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Truck driving is fast becoming a great career path, and it is also very lucrative. The average salary of a truck driver is $74,939 annually. Little wonder more people are embracing the career lately. However, one thing is sure. Enrolling in any of the driving schools in Orange County is a costly undertaking! 

But, it is essential to understand that these driving schools are expensive for a good reason. Besides, if you choose to become a commercial driver, you will recover the amount you spent within six months.

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In addition, commercial truck driving provides you the opportunity to travel and explore the country. The beaches at Orange County have become a magnet for tourists, attracting millions yearly.

One of the most exciting spots in Orange County is Huntington Beach (Surf City, U.S.A). The location is home to many surfing competitions. Also, tourist parks like Disneyland and Disney Adventure Park in Anaheim and other great water parks like Wild Rivers in Irvine and Soak City make Orange County a lively place for the holiday.

However, to drive in Orange County, you must first attend a driving school to obtain your driver’s license.

If you want more information about driving schools in Orange County, please keep reading.

Why Attend a Driving School in Orange County?

Orange County is under the California DMV. Therefore, they adhere to the rules and regulations set by the DMV. According to the DMV, visitors to California who are over 18 with a valid driver’s license from their home country or state may be eligible to drive in California. Hence, they may not require a California driver’s license.

There are also other exceptions for driving licenses in California. They include officers or employees of the United States Government who use government-owned and controlled vehicles. Except those operating a commercial vehicle.

Nonetheless, if you are a California resident who makes use of the public highways and other public open facilities must get a California Driver’s License. The only way to go about it is by attending a driving school.

Driving schools in Orange County will help you understand the dos and don’ts of driving. They will also help to prepare you for your driver’s ed testing and your DL test.  

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What Are the Requirements for Obtaining a Driver’s License in Orange County?

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), the following are the requirements for a driver’s license in Orange County:

  • Complete a driver’s education course
  • Apply for the driver’s ed test at the DMV and pass with at least 80 percent
  • Register with a certified trainer and complete 6 hours behind the wheel training and receive a certification
  • Complete a 50-hour driving lesson at home under the supervision of an adult. The adult must be a licensed driver who is over 25 years.
  • Apply for the driver’s license test at the DMV and pass
  • You are ready to explore the world with your new license

How Do I Know a Driving School Is Good for Me?

While there are many driving schools around, there are certain factors to consider when selecting one. These factors will help you make the right choice to ensure you get the best training.

#1. Consider the Quality of The Teachers

Choosing a driving school with certified trainers is essential. Look for driving schools that work with instructors that have proven tutoring records.

The best driving schools work with high-quality instructors and do not compromise standards. The better the instructors, the better the training you will get.

#2. Consider the Training Schedule

Before settling for a driving school, please ensure their classes fit your schedule. While some driving schools may offer weekend classes, others do not.

#3. Consider the Class Duration

It would be best if you had enough time to understand and become conversant with driving. Hence, it will do you good to go to driving schools that offer you that opportunity.

#4. Consider the Type of Training They Offer  

The type of training may differ from one driving school to the other. Therefore, it is essential to determine the activity a driving school offers before signing up. If you are looking for a self-paced driving class, consider a driving school that offers online courses.  

The ideal driving schools combine classroom training with practical classes and braking system practice.

#5. Consider the Graduation Rate and Employment Rate

Graduation and employment rates are essential, especially if you want to pursue a driving career. High graduation rates show that most driving school students complete their training.

A high employment rate also shows that most students gain employment at the end of their training. Some driving schools assist their students with job placement at the end of their training.

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#6. Consider the Cost of Training

Price should not always come first when considering the best driving schools in Orange County. However, it is also an essential factor to consider. Meager cost can be a red flag when choosing a driving school, especially if they offer many programs at one low cost.

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At What Age Can I Enroll in A Driving School in Orange County?

The age requirements for driving schools in Orange County are also the same in Indianapolis. Unlike driving schools in Greensboro, NC that allow teenagers 14 and a half years old to enroll, Orange County adopts the general US standard age for driving lessons.

Therefore, you must be at least 15 to 17 years old to be eligible to enroll in a driving school in Orange County. Graduate Driver Licensing Laws (GDL) guide teenagers to safely acquire driving experience before gaining full driving privileges.

