College Extracurricular Activities That You Can Start in Your College

While filling out my college application form, I randomly ticked some extracurricular activities I had no interest in just to fill that section. Well, then I didn’t have much interest in any extracurricular activity. I was your regular bookie.

What I didn’t realize then was the idea of building skills in a non-conventional field. This is because as a student, it is better to choose a non-academic activity. Most of my friends who took theirs seriously have a different story to tell.

College extracurricular activity is a key tool in personal development. Asides from gaining new experiences in many ways, you must choose what you will enjoy doing, this makes it more fun and enticing.

This article brings to light the numerous choice options available. Interestingly, you will get answers on all issues as regard college extracurricular activities, the one to start in your college, and why.

What is an Extracurricular Activity?

Well, an extracurricular activity can be anything that high school and college credit or paid employment does not need. However, these activities will become very important later.

This is because you will need them when you are applying to colleges for admission. Besides, the non-academic activities will help you develop your talents, interests, and passions. Also, they can teach you practical skills like time management.

In fact, all students should be able to find an extracurricular they like and develop a passion for it. Above all, students should note that college extracurricular activities do not have to be sponsored by their schools. Similarly, you should also consider things that you do with your family or within the community as possible options.

What college extracurricular activities should I do in College?

#1. Government

Well, one major skill you must have as a college graduate is leadership skills. Except you enroll for a management or leadership degree, one major way to acquire leadership skills as a college student is to participate in school politics.

Basically, holding a position in government will improve and enhance your leadership skills. However, this position in government can be in:

  • Student Government
  • Community Youth Board
  • Student Council
  • Community Government

This extracurricular school activity is a great way to take part in school matters.. You may become a voice to reckon with, if you prove your capability and ability to take up responsibility. In fact, you will grow to be a role model to many even without knowing.

#2. Academic Clubs & Teams

Well, once a student joins an academic club or team, it shows that the person is passionate about learning and gaining a competitive advantage. Also, you don’t shy away when it comes to academics. But, rather, you take up a challenge.

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Actually, one major way to show your love for a particular subject is to join an academic club.

So, the academic clubs include:

  • Biology Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Engineering Club
  • English Club
  • Distributive Education Clubs of America
  • Literary Magazine Club
  • Math Club
  • Poetry Club
  • Physics Club

Also, some of the academic teams which one can join include:

  • Academic Triathlon
  • American Mathematics Competitions
  • Chemistry Olympiad
  • Creative Communication Poetry Contest
  • High School Innovation Challenge
  • National French Contest
  • National Academic Quiz Tournament
  • Math League
  • National Spelling Bee

#3. The Arts

Well, creativity is always a benefit when it comes to college application extracurricular activities. However, students that are active in creative arts, like music, drama, and visual arts always have an open mind.

Also, they are strange and think outside of the box. Besides, these qualities add to campus life, which is a bonus in the eyes of a college admissions officer. However, the extracurricular activities in college which cover art include:

  • Art: drawing, painting
  • Blacksmithing
  • Ceramics
  • Drama Club
  • Photography
  • Fashion design
  • Graphic Design
  • Jewelry Making
  • Sculpture
  • Sewing

#4. Sports

However, taking part in sports is a great way to display your teamwork, leadership skills, and physical fitness. Besides, sporting activities are a platform to demonstrate these important qualities.

Also, try doing extramural sports, join a club league in your community, or consider coaching a youth team. The sporting activities include:

  • Cheerleading
  • Soccer
  • Gymnastics
  • Baseball
  • Track and field events
  • Swimming
  • Dance team
  • Yoga club
  • Tennis

#5. Culture & Language Clubs

In short, colleges value students actively promoting diversity and culture. In fact, such clubs show your readiness to learn about and accept others while creating awareness for those who may be different from you.

Similarly, it shows that you have compassion for others and the ability to speak up for what you believe in. However, there are many cultural and language activities that you can participate in.

Thus, some of the most common ones are:

  • Latin Club
  • Russian Club
  • Spanish Club
  • African American Student Alliances/Clubs
  • American Sign Language Club
  • Chinese Club
  • French Club
  • German Club

#6. Community Service

Honestly, most colleges consider some form of community service a compulsory thing for all applicants. Besides, the best way to have this experience is to consider the activities you enjoy and find a way to do them.

However, some of the community service activities include:

  • Community Festivals
  • Leo club
  • Do Something
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Red Cross Club
  • Key Club
  • Kids Helping Kids
  • Mountaineers Club
  • Sisters on the Runway

#7. Technology

Well, the love of technology can take you far. In fact, the most interesting part of these activity is that anyone with an internet connection can do them. So, you don’t need a school-sponsored club. Thus, the college extracurricular activities here include:

Other best college extracurricular activities include:

Actually, if you love writing and communicating, then improve your skills by joining a media extracurricular activity. Mainly, involve yourself in a media activity to help bring news and information to your school or community.

However, you can do this by the school or local magazine and newspaper, school or local radio or TV station. Also, you can do it through a school or local website.

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Also, if you know how to sing or play any musical instrument, there are many opportunities to try music-related activities. However, you can see these in your school community and in your community. 

