Best United Kingdom UK Graduate Schools Ranking

“Study history. Study history…” said Nobel prize-winning former British prime minister Winston Churchill. Understanding the history of a place is as good as gold, and the history of the United Kingdom as one of the history-rich cities of the world is sure to provide clarity on why the UK operates as marvelously as it does.

It has been statistically proven that international students go to study in the UK more than many other countries put together. It’s quite safe to assume that you would be one soon. As a graduate student, whether masters or Ph.D. programs, we have brought to you the best graduate schools in the UK and how to apply to them.

Studying in the UK is been the dream of many students. Doesn’t it excite you that what you’re about to read will set you on the path to achieving this dream in the UK? I guess it does.

If for some reason, you were unable to take advantage of the opportunity to study for your undergrads in the UK, then this is another opportunity. With over 500,000 international students coming in each year, you will be in a home away from home.

Studying in the UK is not entirely a big deal. Many students go there each year, so why not you?

This article will bring you a step closer to that dream. Read up!

Why study in the UK?

There are many reasons to study in England and the UK in general, and everyone can count a couple off the tip of their fingers. I will briefly bring you a few reasons.

Firstly, let us start from the goofy angle.

Do you love slangs? Do you think it childish for graduate students? I know you must have been told that grad schools are for serious people.

What is schooling without a bit of fun in it? Having established that, just make your education exciting in the UK by learning up a few slangs. Who knows, you may need it to get by and ‘feel among’ in the hood.

In addition to a very good education and lots of research work, you will get to learn in the English language. That means you need no translator if you are actually from an English speaking nation. Picking up a new language can be very challenging and may slow down your academic work.

England is home to most of the world recognized universities like Cambridge and Oxford.

This is one of the most important reasons students go to the UK to study. Instead of wasting time on your master’s program, most of their programs are for one year.

The masters are highly fast-paced. While this may sound like a con to many, it really isn’t. We are here to bring you all the information, so here it is.

In the UK, postgraduate programs, especially masters have to be in the course you already studied in your undergraduate school. Most of the schools do not give you an avenue to branch out into something new. Do consider this before coming to the UK.

Let’s move on.

Do Graduate School in the UK have an Entrance exam?

Most schools in the world, literally all schools, have entrance exams. This is because schools cannot accept all the applications they get. Also, there has to be a benchmark to accept students. (Alprazolam) Don’t you think so?

Now to answer the question – do graduate schools in the UK have an entrance exam? Yes, they do. But not all the graduate schools in the UK take entrance exams. Actually, they have a very serious exam for students called GMAT  (Graduate Management Admission Test) and it is mostly for MBAs.

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Schools also require language tests such as IELTS or TOEFL results if you are not from particular English-speaking countries.

Basically, exams are dependent on the course you want to study.

What are the Types of Graduate Courses in the UK?

1. Master’s Degree

In the UK, masters programs are usually classified as either taught or research. The taught ones are often for just one year. One year that is much more intense than the undergraduate school.

The research-based masters usually take longer, which is like two to three years. You will need to complete research work that is similar to that done for a Ph.D. program.

2. MBA Courses

Otherwise known as a Master of Business Administration degree, it is an internationally recognized qualification that gives you the skills you need for a successful management career.

3. PHDs or Doctorates

Actually, this is the highest academic level a student can attain. It leads to careers in the academic world either as a lecturer or a researcher.

While commonplace, it is not actually totally necessary to complete a master’s degree before going over to a Ph.D. With very high master’s degree results, you can go to a Ph.D. without completing the masters.

Courses leading to an MPhil (Master of Philosophy) qualification, which are research-led, are often designed for students to progress to a Ph.D.

Then the Ph.D. program takes longer than three years. In some cases, shorter.

4. Postgraduate Diplomas

Postgraduate certificates and diplomas allow students to study something new or build on the skills and knowledge they already gained during their undergraduate degree.

They are usually shorter than a master’s degree and you won’t have to do a thesis or dissertation

Professional and Vocational Qualification

These qualifications help you improve or gain skills for specific jobs. Most of them involve practical training. They give you the opportunity to experience a job first-hand.

Conversion Courses

A conversion course is a vocational postgraduate qualification usually taken by graduates who want to change their subject area after their first degree. Typically, students enroll in this type of program to develop more professional skills.

For example, you could study History for your undergraduate degree and do a Law conversion course to begin your career as a lawyer.

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What are the Best Graduate Schools in the UK?

Every university in the United Kingdom has a graduate school, but here are the 10 best graduate school programs you can possibly get in the UK.

