20 Absolute Best Devotionals for Christian College Students (May 2025)

There is little time to devote to your faith in college because of the late nights, early mornings, study sessions, and social weekends.

Furthermore, even when you have time, you have other, more important matters. You can even feel your faith is slipping, and you are losing touch with God.

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I understand how challenging it may be to enjoy the exciting period of college while maintaining your connection with God because i was once a college student. Good devotionals are essential for college students because of this.

We’ve chosen the top devotionals for college students that will aid in understanding the Scripture and enable you to draw closer to God in this post.

Let’s get into this list of college students’ devotions so you can start strengthening your faith immediately!

What is Devotional?

A daily devotional has a reading for every day of the year. It has a structure and a goal, and it offers a period of time each day for prayer and meditation.

The 20 Best Devotionals for College Students?

Young people need to spend some time in God’s word, whether they are just beginning their college careers or graduating this year. According to this ranking, these are the top devotionals for college students.

Weekly Devotional Journal for First-Year College Students, Running Your Race

Running Your Race is a Christian holy book for college students.
This devotional was written for first-year college students to inspire and uplift them.

Maintain your commitment, resolve, and trust. As one review states, this book “serves as a companion to help them get through the inevitable challenges that they will face during their first year of trying to navigate life away from home.”

#1. A Devotional for College Students: At First Sight

This devotional offers daily wisdom and biblical truth for an entire semester. Thanks to the course material, students can maintain and progress in their Christian walk. Become a representative of Christ in your dorms and on the campuses of your colleges.

#2. How to Take Care of Your Soul While at College: Walking with Jesus on Campus

Some students appear devout when they enter college but leave burned out and disheartened. Others enter with misgivings about their spirituality and apathy toward Christ and leave as genuine Christian leaders.

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What distinguishes them? Chaplain Stephen Kellough examines 10 life-or-death concerns in his book Walking with Jesus on Campus, including depression and doubt, sexuality and singleness, the Sabbath, and perfectionism.

The target audience for this book is college students, those who work with them, or parents of students.

#3. 90 Days of Saying Yes to a God Who Is Anything But Boring: The Lipstick Gospel Devotional

The Lipstick Gospel Devotional will help you spend time with God, trust his plan for your life, step into your God-given identity, maintain your faith in adversity, and increase joy in your daily life via 90 days of scripture, story, and practical steps forward.

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This book, written by Stephanie Wilson, does a great job of reassuring you that God loves you just the way you are.

#4. The Best Minute of Your Day (365 Daily Devotions for Students) from The Simple Truth Bible

In my opinion, The Simple Truth is one of the best devotionals for college students. “Through each devotion, teenagers will learn how to experience life-shaping, thought-provoking truths that bring wisdom and hope amid daily struggles and difficult times,” says the author.

Teenagers who read the Bible will discover how profoundly and passionately God loves them, how to develop a real relationship with Jesus, and how they were designed to have meaningful lives after high school, in this world, and for all eternity.

#5. Daily Devotions: Trusting God Day by Day: 365

Each daily devotional written by Joyce Meyer is brimming with valuable suggestions and game-changing promises from God’s Word that you can immediately apply in your own life.

“The world encourages you to put your faith in your situation, accomplishments, skills, and other people’s perceptions. However, God has called you to place your complete reliance in Him and rise above the world, believing and doing more than anything else what He has promised in His Word.

#6. Devotionals for College Students: Fearless Faith

Do you have concerns about the future? Do you worry about the future? When they might not be on the right path, are you tempted to follow the crowd? “College students and recent graduates who understand exactly what you’re going through wrote these devotions.

Spend some time each day talking to your Savior about your concerns, temptations, joys, and triumphs.

#7. Jesus Calling for Graduate

Hold fast to God’s promises while you navigate the uncharted. This book, which contains 150 devotions, “makes the ideal gift from parents, grandparents, pastors, teachers, and mentors to both high school and college graduates as they embark on the next major transition in life,” according to the publisher.

Best Devotionals For Teenage Girls

Young women may confront different difficulties than do young men. Here is a list of devotionals written by Christians exclusively for young ladies.

#8. Real and Relatable Devotionals for Every College Girl

This is for every girl, according to the book’s description. This is for you, no matter where you’re from, how worthy you feel to be a Christian, or how broken you might be right now.

The devotional has 42 weekly lessons and 10 subject studies, which is more than enough for a whole academic year.

#9. The College Girl’s Survival Guide: 52 Straightforward, Reliable Responses to Your Biggest Questions

College is difficult. You’ll have to deal with changing family dynamics, a rigorous schedule, and social obstacles. How can you deal with all of these problems and succeed?

