10 Best Student Email Signature Generators in 2024

Using any of the best student email signature generators is the perfect way for students to create professional-looking email signatures. 

With the email signature generator tool for students, you can create or make unique and custom signatures in various formats, including .jpg, .gif, and .pdf. 

Also, you can create signatures with images and text and add customized links and contact information. Aside from that, you can make a signature a breeze with stress using a student email signature generator. 

This article lists the top 10 best student email signature generators. 

What Do Email Signatures Mean?

Your email signature is the text you include at the end of your emails. In general, you frequently have essential details like your name, the name of your business, the address of your website, your phone number, and anything else you want to show off your individuality.

Your email service provider will automatically put a block of text bearing your signature into each email you send. You should remain professional when writing business emails but also inject some personality into them.

What Characterizes an Individualized Professional Email Signature?

It’s simple to blend in for corporate communications. 

Your emails may be misplaced in the recipient’s inbox or viewed and immediately forgotten as the recipient moves on to the following message.

Therefore, having a distinctive, expert email signature is so beneficial. Use a signature that will distinguish your email from others and leave a good impression on the recipient.

When you use a distinctive email signature, you can accomplish the following things:

  • Branding: Create and reaffirm your company’s brand in all communications.
  • Personalization: Include a photo to establish a human connection with recipients.
  • Professionalism – Establish your company’s reputation by demonstrating its long history.
  • Opportunities for linking – Include easy links to your contact information, social media accounts, and pertinent outlets.
  • Promotional opportunities: If forthcoming events are pertinent to your recipient, encourage registration.

Add a call to action (CTA) for recipients to click on to download an offer of valuable material, such as an ebook or report. Today, a personalized experience for prospective consumers is essential for a successful email.

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What Is a Student Email Signature Generator?

A student email signature generator tool is a tool that allows students to create an email signature, upload it to their email service provider, and set them as their default signature.

Online, there are several free email signature creators to choose from. Additionally, some tools let you create editable templates with graphics, interactive links, photographs, and more.

Your email signature may serve as a digital business card that establishes your brand identity, informs potential customers of your offer, and personalizes your outreach.

Here are the top email signature generators for students commonly used:

  • Rocketseed
  • MySignature
  • Gimmio
  • Hubspot Email Signature
  • Signed Document Maker
  • WiseStamp
  • Newoldstamp
  • MailSignatures
  • Signature.email
  • Designhill

1. Rocketseed

The Features

  • Rocketseed has a professional design service
  • Central control
  • Editable signature templates
  • Campaign targeting
  • Analytics and reporting.

Rocketseed is at the top of our list of the best student email signature generators. Using this student email generator, you can create and manage expert, on-brand business email signatures for every employee, ensuring consistent company branding.

With this tool, you may use their excellent professional design service function to hire a top designer to create custom signature design templates for your brand. 

It also offers a function that lets you add connections to websites, social networking accounts, and newsletter sign-up forms. It is simple to set up automatic updating of signature contact information.

Rocketseed signatures operate with all email clients, including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), and Exchange. They are also easy to implement, secure, and display on all devices.

The best part is that you can run targeted campaigns and analyze each recipient’s click-through using Rocketseed’s analytics and reporting by including marketing banners in every email.

Rocketseed website

2. MySignature 

Cost: $5/month (paid every three months), $4/month (billed once a year), and $29 upfront. 


  • Adding photographs and social media links and altering the layout to suit the different clientele.

For students, freelancers, and small enterprises, MySignature email generator is the best. This tool allows users to create and set up email signatures more deeply. They include five tabs designed to offer you a range of signature options.

The MySignature templates are compatible with the most popular email applications, including Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail, and they are mobile-friendly.

One of its benefits is that it may use this instrument on the go. This shows that you can do it with a smartphone or tablet. 

The application provides several built-in analytics for tracking the effectiveness of images, banners, and links added typically at the bottom of emails.

