How Can I Get A Diploma In Arts? Schools, Cost, Salary, Career

Art is a broad field that includes a variety of professions ranging from music to painting, industrial design to the humanistic subject. And building a career in this field requires skills and professional knowledge to be exceptional and earn a big buck.

Whether you want to take up any lucrative profession in the arts like an artist, performer, designer, musician, or any art inclined career, there are various professional courses and programs that can prepare you. These courses can be taken at different levels; Diploma, Bachelors, or post-doctorate.

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With a Diploma in Arts, you’ll a foundational knowledge of what Arts entails. Just like a degree program, a diploma program in arts can also give you a good head start to a better and successful career.

This article gives a comprehensive list of the top 10 best Diploma in Arts schools and programs that are worth going for this 2025. You’ll also get a list of careers you can fit into with a diploma in Arts.  All you have to do is to carefully read through before making your pick. The table of contents below will guide you.

What is a diploma in Art?

Diploma in Art are programs that offer a first-hand solid foundation within the basics of arts. You can get a basic foundation or knowledge on any kind of arts program whether fashion design, visual arts, or graphic design.

Despite which topic you choose, you’re likely going to obtain a spread of skills including color science, perspective, composition, and anatomy. Counting on the route, additional education could be required for a solid chance at landing a career.

Is a diploma in Art equivalent to a degree?

No, a diploma in Arts is not equivalent to a degree. In fact, a degree is higher than a diploma. This is because a degree in Arts gives a broad knowledge of what art entails and also it takes a longer time to complete, unlike a diploma program.

Why earn a diploma in Art?

Although degree programs are higher than diplomas, there’s still a lot diploma in art can offer you if you want to build a career in the art field. That means, there are significant reasons why you should earn a diploma in Art if you are starting to build your career.

Apart from the foundational knowledge you get, a diploma in arts can give you that confidence in your own abilities and work. You will find yourself more ready to take constructive criticism and apply it to any artwork you take up either as a profession or hobby.

Moreso, earning a diploma in arts can set you up for an array of career paths that include visual artist, logo designer, photographer, and animator.

You can practice several skills that involve using various equipment, applying visual effects, and dealing with clients to settle on the foremost fitting media and elegance, also as producing sculptures, paintings, and/or drawings.

What can you do with a diploma in Arts?

There are lots you can do with a diploma in Arts. Aside from it giving you an easy entry into the University of your choice to pursue a degree program in arts or its related field, you can work as any of the following:

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             Administrative Assistant

   As an Administrative assistant, you’ll be responsible for providing different kinds of administrative assistance in every industry.

Your duties will revolve around managing and distributing information. Answering and making phone calls, arranging files, and taking memos as well as attending to customers.

Aside from your Diploma in art certificate, you’re expected to be professional, be well organized, and also have problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

             Advertising Officer

Another job you can get with a diploma in Arts is in the office of an advertising officer. You’ll be in charge of advertising and promotional efforts for an organization.

Although most employees look for people with Bachelor’s degree, with a diploma in arts, you can still get the position.

The only difference is that you’ll be earning a bit lower than what you would’ve earned with a bachelor’s degree.


 Another area you can go into is becoming a Linguist. Just that you’ll also have to get to study languages for you to be very good at this job.

Linguistics has to do with the analysis of every aspect of language, as well as the methods for studying and modeling them.

             Market Researcher

 Market research is another field you can go into if you have a diploma in Arts. As a market researcher, you will collect and study information about customers, products, services, and even sales trends.


With a diploma in Arts, you can become an artist. You will engage in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating art

             Communications Officer

With your diploma in Arts, you can work as a communication officer. Taking up this job will require you to write and distribute content to promote an organization’s brand, activities, or products.

Also, you may act as a liaison between the organization, the public, and the media to ensure that the brand remains top of mind. 


As a curator, you’ll work as a manager or overseer. Your major role will be to keep cultural heritage institutions either in a gallery, museum, library, or archive.

Generally, you will be in charge of keeping the institution’s collections and interpreting heritage material including historical artifacts.


As an educator, you’ll teach school students, prepare and present lesson plans, supervise students in a classroom environment, grade coursework, and manage classroom operations. With a diploma in Arts, you can get a job in college or any early childhood development.