The Girl’s Survival Guide is with practical advice based on experience. It’s like having a big sister with you on the journey because it was written by a mentor with 10 years of experience assisting college females to achieve.

This book will guide, console, and inspire young women to make the most of their college experience by providing them with tried-and-true advice, biblical guidance, and inspirational examples.

#10. Devotionals for Men

The pressures and temptations can be too much for a young man. The top devotionals for guiding young guys through everyday challenges and their spiritual journey are included on this list.

#11. For Teen Boys and Young Men: Uncovering Your True Identity in Christ

I, who am I? This book for teen guys and young men will guide you through an investigation to find the answers to a question you may ask yourself frequently.

You’ll discover that your identity extends beyond your academic performance, physical appearance, or athletic prowess. The one who made you is the only one who fully understands and defines you.

Discovering your genuine Christ-shaped identity will be made possible by Revealed, which will provide answers about who you are and where you’re heading.

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#12. A Teen’s Guide to an Extreme Adventure Life: A Young Man After God’s Own Heart

“It’s similar to ascending a mountain to develop into a young man after God’s heart. Although there are many obstacles to overcome on the ascent, the spectacular view is well worth the effort.

Real-life success begins with learning God’s priorities for you, such as strengthening your faith, making the right friends, getting along at home, overcoming temptation, and making wise decisions for the future.

#13. Stand Strong: 365 Days of Inspiration for Men

Its inclusion on my list of the top devotionals for college students is because it “contains the stories from nineteen guys. They discuss with you the meaning of living for Jesus and how God works in each of our lives.

These men, who come from various backgrounds, will converse with you about various subjects, like your life’s purpose, the beauty of God’s creation, the fullness of life in Christ, and many more.

#14. A Teen’s Guide to an Extreme Adventure Life: A Young Man After God’s Own Heart

Climbing a mountain is similar to becoming a man after God’s own heart. Although there are many obstacles to overcome on the ascent, the spectacular view is well worth the effort.

Real-life success begins with learning God’s priorities for you, such as strengthening your faith, making the right friends, getting along at home, overcoming temptation, and making wise decisions for the future.

#15. Stand Strong: 365 Days of Inspiration for Men

Due to the fact that it “contains the stories from nineteen guys,” this book is included in our list of the top devotionals for college students. They discuss with you the meaning of living for Jesus and how God works in each of our lives.

These men, who come from a wide range of backgrounds, will converse with you about a variety of subjects, like your life’s purpose, the beauty of God’s creation, the fullness of life in Christ, and many more.

All these daily devotionals for college students are accessible via amazon.

Free Women Online Devotionals for College Students

It is critical that we take a daily break from the turmoil of our hectic lives in order to eat from God’s Word. Daily devotionals are fantastic for this reason.

And while many of us always have a pocket devotional with us, nearly EVERYONE ALWAYS travels with their phone in hand. Because of this, devotionals found online are even better! But you could be thinking:

How should I do my regular prayers?

How are daily devotions carried out?

Which devotional is the most suitable for me online?

Do not worry! With this collection of online devotionals, I’ve got all of your requirements covered!

Online Devotionals For Women

Women have a wide variety of online devotionals to pick from! I enjoy a spiritual pick-me-up in the middle of the week in addition to my regular Bible reading or devotional time.

Every Wednesday, Kingdom Bloggers sends out a wonderful and inspirational weekly devotional for women on a range of subjects.

Please sign up below if you’d like to receive our weekly devotional in your inbox each week.

You can subscribe to Rachael from Healing Home’s excellent weekly devotional as well.

Online Daily Devotionals for College Students

Daily devotions are an excellent way to begin your day. Online devotionals are the best option if you want to receive a potent dose of Jesus in your inbox every single day.

To acquire your daily dose of spiritual nourishment before facing the day. Several websites offer free daily devotionals online.

The websites listed below provide daily devotional inspiration. All you have to do to start receiving daily doses of Jesus in your inbox is join their email list.
Proverbs 31 Ministries

  • Joyce Meyer Ministries
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Today in the Word
  • Inspiration

Short Powerful Devotions

Devotionals are a fantastic method to get your daily dosage of spiritual nourishment because they are brief (ideal for working moms) yet incredibly potent!

These brief readings get right to the point to assist you grasp how to apply the ideas to your daily life, as opposed to reading through a complete verse of the Bible and failing to comprehend what you read.

