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One in three adults has panic attacks at the thought of driving. And, that has deterred a significant number of them from enhancing their driving skills.

Driving is gradually becoming a necessary skill in today’s world. Hence, most driving schools are incorporating driving courses for adults with anxiety.

To curb the spread of fear and to help more adults with anxiety, more driving schools have developed a learning curriculum that dissolves anxiety.

This article discusses laid-down rules for finding driving schools for adults with anxiety in 2025. It also lists some of the best approaches for adults with anxiety to learn to drive.

Can People with Anxiety Learn to Drive?

Yes, people with anxiety can learn to drive with the right instructors. posits that anxiety is a feeling of worry, unease, or nervousness that varies from mild to severe.

Several factors can cause anxiety in adults. For some, an accident they witnessed or some experiences as young adults could cause anxiety. A majority of people with this anxiety have a phobia of driving.

Like every problem, once you can identify the problem, the solution becomes simple. So, most driving instructors for adults with anxiety put effort towards discovering the cause of the Anxiety.

Afterward, they develop a training pattern to help adults with anxiety learn how to drive.

Why do I get anxious every time I drive?

Driving Anxiety affects several people across the world. Individuals who have a phobia of driving may develop anxiety symptoms.

If you get anxious every time you drive, take a deep retrospect to understand the exact reason you panic when you have to drive.

Below are some reasons you may get anxious every time you drive:

#1. Accidents

Accident victims usually require therapy and encouragement before returning to the road. If you have been involved in an accident recently, it may cause panic attacks whenever you drive.

You need to understand what caused the accident earlier. If it was your fault, you must take corrections and overcome this anxiety.

However, if it was not your fault, you need to trust other individuals will obey traffic rules to avoid another accident.

#2. Adverse Weather Condition

Driving in adverse weather can also trigger your driving anxieties. If you pen it down to adverse weather, avoid driving in such situations.

These conditions will include flooding, fog, snow, or heavy rain. If they cause your driving anxiety, avoid driving in such conditions.

#3. Biological origin

The fight-or-flight response is the biological reason for driving anxiety. The amygdala, your brain’s fear center, gets overactive when you think about anything that makes you uncomfortable, like driving, and transmits signals to your body that you’re at immediate risk even though you are not.

What Are The Symptoms of Driving?

Driving Anxiety can cause avoidance behaviors, such as refusing to drive altogether or only at specific times.

Avoidance reinforces the notion that driving is risky and denies you the chance to question this notion, which might increase your anxiety.

The following are a few signs of driving anxiety:

  • Increased sweating that is frequently visible on your back and palms
  • Tachycardia, or a racing heart
  • Hyperventilation (rapid breathing) 
  • Experience dizziness or faintness
  • Trembling or swaying
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As driving anxiety frequently does not go away on its own, it is crucial to find a solution that works for you.

Can driving anxiety be cured?

Driving Anxiety can be controlled, but it frequently doesn’t go entirely independently. It usually requires help from a psychologist and perhaps another mental health professional to overcome it.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, and virtual reality therapy are frequently used to address driving anxiety.

Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to recognize the actions and mental patterns that affect your emotions.

Given that it tries to assist you in altering your behavioral patterns, exposure therapy can be categorized as cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Virtual reality therapy has been shown in research to lessen anxiety1 related to driving. As part of this therapy, you would engage in virtual reality driving simulations in a video game.

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What Can One Do To Deal with Driving Anxiety?

There are specific approaches you should take if you are constantly anxious at the wheel. Some approaches include:

#1. Identifying the source of your fear

This is frequently something that you will perform as part of professional treatment. However, it is helpful if you haven’t already done this.

Some factors contributing to driving anxiety include being in a collision or getting caught in the wrong lane at a congested roundabout. After determining what is causing your driving anxiety, you can consider possible solutions.

#2. Decide on a route

Start your journey in advance if you have Anxiety when driving to a new location. Investigate the site you are visiting. Learn about the type of location it is. Is it a bustling city or a more rural area? Will you be there during peak traffic?

Learn about the parking situation. Find the best route by looking up the address online. By doing so, you will know many of the challenges you might face and their potential anxiety-inducing effects. Then you may make plans for how to overcome them.

#3. Invest more time

When driving somewhere, you suspect it will make you anxious, allow an additional 10 to 15 minutes. This gives you some latitude to stop and unwind when necessary.