Other roles you can take up with a diploma includes:

  • Natural Resource Planner
  • News Presenter
  • Natural Resource Manager
  • Non Government Organisation Worker
  • Marketing Planner
  • Archaeologist
  • Arts Administrator
  • Multimedia / Web Designer
  • Music Journalist / Music Critic
  • Ministerial Adviser

How much can you earn with a diploma in Arts?

With a diploma in arts, you can earn a lot of money. Just that your earnings will be dependent on where you’re working or your chosen career. For instance, as an educator at the high school level, you’ll make a median salary of $57,200 per annum.

This is consistent with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Then as a fine artist who works with drawing, sculpting, and painting, you can be sure of making a median salary of $46,460.

On the other hand, if you’re working with media art, creating websites, film, advertisements, and computer games, you can earn up to $63,970. As a Chorographer , Sculptor, or crafted Artist, your median salary will be $44,250, $43,890, $31,080 respectively.

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How long does it take to complete a diploma in the Arts program?

A diploma in arts is often a successful route. The program unlike degree program takes 1-2 years to complete and you can pursue the course either on a part-time or full-time basis. You can also decide to take it traditionally or online.

How much does it cost to get a diploma in Arts?

How much it costs to obtain a Diploma in Art Studies is dependent on where the courses are taken and the institution’s specific rates.

Additionally, how long it takes to complete the program also plays a large role in how much it costs.

For instance, a student will likely pay more to complete a diploma program that lasts for two years in comparison to a student who enrolls in a one-year program.

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What are the requirements for a diploma in Arts?

Just like every academic program has its requirements so also is a diploma in Arts. So it’s expedient that meet the expected requirements if you want to have a chance of getting enrolled.

Another thing you should note is that the requirements or criteria differ by school.

For instance, in some schools like Monash college, you must be at least 16 years old and must meet a minimum standard of English.

On a general note, below are the basic criteria almost every school offering a diploma in Arts expects you must have before you can have a chance of getting admitted:

  • You must have any compartment in any of the art subjects at class 12th or equivalent level that is yet to be cleared at the time of taking admissions.
  • You might be required to present your reservation certificates issued by the competent authorities.
  • Then, some schools will give you admission based on your Common Entrance Test (CET) mark.
  • Most importantly, the Candidate must have passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized state or central board with at least 50% (40% to 45% for reserved category candidates) of the marks.

How can I get a Diploma in Arts in 2025?

Below is a step-to-step guide on how you can earn a diploma in Arts in the school of your choice:

1. Visit the School Official Website

First, go to the school’s official website to find it out if they are offering the diploma in arts program you are interested in pursuing. If the program is available, the next step is to submit your application.

2. Submit Your Application

Some schools required you to apply online. In filling your application form, you will be expected to indicate your program of choice and major.

Note, every school has a deadline for submission which differs.

So, find out your school of choice application submission deadline when making your research. 

Ensure you submit before the deadline because any application submitted after the deadline might not be considered.

3. Receive An Email

Once your application is received, the school will send you an acknowledgment email, which explains how you can check the status of your application. Either you get an acceptance mail or a declined mail.

Getting an acceptance mail shows that you met the entry criteria for the diploma in arts program you are applying for. Most schools shortlist names based on academic history and relevant experience.

4. Accept Your Offer

The next step is to accept the offer by signing the Acceptance of Offer form. Once you’re done, you are expected to return it before the due date.

You’ll then receive an invoice and pay for your fees. We’ll also send you an ID card and your network login.

Alternatively, some schools’ admissions process is based mostly on merit for a selection with a select few institutes/colleges going for CET-based admissions.

A common entrance test is conducted for admission to an art course. As an applicant, your chances of getting admitted will be solely dependent on how successful you passed the exam.

After the conduct of the test, a merit list of finally qualified candidates is prepared and candidates are invited for admission process by the respective institute or college.

After the final allotment of seats to the candidate takes the candidates are asked to deposit the fee for the course and register for the respective academic year.

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Which schools offer the 10 best Diploma in Arts in 2025

Below is a list of the 10 best Diploma in Arts worth going for this 2025:

  • Campus Caraïbéen des Arts- National Diploma of Arts
  • Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts-UAL L3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design
  • University of Lincoln- Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies
  • Drury University- Graphic Design & Design Arts Major
  • Florence Classical Arts Academy- Diploma in Visual Arts
  • UAL Diploma in Performing Arts and Production Art (Level 2) – Crawley College
  • Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Level 4 – South Essex College
  • Diploma in the Arts Management- Harris Institute
  • South West Institute of TAFE – Diploma of Conservation and Land Management
  • Jakarta International College – Diploma of Arts

1.  Campus Caraïbéen des Arts- National Diploma of Arts

One of the best Diploma in Arts programs is the National Diploma of Arts. This is a full-time course offered at the Caraibeen des Arts that provides art students the opportunity to get artistic skills and articulate high-level practical, theoretical, technological, and plastic skills. 

