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Your ward, who is in Oregon, is totally not helpless. Regardless of how far he or she may have strayed, there is always a turning point. That is why we have compiled a list of the best Christian schools in Oregon that will prepare your child for a future they never envisaged for themselves.

One thing is common. These schools offer academically rigorous curricula and are committed to providing a Christ-centered environment for their students.

The schools in this research vary in size, student population, and location, but they all have one thing in common: they offer a high-quality education to students who value their faith. Read on if you’re looking for a school where your child can thrive spiritually!

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How to choose a Christian school in Oregon

Oregon is a state full of opportunity, beauty, and culture. One thing that sets Oregon apart from other states is its excellent public school system. With over 47,000 students enrolled at public schools in Oregon and over 12,000 at private schools, there is something for everyone.

The first step in reviewing a school is checking out the school website. In addition to looking at the school’s website, you should also consider taking a tour. You can get more information on the school by asking its principal or another administrator to give you time at the facilities and show you around.

If possible, ask other parents who have children at this Christian institution how they like it so far—and what their experiences with teachers and curriculum are like. Talk with current students themselves as well!

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Also, ask about graduation rates; some statistics suggest these schools perform better than others when it comes time for college applications later down the road (and if this is true for Oregon schools specifically, then those stats apply here).

Finally, check whether there are any other activities available outside school hours. Activities such as clubs or sports teams might appeal more than anything else–these types tend not only to attract kids but keep them engaged throughout their childhoods!

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What are the Benefits of Attending a Christian school in Oregon?

There are many benefits of attending a Christian university in Oregon. Here are some:

  • Christian schools in Oregon are committed to helping students develop a solid moral compass. They have a strong community of like-minded people and offer opportunities for alums to stay connected with one another and continue their education at other colleges or universities.
  • Christian schools in Oregon typically have excellent facilities, including sports areas or gyms where you can exercise after class or even on weekends—and if not, there will be plenty of places around campus where you can get some exercise!

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Best Christian Schools in Oregon

There are some great schools in Oregon. The state has a lot of great universities, too! Let’s see which schools are the best Christian schools in Oregon:

#1. George Fox University

George Fox University is a Christian private university located in Newberg, Oregon. With more than 4,000 students at its main campus in Newberg and its centers in Portland and Redmond, it is the most prominent private institution in Oregon.

George Fox awards degrees at the standard levels of higher education (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral). It is a top-tier Western regional university.

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#2. Bushnell University

Eugene, Oregon’s Bushnell University is a private Christian university. It has affiliations with churches of Christ, Christian churches, and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Bushnell University has seven academic divisions: arts and sciences, business, leadership and technology, education, Music & Performing Arts, nursing, Bible and world Christianity, and psychology and counseling.

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#3. Warner Pacific University

Warner Pacific University is a private Christian liberal arts university.  The university has four colleges: Arts & Letters, Business & Finance, Education/Humanities, and Science & Technology. These colleges together offer more than 30 undergraduate majors and programs.

The standard undergraduate program at Warner Pacific provides roughly 1,200 students each year with 25 majors, seven pre-professional study areas, and 29 minors. Through its School of Professional Studies, students can obtain up to five graduate degrees (SPS).

Warner Pacific University participates in seven college sports.  Its combination of academics and extracurriculars makes it one of the best Christian schools in Oregon.

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#4. New Hope Christian College

Eugene, Oregon’s New Hope Christian College is a private Christian Bible college. Its emphasis is on the practical application of Biblical training through fields including Christian counseling, teaching, and pastoral studies.

The Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), which establishes standards for accreditation, recognizes New Hope as a member. The curriculum makes this school one of the best Christian schools in Oregon.

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#5. Oregon Episcopal School

Oregon Episcopal School is a college preparatory, independent school in Portland, Oregon, serving approximately 880 Pre-K through Grade 12 students.

It’s one of the top Christian schools in Oregon because of its compassion for the entire human family and its commitment to fostering discussion that advances understanding.

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#6. Westside Christian High School

Besides the high school, Westside Christian High School offers several other options for your children.

  • Students can obtain high school and college credits at the University Center, a college prep institute.
  • International students worldwide seeking a Christian education are also welcome at the university center.
  • There are also two middle schools: Wisdom Hall Middle School and Hillcrest Academy (for grades 6-8). (for grades 5-8).
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#7. Veritas School

Veritas School offers a traditional, Christ-centered education that develops knowledge, character, and purity in its pupils, faculty, staff, families, and neighborhood.

The visiting committee refers to the educational community that the Veritas School administration, staff, and teachers have created as having a culture of grace. They are one of the best Christian schools in Oregon due to this.

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#8. Multnomah University

Portland, Oregon’s Multnomah Institution (MU) is a private Christian university. The institution provides professional certificates, endorsements, and bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

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#9. Corban University

In Salem, Oregon, Corban Institution is a private Christian university. The Hoff School of Business, School of Education, School of Social Sciences, Department of Humanities, Natural Science and Mathematics, and Center for Global Engagement are among the university’s four schools and two academic departments.

This Christian university provides over 50 undergraduate programs, ten graduate programs, and one post-graduate program through these schools and departments.

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 #10. Portland Adventist Academy

Portland Adventist Academy is a private Christian high school in Portland, Oregon. It has affiliations with the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Portland Adventist Academy’s spiritual aim is to minister to its employees and students in a flexible setting and to aid in their ascent to the heart of God. The Christian school attempts to build character focused on the fundamental virtues of bravery, leadership, honesty, curiosity, and care.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the #1 Christian school in Oregon?

Oregon Episcopal school is one of the best schools in Oregon.

Are Christian schools in Oregon worth it?

The Christian schools in Oregon are a depiction of academic excellence!

Can non-Christians attend Christian schools?

Christian schools are open to everyone, irrespective of beliefs.

Can I find online Christian schools in Oregon?

Yes, some Christian schools offer online or hybrid programs.

Are Christian schools in Oregon affordable?

Yes, Christian schools are generally more affordable than other secular institutions.


Now, you can send your kids to the best Christian schools in Oregon. Whether you want to fulfill your spiritual needs or a solid education, this review will help you find the right school.



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