If you need to pull over, having additional time can help you feel less stressed about being late and less likely to drive while feeling anxious. Consider enrolling in any of the driving lessons for adults with anxiety near you.

#4. Bring a supporter with you

When you need to drive somewhere, ask a buddy or member of your family to join you. If your worry impairs your decision-making, this individual could help by assuring you that you are doing well or by giving advice on what to do.

#5. Set yourself some reasonable objectives

Make sure your goals are reasonable as you work to overcome your worries and anxiety. Large, long-term goals are acceptable, but divide them into smaller, more manageable tasks.

Setting an excessively ambitious goal and failing to achieve it will just worsen your anxiety while driving. Setting smaller, more achievable goals will help you move forward more gradually.

#6. Deep breathing procedures

You can use these deep breathing exercises if you’re getting anxious. You can use them to help you relax when you feel apprehensive about driving, right before you get in the car while driving if you need to pull over or are at a stoplight, or after you finish the drive.

Taking slow, deep breaths that fill your diaphragm is the first and most basic breathing technique.

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How to Find Good Driving Schools for Adults With Anxiety

#1. Find Out Competence of the instructor

This is a crucial factor to consider to find good driving schools for adults with Anxiety. Some old drivers of driving institutions are so anxious about getting lessons they think about taking them from a friend or relative rather than a professional.

While having a friend in the car with you can be enjoyable, it is frequently simpler to learn from a skilled trainer who has had plenty of practice breaking down concepts.

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Additionally, you might discover that working with a stranger makes you more open to asking “this might be a silly question, but…” questions, whereas working with someone you know well makes you more self-conscious about making mistakes.

#2. Check out for Simulators

You can check out for simulators when looking out for good driving schools for adults with Anxiety.

Simulators are available at certain driving schools, and they might be helpful for persons who are extremely nervous and have no prior experience riding a bike or motorcycle on public roads. But it would be best if you didn’t stay in a simulator for too long.

A few simulator sessions to ensure you have a basic grasp of the car’s controls and the roadway laws can be helpful, but anything more is likely to be a waste of time and money.

#3. Find out the pass rate for the driving schools

You should also check out the pass rate for the driving school when considering if it is one of the good driving schools for adults with Anxiety.

Many instructors base their self-promotion on their pass rate. Although it may be tempting to choose a school with an exceptionally high pass rate, such a statistic is not a reliable indicator of an “excellent school.”

Some teachers that have a high success rate intimidate or push their pupils to enroll in additional classes while applying unfair pressure for them to pass the first time. An anxious pupil does not want to worry about “perhaps disappointing their instructor.”

A good teacher will acknowledge that some students have difficulty with testing and that some learn at a different rate. Creating a secure, enjoyable, and comfortable learning environment is crucial for adults.

#4. Variety of instructors

Good driving schools for adults with Anxiety should have a variety of instructors. Finding a driving instructor with whom you click is key to learning to drive. Finding a good teacher who you feel comfortable trusting and who will encourage even when you are having difficulty is crucial.

For instance, learning some parking techniques can be challenging, especially if you’re under pressure.

A decent driving school will allow you to reserve a brief series of sessions as a “one-off,” so you may meet the teacher and decide whether you click with them. They will allow you to switch to a different instructor if you don’t click with them.

Only invest a lot of money and commit to many lessons if you are confident you will get along with the teacher.

#5. Visit the establishment

Visit the establishment before concluding that it is among the best driving schools for adults with Anxiety.

It is one thing to brag about having a great training system for adults with Anxiety, but quite another to experience one. Schedule a visit to each institution after you’ve selected a few of them, and if you can, watch the training in action.

You can determine whether they have the facilities they claim to have and whether the teachers are as skilled as you would expect them to be during your visit. Inspect their automobiles carefully. Check to see if they are secure, pristine, and well-kept.

#6. Read online reviews

Finding out what previous clients of the driving schools you are considering have to say about their experiences is a way to understand good driving schools for adults with Anxiety.

Their firsthand accounts will let you know exactly what to expect from the driving school, preventing you from being shocked when you discover a harmful practice after it is too late. These reviews will also highlight what you should watch out for in these institutions.

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Best Driving Schools For Adults With Anxiety

Not all driving schools have what it takes to manage adults with anxiety. We have listed below some of the best driving schools for adults with anxiety and their official websites.