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School Official Website:

2. Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts-UAL L3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design

This is a full-time 2-year art program accredited by the University of the Arts London designed to prepare you for any higher degree program in art or its related field.

To take this course, you must have completed secondary education and be good in English Language.

Once you complete the first year, you’ll be awarded a Diploma in Art & Design and at the end of the second year, if you successfully complete the course you will be awarded the University of the Arts London Awarding Body Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design.

Official Website

3. University of Lincoln- Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies

Next on our list is a Graduate Diploma in Conservation Studies at the University of Lincoln. This is a 12-month program that can be taken either on a full-time or part-time basis.

With a diploma in this program, you can boast of advanced knowledge and skills in conservation studies and also have the opportunity to understand so a good deal of analytical equipment and how to use them.

More so, you will learn from practitioners who have extensive and professional experience.

To learn more about this diploma in art program click the link below:

Official Website

4. Drury University- Graphic Design & Design Arts Major

Also in our list of the best Diploma in Arts programs is Graphic Design & Design Arts Major.

This full-time diploma program is specifically designed for students who are interested in building a career in either graphic design, web development, commercial photography, art direction, or multimedia artists.

Furthermore, this program is for you if you seek admittance into a graduate program in fine arts, in which additional Advanced Studio coursework and a second major in art history or fine arts are highly recommended.

To learn more about this diploma in art program click the link below:

Official Website

5. Florence Classical Arts Academy- Diploma in Visual Arts

Diploma in Visual Arts is another top diploma in arts program worth going for. This program is a 3-year program that once you complete you will receive a private institutional diploma in Visual Arts.

The course is intended for students who want to pursue a career in the visual arts. The course teaches students a variety of abilities such as drawing, painting, composition, perspective, anatomy, color science, and sketching.

To learn more about this diploma in art program click the link below:

Official Website

6. UAL Diploma in Performing Arts and Production Art (Level 2) – Crawley College

Next in our list is UAL Diploma in Performing Arts and Production Art at Crawley College. This is a one-year Level 2 Diploma in Performing Arts program.

The course covers refining your present talents in both performance and production, as well as assisting you in focusing on your own set of goals, building skills for the workplace, and establishing your own C.V.

To learn more about this diploma in art program click the link below:

Official Website

7. Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Level 4 – South Essex College

Next on our list of best diploma in arts programs worth going for this 2025 is Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at South Essex College.

This is a dynamic, rigorous, and creative course that covers a wide range of specialized areas and assists you in preparing a portfolio to help you gain admission to a higher education program in an art and design topic.

The certification has been developed to stimulate research, experimentation, and risk-taking, which will increase learners’ critical independence and allow them to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject matter.

Official Website

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8. South West Institute of TAFE – Diploma of Conservation and Land Management

If you derive pleasure in seeing natural areas, this diploma program is best for you. Taking this program will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to understand natural systems, identify issues and plan appropriate works.

Also, you’ll develop skills in workplace safety, organizing data, planning surveys and works, and writing reports.

Note, during this study, you’ll focus on biological surveys, revegetation, erosion control, pest, animal, and plant control.

Official Website

9. Jakarta International College – Diploma of Arts

If you aspire to be a journalist, publisher, public relations manager, diplomat, scriptwriter, author, or foreign affairs specialist, this diploma program is for you; the Diploma of Arts is the gateway to a Monash Arts Degree.

During your learning process, new ideas, social and political issues, literature, language, history, and communication will motivate you.

At the end of this program, you’ll understand the powerful nature of communication skills to pursue a career in media, journalism, psychology, writing, filming, and much more.

Official Website

10. Arts Management- Harris Institute

Last but not least on our list is a Diploma in Arts Management at Harris Institute.

This program is a 12-month accelerated diploma program that includes 60 courses focusing on the modern music industry taught by award-winning active industry experts.

Official Website

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In a Nutshell

Having seen that there is a lot you can do with a diploma in Arts, what then are you still waiting for?

Make a pick from the above-listed school and starting the journey of pursuing your dream with any of their available diploma in art programs. 



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