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Do you wish to apply for the Botswana prison service vacancies? This page contains all you need to know about the Botswana prison service vacancies in 2024 including the history of the prison services, job description, and other vital information about the prison services in Botswana.

About Botswana Prison Service

The Botswana prison service handles the detention of convicted offenders in the country. Like every other country, The country has several prisons where offenders who go against established the rule of law and are convicted by the court are remanded for a stipulated period depending on the gravity offenses.

The prison services serve not only as detention facilities but also serve as correctional and rehabilitative facilities for offenders and convicts.

The prison services inculcated rehabilitative services to offenders several years ago to ensure offenders don’t become liabilities to society when they complete their prison sentence and return home and the initiative has received wide acknowledgment because of the impact it has made on offenders so far.

Over the years, the Botswana population has increased progressively and this increase in population has led to a corresponding increase in crime in the country to check the continued increase in crime, the government of the Republic of Botswana constantly looks to increase personalities responsible for checking crime in the country and this includes the Botswana Police Service and the Botswana prisons services.

Almost yearly, the Botswana government releases circulars to the public to announce vacancies in the Botswana Prison services. Before we proceed with the Botswana prison services vacancies in 2024, let’s take a peek into a brief history of Botswana Prison Services.

Botswana Prisons Service History

The Botswana Prisons services date back to the pre-colonial era when the British protectorate oversaw the societal and economic affairs of the then Bechuanaland. The British Government established a few prisons where citizens who go against the established law in the country were remanded for some period.

During this period, the prison services in Botswana served solely to punish offenders until they complete their time in prison. But after the country attained independence in 1965 after 80 years of British rule, her prison services transformed.

Over the years, the country has ensured rehabilitative and restorative practices in prison form the basis of the offender’s experience in prison rather than punishment.

The Government of Botswana has ensured that the rehabilitation of prison inmates becomes the most important focus to avoid cases of offenders going back to crime after completing their prison sentence.

Rehabilitative practices in BPS were introduced in 1979 after several cases of convicts going back to criminal acts once they are out of prison. The government soon realized that safe custody and security were not effective enough in preventing further crimes from offenders.

This observation made the Botswana Government drop punitive practices for rehabilitative services like several other countries in the world. In light of this transformation, the Botswana Prison services now employ psychosocial practices, education, and vocational training in various skills to ensure offenders learn a lot from their time in prisons so that they are engaged with meaningful and profitable ventures when they get back to society.

To achieve this aim, the prison services invite different professionals to teach inmates profitable vocational training so that they can help themselves after serving time in prison.

Some professionals employed by BPS include Social Workers, chaplains, Health workers, and Adult Educators. These professionals are invited to teach inmates various skills and good behaviors and they are hugely responsible for most inmates who abandoned crime and take up honest ventures after their release from prison.

Botswana Prisons Services Vacancies

The government of Botswana recruits qualified citizens of the country into BPS frequently to ensure the increased demand for human resources in BPS is met. Despite the continued efforts of several government agencies to curb crime in the country, the crime rate in Botswana continues to soar, thus the need for more hands in the Botswana prison services.

The Botswana prison service is inviting applications from qualified persons who wish to take up a job in BPS. To qualify for this job, applicants are expected to meet some eligibility criteria which include;

  • Interested applicants must be citizens of Botswana (male or female)
  •  Applicants are to possess BGSCE Certificate with a minimum of 30 points
  •  You must have a minimum of credit in the English Language
  •  Applicants must be aged 18 – 30 years
  •  Applicants must be fit physically and mentally
  •  You are to note that a pre-employment medical check would be conducted
  •  Interested applicants must have a good criminal record

Applicants who meet the basic criteria outlined above would be considered for application.


  • Applicants would get free housing
  •  Subsidized electricity and water
  •  Optional Medical Aid Scheme. The bill would be split into half and shared between applicants and the government.
  •  Compulsory Contributory Pension Fund (Government contributes 15% and Employee contributes 5%)
  •  Overtime allowance: 20% of basic salary. Salary Scale: B4/B3/B2
  •  You would be entitled to a 20 working day annual leave

Application Method

Application for the Botswana prison services can be done online. Prospective applicants are to quote the vacancy circular number and attach the following documents;

  • Certified copies of academic and professional certificates
  •  Certified copy of a valid National Identity Card (Omang)
  •  3 certified copies of references

Names of qualified candidates would be shortlisted and published in the Daily Newspaper.

The above description is the standard method of employment used by the Botswana prison services during employment. It encouraged citizens who wish to take up a job at BPS to bookmark this page and follow our website for updates to know when the circular for employment into BPS would be released by the government.

Visit the government website for more information.

Official Website

Botswana Prisons Service Interview

After the qualified applicants are selected, they would be subjected to a series of interviews by a panel of seasoned prison warders to ensure prospective applicants are fit and qualified to undertake the task that is demanded of them.

Mahalapye Prisons Contacts

Applicants who need more information about the vacancy are encouraged to visit the facilities to make inquiries. To inquire about the Botswana prison vacancy, you would need to visit the facility at Mahalapye.

The Mahalapye prison’s contact is Prison Staff College, Private Bag 30, Mahalapye.

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