC-J880DW

College students will always like devices that are easy to use. The Brother WorkSmart MFC-J880DW is one such device. It is a compact All-in-One Inkjet Printer capable of scanning, copying, and faxing. Being a fax machine, it lets you send faxes in color and black and white.

As a scanner, you can also select either color or black-and-white scanning. You can scan directly to Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Onenote, and more. The printer also has an automatic document feeder system, allowing it to print on both sides of the paper automatically.

The brother worksmart MFC-j880DW printer can print any document from your tablet or smartphone, using your choice of AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Brother iPrint andScan, providing convenience and eliminating the worry that you will run out of ink.

Another fantastic feature of this printer is the 2-year limited warranty and free lifetime phone support.

#11. HP Envy 5030 All-in-One printer

The HP Envy 5030 All-in-One Printer is one of the best printers for college students. 

It is a student-friendly printer with an overall appeal laced with automatic dual-sided printing. It also has an A4-sized scanner and a copy function.

The printer has all of the features you could need to complete your course as a college student.

In support of the USB port of the printer, you can connect any device wirelessly with or without a router using the dual-Band Wi-Fi module and Bluetooth. It can print on envelopes, glossy photo paper, or any size paper up to A4.

#12. Canon Pixma TS9120

Canon Pixma TS9120 is the best color printer you can ever need as a college student. The printer typically comes in three different colors, which can add to the beauty of your work.

The printer has the best-in-class print speed for both photos and text. Pixma TS9120 supports CD/DVD and Blu-Ray disc printing and supports loading files or images directly from a memory card. 

It’s compatible with Apple’s AirPrint and Google’s Cloud print wireless printing technology. It has a five-inch LCD touchscreen which helps enhance the user interface for quick setup and other extras, such as adding effects to photo prints before printing.

#13. HP Envy 5010 printer

Envy 5010 is an instant ink-compatible printer. It has both Bluetooth and WIFI for easy mobile operation. 

It can print, scan, and auto-duplex print. Envy 5010 printer is the HPs cheapest instant ink printer, weighing 5.51kg, and 3 in 1 color inkjet printer. It is very compatible and can handle all kinds of paper up to A4 size.

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#14. Canon Selphy CP1300

The Canon Selphy printer is one of the best printers for college students. This is because of its variety of printing choices ranging from postcard-sized to square label prints and traditional 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 prints.

The printer is the best printer for printing photos. Its 3.2-inch display helps select, edit, and print photos from a memory card or a USB cable.

The Selphy is about 7.1 x 5.4 x 2.5 inches and weighs only 1.9 pounds. It is around half the weight of an average laptop computer.

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#15. Canon Color All-in-One Duplex Laser Printer

As a college student, you’ll need a printer for all that hard work you’ll be doing, and if you get one of these now, you’ll be set for the next four years. This is the printer you’ll wish you’d always had.

With its wireless capability, the printer can print any document from any smart device; you can connect to Wi-Fi. The Canon duplex Laser Printer has an impressive 28-pages-per-minute rate and duplexing capabilities. It’s just an ideal printer for college students.

#16. Canon MG6820

Canon MG8620 printer offers students easy integration with several cloud services, including Google Cloud. The cloud can be an easy way for students to keep all their academy-related documents or work organized and easy to access from anywhere on any device.

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It also enables Apple users to print using AirPrint and iOS devices. Android users also have easy printing options. In addition to giving you many options for printing, the MG6820 offers scanning and copying functions. You have the option of 2-sided printing, but the scanning is only 1- sided.

The printer prints well and makes printing from various sources easy.

#17. Epson WorkForce All-in-One Supertank Printer

This is one of the best printers to use as a student. You need this because it can print up to 14,000 pages in black or white and 11,200 in color. That’s like two to three years’ worth of ink, enabling you to save so much money. You won’t need to buy cartridges every month or semester when you buy this printer. It can scan and print business cards and flyers, giving your documents and project work nice colors.

#18. Lexmark35SC060

Lexmark 35SC060 is a printer that can easily print many theses and will not take long to crank all the pages. This monochrome printer can handle 2-sided printing, allowing you to save a bit on paper. The Lexmark 35SC060 is the best printer for college students who expect to do printing work.

It can easily print up to 6,800 pages per month with fast printing speed and print quality.

You can print by connecting via an Ethernet cable, or you can use Wi-Fi. Unfortunately, you must buy a separate wireless network card to print wirelessly. Printing right from mobile devices is an option.

#19. Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA

The Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA is an excellent printer, perfect for the typical needs of a college student. Unfortunately, it lacks copy/scan functionality, and color printing might be missed. Students looking to save as much money as possible should look out for the Eco button that reduces toner, paper, and energy use.

It has a 400 MHz processor and 64 MB memory, making printing very fast and wireless printing easy, using NFC technology and the Samsung Mobile Print App.

Printing from any device or the most popular cloud services like Google Cloud is easy. SL-M2020W/XAA is just another fast monochrome printer with excellent text print quality for a very reasonable price.

#20. HP Envy 4520

The HP Envy 4520 Photo Printer is an ideal printer that combines the ability to print, scan, and copy in color. It is cheap and affordable. Measuring 17.5 x 14.5 x 5 inches with a matte black finish, it’s inconspicuous in a dorm room or small apartment, and you can send print jobs from iOS devices and Google Chrome Web browsers. It is unarguably one of the best printers for dorm rooms.

The printer can print up to 9.5 pages per minute in black and white. It is efficient and fast, perfect for days when you’re running behind. The touchscreen HP Envy 4520 can produce borderless photos and print double-sided pages to match your needs.


I have to tell you this:

  1. Be careful when buying a new printer.
  2. Carefully take out some time to read the “what’s in the box” section of the manual before buying the printer.
  3. Always check thoroughly if all accessories, such as cables, are included in the box. If you find everything is included and intact, then go ahead and buy the printer.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Printers for College Students

Is HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Printer expensive?

No. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Printer is one of the most inexpensive ink-saving inkjets.
The printer uses the HP 952 ink cartridge, which prints over 1000 pages with a standard cartridge and 3000 pages with an XL or high-yield cartridge.

What is the cost of HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Printer?

Generally, printers are sold from $12 – $200. Some could cost more depending on their features and capabilities.

Why get a HP printer?

HP is unarguably the most reliable printer brand name. You will find any printers in their collection. They always ensure to keep the quality of each product.
Then if you are worried about printing or something about the perfect color contrast of your prints, Canon is your go-to printer brand.

What is the difference between inkjet and laser printers?

The most significant difference between inkjet and laser printers is that an inkjet printer uses ink, is suitable for low-volume printing, and is the traditional choice of home users.
While a laser printer uses toner, it is ideal for high-volume printing and is mostly utilized in office settings. It is a more economical choice for home use.
Whether or not you need an inkjet or laser printer depends on what you printhow often you print, and how much your printing budget is.

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