15 Best Welding Schools in Missouri | 2024 Requirements

Missouri’s nickname, the show me state, reflects the residents’ openness to education. If you want to learn to weld but need help figuring out where to start, learn about Missouri’s training programs and welding schools.

This article has outlined all the information you need to begin a career in welding in Missouri, including salary, license requirements, and many others. Read it here!

How to Obtain a Welder Certification in Missouri

Many welding schools prepare students to take the SENSE Level I Entry Welders examination to become certified by the American Welding Society (AWS).

Even though it is not governed or required by the state, this certification allows aspiring welders to demonstrate their academic preparation and technical proficiency.

AWS-certified welders frequently have better job prospects than uncertified welders.

Therefore, to become a certified welder in Missouri, you must enroll in a welding school and write the SENSE exam to become AWS certified.

Is a Welder’s License Required in Missouri?

In Missouri, welders are not required to have licenses to find work. Regardless, you should consider the benefits of obtaining an optional AWS certification or enrolling in a school program for a welding certificate or degree.

15 Best welding schools in Missouri | 2024 Requirements

  • 1 Missouri Welding Institute, Nevada
  • 2 Midwest Technical Institute, Springfield
  • 3 Ranken Technical College
  • 4 Waynesville Career Center
  • 5 St. Charles College Community
  • 6 Jefferson University
  • 7 Aviation Institute of Maintenance
  • 8 Northland Career Center
  • 9 Grand River Welding Institute
  • 10 Ozarks Technical Community College
  • 11 Lake Career and Technical Center
  • 12 Franklin Technology
  • 13 Missouri State Technical College
  • 14 Crowder College
  • 15 American Welding Academy

#1 Missouri Welding Institute, Nevada

The Missouri Welding Institute employs 25 highly qualified and knowledgeable instructors.

The school trains students for various occupations, including master pipe welding.

Students can also enroll in tailored courses to advance their welding abilities based on their needs and objectives.

It is the number one best welding schools in Missouri.

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#2 Midwest Technical Institute, Springfield

Scholarships are available to welding students at this technical college in Springfield, Missouri.

Midwest Technical Institute is eligible for federal financial aid because of its accreditation.

They provide a variety of welding training courses with a focus on infrastructure jobs.

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#3 Ranken Technical College

Ranken Technical College has five significant concentrations, which are electrical, automotive, construction, manufacturing, and information technology.

The college fabrication and welding program grant students a welding certificate.

The course can be completed in one year.

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#4 Waynesville Career Center

Adults and high school students can benefit from the Waynesville Career Center’s high-quality career and technical education. Basically, it is one of the best welding schools in Missouri.

The center’s primary goal is to develop a skilled, diverse workforce of lifelong learners. By providing academic, technical, and interpersonal experiences, the institution prepares students for success in a diverse world.

The Waynesville Career Center’s Welding and Manufacturing program are open to seniors, seniors, and adults in their junior year of high school. Individuals will be taught basic welding techniques.

There is also a program for advanced students.

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#5 St. Charles College Community

St. Charles Community College is a two-year public community college. In 1987, it first commenced operations.

SCC’s campus now consists of 12 buildings. Furthermore, St. Charles was named one of the country’s top 50 places to live.

The college offers a variety of associate degrees, transfer options, and certificate programs in business, the arts, career-technical training, and the sciences.

The facility offers both workforce development and community development. Earn your certifications from the American Welding Society, Basic Welding C.S., and AAS.

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#6 Jefferson University

Jefferson College was established in 1963.

Accessibility, success, integrity, service, and learning are the college’s core values. The institution has earned accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission.

Academic programs in a variety of subjects are offered by the college. Earn a technical and career education certificate or associate’s degree.

Online classes are also available. The welding technology curriculum combines advanced welding techniques with related technical courses. AWS standards are considered while studying at the best schools in Missouri.

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#7 Aviation Institute of Maintenance

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance was established in 1969 as part of a successful business conglomerate.

The organization currently manages eleven FAA-approved airplane and engine schools. AIM meets the most stringent and stringent requirements for professional aviation training. This is the place to be if you’re interested in the industry.

Join the Industrial Manufacturing Technicians program. After graduation, you will be qualified for entry-level jobs in the fabrication and manufacturing industries.

The Combination Welding Diploma program includes both practical instruction and welding theory. The American Welding Society’s Welding Certification exam will be available for students to take.

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#8 Northland Career Center

In 1980, the Northland Career Center was established. It is a technical, public, non-profit institution.

The center’s core values are integrity, innovation, partnerships, success, diversity, learner focus, and quality.

Careers in agriculture, aviation, construction, culinary arts, diesel technology, health sciences, heating, cooling, climate control, industrial welding, IT professionals, law enforcement/crime scene investigation, production technologies, and teaching are available through the Northland Career Center.

Furthermore, students would need two years and three hours of class time to complete the Industrial Welding program. It is one of the best welding schools in Missouri.

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#9 Grand River Welding Institute

Grand River Welding Institute is a post-secondary trade school in Missouri with a focus on stainless steel pipe welding.

To become a certified pipe welder, you must complete the GRWl welding program’s four main welding procedures.

Staff members will instruct students with practical experience, welding testing experience, and field knowledge.

Students will learn four critical welding techniques that are still used in the field today and important field safety through our program.

Throughout all classroom instruction, instructors will use diagrams, demonstration videos, and demonstration drawings on marker boards verbally.

Students will be assigned to specific welding booths in the shop for practical instruction. Each booth will be set up by testing and safety regulations.

