10 Boarding Schools in Minnesota For Boys & Girls | 2025 Rankings

If you live in MN and you are looking to send your wards to a boarding school, this article is written with you in mind. Unarguably, sending young folks to boarding schools helps to bring the best out of them and encourage them to really live out their true potentials.

In this article, I’ll show you some of the best boarding schools in Minnesota to send your ward.

Sending your child or ward to a boarding school is a great investment towards raising well-bred, productive adults. This is because discipline in boarding schools is undoubtedly better than in state schools.

And interestingly, students don’t have to be all that academically bright to even go to boarding Schools.

Students who attend boarding schools are to some certain point of well-regimented life as boarding schools ensure that students don’t get carried away by certain frivolities of life.

Just follow me very closely as we explore some of the top boarding schools in Minnesota where you can send your child.

But meanwhile, here below is the table of contents for an overview of what you’ll find in this article.

What is the Purpose of Boarding Schools?

Sending your child to a boarding school can be a huge decision and should be taken carefully. In recent times, the debate about whether a day school is better or a boarding school is old fashion.

Most parents have obviously realized the importance of boarding schools in providing high-quality education and overall development in their children’s personality.

In many ways than one, there are reasons why parents and guardians send their wards to boarding schools. The first reason is that discipline in boarding schools is undoubtedly better than in public schools.

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This point is unarguable.

Another obvious reason why parents send their wards to boarding schools is to awaken a sense of responsibility in their ward. This will help them in their academics and in every other aspect of their lives.

Boarders learn to be quite independent and resourceful at a very tender age.

Furthermore, boarding schools provide very cozy environments for students to learn amidst like-minds. Some boarding schools offer skill acquisition programs that help the students to learn, grow, and become resourceful and productive adults.

Many students enroll in boarding schools because their parents work outside their home country. So, by attending boarding schools, the safety and security of the wards are certain.

In the same vein, most parents send their wards to boarding schools because of the superior education they will receive.

Are Boarding Schools Better Than Day Schools?

One can’t say which boarding or day school is better. The truth remains that these schools have their benefits and dis-benefits.

But so many schools of thought have deduced that boarding schools are way better than day schools. You can find some of the reasons why boarding school is believed to be better than day schools here.

Benefits of Boarding Schools Over Day Schools

  • Boarding schools help to inculcate discipline and a sense of personal responsibility into the child.
  • Boarding schools provide very cozy environments for students to acquire extra-curricular skills.
  • Attending boarding schools guarantee the safety and security of wards whose parents are not close.
  • In the same vein, most parents send their wards to boarding schools because of the superior education they receive.

What Age Can a Child Go to Boarding School?

According to developmental Psychologists, the best age for a child to attend a boarding school is 12 to 18. It is believed that between this age bracket students can be able to understand their parents’ plans for them positively without any hard feelings.

What is the Average Cost of a Boarding School in Minnesota?

The cost of attending boarding schools differ depending on their quality of education and the quality of their facilities. The typical boarding school education ranges from $10,000 to $55,000.

The average cost of boarding schools in Minnesota is about $17,000. Tuition is $7,081.

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What are the Best Boarding Schools in Minnesota?

There are so many boarding schools in Minnesota but in this article, we will highlight the best 5 boarding schools in Minnesota, and we will take some time to compare them to find what makes each one unique.

Here below is a list of the best prep boarding schools in Minnesota. Do follow closely.

  • St. Croix Lutheran
  • Cotter High School & Junior High School
  • St. John’s Preparatory School
  • Shattuck St. Mary’s
  • Hillcrest Lutheran Academy

Our Ranking Factor

We have a particular ranking criterion for rating our best schools. For this particular article, we’ll be ranking these best based on their cost of attendance, Number of Programs, Total enrollment, and Student-Teacher Ratio.

Let us quickly look at the schools below.

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1. St. Croix Lutheran

St. Croix Lutheran is one of the best boarding schools in Minnesota. The school offers college preparatory programs for both boys and girls.

St. Croix Lutheran as one of the best boarding schools in Minnesota is committed to helping its students develop high academic standards.

SCL supports its coed students through a full ESL program and with a full-time international adviser to assist with the needs of the international students.

Students can find some curricular offerings such as Asian Studies, Architecture, Roman History, Economics, Video Production, Chinese, and Marine Science.

SCL is one of the surest places to get your child to prepare for the best colleges and universities in the United States.

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2. Cotter High School & Junior High School

Cotter High School & Junior High School is a coeducational private Catholic boarding traditional school for students in grades 7 through 12. The school has been enlisted as one of the best boarding schools in Minnesota.

The school is a college preparatory, day and boarding school for boys and girls. Cotter High School & Junior High School aims to inspire and educate outstanding students and prepare them for responsible leadership and resourceful engagement in the real world.

Cotter High School & Junior High School students can find ESL programs and International summer exchange programs. There are also about 24 successful athletic programs committed to developing champions within.

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3. St. John’s Preparatory School

Another Minnesota boarding school is the St. John’s Preparatory School.

St. John’s Preparatory School is a Catholic co-educational International Baccalaureate boarding school for students in grades 6-12.

The school offers a post-graduate program and its boarding is available for students in grades 9-12. Students can choose to enroll in the Five day and seven-day options. 

St. John’s Preparatory School is made up of competent and caring administrators. They offer programs and curricular activities that enhance the students’ experiences and helps them improve their talents.

St. John’s Preparatory School has stood the test of time as one of Minnesota boarding schools. The school has well-equipped facilities: There are two boys’ dorms and one girls’ dorm. Each dorm has lounges equipped with televisions and cooking facilities.

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4. Shattuck St. Mary’s

Another top prep school in Minnesota is Shattuck St. Mary’s School. The school is a coeducational private Episcopal boarding traditional school for grades 6 through 12.

It currently has an enrollment of 406 students.

The curriculum is college preparatory, emphasizing fostering the development of the whole student through academics, athletics, community service, and the creative and performing arts.

The excellent college preparatory arts programs at Shattuck St. Mary’s include theatre, dance, vocal, and instrumental music.

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5. Hillcrest Lutheran Academy

Hillcrest Academy is one of the best prep schools in Minnesota. Hillcrest Academy’s mission is to equip students in a Bible-based Christ-centered environment for a life of significance.

Hillcrest enrolls students worldwide and offers English as a second culture and ESL classes.

Hillcrest school offers seven boarding programs and as well as five days.

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Boarding Schools in Minnesota: Frequently Asked Questions

Are boarding schools for rich kids only?

Yes! Boarding schools are not only for rich kids. Kids coming from very humble homes can access financial aid to enable them to go through the boarding school.

Are Boarding schools free?

No. Boarding schools are not free, but you can get a scholarship to attend a school of your choice.

What private boarding school has the lowest tuition fee?

The private school with the lowest tuition is Zion Lutheran School, with a tuition of $1,100.

What private boarding school has the highest tuition fee?

The private school with the highest tuition in Minnesota is Shattuck-St. Mary’s School, with a tuition of $52,750.


Attending one of the listed boarding schools in Minnesota helps develop a child’s character for good. Under strict supervision, children are groomed to compete for the top spot with their peers. This helps bring out exceptional character and attitude to meet for productive adulthood.



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