Scholarship schemes are so many in Arizona, hence only a few have so many benefits attached to it. However, here is an opportunity for you to get it.

The Dorrance Scholarship is a scholarship program you don’t want to miss.

The Dorrance Scholarship scheme is actually available for students that cannot pay for the cost of their college education. And also, the first in their families to attend the university.

This Dorrance scholarship as a matter of fact, is available on renewal for the eight semesters of studies for four years.


  • Those that finished high school or those in their final year in a government-owned high school in Arizona.
  • Conversely, they must be in one of the public universities in Arizona for their undergraduate degree in their first year.
  • As a matter of fact, the person to apply must be the first in their families to attend a higher institution.
  • Afterwards, those to apply for the Dorrance scholarship must show evidence of the financial need for college fees. This is according to FAFSA.
  • On the other hand, the scholarship applicant’s CGPA must be 3.00 at least.
  • Finally, applicants for this Do grant must have an SAT score of at least 1,120 or a combined ACT score of 22.
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Eligible Nationality

On the other hand, the Dorrance grant is open for only USA students to study in any of the mentioned universities. Consequently, the Dorrance grant is available for eight semesters of study only.

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Host Nationality

Above all, the Dorrance Scholarship Program 2025 is hosted in USA.

Dorrance Scholarship Worth

Honestly, the Dorrance Scholarship program is worth 12,000 dollars every year. Therefore, the total money for this Dorrance scholarship for the whole year in school is 48,000 dollars.

Furthermore, there are other benefits which comes with this grant and they are as follows:

  • (i.) Summer Bridge experience
  • (ii.)entrepreneurship experience
  • (iii.)International travels
  • (iv.)teaching
  • (v.)community outreach opportunities
  • (vi.) cultural enrichment.
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To be honest, the scholarship scheme gives up to thirty students scholarship each year.

Requirements For Dorrance Scholarship

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  • Awardees must be ready to live inside the campus while on their first and second years of study.
  • Inheritors should meet the terms and conditions as well as sign the Scholar Participation Agreement
  • Recipients must be ready to participate in events, as well as partake in community service. Hence, other aspects of the scholarship program including free will services for 40 hours every year.
  • Besides, beneficiaries should show leadership roles.
  • Receivers must be ready to participate in international travel.
  • Recipients should register for and complete a minimum of 12 units per semester
  • A CGPA of 3.00 must be met by the recipients.
  • Awardees must update their FAFSA information every year.
  • Recipients should submit reports at the end of each year.
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How To Apply For Dorrance Scholarship

The application is done in three stages; however, the stages are listed below:

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First stage

This stage is made up of the online application, submission of academic transcripts and test scores. The application begins by creating an online account on the server. This can be found on the official website of Dorrance scholarship or following the link to be automatically redirected:

For the Dorrance scholarship, you will have to create an account and follow the instructions you see. Afterward, you apply to any university of your choice. Also, make sure that you try and get an accommodation space inside the university.

Please, make sure the email address you provide during your registration is very active. It is through email that you can know if you have gotten the scholarship or not.

Furthermore, semi-finalists may need a letter of recommendation. Hence, you should make sure that you tell your school student adviser or the teacher about the course you are applying for.

If you are applying as a semi-finalist, you must have to provide letters of recommendation and submit it before the given deadline on the website.

However, the state of your application will be made known to you through a mail or text message. Therefore, you should make sure that you check the email you used for the registration always.

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Second stage

This is made up of personal essays and a letter of recommendation. As a matter of fact, the submission of the essay should be done online through your portal created in stage one.

Please, make sure you do this before the given deadline. If you are a semi-finalist, tell your school student adviser or the teacher about the letter of recommendation and the deadline for submission.

They should submit the letter from the email they received during your registered.

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Third stage

This stage is only for those that made it to the final. Afterwards, an interview will be conducted by a committee in Tempe.
You will be notified of the dates and other information necessary for your interview by the email you provide during your registration in the first phase of your application.

Or follow the link for more informationRead more

Application Deadline

If you are chosen for the Dorrance Scholarship Program 2025, make sure you try to attend a must Freshman Orientation on the given dates. (Announced on the website).

For more information and questions about eligibility and application, please contact any of the Dorrance scholarship program staff:

Chrystale Fulayter (Coordinator) using tel: (480) 405-2410 and the email: [email protected]

Nicole Conover (Dorrance Scholarship Program Intern) using tel: (480) 405-2410 and the email: [email protected]



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