GDL laws state limits and restrictions for teenage drivers between the ages of 15 to 17. The purpose of the law is to allow teenagers to build their skills and gain the required behind-the-wheel experience. Parents and teens must understand and adhere to these laws for their safety.

How Do I Find the Best Driving School in Orange County Near Me?

One place to begin your search for the best driving schools in Orange County is online. However, if you have family members or friends who attended a driving school in Orange County, they can be of help. They can recommend a driving school for you.

Also, reading reviews can help determine whether a driving school has the qualities you want.

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How Much Does It Cost to Enroll in Driving Schools in Orange County?

The cost of driving schools may differ according to the type of training, delivery method, and duration. A complete driving school package usually starts from $420 and can cost as much as $2,925.22 for commercial truck driving schools.

You can always request the price of different packages before signing up with a driving school.

What are The Best Driving Schools in Orange County in 2025?

Below are the top 15 best driving schools in orange county to train with:

  • SoCal Truck Driver Academy LLC
  • 160 Driving Academy
  • Orange Technical College
  • Varsity Driving School
  • Master Drive Experience
  • Premier Driving Institute
  • Safety 1st Driving School
  • America Truck Driving School
  • California Truck Driving Academy
  • Teens Road to Safety
  • EZ Street Driving School
  • Downtown Driving School
  • SoCal Driving Academy
  • AP Driving School
  • Persis Driving School

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#1. SoCal Truck Driver Academy LLC |Best Driving School in Orange County for Truck CDL Training

With years of experience and qualified instructors, SoCal Truck Driver Academy is one of the best truck-driving schools in Orange County. SoCal driving instructors have over 30 years of experience in training and retraining truck drivers. Hence, they understand what it takes to model a good driver.

Besides Orange County, this truck driving school also serves Riverside County and Ontario in California. At SoCal Truck Driver Academy, you will enjoy one-on-one training from professionals. They adopt a step-by-step approach to driver training to make it easy for students to follow.

Also, SoCal will assist you with proper training to help you get your CLP or Leaner’s Permit. By providing the study materials and training, SoCal ensures all students are successful at the DMV tests.

Once you get your learner’s permit, SoCal will provide you with a truck to practice with your instructor right next to you. Once you conclude your one-month training, you can take your Commercial Driver License Class A test at the DMV.

Besides providing quality training, SoCal instructors are always present at the DMV with their students during their tests. The company also offers truck rental services to ensure that their students have a truck with the proper qualification for their test.


#2. 160 Driving Academy |Best Truck Driving School in Orange County for 100% Paid Sponsorship

If you are looking for a new career in truck driving, 160 Driving Academy is one of the best truck driving schools to attend. One thing that makes this driving school stand out is that students can access up to 100% paid sponsorship (T&C apply) for their training. 160 Driving Academy has locations across the United States, including Orange County.

Also, 160 Driving Academy offers intensive four-week training. Therefore, students can be on their way to a lucrative truck driving career in no time. 160 Driving Academy graduates earn an average of $50,340 annually. They are among the list of top earners in the trucking industry. 160 Academy has a 5.0-star rating on Google and Yelp.

The services are available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. 160 Academy also offers student’s job placement opportunities at the end of their training.

Some benefits of attending 160 Driving Academy include:

  • High pay opportunity
  • Opportunity for growth and better pay after studies
  • Opportunity to travel around the country in your vehicle


#3. Orange Technical College

Orange Technical College offers one of the best commercial vehicle driving training in Orange County. It is also one of the best truck driving schools in orange county.  

With approximately eight weeks of full-time training, Orange Technical College provides students with enough time to learn to drive.

The cost of driving lessons for 320 hours of training with Orange Technical College is $2,925.22. The driving school focuses on producing expert tractor-trailers and truck drivers. The training package includes:

  • Operation of tractor-trailers and trucks
  • Cargo handling
  • Record keeping
  • Leadership skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Human relations
  • Employability skills
  • Safe and efficient work practice
  • Class A license training

During training, students take the Commercial Driver License (CDL) test with the DMV for their class A license.


