Burning Bridges Quotes

It’s never a good thing when someone burns bridges. Not only does it mean that they’ve cut off all possible communication or future opportunities with another person or group, but it can also symbolize a lack of maturity or an unwillingness to forgive and move on.

Here are some famous quotes about burning bridges. Carefully read through!

Burning Bridges Quotes

“The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend.” – Abraham Lincoln

“If you want peace, you won’t get it with violence. If you want peace, you must work for justice.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“When angry, count to ten before you speak; if very angry, count to one hundred.

“Burning bridges behind you is understandable. It’s the bridges before us that we burn, not realizing we may need to cross, that brings regret.”
― Anthony Liccione

“You can’t do that kind of thing normally, but normal dumped without a note nearly a month ago. These days, I’ll happily set fire to a bridge the second after I’ve crossed it – I don’t plan on being around for the consequences to catch up with me.”
― D.D. Barant 

“How deeply and unknowingly we are all connected. Life knows us all and plays with our interconnectedness.”
― Donna Goddard

“Decisions are like making a choice between which bridge to cross and which bridge to burn.”
– Frank Motobo.

“Mend fences, build bridges, forgive trespasses, grieve losses and let toxic grudges go. Then move on.”
Unicahija Tamano.

“I set fire… to the rain. Watched it pour as I, touched your face. Well, it burned while I cry. Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name!”

“You don’t have to worry about burning bridges if you’re building your own.”

“I will burn all bridges behind me and stake my entire future on my ability to get what I want.” — Cliff Townsend

“Sometimes you need to burn bridges to stop yourself from crossing them again.” — Unknown

“It makes no difference if I burn my bridges behind me―I never retreat.” — Fiorello LaGuardia

I demolish my bridges behind me―then there is no choice but to move forward.” — Fridtjof Nansen

“I’m not a wilting flower. I’m honest, so I pick a lot of fights. I’ve burned a lot of bridges.” – Scott Thompson

“If the bridge to your past is burned behind you, then you have no choice but to travel the path into a successful future.” — John Di Lemme

“If you believe in destiny then you must believe that the bridge was burned so you can find a new way to go to find the destiny that you were meant to follow.” — Terry Perkins


Burning bridges quotes emphasize the importance of not burning any bridges that one may have. It is important to remember that these quotes are just that – quotes. They should not be taken literally, and one should always try to maintain healthy relationships with the people in their lives, whether they are friends, family, or coworkers.

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