#1. IQ Driving School

Everybody can take driving lessons at IQ Driving. It is one of the best driving schools for anxious drivers. The instructors all have years of experience in the classroom and devote the time to each student to ensure that they all understand the skills necessary to drive defensively.

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Call them whenever you need a reputable driving school in Horsham, Pennsylvania for adults with anxiety. 

At a cost that won’t break the bank, IQ Driving School offers top-notch defensive driving and defensive parking classes!

They are proud of the skilled drivers the school has trained. Experts at IQ Driving are concerned about your safety and the safety of the Montgomery County streets.

Official Website

#2. Bill’s Defensive Driving School

Adults searching for a licensed driving instructor to help them with their anxious or nervous driving and the California behind-the-wheel driver’s exam can enroll in Bill’s Defensive Driving School’s adult nervous driving course.

Bills defensive is one of the best driving schools for anxious drivers. At Bill’s Defensive Driving School, the adult drivers education program should help apprehensive drivers with anxiety gain more ability and confidence.

In this adult driving school, they can help anyone, regardless of driving experience. They concentrate on offering advice and suggestions that will improve your comfort and alertness while driving.

Bill’s Defensive Driving School gives clear, detailed instructions and a step-by-step process for developing great driving skills in its adult anxious driver program.

Official Website

#3. Ethio Star Driving School

The main objective at Ethio Star Driving School is to develop courteous, cautious, and confident drivers. They offer a top-notch, in-depth course on traffic and safety legislation and exceptional defensive driving instruction at a competitive price. 

While passing the driving test is undoubtedly a primary objective for them and all of their students, their top priority is ensuring that everyone they teach to drive will be safe on the road. They do not make false claims about their success rates. Ethio is one of the best driving schools for anxious drivers.

Official Website

#4. Totally Driving

Teddington is home to the tiny, independent, local driving school, Totally Driving. Totally Driving, now in its eighth year, has hundreds of delighted and successful graduates, the majority of whom passed the first time. It offers driving lessons for adults with anxiety.

The programs are meant to equip you with the knowledge and abilities required to not only succeed in your driver’s test but also to drive safely and confidently for the rest of your life.

The classes can fit into your hectic schedule and are unique to your specific skill requirements.

They are without a doubt the driving school for you, whether you are a novice, an adult with anxiety, an automated driver, or someone wishing to improve their driving abilities and lower their vehicle insurance with a Pass Plus certificate.

Official Website

#5. Grand Prix Driving School

Do you struggle with driving confidence? Would you desire to raise your driving proficiency overall? If so, Grand Prix Driving School provides driving lessons from instructors who have undergone extensive training. It offers driving lessons for adults with anxiety.

Our modern cars and dual brakes ensure a secure and comfortable driving experience. Highway and Merging, Bridges For all ages and levels of driving experience, Grand Prix Driving School provides auto driving training, the MV-278 Hour pre-licensing course, road tests, and other services.

Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Anxiety make driving challenging?

If they have an anxiety problem, drivers may feel symptoms. For instance, GAD may make it difficult for a person to focus or make decisions while driving. A person might become less confident in their ability to drive due to this.

What is the name for driving Anxiety?

Amaxophobia (Fear of Driving) Amaxophobia, also known as homophobia, is a condition that causes you to experience Anxiety or fear when operating a motor vehicle, such as a car, bus, or airplane. You may experience anxiety while riding in a car and fear driving.

What’s the sensation of driving Anxiety?

Driving, practicing driving, or thinking about driving while feeling restless, tense, or on edge feeling easily worn out and exhausted during or after a car ride, unable to focus when operating a vehicle. being sarcastic and irritated with others.

Should I drive if I’m anxious?

Driving while anxious is not against the law. However, it is advised that you drive carefully. People suffering from it could experience strong bodily reactions like panic attacks, shivering, or even fainting, which can seriously impair your driving ability and make the road unsafe.


Trauma from the road, seeing trauma from the road, or general worry can all contribute to driving anxiety. Whatever the reason, it can generate a lot of stress and interfere with your routine.

To get over driving Anxiety, it is advisable to consult professional help. In this article, we described some possible professional treatments. Besides seeking help from a mental health professional, there are additional methods you can employ to help reduce your driving anxiety.



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