#4. Varsity Driving School |Best for a comprehensive DMV Package

Varsity Driving School is your one-stop shop for DMV driving packages in Orange County. The DMV package covers all the requirements to prepare you for your driver’s license test. In addition, Varsity Driving School makes an appointment on your behalf at the DMV.

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Varsity Driving School offers driver’s ed courses and behind-the-wheel training. The driving school aims to ensure drivers understand and adhere to California driving laws. However, many students are more interested in getting a driver’s license.


#5. Master Drive Experience |Best for Comprehensive Driving Training

If you are looking for a driving school in Orange County that offers a comprehensive driving package, Master Drive Experience is a great option. Besides helping new drivers get their driver’s licenses, Master Drive also provides a complete driving package for their students.

Also, they provide you with all the paperwork you need to apply for your driver’s license. At the end of your training, your instructor will pick you up and take you for your driver’s license test at the DMV.

In other words, you will use the training car, which has all the essential papers for your test.

From hands-on training to behind-the-wheel instruction, students get all the skills to stay safe on the road. When compared to other driving schools, Master Drive Experience goes beyond the minimum to provide extensive driving instruction.

They help teenagers to develop self-awareness and alertness to sense accident situations and avoid them. In addition, students gain the confidence they require to become better drivers. Some skills they teach at Master Driver Experience include:   

  • Accuracy and car control
  • Advance skid training
  • Braking system and car handling in a crisis state
  • Crash evasion maneuvers
  • Vehicle dynamics and limitations

The educational programs are divided into packages, and they include:  

  • Group, fleet, and corporate training
  • New driver training
  • Winter Driving Safety
  • Special need training
  • Court-referred training

Some reasons you should consider Master Drive Experience include the instructors’ quality and their training standards. They also provide different payment plans to make it easy for students to pay for their training.


#6. Premier Driving Institute |Best for Affordable Online Training

Premier Driving Institute provides affordable, Safe, and Defensive driving instruction for adult and teen drivers. Whether you are looking for a basic, or advanced driving class, driving test preparation, or freeway driving, premier driving can provide affordable courses.

In addition, Premier Driving Academy provides pick-up services for their students from their location. Once you pay for the Premier online package, a representative will contact you to schedule your driving training.

Premier Driving Institute offers 2-hour teen driving lessons for $130 for those paying with cash, check, or Zelle.

However, you can also pay with your credit card, but that will cost you $140. In addition, they also offer adult driving, car rental services, and test preparations. Premier Driving Institute’s price schedule is as follows:

  • Teen 2-hour driving: $130
  • Adult 2-hour driving $130
  • Adult car rental for drive test $150
  • Car rental and one-hour driving test preparation $200

You can make payments online at Premier Driving Institute with a one-click button.


#7. Safety 1st Driving School | Best Round-the-Clock Service

There are driving schools that stand out for excellence, and Safety 1st is one of them. At Safety 1st Driving School, your safety is first. It is one of the driving schools in Orange County where you can learn to become a confident driver.

Many students who attend this driving school testify to the professionalism of the trainers. In addition, Safety 1st is DMV certified and offers DMV-certified courses. The feeling here is fresh, and the cars are brand new. You can also access both online driver’s ed and behind-the-wheel training here.

There is no better way to instill confidence in your students than to ensure perfect conditions. The instructors are determined to take just anybody and turn them into professional drivers. Little wonder they have a 5-star rating on Google and Yelp. Some reasons you should choose Safety 1st Include:

  • They are always available to assist their students
  • They grade all training and communicate with parents at the end of the day
  • They are always on time for every behind-the-wheel training
  • They put in much effort to ensure that students become the best drivers behind the wheel


#8. America Truck Driving School |Best for Tailored Truck Driving Experience

Commercial truck driving is no joke. Therefore, sometimes it requires a tailored experience to prepare you for the road. America Truck Driving School is one of the best truck driving schools in Orange County to get tailored truck driving training.  

