Cedar Crest College: Admission, Acceptance Rate, Courses, Scholarships Fees

Achieving at the highest levels as a woman requires a series of training and preparatory route. Fortunately, Cedar Crest College merges all that culminates into the right preparation in a curriculum.

Women who are in dire need of the right college opt for Cedar Crest if you are wondering why – this article is a complete review of the college and why it is a top choice.

Cedar offers two special routes to acquiring education. Its traditional undergraduate program is a special approach to education for women.

Non-traditional and graduate students can also draw from Cedar Crest’s pool of knowledge through its school of adult and graduate education.

New intakes and applicants are bound to reminisce on what life at Cedar is. The table of contents below highlights the order in which questions relevant to reminiscence are answered.

Why Study at Cedar Crest College

One basic thing to love about Cedar Crest is its commitment to raising the next generation of women.

Although classes at Cedar are opined to be quite tough, the tutoring provided ensures students get the right knowledge.

Countless reasons why you should study at Cedar Crest exists and below are some of them:

  • A rich history and inciting location
  • Good rankings
  • Programs and courses
  • Amazing reviews
  • Student to faculty ratio etc.

Cedar Crest College History and Location

Cedar was founded in 1867 at the Suburban, park-like setting in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Her campus is situated on an 84 acres, nationally registered arboretum with more than 130 species of trees.

Cedar Crest College is a private liberal arts women’s college tied to the United Church of Christ. The college is totally academic independent of the operation of the church with an endearing motto – “Divinity, Liberty, and Knowledge”.

Being in existence for 154 years, the college has grown to extend its tentacles to accommodate adult and graduate students. So, men earn a degree certificate, certification through its evening and weekend program.

As of 2025, Cedar Crest’s endowment was about $36.7 million. Currently, it has Elizabeth M. Meade as its president. Cedar is popularly known in its environs as Falcons. The college has yellow and white as its official colors.

Check map below for directions to the 84 acres liberal art college for women.

Crest College Rankings

If rankings of a college do not influence your decision on which college to attend, you need to retrace your checklist.

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The rankings of a school show how well the school performs when compared to others in its league. Currently, Cedar ranks 18 in top performers on social mobility.

This means that college can greatly influence your social status. In fact, it can cause a shift quickly from your current social status to another just by earning a degree from her.

According to US News, a ranking module that looks out for outstanding performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence has Cedar at 96th position. It takes 96th place among Regional Universities North.

In addition, US News scores Cedar 49 out of 100 scores. In scoring this university, financial resources, student excellence, alumni giving, and faculty resources were put into consideration.

Niche.com, a renowned site ranks this college 70 in best value colleges in Pennsylvania.

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Cedar’s Student Community

Cedar has a total of 1,885 students with about 1, 800 of them being undergraduates. The college for women offers both academic programs and recreational programs.

It participates in the 9th Division III athletic programs for women. With over 30+ clubs available on campus, students do not just learn but play too. Interestingly, the college allows students to start their own club if they do not like the clubs available on arrival.

Generally, a vibrant community best describes students’ life at Cedar College.

Crest College Review

Technology has done us a great deal. Basically, with crest college reviews, you tend to get a lot of information about a place even before attending.

Honest reviews are bound to give you deep insights into how a college operates. It should influence your decisions afterward on if you wish to attend Cedar Crest College or not.

So, let’s hear from fountainhead:

I love the campus and the faculty. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful. The classes are tough but they provide a lot of tutoring to ensure students get the help they need. They provide student and professional tutors.
The campus is tiny, and a majority of the student body is focused on their studies. The campus provides many events on campus free to students to lessen the stress during midterm and finals as well as to have fun during the school year.

Many of the professors were understanding of the circumstances. They had trouble moving classes online but never blamed students for being confused and/or lost during the transition/coursework.
Still provided tutors online along with hosting many ‘zoom’ (different online video calls) meetings to ensure students understood coursework or needed extra help

Crest College reviews from sophomores and juniors suggest Cedar Crest is a great place to study. With very knowledgeable professors and a student-friendly environment, students get the extra help they needed.

However, reviews also posit that Cedar may have to work earnestly on its nursing program and its choice of meals for students. Well, if you are looking for a college that has your back, choose Cedar Crest College – they are committed to academic excellence.

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Cedar Crest College Student-Faculty Ratio

One of its strongholds is Cedar’s ability to manage the student community. With 75 full-time professors, Cedar has an average class size of 15 and an average lab size of 12.

The student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1.

Crest College Programs

The college is particular to raising the next generation of confident learners and learners. An obvious fact about this college is its consistent juxtaposition of learning and leading.

Cedar offers more than 40 majors and over 30 plus minors and certificate programs.

Graduate students have about nine programs to select from. All programs are designed to help students realize and accept the power and potential within them.

