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Have you ever thought of studying in Madagascar? Well, it’s one African nation you might want to study in. Madagascar is an island country in the Indian Ocean that has some of the efficient universities in Africa. Thus, we will be looking at the best Universities in Madagascar.

Exploring educational opportunities in Madagascar can be an exciting process. The African country is one of the most unique in the world, with educational programs covering every area of study, and even has programs for international students.

If you are looking to get your undergraduate degree or
perhaps your graduate degree, this is the place to visit.

In the course of this write-up, we will equip you with the necessary, useful, and valuable information on the Best Universities in Madagascar and how to apply for them.

You can take note of the table of content to see the preview list of the universities in Madagascar and other relevant topics we are going to discuss.

Universities in Madagascar

Generally, each of these universities in Madagascar has its own system of operation and offering quality studies to its students.

They also have different methods and procedures for accepting international students.

It is important to know, however, that many of these
programs are recent and still growing. It was not until the early 2000s that
higher education was considered valuable in Madagascar.

For this reason, you may find certain limitations in terms
of access to certain programs.

International students coming to study in Madagascar must also provide their own health insurance and provide proof of their ability to pay living expenses during their stay in the country to the Visa Registrar.

After graduating from university, individuals may have the option of staying in the country to work. There are job opportunities for those with a higher education degree, especially in research programs, the health industry, and business development.

How does it take to study at Universities in Madagascar?

The accumulation of the school year depends on the school, but most programs begin enrolment in August, and the programs will continue until June of the following year.

However, short-term options and full-time education
(including year-round education) are a few options. Most students will study
for two or three years to earn the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.

Masters and graduate programs are also available, particularly in business, health, science, and technology.

These programs last one or two years, but additional studies may continue.

How much Tuition fee will I pay in Madagascar?

Tuition fees in Madagascar are very affordable. Most studies are available at a low cost. Private universities tend to be more expensive but still stay at moderate and average prices for the region.

These are tuition fees for international students at some universities. The fee ranges from $3,300 to almost $5,000

  • University of Antananarivo: $3,300
  • University of Toamasina: $3,900
  • University of Toliara: $4,500
  • Higher Institute of Technology of Antananarivo:
  • University of Mahajanga: $4,700
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The tuition for private universities is currently not available. However, they tend to be slightly more expensive than public universities. Free education is not available for international students.

Private Universities in Madagascar

There are more than 20 different universities in Madagascar; while a handful of them are owned and managed by the government, a great number of them are owned by private organizations, especially Christian religious institutions.

Most of the universities and training colleges in Madagascar are owned and operated by the Catholic church and the Adventist Church. These can account for why some of the schools inculcate moral indoctrination in their students as a way to build values in them.

While the private universities in Madagascar have a higher standard in training their students, their tuition fee, however, is more expensive than their government-owned counterparts.

Some of the private universities in Madagascar include most of the universities we have mentioned above.

The Higher Polytechnic Institute of Madagascar in Antananarivo, which is the first private polytechnic institute of Madagascar, stands out as one of the top private universities in the country.

Others are The Catholic University of Madagascar, School of
the Sacred Heart of Antanimena, Adventist Zurcher University, Institute
Superieur de Technologie d’Antananarivo (Technology) and

Institut Superieur de la Communications, des Affaires et du
Management Madagascar (Communications and Business)

Best Universities in Madagascar

There are several universities present in Madagascar. These universities, as well as other higher institutions of learning, are officially accredited and/or recognized by the body in charge of higher education in Madagascar which is the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Madagascar. These universities include:

  • University of Antananarivo
  • University of Mahajanga
  • University of Toliara
  • University of Toamasina
  • University of Antsiranana
  • The Higher Polytechnic Institute of Madagascar
  • Higher Institute of Technology of Antananarivo
  • Catholic University of Madagascar
  • The School of the Sacred Heart Antanimena
  • Zurcher Adventist University

University of Antananarivo

The University of Antananarivo is the main public university of Madagascar, located in the capital of Antananarivo. It is rated at the top of the ranks of the Best Public Universities in Madagascar.

The university retraced its foundation on December 16, 1955, and the formation of the Institute of Advanced Studies of Antananarivo.

It established itself as the main center of higher education in the country and was renamed the University of Madagascar in 1961 and was further renamed the University of Antananarivo.

The university has five other branches in Antsiranana, Fianarantsoa, ​​Toamasina, Toliara, and Mahajanga, which subsequently metamorphose into different, independent universities over the years.

The University of Antananarivo manages the Museum of Arts and Archeology. The Soavinandriana Higher Education Institute and the Antsirabe Vakinankaratra Higher Education Institute are its two regional offices.

The University of Antananarivo is convinced that young people today have the energy and the dynamism, the intelligence and the will, and the intellectual and moral capacities to better promote a new civil society. The University of Antananarivo has the following faculties:

  • Medical School
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences
  • School of Agronomic Sciences

School Portal

University of Mahajanga

Created in 1977, the University of Mahajanga is a public, non-profit higher education establishment located in the urban setting of the small town of Mahajanga.

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The University of Mahajanga (UMGA) is a very small institution with a quality higher education system. The University of Mahajanga (UMGA) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees, such as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in several fields of study.

This 43-year-old higher education institution has a selective admission policy based on academic background and student grades.

The admission rate is extremely strict and competitive, which makes this Malagasy higher education institution a somewhat selective institution.

International applicants are eligible to apply for registration as long as they meet the requirements.

