How To Get A Diploma In Business Management In 2024

Business management is about organization, planning, and analysis of business activities and methods necessary to run a business.

It is an important field of study hinged on learning the core principles, upon which big brands and businesses thrive, and applying these principles to move an establishment forward.

Meanwhile, this article will explain how to get a diploma in business management and all that it entails. The table of content is below.

What is a Diploma in Business Management?

A diploma in business management is a program that exposes students to knowledge about the different ways to operate a business, as well as the principles applied in business management.

Students are able to explore different niches in business management, such as marketing, economics, financial accounting, project management, entrepreneurship, etc.

A diploma in business management also exposes students to key skills, which enable them to manage businesses and organizations effectively, as business managers.

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Is a Diploma in Business Management equivalent to a Degree?

A diploma in Business Management is generally taken after the completion of a first degree. However, this varies across countries.

In some countries, a Diploma in Business Management is at the same level as the final year of a bachelor’s degree, and for some other countries, it is at the level between a Master’s degree and a Doctorate Degree.

In the USA, A diploma in Business Management is an Intermediate Graduate Qualification, which involves study beyond a Master’s degree, but not up to Doctorate Degree.

Why earn a Diploma in Business Management

There are many reasons why one should consider getting a Diploma in Business Management. Asides from the acquisition of the certificate which helps one secure professional job roles, there are other interesting reason why earning a diploma in business management is essential.

The following reasons would surely encourage you if you are at the point of making that decision;

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1. Development of Key Management Skills:

A diploma in business management would expose you to a variety of management skills, which would enable you to be able to tackle whatever challenges that you may encounter, in the course of running or managing a business.

It also helps you gain exposure to key skills, which enable you to make informed decisions, considering economic, ethical, and social implications.

Students will learn Problem-solving skills, leadership, strategic thinking, project management, etc during the course of the program, enhancing one’s expertise in the business management field.

2. In-depth knowledge of the business world, and its methodology:

A diploma in business Management also gives one in-depth knowledge of how the business world operates. Students learn the core principles which applicable in running a business, and how these principles are applied.

Industry insights such as market trends, industry reports, etc are also learned.

3. Knowledge about Multiple Disciplines:

A Diploma in Business Management also exposes one to knowledge in various things, which would enable one to function well as a business expert.

It exposes one to knowledge about various fields of study, such as Human Resource Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, Business Consultancy, etc.

What can I do with a Diploma in Business Management

Business Management is an interdisciplinary field that cuts across other fields of study. Hence, a holder of a Diploma in that field gains exposure to a wide range of knowledge, which would enable him/her to function well in many fields.

The following are the job roles that one can function in, as a holder of a Diploma in Business Management.

Marketing Manager: One of the job roles that a holder of a Diploma in Business Management can hold is that of a marketing manager.

A marketing manager is a professional, who caters to the marketing and sales need of an organization. They develop and implement marketing strategies to attract new clients or customers to a business enterprise, as well as retain old ones.

Finance Manager: A Finance Manager is a person who is saddled with the responsibility of overseeing a business’ financial details. They review financial reports, track finance flow, track profitability, record financial transactions, and details, etc.

Business Analyst: The role of a Business Analyst can also be occupied by a person who holds a Diploma in Business Management.

These professionals are responsible for developing and updating business strategies, analyzing the business to proffer solutions for more profitability, be up to date with market trends in order to make well-informed decisions for a business, etc.

Other job roles that a holder of a Diploma in Business Management can fit in include; Business Development Manager, Information Systems Manager, Entrepreneur, Actuary Analyst, Project Manager, Insurance Underwriter, HR Officer, etc.

How much can you earn with a Diploma in Business Manager?

The salary range for a person with a diploma in business management differ, based on the job role taken on.

Various jobs take varying salaries, hence, we will list them;

1. Finance Manager: $129,890 annually

2. Sales Manager: $126, 640 annually

3. Management Analyst: $85,260 annually

4. Budget Analyst: $76,540 annually

5. Market Research Analyst: $63, 790

6. Administrative Service Manager: $94,020 annually.

How long does it take to complete a Diploma in Business Management Program

The timeframe for any Diploma course is dependent on the school, and the course being taken. And for a Diploma in Business Management Program, it is no different.

Now, for estimation, a diploma in business management course can take as low as 6 months, and as many as 2 years.

How much does it cost to get a Diploma in Business Management Certificate

The cost of a Diploma in Business Management program depends on different factors, such as the school, learning type; whether distance or on campus, the kind of diploma program, etc.

However, on average, one could spend as much as $26,000 or as low as $10,300.

How Can I Get A Diploma In Business Management In 2024

Earning a Diploma in Business Management takes various procedures and steps like any other field of study.

Follow these steps to obtain a diploma in business management:

The first step to take is to decide the kind of diploma in business management course you want to run, and check out the institution that offers it.

This would help streamline your search for institutions that offer good Business Management courses, and you can do this by searching online. You can judge the quality of their program by the course syllabus, requirements, and the quality of their graduates.

A good school would also save you a lot of time and money, hence, make sure you do your findings well before applying.

Choose schools that have a specific framework for the Business Management course. This would help you gain insight into what you really want.

Afterward, you will write an entrance exam and/or an interview. This is the basis for admission.

Afterward, you can go further to check for their requirements, in order to make ready your various documents. You’d need this for the admission process.

After admission, you will complete the number of courses in your department and other electives necessary.

And then, you complete the portfolio of job skills required and also demonstrate competency in all core aspects of business management.

