30+ Proven College Fundraising Ideas

College can be fun when there is a lot to live for, the memories, the school life,  The Class assessments, Night Classes, the Music Classes, the baseball team, Basketball Coach, College Fundraising Ideas,  the Student that turned bully. Smiles, the Funny guys, and the  Busy-body Ladies.

Yeah! these are much of memories that have made us who we are today.  Those memories formed our Boldness in offices. It formed the kind of personality we are today. It formed our Influence in the Alumni body.

To the College Kid out there, don’t think you suck in College because you’re building up strength for the Future. My Advice is that you channel your passion for Building Legacies Like Raising Funds for the College or yourself.

Then Let’s bring it down to College Fundraising. The Memories and the relationship that has been fostered give you the opportunity to raise funds in School. You can only get from the wealth of relationships you get.  The first College Fundraising Idea is getting to make people love you.

Sometimes, you have to do that through your character or the Talent, techniques, and Skills you wield per time. Yes, this is the foundation. In summary, First, be Influential, Have Skill or Excellence in Academic grades, and Have talent; you may not necessarily have money. This will help you build an audience.

This is where I can work you through so you can achieve your Fundraising Ideas. First, you must have an Idea (We will share as many ideas as possible). You need a Fundraising Plan.

Let’s Help you Plan your Ideas 

You should know that your ideas are yours, and you need the plan to accomplish them. Let’s go through this step by step.

Get a Fundraising Committee:

Setting up a Fundraising Committee is based on the fact that you want to generate funds for the College. If you want to do it for yourself or your visions, you have to involve only your Close friends.
If not, you should look out for influential Students at various College levels with good Characters. Here is how to know if a student has a good Character 

Stick to your Budget:

Discuss keenly with your group on Fundraising Budget. The Activities on the Fundraising day must be Standard to encourage Students to give. These equipment and Activities require money and Great Planning.
The Committee Should not exceed the Budget lest the go-ahead borrowing.

Brainstorm Activities for the Day:

Let there be no Dull moments; use the best hands in every presentation. never jeopardize Excellence for Connection.
If your Donations will be from the College Students, Use In-house Caricatures scene, Activities in classes that they belong to that sound funny and crazy.
Keep your Fundraise as short as anything. Remember, every student’s heart is on their Exams, Class works, Home works, and Quizzes. Doing anything that will wait time is not an option.

Advertise your Program

Publicize your College Fundraiser in not less than 3 weeks. Create huge anticipation in the heart of college students. Clearly, State the Intentions of the Fundraising.

Make Sure Everything is in position. Then let the Party Begin.

We are unto the real game. We have some College Fundraising Ideas for 2024. These Ideas have sold over the years and are still working.

College Fundraising Ideas in 2024

#1. Hosting a Barbeque

Just know everybody, especially students love that food!

Take a Barbeque Session in the School center or Campus. Your Committee can decide to charge per meal or a gate fee and have staff/student programs donate utensils and food items. Make the fee affordable, since many students need money.

The Opportunity provides them with a delicious meal enjoyed in front of friends. (We get it–Ramen is totally a food group in college.)

One of the highlights of the occasion is the invitation of community members to attend your barbeque Session. It can help you raise a little more and can build relationships with the people in your area.

#2. Having a Customized School Flags, Polo & T-shirts for Sale

College is Fun.  When you have a Team spirit behind your College sports team, that is what makes you guys sometimes turn out to be winners. This is one of the biggest Phases of college.

Each university has its mascot and theme. Sporting events are a living and breathing representation of that.

Take this opportunity to sell Customized School Flags, Polo & T-shirts for Sale with the school’s logo or tagline at these games.

Everyone is amped up with team pride and will be more than willing to purchase an additional shirt or item to bring to future games. This might be one of the most utilized college fundraising efforts, and that’s because it works.

#3. Joining Contest & Competitions

As these events are mostly peer-to-peer events, these fundraisers can help students and staff connect and create long-lasting relationships.

Challenges are a great way to do it. Involve people from different departments to raise funds.

Here’s an idea: Invite different departments to create their teams. The service that collects the most money can name a new building/campus function. How would it be good?

Years after graduation, part of each student’s experience will always be available at the university.

#4. Do off-the-business-jobs

Use your Saturdays and do off-the-business jobs. It will help you get some cash on weekends. Business like Mow lawns, washing windows, and the house clean, washing and folding laundry for a local family, grocery shopping, babysit can add extra money to your income.

#5. Mini Importation/E-commerce Sales Agents

A company like eBay, and Amazon need agents to deliver goods to Customers. Put your pay to the original Price and get gains. You can work with some of the Auction guys to raise money. Start one today.

#6. Do Online Businesses

You can be a Youtube by making Instructional videos and making money through Ads. You can be a digital Market for Agencies by running Facebook Ads, Making Blog Content, and doing freelancing jobs.

#7. Throw a Culturally- Inspired Party

You can organize culturally inspired parties for College Students. You can raise funds from the food they eat.  Mexican Fiesta, Night in Italy, or Asian Buffet are parties that can entice students to pay money because most of those parties are done once in a while.

#8. Dinner Nite Party

Most College Students like Night Clubbing. Setting up one will not be a bad idea. Hire Bouncers, Waiters, and call a DJ and a Master of ceremonies.  Look for a local caterer or restaurant to provide the food.

#9 Set up a Restaurant

College Students like Food; as I Said Earlier, In-between meals are highly demanded. you can sell Chocolates, Ice cream, Sharwamma, other sandwiches or baked potatoes with toppings frequently. The earlier, the better.

 #10 Karaoke Party

Run a Karaoke Party, hire a good Karaoke Machine, get a DJ, Sell Snacks, and make money. You can run a competition for the best Dancer in the show and make the audience vote for the best dancers. You can do it.