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Family Devotions Available Online

You should engage in some family devotions online as a mother. These frequently present worthwhile chances to have genuine conversations with your children and encourage them to discuss any issues they might be facing at the time.

Emphasis on the Family
The servant David

Married Couples Online Devotionals

Although you should be obtaining your daily spiritual nutrition on your own, these online devotionals for married couples provide much-needed conversations for to consider. Both your marriage and your spiritual walk may benefit from these!

One Place

Life Church

Online Devotionals for College Students

The enemy can seize control of college students and lead even the staunchest Christian down a perilous path.

These short yet impactful bites of spiritual food are provided by these online devotionals for college students to help them better withstand the numerous temptations they will encounter on campus.

While many of the problems that college students and young adults deal with in life are covered by Student Devos, it is more of a high school devotional resource.

Young adults in their undergraduate years can find some excellent devotional readings on Bible.com.

You have it now! I hope you can use at least one of these weekly online devotionals for college students to help you grow spiritually.

Best Daily Devotional App for College Students

It’s now simpler than ever to carry God’s Word with you, wherever you go with your smartphone in your pocket.

With the help of these iPhone and Android applications, you can draw nearer to God and firmly root His Word in your heart through daily devotionals, Bible studies, and verse memorization.

Top Daily Devotional Apps for Free

A daily devotional is a terrific method of studying more Scriptures, and praying more frequently.

You can start or end your day with one. On your terms, these free Christian apps will lead you through Bible studies.

#1. Bible Gateway App

Our free Bible app allows you to read the Bible in 90 different translations and listen to it read in several other languages. It functions on or offline and includes reading schedules, daily Bible verses, search tools, and comments on the Bible.

You can annotate, underline, and bookmark your favorite verses. Also, share verses using the app on Twitter and Facebook as well. See them on Kindle Fire, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Get this Daily Devotional App

#2. PrayerMate

Using this practical tool, you may monitor prayer requests. The program asks for the names of the individuals you want to remember to pray for and each day, index cards appear to serve as a reminder.

You can easily plan out when and how you pray; you can register for your church’s online prayer journals.

It has a prayer gallery that can be downloaded, a photo attachment, and a reminder clock.

Get this Daily Devotional App

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#3. The Kids Bible App

You should use this app to educate your kids about Bible stories. It offers a kid-friendly world with interactive animated Bible story adventures and is freely accessible in many languages.

Children can easily browse it, as it has entertaining information and games that help kids remember what they’ve learned.

Users can win rewards for completing challenges. This top Christian app is available on Kindle Fire, Android, iPad, and iPhone. It will help even the smallest members of your family deepen their faith.

Get this Daily Devotional App

#4. She Reads Truth

Women from across the world may read the Bible together thanks to this free software. It offers a supportive network at any time. It enables females to support one another and live out the gospel daily.

Beautiful pictures for content sharing, notifications, a camera with photo overlays, journaling, bookmarking, and real-time comments are just a few of the entertaining features program offers.

You can access them on Kindle Fire, Android, iPad, and iPhone.

Get this Daily Devotional App

#5. Stitcher

This software allows you to listen to podcasts, but the advantage for Christians is that you can access podcasts from all across the nation related to religion.

This enables you to receive instruction throughout the week rather than just on Sunday. 

Get this Daily Devotional App

FAQs on The Best Devotionals For College Students

What are some worthwhile Bible Devotions?

Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling Morning and Evening.
Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ Daily Moment of Truth.
Joyce Meyer’s devotional book Quiet Times With God.
Chartwell Books’ Prayers for Men.
Bob Goff’s book Live in Grace, Walk in Love.
Practicing Prayer by William Murphy.

What is a 30-day devotional?

This 30-day devotional is to assist you in learning about the countless promises God gives to His people. You’ll read one from the Bible every day. Think about how you can accept God’s promises for you using the questions and journaling area.

How do I choose a devotion topic?

Consider this. Where in life are you now?
Consider praying about it. Maybe you’re not sure what you want to study next.
Look into it. Research if you haven’t chosen a topic yet.

How do you get closer to God in college?

Develop your faith and consult the Bible for direction.
Invoke God’s assistance in prayer.
Make friends and create a network of supporters.
Put your religion first.
Be a role model.

In Summary: The Best Devotionals For College Students

College life is challenging. This collection of the top devotionals for college students will aid with wisdom, daily spiritual guidance, and a reminder of God’s unfailing love.

God, please watch over our kids. Give them your Holy Spirit, Lord. Let them be a beacon of light in a dark world. Let them serve as examples for their friends. Encourage them to make decisions that reflect who you are.

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