Similarly, the non-academic activities here are school choir, concert band, marching band, jazz band, orchestra, and singing lessons. Additionally, if you intend to pursue a career in music, check out these music schools

Well, if you have the ability for recognizing faulty logic and destroying opponents’ arguments, try one of these clubs. Honestly, most schools sponsor these groups and some of them are competitive on local and national levels.

However, some include; debate club, high school democrats of America, foreign affairs club, teenage republicans, and young democrats of America.

How do non-academic activities help college students?

Firstly, extracurricular activities provide an environment for a student to involve and interact with other students. This, therefore, will lead to an increase in learning and student development.

Similarly, the peer group in which the student belongs to always have an influence on the student’s academic and personal development.

Secondly, several experiences these activities bring influences the students emotional, intellectual, and social life positively. The student learns to negotiate, communicate, and lead by working with others.

Besides, involvement in activities helps students mature socially through student interaction, relationship formation, and discussion. Also, working outside of the classroom with different groups of individuals allows students to gain more self-confidence.

Furthermore, students also develop skills that can help them with future job opportunities. Also, students have opportunities to improve their leadership and interpersonal skills through college extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular involvement allows students to link academic knowledge with practical experience. Besides, this will lead to a better understanding of their abilities, talents, and career goals.

Finally, extracurricular activities help students constantly interact with peers with similar interests. However, this will provide social integration into the college environment.

Thus, students see their college years as a positive experience and feel they are an important part of the university.

How can I write extracurricular activities for college admission?

#1: List out your activities

Using a piece of paper, write down a list of your activities. They can be almost anything you did in high school.

In short, for every non-academic activity, write:

  • Firstly, the name of the organization where you did the activity.
  • Secondly, a description of what you did.
  • Next, state any leadership roles you had. Also, include any achievements or special responsibilities you had.
  • Furthermore, write down any special projects that you did or were in charge of.
  • Also, put down the dates that you participated in the activity.

#2. Write down your college extracurricular activities from most important to least important.

Well, just write this according to the amount of time you dedicated to the project. Also, your leadership in the activity, and how the activity has helped you to develop a passion.

However, it is important that you put the most important activity at the top of the list so that you make it clear to the college admissions officers.

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#3: Make sure that your parents or friends check through the list

Well, the essence of this is to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything important. Also, give it to someone else to make sure that what you’ve written makes sense. In short, ask the person to check it over and ask for anything they can contribute.

#4: Understand your story

Here, it is important to consider how you present yourself. Well, think about how the admissions officers will see your activities. Do you think the activities you have listed and described, tell a story about who you are?

Also, is it a good representation of how you’ve spent the past four years outside of the classroom? Does it show what kind of contribution you will be making to the college? So, these are questions that you need to ask yourself.

What counts as an extracurricular activity for colleges?

Extracurricular activities show college aspects of your personality that your grades and test scores cannot. Also, the few things that colleges are always hoping to see in their students’ activities include:

  • Passion: Well, your activities are supposed to be a reflection of you and what you care about. Admissions officers can usually tell when you’re just doing activities to fill your resume. Also, colleges love students who are passionate about what they do. They are the ones who will stick with something through thick and thin and go on to change the world. You can show passion by focusing on a couple activities and dedicating a significant amount of time to them.
  • Leadership: However, colleges are looking to educate and shape the leaders of tomorrow. They love to see students who want to be leaders through their extracurricular activities in college. Also, you can do this by leading a group or activity, being in charge of a project, or directing other students.
  • Impact: Finally, colleges are looking for students who are going to change the world someday. Also, you can show them that you’re the type of person who takes something and leaves it better than you found it.

How many college students participate in extracurricular activities?

However, a total of 62.4 percent of the students participate in extracurricular activities according to results. In this, we have:

  • working: 35.6 percent
  • voluntary work: 22.9 percent
  • inter-collegial sports team: 6.7 percent
  • other: 32.5 percent

The students devote an average of 16 hours a week to these non-academic activities. Also, students frequently complain about insomnia and too much sleeping during the day.

Similarly, 6.3 percent of the students complain of non-restorative sleep, 9.7 percent of them have difficulty in maintaining sleep, and 5.6 percent of problems initiating sleep at least three nights a week.

Also, the students reported an average or severe daytime sleepiness of 27.2 percent. However, there is a report of sleep duration of fewer than six hours by 17.9 percent of the students.

Finally, a student taking part in extracurricular activities more than 10 hours per week is a predictor for non-restorative sleep, sleep duration of fewer than six hours per night and too much daytime sleepiness.


Extracurricular activities in college are things you participate in outside of class. However, it can be associated with the school, such as a sports team or a club. Also, they include any jobs or internships the student has and volunteer work the student performs.

However, non-academic activities let students enjoy what they love doing. Also, it provides an avenue to make new friends.

Similarly, extracurriculars can help a student college application. Most applications have a section listing all the extracurricular you were involved in. Also, great extracurriculars can help you stand out from the thousands of applications colleges receive by showing a particular skill or interest of yours that makes you unique.



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