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  • University of Oxford
  • The University of Cambridge.
  • The University of Edinburgh.
  • King’s College London.
  • The University of Warwick.
  • University College London.
  • University of Bristol
  • Imperial College London
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • University of Manchester

The Ranking Criteria

The grad schools in the United Kingdom are ranked using the following criteria;

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  • QS World University Ranking
  • Number of programs the schools run
  • International recognition

#1 Oxford University

According to the 2025 QS ranking, it is number 4 in the world and Times Higher Education says it is number 1 in the world.

In its graduate programs, the University of Oxford has 124 master’s degrees students can go for. Their Ph.D. program spans from different areas, there are 77 research project areas in 6 different faculties. These are in 12 departments. This is more than is offered in some schools.

This university is highly recognized internationally.

For instance, the division of humanities has 12 individual departments, but in total, their courses are over 350 for postgraduates.

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#2 University of Cambridge

With over 18,000 students from all over the world, Cambridge ranks as number 7 in the world according to QS. Times Higher Education ranks it as number 3.

Cambridge has over 300 postgraduate courses that are in the category of teaching and research. The MPhil by advanced study and MPhil by research are the types the school awards. Both of them prepare students for Research Ph.D. programs.

The school has international recognition.

Check out the postgraduate guide for students here.

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#3 Imperial College London

Times Higher education gives it a rank of number 9. The Postgraduate acceptance rate is 15.47%. With four faculties, Imperial College of London ranks among the best in the UK.

They have a business school also in London that offers a variety of courses in different business fields. Both for undergraduate and postgraduates. The Ph.D. in business school is for 5 years

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The school also offers over 250 PG degrees in the fields of science, engineering, technology, medicine and business (STEMB).

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#4 UCL

Number 8 in QS ranking. In addition, Times Higher Education also ranks it as number 8.

There are 10 departments at UCL for postgraduate studies, and in addition to taught and research, they also have a teacher training program PGDE for graduates who wish to join the education sector.

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#5 London School of Economics and Political Science

Number 44 in QS ranking. Also, Times Higher Education ranks it 27th.

Of all UK universities, the London School of Economics and Political Science has the highest proportion of international students, at 70%. They have a lot of programs for graduate school, and 15 of those programs rank among the UK’s top 15 courses.

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#6 University of Bristol

In this UK grad school, you will learn from one of the six faculties it has programs in.

It has 102 courses you can choose from. Ranking as number 49 in QS 2025 world best universities.

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#7 University of Edinburgh

Basically, the school is number 20 in the world ranking according to QS. In the same vein, Times Higher Education gives it the number 30. She has 44 programs that have individual courses.

Particularly, the University of Edinburg is one of my favorite schools for a graduate program in the Uk. That is because, despite her high reputation and excellence achieved over the years, she has still maintained a very good acceptance rate when you compare it with schools of the reputation.

Statistically, it is one of the best UK grad schools.

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#8 King’s College London

Ranks 33 in top universities by QS. Similarly, it is number 36 by Times Higher Education.

At King’s, there are 32 study areas. I hope we still remember that the study areas are not courses by themselves. They are likened to a faculty with individual departments.

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#9 University of Manchester

Number 27 in the ranking by QS. Additionally, Times Higher Education says it is number 57.

The university offers up to a thousand courses in 10 study areas. Well, this is in addition to the undergraduate courses.

Actually, for the postgraduate studies, there are 6 departments.

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#10 University of Warwick

Number 49 in the ranking by QS. In comparison, Times Higher Education gives it a rank of 77.

The University of Warwick is also among the best UK grad schools.

Because the World Scholarship Forum ranked it the number 10 does not mean the school is any less as good as others. If this is any consolation, it is actually among the best 10 grad schools in the UK.

With 262 master’s programs, do we still need more data to realize they are good?

In addition, she has a Warwick Business school.

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Acceptance rates of graduate schools in the UK

We have listed the acceptance rate of some of these best universities in UK.

University Acceptance Rate
University of Oxford 21.8%
University of Cambridge 30.8%

Using this as a yardstick, you can see that the two top universities in Uk have a low acceptance rate.

So, you have to work hard to be able to get in.

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Which schools are the Best law schools in UK for Postgraduates?

Law is a course that is very essential in every country, and the UK has some of the world’s best law schools.

It is important we know that even as an international law graduate, you still need to know a little about your local law to be able to work in your local country after graduating from the UK.

As a result, here is a list of some of the Uk’s top law schools: University of Cambridge, Oxford University, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University College London (UCL), University of Edinburgh, King’s College London.

What are the Best Medical schools UK graduates?

Medicine is a lifelong course of study, not just a momentary course. If you are not committed to helping lives please do not venture into it.

Truthfully, admission to medical schools in the UK is competitive. You will need to meet the entry requirements, go through an interview, and take additional tests, such as the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT), and the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT).

