Carbon Disrupt Fund 2024 for African Tech Entrepreneurs ($100,000 Fund)

Carbon has always been a great motivator for a series of programs. Their love for tech innovation prompted them to bring up this funding scheme. The Carbon Disrupt Fund is here to stay for tech entrepreneurs.

In a bid to provide a platform for African Tech enthusiasts, they have started this funding scheme launched in Nigeria.

For over 9 years, Carbon has been providing credit facilities to Nigerian consumers.

In essence, it is an indigenous company that has a high reputation.

So, this article will provide all the African tech startup entrepreneurs with all the information they need to be able to get this funding. The fund is quite huge, and there are many benefits. Sit back and read it. It will be well worth your time.

About the Carbon Disrupt Fund 2021 for African Tech Entrepreneurs

The Carbon Disrupt fund is set up to help the lack of funding support that has been holding back entrepreneurs in Africa.

This fund is intended to provide entrepreneurs with both financial and technical support as they are starting up. This will help them penetrate the market faster.

Carbon has been funding Nigerians for over nine years. The CEO of the company is Nigerian. Its headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria, but it carries operations in Nigeria, England, and the United States

“Common investor wisdom is to stay in your market and dominate. This assumes that you are expanding on your own, but we believe that by collaborating and partnering deliberately, Carbon and other tech companies can scale faster and build more enduring platforms,” Chijioke Dozie, chief executive officer (CEO) said.

And co-founder of Carbon said “There are many excellent companies across the continent looking for the scale Nigeria offers and we are excited to partner with them to provide the support and financial investment they need.

We are equally excited to expand beyond Nigeria and Kenya by working with a new generation of innovators across the continent and sharing our experience to tackle common obstacles to growth.”

Benefits of Carbon funding to African Tech Entrepreneurs

As a beneficiary of this funding, you, as an entrepreneur, will get up to $100,000. This amount is for each start-up firm that is picked.

The facilitators of this funding will take 5% equity of your company.

In essence, they give you get $10,000 in exchange for a 5% equity share.

The fund will also provide mentorship, access to Carbon’s customers and payment platform, as well as office space in Carbon’s Lagos offices.

Carbon says its Disrupt Fund will mainly target the insurance, health, education sectors, and other sectors that have not received as much investment as the fintech space.

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Eligibility for African Tech Entrepreneurs

To be considered for this tech start-up funding for Africans, you must:

  • Own a company in an African country.
  • Have a functioning product is in a post-revenue stage and have the intention to operate in multiple countries.
  • The company must operate in any of the listed African countries, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Egypt.

This start-up funding scheme is from Carbon, a company that is indigent in Nigeria. Lagos is their headquarters, although the company carries out operations in the USA and England.

The company must operate in any of the listed African countries, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, and Egypt.

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Application Process–How Do I Apply for Carbon Disrupt Fund 2024 for African Tech Entrepreneurs?

African tech startups can apply for this funding with the link below.

In addition, you will upload your pitch document containing a concise summary of your company, your team profile, management accounts, and any additional supporting documents that you would like to share.

It is worthy of note that you will trade a 5% equity of the shares of your company to get this fund worth $10,000 which if we are to say is a good bet.

Apply for Carbon Funding

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If you are a tech enthusiast, and have a company operating in be operating in any of the listed African countries, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Egypt hurry to apply.

This start-up funding will also give you a platform to use Carbon as a ladder up the stairway to success

Hurry and apply. We wish you the best of luck!!!


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