MySignature Website

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3. Gimmio 

Cost: Price: $2.33 per month for a single user; when you add more users, the price per user drops.


  • Maker for business cards and email signatures.

Next on our list of the top 10 best student email signature generators is Gimmio. Gimmio (formerly ZippySig) provides many innovative customization and styling options for businesses and design studios wishing to create premium custom designs.

More than 40 sophisticated ready-to-use templates are available there; they may download them for free.

Moreso, this student email signature generator has over 40 fonts, countless social media sticker and icon combinations, and interface options like adding columns and changing field names are all included.

Below your signed name at the bottom of your email, you can also include personalized banners. The template also includes a dashboard.

Gimmio website

4. Hubspot Email Signature

Cost: Free


  • Customizable signature images
  • Text size
  • Link Color
  • Template options.

Hubspot is the best email signature generator for influencers and smaller brands to serve you well. This generating option has unique tools and resources, allowing you to make your email signature easily. 

All you need to do is fill out the information form, including all of your contact information, and use the following form to add links to your social network profiles.

Another exciting feature Hubspot email signature has is that it allows you to change colors, typefaces, patterns, and other designs to suit your brand. With such a unique signature, your email template will adequately convey your brand message.

Hubspot Email Signature

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5. Signature Maker

Cost: Free


  • Chrome addon
  • Handwritten signature generator
  • Typeface signature generator.

Among the best email signature-generating tools for students that allow you to make a unique handwritten signature, font signature, or email signature is Signature Maker. 

With Signature Maker, you can do everything with only one straightforward tool. This tool is simple to use and does not require the installation of any plugins or programs.

You can use this tool on contemporary browsers like Google Chrome because it is based on HTML5. 

Another thing about this tool is that you can use the signature generated here to sign contracts and legal documents and email them as PDFs or Word documents.

The Signature Maker website

6. WiseStamp

Cost: $6 per month.


  • Social media icons
  • Connecting templates
  • Text size and color options.

Next on our list of top student email signature generators commonly used is WiseStamp. This tool allows you to create email signatures with over 50 pre-made templates, so there is a template for any genre and tone.

With WiseStamp, you can personalize your email by including Instagram photographs. Aside from that, your customers can access your work with only one “click n’ send.” The signature might get more social media icons and stickers.

With its unique features, you won’t be wrong to say that WiseStamp is among the best custom signature generators for independent contractors.

WiseStamp website

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7. Newoldstamp

Cost: $8 and $11 per month are the prices.


  • Centralized administration of business signatures
  • GSuite
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Office 365 integrations
  • An advanced signature generator
  • A signature marketing campaign.

Now, the Newoldstamp email signature generator is the best for big companies and enterprises. 

Newoldstamp is one of the best email signature generator tools for students to use social networking applications and badges in their email signature. 

You can also place a promotional banner at the bottom of the newsletters in addition to the call-to-action.

This tool has administration and marketing features such as template development, central control, branch templates, streamlined delivery, auto-update, banner campaigns, and built-in analytics.

Also, it has a service that interacts with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), Exchange, and Office 365. This feature makes management even more efficient. 

Using this tool, you can also include a link in your email signature that directs them to a specific landing page on your website.

Newoldstamp Website

8. MailSignatures

Cost: Free


  • Display social network links
  • Apply graphics
  • Add personal and business data

Mail Signatures are a solid contender on this list. You can create a signature from scratch or pick from various templates to get started. Select an email platform from the drop-down menu before selecting a signature style.

Then, enter your contact details, company name, and logo, customize your typeface and include links to your social media profiles. When entering your information, click the “Apply your signature” button to add the signature to your emails.


9. Signature.email

Cost: Free, $19 once, $19 per month – $39 per month

Signature.email Features

  • Unique Templates with font size and font colors
  • Unlimited photos
  • Social media icons and banners
  • Distribution URLs for the signature generator.

Next on our list of student email signature generators is signature.email. Designers and creative agencies mostly use this signature-generating tool because of its unique feature. 