Welding tables and equipment will be updated to reflect the benefits and practices in the field.

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#10 Ozarks Technical Community College

This is one of the best welding schools in Missouri.

At this welding school, you will learn where to grow and acquire new skills for your future career.

You will have full access to all resources, and the labs and equipment at this school are fantastic.

The highly qualified and committed trainers and teachers are available to offer assistance will at every stage of your education.

Welding is an interesting program to undertake. By completing this short program, which lasts only a few months, you will be able to work in one of the most exciting and lucrative careers.

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#11 Lake Career and Technical Center

The Lake Career and Technical Center is an excellent place to learn life skills. This center’s main objective is to offer the environment and resources required to start a new career.

You will have some of the best memories and recreational opportunities on this campus.

The innovative and specially designed programs provide you with the most up-to-date job skills and requirements.

The welding program is excellent, with some of the best instructors, tools, and materials available.

Furthermore, the program will give you some of the most crucial know-how and abilities for beginning a brand-new and successful career.

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#12 Franklin Technology

Looking for the best welding schools to begin your career in technology in Missouri?

Franklin Technology is the best place to begin your dream technical career because it will give you the training, resources, and instruments you need.

You will be supported by highly qualified teachers and trainers throughout your studies.

Welding is not only one of this school’s best programs but also one of the most popular. You will quickly learn everything from ancient techniques to cutting-edge technology.

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#13 Missouri State Technical College 

Missouri State Technical College is a public college in Linn, Missouri. It is located in a rural area and has approximately 1,471 students enrolled. It has about 1,471 students enrolled and is situated in a rural area. The institution divides the academic year into semesters.

Earning a degree from the Midwest’s premier welding facility is an excellent way to get started in a high-demand field.

Welding can be learned on pipelines, ships, buildings, and bridges, as well as for aerospace applications, vehicle manufacturing and repair, and a variety of other manufacturing jobs.

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#14 Crowder College

Crowder currently offers four college-level welding certificates, three of which concentrate on a particular subset of welding:

Some examples include electric arc welding, plate, pipe-and-plate, and fabrication.

The curriculum of the school begins with welding fundamentals and progresses to more complex subjects. Students will learn about various arc welding processes and techniques and basic safety procedures.

Courses are designed to meet the needs of employers seeking candidates with specific skills and experience.

In addition, students in smaller classrooms have better access to resources.

Because of this, the learner will have a more enjoyable learning experience as well as the opportunity to gain more practical experience.

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#15 American Welding Academy

The American Welding Academy intends to open a non-profit facility to provide quality training to urban youth and young adults.

Students will receive the specialized vocational training and skill-building techniques required to research welding and related trade opportunities at one of Missouri’s best welding schools.

The American Welding Academy’s mission is to offer urban youth and young adults high-quality vocational training and services to get them ready for long-term careers in the trade industry.

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How Long Do Welding Schools in Missouri Last?

A GED or high school diploma in Missouri requires three to four years of study.

After that, a post-secondary welding training program must be completed, which could take anywhere from seven months to two years.

The “On-the-Job Training” procedure comes next and calls for several months of preparation and practice.

Finally, a reputable welding school issued the Welding Certification.

How Much Do Welding Schools in Missouri Cost?

Welding classes at technical schools or community colleges typically cost between $5,000 and $15,000.

This two-year program typically ends with a certificate of completion.

The tuition and duration of the program may vary depending on the area and specialization.

Residents and non-residents pay different tuition for the degrees associate’s and bachelor’s degrees.

Attending a local university will save you a lot of money.

Associate’s degrees last two years and range in price from $2,000 to $31,000.

A bachelor’s degree takes four years and costs between $40,000 and $100,000.

For positions as a welding supervisor, inspector, instructor, or engineer, a bachelor’s degree or higher is typically necessary.

How Much Do Missouri Welders Earn?

The US Department of Labor and welding job outlooks predict a 4.9 percent increase in average annual openings in Missouri.

This figure is slightly lower than the national average. Welding jobs are on the decline in Missouri.

According to the BLS, the salaries of welders in Missouri is around $38 310 ($18.42 per hour).

The average annual wage in the United States is $39.390 ($18.94/hour).

In addition, the top 10% of American welders have salaries of more than $62 100 per year, while the top 10% of welders in Missouri earn an average of $56 170.

Who Are Missouri’s Major Welder Employers

Welders are in high demand in Missouri, and some of the state’s largest employers are listed below:

  • MARCK Industries, Inc.: Welders needed for industrial construction earn an average annual salary of $43,800.
  • Modine Manufacturing Company is looking for welders to help with heat transfer product production. The annual salary is $46,200 on average.
  • Pandjiris, Inc.: Welders needed for mechanized welding earn an average hourly wage of $23.43.

FAQS on welding schools in Missouri in 2024

How Much Does Missouri Welding Institute Cost?

Tuition at Missouri Welding Institute can range from $8,000 to $25,000, depending on the qualification, with the average cost being $16,000.

What Does the Term Bead In Welding Mean?

A weld bead forms when filler material is deposited between two pieces of metal.
The way the torch moves while melting the filler material will influence how far the puddle advances and the type of bead that is left in the joint.

In Missouri, Do Welders Need Insurance?

Welders in Missouri are not required to have insurance as long as another company employs them. Welders who own businesses and employ others may require a workers’ compensation policy.


Attending welding schools in Missouri is quite easy. All you need is to go through our guide and select the one that best fits you.



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