The college operates under three main sub colleges:

  • Undergraduate Women’s college
  • Adult Undergraduate Education
  • Graduate Education
Program Undergraduate Graduate
Accounting Bachelor of Science Certificate
Art Bachelor of Art NIL
Art Therapy BA MA
Biology BS & BA
Business Administration BS
Business: Management Information and Modular Master’s NIL MS
Communication: New Media  BA
Crime Science  NIL MS
Criminal Justice  BS
Dance  BA
Education: Art of Teaching  MEd
Education: Early Childhood, Secondary, 
Special Education 
English  BA
Genetics & Counseling Psychology  BS
Mathematics  BS


Cedar Crest College Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate of a school should enlighten you on the chances of getting into the college. For very competitive colleges in PA like Cedar, it is important you do more with the chances you have.

This implies satisfying all application/ admission requirements. For every 100 applicants, only 63 get admission. Cedar Crest College’s acceptance rate is 63.3%. IPED posits that the acceptance rate for this college in 2025 drastically dropped to 57.2%.

Despite the competitive acceptance rate, the college has a high graduation rate of 54.5%. The school, however, boasts of an average placement rate of 98.84% for her graduates.

What are Cedar Crest College’s Admission Requirements?

The college offers rolling admissions. This implies applications are never too late. You can apply for admission whenever you meet the admission requirements of the college.

Requirements for admission solely depend on what program you are applying to. Generally, Cedar admission requirements include GPA, test -SAT and ACT, and other application requirements.

Touch the toggles for a full list of what is required for each type of application.

Students applying for the first time into Cedar Crest College must first complete the high school curriculum. This includes four years of English, history, three years of math, and two years of lab science.

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Application Procedure entails :

  • completing the free application: This can be done through the Cedar application portal of the Common Application
  • Submission of official high school transcripts
  • SAT I or ACT scores
  • personal essay
  • recommendation form
  • commitment deposit of $200 once accepted

Cedar crest’s generous transfer credit policies make it possible for students in this category to transfer their college credits.

To apply as a transfer student:

  • visit the official transfer student page
  • complete free application
  • submit final high school transcripts
  • personal essay

Students from other parts of the world can also apply. And to apply as an international student:

  • complete free application
  • submit secondary school transcripts
  • university transcript if applying for a graduate program
  • original scores for TOEFL, SAT, or ACT
  • statement of financial support
  • personal essay in English
  • two letters of recommendation from a teacher or academic counselor in English.

To start your online undergraduate applications, click the button below.

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How Much is Cedar Crest College Tuition?

Tuition at cedar Crest varies depending on program and aid policies. Annually, tuition for first-year students and transfer students ranges between $40, 967, and $41, 991.

Cedar Crest College accepts payments made through eCheck or credit/debit card on its CashNet Online System.

Tuition/fees could be paid per semester or yearly. Below is a detailed analysis of tuition fees for Cedar Crest College first-year and transfer students in 2025:

  Semester Year
Tuition (12-19 credits) $20,483.50 $40,967.00
Unlimited Meal Plan* $3,286.00 $6,572.00
Double Room ** $2,875.00 $5,750.00
Resident Communication Fee $175.00 $350.00
Full-Time Activity Fee $200.00 $400.00
Technology Fee $100.00 $200.00
Orientation Fee (Full-time)   $125.00
Orientation Fee (Part-time)   $75.00
Student Health Insurance   TBD
Overload Fee (19 +) $1,078.00 per credit  
Part-time tuition (less than 12 credits) $1,366.00 per credit  
For a comprehensive list of academic and other fee assessments please refer to the College Catalog.

Are There Cedar Crest Scholarships?

Quite a number of scholarships are available for both first-year, transfer, or returning students.

The college offers a full-tuition scholarship to a first-year student who wins the annual scholarship competition. This scholarship awards $40, 967 per year, and a 3.0 GPA is required for renewal each year.

Merit scholarships are also available for a full-time first-year student. Selection is made based on academic criteria which include high school grade point average SAT or ACT scores and class rank.

Click the toggles for scholarship opportunities available for first-year students, returning, and transfer students.

  • Latina Leadership Partner Scholarship
  • Girl Scout Scholarships
  • Departmental Scholarship
  • Girl Scout Scholarships
  • Sibling Award
  • Transfer Student Merit Scholarships
  • Honors Transfer Community College Scholarship
  • Phi Theta Kappa Full-Time Scholarship


Cedar Crest College FAQs

Cedar Crest College is a liberal art college for women in Allentown. However, men can enroll in programs through their adult education and graduate education scheme.

Although a liberal art college for women, Cedar Crest College offers programs for men too. So, it is a co educational institution.

Cedar Crest College is a liberal art college for women situated on 80 acres in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Falcons, the athletic team of Cedar Crest College competes in NCAA Division III.

No, Cedar Crest College is a DIII – Division III college.


Unlike Finishing Schools geared towards preparing women for marital roles, Cedar Crest College for women prepares them for leadership roles.

Tied to the United Church of Christ, the school upholds divinity, liberty, and knowledge as its motto. This piece explains in detail exceptional facts about this college and an official application portal to commence your application immediately. You should read to the end to get value.



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