After you fulfill these criteria, you would then receive your diploma in business management certificate.

What are the requirements for a Diploma in Business Management Program?

Before one can earn a diploma in Business Management, there are certain requirements, which would determine one’s eligibility for the program.

Now, these requirements differ, based on the school one would be pursuing the program in; hence, individual course eligibility requirement research should still be done.

However, here are some of the basic requirements:

  • 12th passed or 10th + 3 years Diploma passed (or equivalent) from a recognized board.
  • A University Degree.
  • English Language Proficiency Results, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc, for foreign students.
  • One must also be about 18 years, to be admitted into some Diploma in Business Management Programs.

Some schools also require some years of experience, before a person can be admitted, depending on the type of Business Management Program.

Which Schools offer the 10 best diplomae in Business Management Programs in 2024

Various institutions offer diploma courses in Business Management, with intensive coursework to equip students with the needed knowledge in business and management.

Here, 10 of these institutions, alongside their diploma in business management program shall be discussed below:

1. Professional Certificate in Business Management in Montana State University:

This is a 25-credit certificate that covers various important areas of growing and leading a successful business. Here, students will learn how to explore risk and success factors in the marketplace, and how to assess human, financial, and business resources.

They are also gain exposure on how to identify and meet market demands and how to understand and build a business infrastructure for business operations and financial decision-making.

The tuition fee is $12,000 per year, and English Language Proficiency Examination, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc. is a requirement for admission.

Link to the program

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2. Certificate Degree in Business Administration, Golden West College:

This is a course that would prepare you for entry-level positions in the business world, and advance your knowledge of organizational leadership, strategic planning, finance, etc.

This certificate course also exposes you to core skills, which are useful to advance in the business world and to grow a business into a profitable enterprise.

Students would also learn how to identify, analyze, and solve a variety of business problems, and understand business issues in order to make informed decisions.

Students eligible for this program are those who have earned an equivalent of a high school diploma and are at least 18 years old, by the beginning of the first term.

The tuition fee is $7,368 and English Language Proficiency Examinations, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, are also required.

Link to the program

3. Business Management Diploma in International Career Institute:

This is a 24 weeks course, which gives one a solid foundation in the best practice within business management.

It exposes one to concepts in management procedures, communication in business, staff management, financial management, marketing techniques, etc.

You require English Language Proficiency Examination, such as TOEFL and the tuition fee is $1,199.

Link to the program:

4. Business Administration Diploma in Reedley College:

This is a 4-semester program, in which students learn how to create and interpret business documents, learn about modern business and management theories in accounting, economics, management, and computer information systems, marketing, real estate, etc.

Applicants need to complete an application with the admission office, and submit one transcript for high school completion, which should be in English translation, an affidavit of financial support, medical insurance, etc.

Language proficiency examination such as TOEFL is essential, and the out-of-state fee is $3,480 per semester.

Link to the program:

5. Business and Administrative Management Graduate Diploma (Level 6 Post Graduate MBA Entry):

This is a business management diploma course that borders on strategic management, the dynamics of leadership, management information systems for Business, marketing, risk management, customer focus for strategic advantage, etc.

Applicants for this course must be at least 25 years old and they must have some years of managerial experience. The tuition fee is $2,133.

Link to the program:

6. Business Administration at the University of California, Irvine:

This is a full-time 3-months diploma certificate course, for people who have minimal business experience, and wish to gain an understanding of the managerial functions, roles, and skills necessary to thrive in the business world.

Students in this program are trained to develop skills to be able to build effective teams, explore business and leadership models, have a strong foundation in business functions and analysis. It also exposes them to knowledge on entrepreneurship, strategic planning, finance, communication, etc.

Some of the requirements foreign students must pass are language proficiency test, like TOEFL.

Link to the program:

7. Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, Simon Graser University, Canada:

This is a 2-year diploma course in which students are exposed to topics, such as communication, collaboration, marketing, business management, finance, etc.

To be eligible for this program, one needs to have a 4-year undergraduate degree with a CGPA of at least 3.0, and a minimum of two years full-time professional working experience.

Students should be fluent in English Language and foreign students would be required to take language proficiency examinations, such as IELTS, and TOEFL.

Link to the program:

8. Course in Business Administration at EAE Business School, Spain:

This is a 9-month course, which is for professionals and managers of SMEs, who wish to acquire analytical and diagnostic skills. They would learn business strategy, marketing, accounting, management control, human resource operations, and digital transformation, professional development tools, etc.

The program is for professionals and managers, who wish to strengthen and improve their management skills for small and medium-sized companies.

Link to the program:

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9. Diploma in Business Administration in OUS Royal Academy of Economics and Technology:

This is a 1-year course, which involves learning innovative research methods, policy, and practice, essentials of management, fundamentals of economics, communication for business, finance, ebusiness, principles of marketing, etc.

Students who are eligible for this program must be at least 17 years old and possess a high school diploma or its equivalent. Foreign students will also pass Language proficiency tests, such as IELTS.

Link to the program:

10. Diploma in Business Administration, College Nordique Francophone:

This is a 2 years diploma program in Business Administration, which involves 20 courses of 60 credits. Here, students would be exposed to how to identify and solve business challenges, and knowledge of courses such as accounting, finance, marketing, and human resource management, would also be explored in the course of the program.

And in the second year of the course, one can choose an area of specialization, between management and finance. The program is offered in conjunction with the University of Alberta Centre Collegial de l’Alberta.

Link to the program:



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