Signature.email has a unique feature that allows you to create a signature from scratch or use one of their pre-made themes. You can add as many fields or images as you like and modify the signature’s layout, colors, fonts, and spacing.

You can use custom colors and shapes for your social connections to make your email signature stand out if you wish to put social icons or banners in it.

If you have a plan, you may convert your email signature into a link that allows your staff to enter their contact information, create a personalized email signature, and then paste it into their preferred email client.

Signature.email website 

10. Designhill

Cost: Free


  • Many Templates
  • Social media links
  • A call-to-action
  • A particular font
  • Other design factors.

Finally, on our list of most well-known email signature makers is Designhill. Designhill offers more than just an email signature maker; you can also buy design jobs and hire freelancers.

You must enter your company information and choose models, CTAs, and social network links to generate an email signature on DesignHill. Once you’ve finished, click the “make a signature” option to get a polished email signature.

Designhill’s Website

#11. Si.gnatu.re

There are four tabs and a real-time overview on the Si.gnat.re generator page. You only need to fill in the information about your business, add photos, style it, and add links to your social media accounts. In under 60 seconds, you will construct a lovely and talented mark.

You can edit your free email signature for the next thirty days—it will still work in your email client! You can erase the expiry date and alter whenever you like for a one-time frame expense of $5.

Utilizing the selfie feature, you can also personalize your signature so that customers can associate a face with it. As you type and build your username, any changes you make are automatically saved.


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Best Email Signature Generating Tips

Here are some pointers to help you create an appealing signature.

Maintain the characteristic style’s simplicity and cleanliness.

There is no question that minimalism will rule when discussing graphic design trends. You shouldn’t use a fancy email signature. It must leave a lasting impression—indeed, a positive one.

Use serif fonts

The Serif font family will always be around. Use the types Georgia, Garamond, Didot, Calisto MT, Lucida Bright, Goudy Old Style, and Palatino for your signature design.

But be sure to use just one font when you design an email signature. 

Use subdued or mild color schemes.

Soft, low-saturation colors are aesthetically attractive. They induce serenity and quiet the viewer’s thoughts. Therefore, people give these hues more attention than bright ones.

Use only two colors in the design of your email signature if you want to make it stand out. Pick hues associated with your brand. You might consult an internet color palette or ask your designer for recommendations to choose the ideal color scheme.

Employ geometrical forms

Use geometric shapes like triangles, squares, circles, and more when constructing email signature banners. Geometric shape use is becoming more prominent in design trends. These design components and a soft color scheme create an eye-catching banner.

Include a photo or image

You may quickly make an email signature and include an image with the help of an excellent signature builder. Your signature gains more character, significance, and impact when you have a picture. The images will draw visitors in and make your signature more visually appealing.

Add your logo

You can put your company’s logo in place of a photo. It will seem cluttered even if you can include both the image and the logo. 

You can place a portrait, square, or circular logo on the right or left side of the text, even though a landscape logo looks okay in a stacked signature. Note that this will depend on the email signature format you want.


Student Email Signature Generator FAQs

Is an email signature necessary?

For professional use, it is preferred but not required to include your full name, title, phone number, and social media handles at the end of an email. An email signature will help you establish more contacts because a link to your LinkedIn profile or other social media account in your email signature will make it easier for people to find you online.

Should an email signature be fancy or formal?

The answer is that working as a professional is not glamorous. Always select a subdued email signature that complements your brand. 

What happens if you utilize Gmail’s default, free signature-generating feature?

Yes, you can, but you won’t be able to customize your email signature with social media links, alternative fonts and colors, and other elements.

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We have reviewed the best Student Email Signature Generators on the market. Some of these tools require no programming and can be used immediately, while others may require some customization but are ultimately more powerful. 

Finally, the best Student Email Signature Generator for you will depend on your needs and preferences.

However, these five generators should get you started on creating an effective signature that will help you stand out from the crowd. So don’t wait any longer – start using one of these signature generators today!



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