#11. Get a Job

You can get a job. I think this one is the easiest. You can run two to three jobs simultaneously and still meet up to your classes as a College Student. There are multinational fast foods, Coffe Shops, and Pastries shops. Tools Shops, Chocolate shops and you can be paid in hours.

Fastest College Fundraising Ideas for Clubs

The Club needs money, the fastest College Fundraising ideas for Clubs will help you as the Leader to get the best of the cash you need for the main time.

#12. Car Wash/ Other Washing Jobs

The Washing business is one of the fastest ways a club can make a huge amount of money. Just by washing 10 cars daily someone can have $100. Imagine if a group can wash 50 cars in a day; guess the turnover.

Your problem is not a money problem; it’s a fundraising Idea never think you can’t do it.

There are also other washing jobs you can do that can place cash in your hands. Dog, window, and bike washes are ways a club can generate funds.

#13. Jellybean or Marble Count

You can make money by filling a jar with Jellybean or Marble and asking College students to pay a little for the best Guess. The winner gets a meal ticket to a big Restaurant or a makeup session with any beautiful house.

#14. Walk-a-Thon or Dance-a-Thon

You can take it off the streets; let your neighborhood support you. Raise a form for them to support you while you host your Dance-a-Thon Show. You can pick couples in the neighborhood and bring them up to the stage for some funny performance.

#15. Raffle Draw

Take a  Raffle draw Event for Students print Tickets for Students as many as possible. You can invest in the system by buying a gift for the event’s winner.

For a raffle draw like this, you can invite big Stores, Fast food, and electronics stores and ask them to sell event tickets. The event will be a great one if there are many gifts to be won.

#16. Host Carnivals or Cultural Day

Request permission from the school’s management to host a Carnival for the Students, Bring out Funny games, Activities that will be mind-blowing, and get students to pay for gate fees or buy popcorn, hotdogs, and other sandwiches.

Look for a great Costume designer and get inexpensive gifts from Shops to present to contest winners there.

#17. Coupon Sale

You can get Kinds of Stuff like Meal Tickets, Books, Make-ups tickets, Saloon and Hairstylist bookings for Students at a discounted price. Don’t go for expensive stuff. Make it as cheap as possible.

#18. Tutor Other Students

Your Group can pick a course to teach your colleagues at a fee. Organize class tutorials and share fliers with students inviting them to a short class session on a chosen subject course.

You can have up to 10 different classes to teach.

#19. College Dance

Organized a College dance competition or a dance school where students will love to get skills and pay money. Choreography groups can be formed and your team can be hired to perform. This is a huge Fundraising Ideas as many celebrities look out for the group as such to feature in their albums.

#20. Pie or Water Balloon Throwing Contest

This is really fun! a Pool Side party will be the best place for any college student to cool off at the expense of a little Admission fee or a Meal fee. The thing is to get a good site and Advertise it around the school, and it will sell.

#21. Gaming Marathon

Gaming is the soul of any College male Student. It is only Gaming that can make a College Student starve for hours. A Gaming Marathon is a perfect Fundraising Idea for Male Students because they can break the bank to prove a point. To the Gaming Marathon, sell hotdogs, pizza, and pastries. Thank Me Later.

#22. Table Game Tournament

Table Game Tournaments like Pool, air hockey, Chess, Scrabble, Ludo, Cards, Table Tennis, and many other Indoor games. Please make it simple with rules guiding the game to avoid violence.

#23. Custome Movie Night

A special Movie Night will go a long way to sell. Theme Movie Nights like “Horror Movie Night” has been on special nights for couples. You can award gifts to the best dressed or Best Costume. Don’t forget to make your money through Sales of Chocolates, Ice cream, Popcorn

#24. Sell Used Textbooks

BuyUsedTextbooks.com has a  way of retrieving used textbooks from college students and reselling to Students who cannot afford a new one. You can be an agent, buy out the books, and still sell on your terms.

#25. Campus Photo Contest

This Idea requires a lot of Influence. For a Campus Photo Contest, you need influencers. These Influencers will be the greatest photos in the competitions, so many others will be interested in joining.

A selfie Contest will be Ideal for the college Students as many students will be interested in burst the Internet.  You can make your money by selling Forms and maybe Google Ads if you’re using a website.

#26. Sport Competition

A sport COmpetition will stir up many Students to get involved. Even if they are not playing, they can be fans or support teams to the teams playing. A sale of MAtch tickets can be a huge break for your club. Competition can be sponsored by many stores with affiliations to students, Cloth designers, Shoe Stores, Fashion houses, and energy drink companies.

The money they contribute can boost the grand winner’s prize. You can sell costume Shirts and flags for the eligible teams.

You can host games like basketball, baseball, cricket, and Rugby.

#27. Open Mike/Read

An Open Mike Challenge can be Spoken words, Inspirational vibes, or Music performances rap Challenge. Students can buy tickets to see their favorite artists. Make sure the system is very transparent and easy to win in case of future events.

#28. Cycling Challenge

Cycling is what most College Students do every day to School. A challenge of whose the best will t.  make a tonne of money in days. Try it out. Set a distance and make the publicity quite earlier and see the turn-up.

#29. Powder Puff Game.

Organize a girl’s football game, with the guys as cheerleaders!  Sell tickets to the game in various classes.  Be sure to research and set rules.

#30. Burst The Balloon Auction

Get Ballons fill a few with notes of Awesome prizes that allow the College Students to bid for the ballon. You can burst as many as you can at a fee per balloon.  Alerts shops and businesses for sponsorships.


Wait! don’t be in a hurry to start one. Make sure you head back to the beginning of the post, fix a committee, and get the whole plan fixed. You can also share this post as many College Student’s Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter Handles.

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