They accommodate all kinds of needs for both beginners and intermediates. They also offer driving services for veterans who wish to advance their driving experience. Conversely, they offer different combinations of licenses. Some varieties you can get include:

  • All Endorsements
  • Class A
  • Class A w/ Passenger Endorsement
  • Class B
  • Class B w/ Passenger Endorsement

Safety is one thing that America Truck Driving School prioritizes. Again, students with busy schedules can plan their lessons with their instructors. Every course at this driving school is customized according to the need of individual students.

Students can also use the online portal to train at their own pace. With the different training locations available, you can visit whichever is closer to you to schedule your appointment.


#9. California Truck Driving Academy |Best for User-Friendly School Portal

One of the fast-growing sectors today in Orange County is truck driving as a career. Hence, there are several truck driving schools available today. However, only a few of them can match up to the services of the California Truck Driving Academy.

California truck Driving Academy provides BPPE-certified industry-standard truck driving training. Besides, students design for ease of use this driving school’s portal system. It is also noteworthy for its use of the latest training tools to provide students with professional truck driving experience.

California Truck Driving Academy also serves Los Angeles County, Central Valley, and the Inland Empire. As one of the best driving schools in Orange County, California, Truck Driving Academy continues to ensure equipment safety and provide the best quality training.

With over 20 years of staff and faculty industry experience, the pass rate remains as high as 85%. California Truck Driving School services include:

  • Class A,
  • Class B Truck
  • Class B Bus
  • Class C Truck
  • Commercial Driver Safety Training
  • Custom Corporate Driver Training 


#10. Teens Road to Safety |Best Training Experience for Teens with passion for Law Enforcement

If you dream of working with law enforcement, you can start by taking a professional driving lesson with Teens Road to Safety. It is one of the best driving schools in Orange County, providing professional training from law enforcement, expert race, and stunt.

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The quality of the trainers here is outstanding, and their level of patience is exceptional. Learning to drive with Teens Road to Safety is painless and very safe. They have a strong partnership with Ford, ensuring that their equipment and cars are of the best quality.

The difference between this driving school and others is that all the instructors are current or retired law enforcement officers. All instructors have over 25 years of driver’s safety experience, with hundreds of awards for traffic training and driver instructions.  

Teen Road to Safety aims to give students the confidence and alertness to react to traffic conditions adequately. After your training with this driving school, you stand a better chance to deal with any road situation you may face.

Some of the knowledge you can gain here includes:

  • Driver Education
  • Behind-the-wheel training
  • Advanced driver training


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#11. EZ Street Driving School |Best for Affordable Online Drivers Education  

EZ Street Driving School provides affordable online driver education for just $19.95. When you sign up for driver ed at EZ, you will enjoy five unlimited practice tests at your pace. They also offer DMV-approved courses that allow you to get your driver’s permit after training.

Besides online driver education, EZ offers several comprehensive training packages for teens and adults. The packages include:

  • Combined-saving Online drivers education and six hours of driver training—$400
  • Teen and Adult in-car 6 hours driving lesson (3 days) —$390
  •  Teen and Adult in-car 10 hours driving lesson (5 days)—$625
  • Teen and Adult 2 hours brush-up drivers training—$140
  • Car rental and one-hour brush-up lesson before DMV road test—$185
  • Car rental and two hours of brush-up lessons before DMV road test—$245


#12. Downtown Driving School | Best for Flexible Payment Options

Downtown Driving School allows you to pay as you go during your driving lessons. You can choose to pay for only one driving lesson or pay for a complete package. It all depends on what you want. However, you save more when you pay for comprehensive packages.

They also provide specialized knowledge-based training for different levels of people, including teens and adults. In addition, they help students overcome any bad habits they might have acquired through the year.

Minor topics like seat change, proper use of the side and rear mirrors, brake, gas, and steering control are all covered at Downtown Driving School.

At the end of your training at Downtown Driving School, you will master skills like proper lane changing, intersections, braking system, red light rules, and other essential techniques that will help you become a more efficient driver.