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University of Toliara

The University of Toliara is historically the oldest higher education center, founded in 1971 after the decentralization of the center of the University of Madagascar.

The university campus is located in Maninday, 5km east of the city of Toliara, the capital of Atsimo-Andrefana in southwest Madagascar.

The University of Toliara has earned its place as one of the best universities in Madagascar, both for undergraduate and master’s studies.

This university teaches human and social sciences, sciences, philosophy, and management (the latter is located next to CEDRATOM).

The Faculty of Teacher Training (ENS) of the University of Toliara and the Institute of Agriculture and Hydrology (IST) are currently working with the NGO Big Red Earth to explore educational innovations in the fields of agriculture, civic engagement, and sustainable development.

The university manages the CEDRATOM museum.

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University of Toamasina

The University of Toamasina is a public university in Madagascar, in the city of Toamasina. The university was previously part of the system of the University of Madagascar, with the public universities of Antananarivo, Antsiranana, Mahajanga, Toliara, and Fianarantsoa.

In 1988, this system was reorganized, and the member schools became separate institutions.

University of Antsiranana

The University of Antsiranana, founded in 1976, is located in the north of Madagascar near the Sugar Loaf. It is one of the best universities in Madagascar, and it gathers more than 3000 students distributed in the following different establishments:

  • Faculty of Economics, Management, and Political Sciences
  • Polytechnic School
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Science
  • Higher Institute of Business Administration.

The University of Antsiranana is currently attended by nearly 3000 students divided into two schools, three faculties, and one institute.

By linking people and skills, practices and ideas, resources, and projects, the university prepares its students with conviction to achieve their ambition and successfully integrate into the world of work and the society of tomorrow.

The Higher Polytechnic Institute
of Madagascar

The Higher
Polytechnic Institute of Madagascar was the first private polytechnic institute
of Madagascar and was created in January 1993 in Antananarivo.

ISPM is located in Antananarivo, Madagascar. It is locally
known as the Institut Supérieur Polytechnique de Madagascar. It has a name that
is respected among the best universities in Madagascar.

When it was created in 1993, it was originally called School Science and Information Technologies in Madagascar, with a single department concerned with the electronics industry, information systems, computer industry, software engineering, and artificial intelligence.

Since then, other departments have been created successively.

Higher Institute of Technology of Antananarivo

The Higher Institute of Technology of Antananarivo (IST-T)
is a higher education and research establishment attached to the Ministry in
charge of technology in the country.

Like her first twenty-five years, the institute relies on
the values ​​that have forged his credibility and reputation: technicality and
competence, discipline and rigor, good human relations.

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Both a higher education and research center and a professional partner, the IST-T has successfully implemented three scientific actions defined in its 2025 strategy: Knowledge transfer: respect and reference to the system standardization program higher education and research in Madagascar;

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Catholic University of Madagascar

The Catholic University of Madagascar is a private university located in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Founded in 1960 as an institute within the major seminary of Antananarivo, it later became an independent institute.

It obtained accreditation from the Malagasy government in 2000 and in 2011, took its current name.

The university is located in the heart of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. The campus includes a large historic building and a significant amphitheater.

The academics are divided into four departments: social sciences, theology, philosophy, and psychology. The university contains a research center, publishes two scientific journals, and has partnerships with several international universities.

The university is under the supervision of the Episcopal Conference of Madagascar and is the only university affiliated with the Catholic Church of Madagascar.

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The School of the Sacred Heart Antanimena

The School of the Sacred Heart of Antanimena (ESCA) is a
private Catholic school run by the Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred
Heart. It is governed by the statute of the Catholic school in Madagascar.

At ESCA, the Christian spirit and values are the major
ethics and principles that form the basic guidance and educating of the students
and it helps them build a rich and noble personality during their stay in the

The school of the Sacred Heart of Antanimena was opened in October 1992 as one of the first private higher education institutes based in Madagascar;

Their main objective is to contribute to the training of graduates who intend to follow higher education in a particular profession.

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Zurcher Adventist University (Adventist Zurcher

Adventist Zurcher University is an international, bilingual,
Christian institution that trains young people to secure their best future. It
is one of the trusted and top universities in Madagascar.

Adventist Zurcher University was established in 1995 after the destruction of the Central African Adventist University in Rwanda in 1994.

The Seventh-day Adventist Division of Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean voted to open four campuses across French-speaking regions of its territory – one in Cameroon, one in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one in Rwanda, and one in Madagascar.

In the fall of 1996, the University opened its doors to 35
theology students and temporarily established itself on the Indian Ocean Union
mission complex (now the conference of the Union of the Indian Ocean located in

The following year, UAZ moved to Antsirabe and then to a 200-hectare property adjoining the national road between Antananarivo and Antsirabe. Construction began in July 1998 and continued until March 1999.

On March 25, 1999, the building was sufficiently advanced to allow students and staff to come to campus and begin classes.

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Studying in Madagascar can be an exciting opportunity. There are a variety of opportunities for those who are dedicated to their field.

The rich culture, the availability of education, and the many long-term options are all reasons to register here. Students should consider these international study opportunities.

Universities in Madagascar – FAQs

University of Antananarivo is one of the oldest university in Madagascar and reputed to be one of the best public university in the country

Tuition fees in Madagascar are very quite affordable. It ranges from $3000 to $5000 depending on the school and program.

Private universities in Madagascar are managed by mostly religious organizations, hence its teaching and operation system is a bit more instructive and well coordinated than government-owned universities


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