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According to GetMeIntoMedicalSchool, there are usually around 21,000 applicants who compete for 8,000 places in medical schools throughout the UK, and their success rate is around 40%. The same statistics show that it takes around ten years for a graduate to become a consultant in a hospital specialty.

According to Times Higher Education which corresponds with our assessment, The following schools are the best in medical schools in the UK in 2025.

  • Oxford University
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London (UCL)
  • King’s College London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Glasgow
  • Liverpool University
  • University of Manchester
  • Queen Mary University of London

There are masters scholarships for international students. Check out: 21 Masters Scholarships in UK for International Students | APPLY NOW

Best engineering graduate schools in the UK

The UK is really a good place to study engineering. In fact, it’s probably a better place to study than many places in the world.

Most of the schools have a very high admission requirement. So, you need to know your onions to actually get accepted.

A typical Postgraduate education in Engineering lasts for around four years. In addition, it may also extend to five years in order for the student to have a one-year industrial experience.

Here are some of the best schools in Uk for Engineering courses.

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  • The University of Cambridge.
  • University of Oxford.
  • Imperial College London.
  • The University of Warwick.
  • The University of Manchester.
  • Edinburgh University

Best computer science graduate schools in the UK

Computer science is one of the hottest courses to study in the UK. In addition, there are many high-tech companies in cities in Bristol and the South West.

I hope we know that these schools will have other requirements that are not just a good GPA, GMAT or IELT score?

The best universities for it are the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, and the University of St Andrews. Another good school is Imperial College London. Their courses are for four years for the masters.

Even Azent reckons with these choices.

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Is it easy to get into graduate schools in the UK?

Typically, no school is very easy to get into, and the UK is no exception. However, if you meet the requirement of the university, you are applying to its graduate school, then, we can say the admission is easy.

Actually, some schools are easier to get into than others, and these are some of the very easy schools in the UK to get into.

  1. Aberystwyth University (94.4%)
  2. University College Birmingham (93.6%)
  3. University of Roehampton (91.5%)
  4. Newman University, Birmingham (90.8%)
  5. Bishop Grosseteste University (90.6%)
  6. University of Portsmouth (90.4%)
  7. York St John University (88.3%)

If you noticed, none of our top 10 graduate schools fall here.

Also, these schools are not only for graduates. Undergraduates alike can take advantage of this.

How to apply to UK graduate schools after US education?

Generally, to apply to a UK grad school, you can apply directly to the school, but you have to find out the school’s deadline for application.

In addition, you may apply via UKPASS system otherwise called UCAS. You can complete all your details online and scan and upload any required documents such as a copy of your passport and previous Bachelor’s degree certificates.

Check which course providers use UCAS Postgraduate.

Documents Needed for a United Kingdom Graduate school application

The following documents may be required to apply to a school in the UK.

Do not forget that some schools actually have very specific documents.

We have added a link to the school’s websites so that you can actually access all the information so that your application and efforts will not fall to the dogs.

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  • Along with your personal information, you will need to submit photocopied evidence confirming your identity and academic history.
  • Birth certificate 
  • Passport, national identification card 
  • Reference letters, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose if required 
  • Evidence of English competency (TOEFL, IELTS, C1 Advanced scores) 
  • Copies of degree/diploma certificates 
  • Academic transcripts 
  • Masters and Ph.D. applicants may also be required to submit a research proposal.

United kingdom graduate schools FAQS

Many cities offer quality education. Top on the list is England and Scotland. This is because they house some of the best United kingdom graduate schools.

MBA (MBAs are the most sought after courses today),
Civil Engineering,
Computer Science,

1 August 2025

If you apply for a Masters to start in September 2025, you must submit your application by 1 August 2025 if you’re an international student. 1 September 2025 if you’re a UK/EU student.

A full-time Masters is usually 1-2 years long. Most Masters degrees in the UK take one year.

Postgraduate courses in the UK are normally cheaper per year than undergraduate courses. Whereas a typical UK Bachelors’ degree can cost up to £9,250, average fees for classroom-based, taught UK Masters are £7,392. That’s the average for a UK or EU student on a taught course.


We should have noticed so far that the top graduate schools in the United Kingdom have a considerably low acceptance rate, and also multi-coursed. Most of them are reoccurring for being the best in different fields of study.

The grad schools in the UK are actually very good and well recognized in the world. These should motivate any student to come to study.

In the course of making analysis, we got to find out that their tuition fees may be considered high when compared to some study destinations. Not to worry, there are student financial aids you can actually enroll in to reduce your fees.

The quality of education you get in your graduate school is what matters. If not, what is the essence of going for an additional course?

Relax, concentrate and study!

Best of luck!


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