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Clarks Summit University, founded in 1932 in Johnson City, New York, is a fully accredited, faith-centred university committed to providing students with an education that will allow them to serve Christ in various ministries and careers.

Also, Clarks Summit offers dual majors in Bible and more than 40 Undergraduate academic programs, such a business, counseling, and education.

The school also offers graduate studies in the area of Master of Science in Counselling Ministries, Master of Education, and Master of Arts as well as Seminary Studies in the area of Master of Ministry, Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Biblical Apologetics, Master of Theology, Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Biblical Studies. These programs are offered on-campus and through long-distance learning.

What to Know about Clarks Summit-University

The school has a total enrolment of 990 students: 667 undergraduates, 145 graduates, and 178 seminary students. 43% of undergraduates are drawn from Pennsylvania, approximately 56% are drawn from the 29 other states, and about 1% are drawn from outside the United States. Students of Clarks Summit put learning into practice through career-related experiences, local church involvement, and service to the community.

They get valuable support from professors, resident directors and coaches to navigate through college life. They also get involved in clubs, intramural sports, student government, and other leadership and service roles.

Presently, Clarks Summit University is located on a 141-acre suburban campus in South Abington Township, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

The campus is a short drive away from major metropolitan areas like New York City and Philadelphia. Ski resorts, amusement parks, and state parks are a few highlights around the campus. 91 percent of residential undergraduates live in one of the university’s 11 residence halls.

Clarks Summit boasts of a successful network of alumni that lead businesses, colleges, schools, churches, missions agencies, camps, and countless other organizations in all 50 states of the U.S and over 70 countries.

Tuition and Cost of Living in Clarks Summit-University

It is recorded that 98% of the university’s students receive financial aid. Clarks Summit University makes it quite easy for students to confidently plan the total cost for their degree. The university has a system of locking in tuition rates from the start.

Whatever the tuition rate when a student enters school, that rate will remain consistent for their entire residential undergraduate experience. This saves the student more than $6,000 over a four-year experience.

The following rates apply to resident undergraduate students enrolled for the first time at Clarks Summit University in the Fall 2018 semester or Spring 2019 semester.

Average Annual Cost (Full-Time Undergraduate)

  • Tuition: $23,890
  • Room & Board: $6,320 (21 meal)
  • Total average annual costs: $30,210

Tuition Breakdown

  • The tuition Flat Rate (12-18 credits): $11,945/semester
  • Tuition Per Credit (1-11 or over 18 credits): $710

Room & Board (Per Semester)

  • Residence Hall: $1,190
  • 14 Meal Plan: $1,870
  • 21 Meal Plan: $1,970

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Application Fee $40
  • Confirmation Deposit $250
  • Course Change Fee (after drop/add date) $30
  • Payment Plan Fee $50/semester
  • Returned Check Fee $30
  • Late Payment Fee $40
  • Default Fee (after two consecutive late fees) $100
  • Vehicle Registration Fee $50
  • Student ID Replacement Fee $20
  • Graduation Fee (per degree, charged for diploma even if the student is not “walking”) $175

CSU Scholarships and Aid

To qualify for a CSU scholarship, the university must have accepted you for full-time study as an on-campus undergraduate student. Once you have met this, take advantage of CSU scholarships as 98% of CSU full-time residential students received CSU scholarships.

The average renewable CSU scholarship package is $10,000 annually, and the average federal and state grants awarded to CSU students are $3,000 annually.
The following scholarship opportunities are available to CSU students:

Academic Scholarships

President’s Scholarship

To be eligible, the student must have a minimum of a 3.7 GPA. The annual amount of the scholarship is $10,000.

Provost’s Scholarship

To be eligible, the student needs to have a minimum of 3.4 GPA. The annual amount of scholarship is $8,000.

Dean’s Scholarship

To be eligible, the student must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. The annual amount of scholarship is $6,000.

Institutional Scholarships

Impact Scholarship

Eligibility for this is determined by your application, FAFSA, and one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Candidates are involved in your school, community, and church.
  • The student exhibit strong Christian character and leadership qualities.
  • Your parents are employed in full-time ministry.
  • Candidates have family members who are alumni of CSU.
  • You have financial needs.

The annual amount of scholarship is between $1,000–$10,000

Church Matching Scholarship

For this scholarship, CSU will match a gift from the student’s home church. The annual amount of scholarship is up to $1,000.

Other Scholarships

High School Dual Enrolment Scholarship

Students require a minimum of 2.0 GPA in CSU’s High School Dual Enrolment program. The value of the scholarship ranges from $120-$2,800, depending on the number of credits and GPA earned in the dual enrolment program.

Word of Life Bible Institute Scholarship

To be eligible, a student should enroll at CSU after graduating from WOLBI with a minimum of 2.5 GPA and provide a strong reference from their DC. In addition to a CSU scholarship, a student will also benefit from a streamlined admissions process. The annual amount of the scholarship is $15,000.

$2,000 “No Essay” Scholarship

This scholarship is opened to Open to all high school and college students. Simply log in or create a free account below to apply. The scholarship is offered by Niche and it doesn’t require any minimum GPA or Essay writing. The value of the scholarship is $2,000.

The deadline is December 31, annually.

Apply here

$5,000 Education Matters Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by Unigo, and the $5,000 scholarship is available to students of any major. The student will be required to submit an essay.

The deadline for applying is December 31, annually.

Apply here

$5,000 Plan for College Sweepstakes

This scholarship is offered by Sallie Mae and the $5,000 scholarship is available to students of any major.

The deadline for applying is November 30, annually.

Apply here 

Applying for Scholarships and Aid 

After acceptance of admission into CSU, students should endeavor to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible.

Visit here 

This is the student’s key to Clarks Summit University Financial Aid at almost any institution. It is required for all forms of federal and state aid as well as Clarks Summit University institutional scholarships.

Students should endeavor to enter Clarks Summit University, code 002670. After completing this application, they will receive a Student Aid Report detailing the results of the FAFSA.


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