Some packages at Downtown Driving School include:  

  • 1 Driving lesson (2 hours) at $149   
  • 2 Driving lessons (4 hours) at $279
  • 3 Driving lessons (6 hours) at $419
  • 6 Driving lessons (12 hours) at $799
  • 6 Driving lessons (12 hours) plus DMV Exams at $899
  • Online Driver’s Ed plus practice test at $39
  • Online Driver Ed plus One Lesson (2hrs) at $150
  • Online Driver Ed + 6 Hours Behind the Wheel at $420
  • DMV Driving Exam at $179
  • 2hour Driving Lesson + DMV examination at $289
  • Adult Online Traffic School at $34.95
  • 3 Lessons plus DMV exam at $529


#13. SoCal Driving Academy |Best behind the Wheel Driving School for Teens and Adults

Once you have your driver’s permit, age should not be a barrier when you are prepared to hit the road. Adults and teens looking for the best driving school in Orange County for 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training can now go to SoCal Driving Academy.

For $475, you can access the 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training, the minimum requirement for obtaining a driver’s license in Orange County. The lessons are divided into three 2-hour classes. Students also enjoy one-on-one tutoring and free pick up and drop off for classes.

Other packages available at SoCal include:

  • 6 Hours Plus DMV Test Day Package (Best Value) for $670
  • DMV Test Day Package – SoCal will Book the DMV Behind the Wheel Test for You for 4230
  • DMV Behind the Wheel Test Brush-up for $150
  • 2 Lessons (90 Minutes each) for Those Who Need Extra Practice for $350 
  • 8 hours Behind-the-Wheel Training for $640
  • 8 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Plus the DMV Package for $860
  • 10 Hours Behind-the-Wheel for $790
  • 1 Hour Senior Driver / Compromised Driver Evaluation for $195
  • 6-Hourur Accelerated Package for $800

While the prices may seem a bit high, remember that finding the right quality is the only sure way to become the best.


#14. AP Driving School |Best Discounted Online Drivers Training

While prices of driving schools in the orange county continue to soar high, AP Driving School offers the best discount on online driver’s ed. For as low as $29, you can complete your online driver’s ed and take your written exams at the DMV.

AP Driving School has the right programs, whether you are a teen without experience or an adult looking to improve your skills.

You can access the complete essential DMV package for only $439, which includes 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

  • They adhere to strict safety measures
  • They work only with experienced instructors who are also DMV certified
  • Fees are very competitive and affordable
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Opportunity to attend your driver’s ed online

Special promotions are available at AP for United States citizens serving in the US Army, Navy, Marine, and Airforce.


#15. Persis Driving School |Best Driving School in Orange County for a Variety of Training Packages

There is nothing better than having a variety of packages to choose from when you sign up with a driving school. At Persis Driving School, there are several options available. Therefore, making a choice is more accessible. There are programs for adults and teen-specific programs.

You can sign up for the following:

  • Customized package (price depends on your choices)
  • Full starter package for $415
  • Beginners package (6 hours behind-the-wheel only) for $415
  • Online driver’s ed for $40
  • DMV drive test packages $825
  • Teens complete package $585
  • Best value package $1,350

All packages include pick-up and drop-off services. Remember to choose your desired packages based on your needs. Offices are open from Monday to Saturday at Persis. Students can either choose to pay for individual courses or pay for a complete package.



What are some highly rated driving schools in Orange County, CA?

They are AP driving school, Teen Road to Safety Driving School, SoCal driving school, and EZ street driving school.

What are some of the driving schools with high reviews in Orange County?

Varsity Driving Academy, Teen Road to Safety, AP driving school, and SoCal driving school.

How many hours of driving school do you need in Orange County?

50 hours of driver’s ed and 6 hours behind-the-wheel training.

What is the minimum passing score for driver’s ed in Orange County?

The minimum passing score is 80 percent.

How do I choose a driving school?

1. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations
2. Read reviews and research instructors in your area
3. Ensure that the instructors and schools are verified

What should you carry to your driver’s lesson?

Non-slip comfortable shoes.
If you need glasses, bring one along
Bring along a bottle of water.
Don’t forget your provisional license.


It is always a great move to attend a driving school before driving whenever you move to a new location. Therefore, following a driving school in Orange County is a smart move. They will help you become conversant with the various driving rules and regulations.

In addition, there are other benefits of attending a driving school. It is also the first step to becoming a licensed driver. Spending a little today to understand the dos and don’ts of driving can save you the cost of moving charges and traffic offenses in the future.



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