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Boarding schools are among the most respected and elite ways to get a high school education. In contrast to typical schools, boarding schools still allow students to live, eat and go to school seven days a week. A good example is the boarding schools in Iowa.

Regardless, attending boarding school means a great financial commitment by the parents and an academic commitment by the students.

In this writing, we shall discuss extensively the Best boarding schools in Iowa for Boys & Girls and everything you need to know about boarding schools.

What is Boarding School?

A boarding school is different from any other type of education in the United States just because the student lives and goes to school in the same place. A boarding school has a much lower student-to-teacher ratio, and students are expected to work much harder than in a typical school.

Many boarding schools usually have far fewer students than large public schools. Some boarding schools are separated by gender, but there are also many boarding schools where both men and women live. Finally, there are also some boarding schools with religious affiliations.

How many Boarding Schools are in Iowa?

There are only two boarding schools in the state of Iowa. You have a religious affiliation, and you don’t. The number of students who can host both boarding schools is less than 100, so admission can be competitive.

Both schools cost around $29,000 annually, cheaper than many other boarding schools nationwide.

How do I pay for Boarding School in Iowa?

Although many parents recognize the advantages of their children in boarding school, they wonder how they should pay for school. The good news is that many boarding schools offer scholarships and financial aid packages available to many students in Iowa.

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Ultimately, the decision depends on the cost of education
compared to the value the students will receive.

Why should I send my child to boarding school in Iowa?

What gives boarding students an edge over their day students is the large number of activities, programs, and challenges they face each day.

Anyone who can afford boarding school will want to take this
great opportunity, where learning and personal growth are top priorities.

In addition, the boarding school has many positive effects on students, and until you visit one yourself, you may not understand the depth of these effects.

#1. Independence

Boarding students learn how to manage their time and become
independent very quickly.

They strictly adhere to the time allotted, do housework, and do the homework themselves. This helps them mature quickly and learn to deal with tasks without supervision.

#2. Less Distractions

The curriculum for the boarding school is structured so that the pupils can concentrate better on their studies. Unlike day school students, you won’t be distracted by TVs, video games, and other distracting elements.

#3. Alternative Activities

Boarding students are exposed to various extracurricular activities ranging from sports to games to music. This helps to expand their learning. Sporting activities keep them fit.

#4. Loyalty to teachers

At Iowa High Schools, teachers play a double role. First,
they behave like a teacher during school and like parents after school.

Since the teachers also live in a youth hostel and not only live in youth hostel, they also help the students to learn, and there is no need for coaching. In practice, boarding schools in Iowa create a special relationship between students and teachers.

What Is the Cost of Boarding Schools in Iowa?

According to the Boarding School Review, the average price for boarding schools in Iowa is $29,000 yearly. However, other costs are associated with educating a child, including nutrition, books, etc.

If you want to send your child to boarding school without spending a lot, always ask the school if they have financial aid programs or payment plans.

The costs of boarding schools differ depending on the quality of education and their facilities. Typical boarding education ranges from $10,000 to $45,000.

The average cost of boarding schools in Massachusetts is
approximately $17,000. Tuition fees are $ 7,081.

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At what age can a child go to boarding school?

According to developmental psychologists, the best age for a child to go to boarding school is between 12 and 18. It is believed that students between these ages can positively understand their parents’ plans for them without harsh feelings.

Best Boarding Schools in Iowa

Here are the available Best boarding schools in Iowa for your child, and you can explore more about them and get the best information about them.

#1. Scattergood Friends School

The Scattergood Friends School offers committed academics and a holistic learning environment. Provide students with an inclusive community with the opportunity to learn outdoors, experience adventures, and make decisions about their learning.

The Scattergood Friends School offers committed academics and a holistic learning environment. Provide students with an inclusive community with the opportunity to learn outdoors, experience adventures, and make decisions about their learning.

Scattergood not only provides a solid foundation for higher education but is also a learning community that promotes the practical application of all types of knowledge through practical work and service.

The school aims to give students a sense of global citizenship while recognizing individual self-esteem. Scattergood strives to provide students with the ability to live constructively in a community and to feel that their opinion has been heard.

  • Yearly Tuition (Boarding Students): $32,900
  • Acceptance Rate: 65%
  • Average Class size: 8 students


#2. Maharishi School

The Maharishi School in Fairfield, Iowa, prepares students for college and develops their awareness. The Maharishi School is a non-sectarian PS-12 day and boarding school with students from over 30 countries.

The school offers a rigorous college-prep curriculum and programs that increase a student’s awareness. Students begin and end with yoga and meditation every day.

The Maharishi School offers a day for 12th-grade preschool and a boarding option for 8th through 12th grade to gain deep experience in a safe and healthy environment that promotes students’ ability to know themselves think to develop their creativity, and be successful.

  • Yearly Tuition (Boarding Students): $39,000
  • Yearly Tuition (Day Students): $19,500
  • Acceptance Rate: 70%
  • Average Class size: 12 students


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What are the Disadvantages of Boarding Schools?

This is a big decision if you are considering sending your child to boarding school. It is therefore important that you have fully considered both the potential disadvantages and the possible advantages for your child.

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Remember that a child attending boarding school spends much more time there than in a day school. So this affects his social and psychological development and his educational progress.

#1. Periods of Stress

If a child spends the entire school period, this can lead to
extreme periods of stress for children. People with tendencies towards eating
disorders or panic attacks can be driven if someone else in their “group” at
school suffers.

#2. Missing Life at Home

If your child goes to boarding school, this inevitably affects your home environment. It can be difficult for your child to get used to being at home on vacation. Older children can argue with their parents about their relative lack of independence at home.

During the semester, you will not see your child as often as if you were living with you at home. This affects your relationship with your child and possibly with your other children.

#3. Less Free Time and More Rules

Because of the additional academic and extra-curricular
opportunities in the boarding school, children may have less time to be alone
with their thoughts and personal interests.

This can mean less time for things like reading or a
part-time job for older children or one of the other important developmental
activities that children living at home can be offered.

The boarding school day is often very structured with many
rules and regulations, which can lead to some children wanting to rebel.

Boarding Schools in Iowa – FAQs

What is the cost of boarding school?

The costs involved caught many families considering sending their child to boarding school off-guard. The fact is, there aren’t many free boarding schools in America. The free ones, generally, are very competitive to gain acceptance into.

How does boarding school work?

At boarding school, you live in a community, so if you are used to a more solitary life, you will need to adapt. Many boarding houses also have Wi-Fi for those pupils with laptops. Mobile phones are allowed, although schools restrict when you can use them (no texting in lessons!).

When is the right age to attend boarding school?

Psychologists and child specialists recommend 12 and above to be the most suitable age for studying in boarding. This is an age when children attain a maturity level to interpret their parents’ plans for them positively without any hard feelings.


Want your child to have a feeling of maturity? Boarding schools will do the magic. Boarding Schools in Iowa will allow your child to feel mature and learn how to take care of themselves independently of the parents.


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